A Difference

A Difference

A Poem by Shaekira

Ladybug makes an apperance once more (from an old tale of mine, The Life of Ladybug) and she has written some poetry for her fans.


I am most surprised to find less fortune,

Less love, lost life, losing light…

But then I found YOU.

He said he had loved me, and then I was saying it to Cookie Dough Ice Cream,

He said he wouldn’t need another girl…and I said I’d never fall in love again…

We both LIED.

I said I wouldn’t cry or think of him again…he said to give him back the ring,

I said the ring was trash anyway…he said to just give him back the damned ring…

I threw it in a pond and told him if he wanted it, go get it…he coughed ‘b***h’ and went after it.

I wish he’d drained and DIED.

I never did get over it, I never did leave the house, I never did believe again,

I never did answer my phone again, I never went a day without breaking down, I never ran out of ice cream,

But then I found YOU.



Liza brought you over, and you picked my lock for her, and hell broke loose when I threw a bottle of wine,

You pinned me down, Liza called a therapist, and I just prayed that I would die.

Now I’m Glad I DIDN’T.

You said I needed help and that’s what I was getting…and you were honest,

I said I didn’t need help and to get off of me, go to hell…you ignored this.

I lie and say I was KIDDING…

I’m unfortunate to say a break-up cause the bittersweet wish of revenge,

You said don’t even think about it or you would whoop my a*s.

I thought about IT…

At first I wish you would just stop bothering me, and leave me to my misery,

I wished you would just let me slip into my depression state and let my find a way to get rid of the pain…

Now I’m Glad I DIDN’T.



He came back months later…he and the girl didn’t work, like Tom and Katie,

He said he wanted me back and he’d never hurt me again…

I was so CONFUSED.

I loved you…but he was my first love…my heart was trying to murder me.

He said pick him…you said do what I feel is right…

But that I was being USED…

Liza called me a b***h, and if I didn’t choose you, I ‘d loose her too,

I’d loose you and Liza…

I’m scared to CHOOSE.

Then he told me what the hell was taking so long and I instantly knew…

You told me you’d still be my friend if you chose him, and yes I knew…

I knew I’d never choose YOU.

I’d never choose him either, it wasn’t a game of choosing,

It wasn’t a game at all…

I was so CONFUSED.


Now I am not, and you don’t go to the store and choose what you already have,

You don’t buy something you already had, that ended up letting you don’t.

You don’t CHOOSE.

You don’t choose Fat Farm over Doc Martins; you don’t choose Payless of Forever 21,

You never choose death over life; you don’t choose jackets over umbrellas,

You don’t CHOOSE.

You don’t choose Black Veil Brides over U2; you never choose a hug over a kiss,

You don’t choose Lady Gaga over Carly Rae; you don’t choose celery over Tackis,

You don’t CHOOSE.




I HAVE you, I HAD him.

There’s a major difference, and in which should never have had any thought,

I WANT you, I WANTED him,

There’s such a difference, it gives me a migraine.

This poem is FOR you, this poem is FROM me,

I love you…I could never be without you.



Love Ladybug,

© 2012 Shaekira

Author's Note

Ladybug is my Alter-ego, she has gone through practically hell and now that she's an independent individual. This for my best bud, Teary, hope you like the land of Ghetto Heal, thanks for leaving us (jk). And I also dedicate it to all Ladybug fans. Trust me, there are plenty. ;)

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Added on October 27, 2012
Last Updated on October 27, 2012
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