A Poem by ShadowCandy


Forward in the end,

is the way we all must go.

Though we look back

at the sepia memories of our past,

we must look forward to traverse the path

that leads into tomorrow.


We long for the days of youth,

and so long to change the path behind us.

To know then what we know now,

praying that this will affect the path before us.


But while looking back

at the path you have already trodden,

you have missed the turning you so longed to take.

Instead of the bright happy path,

open and airy among the protecting trees

with the sun pouring through the leaves and birds singing.


But you’ve stepped down the path that leads into shadow.

The sinister trees close and hanging over,

leering, ready to fall on you like thieves,

the darkness hiding their intentions.


If we would only look forward,

and see what lies ahead.

To see the bright and hopeful path,

and walk it without remorse,

for what has gone in the past,

should remain in the past.

© 2008 ShadowCandy

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Added on February 16, 2008
Last Updated on May 2, 2008




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