Why The Sun Sets

Why The Sun Sets

A Story by ShadyDingo

Originally found on my storywrite account at it was done using prompts, of which I combined three of the available.


Opening his eyes slowly, Geoffrey lazily reached from his bed to turn the alarm off. The soft blue tint of morning greeted him kindly, though he didn't quite feel the same way. How could he? She wasn't there beside him any longer, and thus being the case he felt half empty at all times. Stepping into the shower he felt the warm caress of the water wrapped around him slowly, but it was nothing close to the warmth he felt when she held him close. Nothing truly compared when it came to her. He began to brush his teeth, feeling more awake now and he looked at himself in the mirror. Wearing now just a black tee shirt and a pair of blue worn jeans, it was just another day. He hadn't shaved for several weeks and the rough, poorly placed hairs on his face had grown longer than he had ever seen before. But he no longer cared. His hair had grown longer too, and though slightly damp from the shower he put on his black and white striped beanie, turned it 180 degrees horizontally on his head so that it would move his hair, and he grabbed his keys to wake up his friend.

"Hey, Nathan, we got work today bud. Wake up."

Nathan was curled into the couch wrapped in a crocheted blanket that mocked a camouflaged pattern. His hair was all distorted with a restless sleep. That couch was uncomfortable only if you attempted to sleep, but otherwise it was alright.

Nathan mumbled a bit and stirred, still sleeping but almost breaking out of a dream.

"But I don't wanna..."

Geoffrey smiled briefly. "Neither do I but the players won't wait."

He realized that Nathan needed a little encouragement, so without hesitation he made his way to one of the apartment closets, pulled out the marine air horn and came back into the living room. Geoffrey lifted the air horn and pressed the trigger for a brief second, two at most.

Nathan leaped from the couch in a crazed fashion and ended up on his a*s on the floor, wide eyed and confused.

"Awake now? We gotta go."

Rubbing his eyes, Nathan too was now awake. "I'm working on it, a*s hole."

On the freeway they made their way to work. The radio played a station where three personalities ranted and bantered one another, clearly for the amusement of those tuned in, but neither Geoffrey or Nathan were entertained. Sure, they laughed a few times between the two of them, but they both were just throwing something, anything out there to kill the silence.

Nathan was in a similar rut as Geoffrey, with the exception that Nathan simply hadn't been able to be with the girl he wanted to be with. There always seemed to be another contender, and he was last in the race for her heart.

"Ready for today?"

Nathan looked over at Geoffrey from the steering wheel. "Are we ever?"

"Good point."

"So, what's up?"

Geoffrey looked confused briefly. And sat and thought about it for a moment. So what's up really meant how are you holding up.

"She's still on my mind. Every night I see her in my dreams and I wake up only to realize it is just a tease." His empty stare was toward the sun that was making its way above the horizon. Thinking briefly about it he continued.

"She essentially was my sun, my star that I orbited around. Now that she is gone I am left seemingly with, honestly, nothing. She was the one for me man, I don't know how else I can explain it. I loved her with all my heart, and each and every day it fades. She no longer calls me, or talks to me, every time I try it just doesn't go anywhere. Everyone keeps telling me that I should just move and maybe just f**k some other chick, because that of all things would help me. But I just can't, you know?" Geoffrey looked at Nathan for some reassurance.

Nathan looked over at Geoffrey and back to the road.

"Well bud, it just looks like your Sun just set. In time perhaps you'll find another. I'm stuck trying to find mine to begin with."

"Yeah, I suppose."

Nathan parked in front of the office.

© 2013 ShadyDingo

Author's Note

I love comments, if you offer critique that is great, but talk to me. What did you like? What didn't you like?

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lol...so both Nathan and Geoffrey are thinking of their ex girlfriends...well d idea is there and we still don't know "why the sun sets" according to ur short story....am guessing cos she doesn't come back.

Posted 7 Years Ago

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Cassy Samuels

7 Years Ago

dnt get wrong...it was very good

7 Years Ago

So you read my short story, but you didn't quite understand the symbolism or imagery that I provided.. read more
Cassy Samuels

7 Years Ago

yea..i enjoyed.

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