Chapter 2

Chapter 2

A Chapter by ShadesofGray

Chapter 2


Ever since then, I loved my camera. I took so many pictures I'm on my third memory card. I got the pictures from my birthday and framed them, they are on my nightstand. My Dad doesn't come by anymore maybe he another eighteen years. School starts tomorrow and I am trying to finish the last book on our summer reading list. Not reading it will not start the year off the way I wanted it to. I am reading until my mother calls me from downstairs.

“Yeah, mom”I call, closing my book.

“Can you come here for a minute”she called. I get up and put on some socks, then head downstairs. Mom is at our small round kitchen table. She has her work documents in front of her and her laptop to the side. “Yeah?”I say walking up to her. “Do you mind going to the store for me, Guests are coming and I want to make lasagna.”she says looking up from her work. “Sure, who's coming over?”I ask sitting opposite from her. “Business people. We are having a meeting over dinner. You don't have to stay. I can give you money for the movies or something?”She said going through her purse getting her wallet. “Yeah, okay sounds good mom, So what do you want me to get?”I ask reaching for a piece of paper and a pencil. Mom took out three twenty's and placed them on the table. “Well, I think I need lasagna, of course, cheese get three packs,  two jars of sauce, salt, pepper and oregano, and for desert cherry cheesecake. And you can just pick it up from Laura's Bakery. I'll call and tell her your coming” Mom said handing me the twenty's. I put it in my back pocket and grabbed my car keys. “I'll be back in a few”I called before closing the door and into my car.

It took a while to get the stuff from the grocery store, and a longer time going to Laura's Bakery because it was across town. But when I got everything I got one twenty and a ten dollar bill left in my pocket. Once I got home, I grabbed all the grocery's and headed inside. “I'm here”I called. Mom was in the kitchen water was boiling on the  stove. “Oh good, thanks sweetie now go have fun” she said kissing me on my forehead. “Do you have enough money?”she asked unpacking the stuff I bought. “Yeah” I say getting up once again leaving out the door leaving my mother to cook for her guests.


Once I got to the movie theater, I was immediately greeted by the smell of popcorn. I went into line trying to decide on a movie to watch. I was so caught up that I didn't hear the girl behind say it was my turn. I apologized and moved to a open clerk. The guy behind the glass jet black hair with a bright red streak. His hair was just below his chin. I couldn't see his eyes but I could feel him watching me as I walked up. “Can I help you”he said. “Um what movie do you suggest” I say looking at the board behind him that says all the movies they play. “Bloods Galore” he said. I recognized the name, it was the movie I watched on my birthday. “Seen it” I said looking through the list again. “Have you seen.....SaraAnn Jester?”he asked. I looked at him “I wouldn't be caught dead watching a love movie”I said, and he smiled. “Well maybe you should see The Vampire's Promise”he said, I took the money out of my back pocket, “Okay”I said handing him the money, he handed me my ticket. “Enjoy the movie”he said. I was about to say thank you but he was already on the next customer. I went through the popcorn line and went to the correct movie theater and sat down.

The movie was actually good, I was throwing my trash about to head home when someone said. “Did you like the movie?”I turned around there was the guy from the counter. “Yeah, it was pretty cool”I said. “Cool, glad you liked it” he said. Then there was silence. I was looking at my shoes. I looked up “I'm Paige”I said holding out my hand. “Mitch”he said shaking my hand. “Nice to meet you”I say putting my hand in my pocket. “Same to you, so what was your favorite part?”he asked walking next to me. I thought, I liked the whole movie it was so hard to pick. “I guess it would have to be when the vampire promised that girl that he would change her”I said finally, Mitch looked at me “Really. Mine would have to be the ending, when they kissed in the rain”he said, now I looked at him. Mitch laughed and said “I'm joking, mine would have to be when the vampire changed the girl because she was dying”. We reached the doors of the mall, I turned to Mitch “Well I gotta go, nice meeting you”I said. “Yeah you too”Mitch said. We walked out the door and our both separate directions.


© 2010 ShadesofGray

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Washington D.C, DC

Well, Im Katharine Im 13 and I love to write!! I am writing a bunch of novels right now so yeah..... I love the color gray and rainy days :) more..

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