Sweet Blossom

Sweet Blossom

A Poem by Obscured by the Shadows

With the sun up above, 

shining down on the ground.

A flower shall bloom,

a sweet blossom it shall be.


Nature, so caring and loving,

took care of this blossom.

Nurturing it's soul,

helping it grow.


With the support it needed,

it's petals lifted high.

Nearly high enough,

to touch the blue sky.


Then the dark clouds came,

blotting out the sun.

The air grew cold,

and the flower head drooped.


The rain fell heavily,

soaking the ground.

Then, in that rain,

the flower found something.


With the earth moist around her,

she began to grow once more.

It was then she knew,

the sunshine wasn't the only thing she needed.


Sometimes in life,

Darkness is needed.

Without those shadowed moments,

you will never truly grow.


With the sun up above, 

and the rain pouring down.

The flower had bloomed,

and a sweet blossom it had become.

© 2016 Obscured by the Shadows

Author's Note

Obscured by the Shadows
Give me a few pointers if you must, this is basically a rough draft, haha.

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Beautiful, beautiful poem. It really crafted a clean and clear coherent image in my mind. My only critique would to go back and proof read the grammar. I didn't type it all out because I didn't want you to think I didn't like the poem.

Posted 4 Years Ago

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Added on March 7, 2016
Last Updated on March 21, 2016


Obscured by the Shadows
Obscured by the Shadows

Flagstaff, AZ

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