Out Of The Blue

Out Of The Blue

A Story by shafrini

Manjo goes the whole hog to save his father's life.


Out of the Blue!

Manjo’s father Max had been suffering from stomach ache since the month of June. According to Max he got the pain after consuming fried sweet potato. He was treated by several doctors. The pain was alleviated for a short time and it came again. Following his friend’s advice, Manjo decided to take his dad to ‘Miracure’ a renowned hospital in the city. Dr Ramaswamy conducted a thorough check up of Max and declared, he had cancer of the pancreas and that it was too late to be treated. He added that had he brought him a month before, something could have been done. However Dr Ramaswamy prescribed some painkillers and advised Manjo to treat his dad with love and kindness which would help him live happily for the rest of his life.


    Manjo was awfully upset! Max was unaware of his sickness. He felt that he would get well by the pain relieving medicines prescribed by Dr Ramaswamy. A week later Manjeline, his 14 year old daughter ran to her dad and told him about the Physician ‘Refin’. Her friend had told that he was a genius in treating cancer. But Manjo sadly informed her that Dr Ramaswamy had said that the deadline of Max’s treatment was over. Manjo regretted not having taken his dad’s illness seriously before. Manjeline insisted that they can still have a try. Manjo found her words convincing…..


So off went Manjo in search of the physician’s clinic which he learnt was 800km away. His relatives debated on his foolishness in going 800 km away seeking a solution to such an intricate problem. However our protagonist who loved his dad ardently didn’t mind their disapproval. He only wished the ultimate outcome to be positive.

  As per tradition his family and relatives recited prayer in a group and then Manjo and his family set off to Dr. Refin’s clinic. His friends discussed about the psychological problems of an unexpected failure of his father’s treatment on Manjo.

Finally he reached the place. It was a beautiful area like a dream land as in a fictional narrative, with a small building surrounded by green vegetation. Soon Manjo met Dr. Refin, the physician .and discussed about his dad’s ailment. Dr. Refin asked Manjo to get his dad admitted in his little but tidy clinic at once.  When asked about his fee, Dr. Refin charged him Rs 50,000 as against his usual charge of one lakh rupees for the treatment

The whole family was tired and worn-out. The doctor’s attendant served them with some kind of drink which was offered to Max too. All of them savoured it for it was cool and refreshing. Max was allotted a room. Manjo was immensely pleased with the magical atmosphere of the place. His confidence soared sensing the sudden energy in his dad. He looked more robust. Mrs. Manjo and her mother-in- law stayed with Max while the others returned to their home. 

Dr. Refin’s attendants took Max with them for a walk, and a few exercises and gave him medicines.. The treatment continued for a month.  Max’s people could see the change in him. He looked more robust and stronger.


Towards the end of the month Dr. Refin said Max could be discharged from the hospital because he was cured of his illness. Thus Max returned home hale and hearty.


Manjo took him to ‘Miracure’ hospital for a check-up. The doctor was surprised on seeing the strong built Max, who had looked lean and frail when he had come there before. After a thorough check up, Doctor Ramaswamy exclaimed ‘This is nothing but a miracle… I do want to meet Dr. Refin!!!”


Dr. Ramaswamy along with Manjo travelled 800kms to meet Dr. Refin, but surprisingly Dr. Refin had gone away on a certain mission and the clinic had been shut down!

(If you really care, your sincerity and hard work will be rewarded! )



© 2022 shafrini

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I like the story and the unexpected ending. I was getting nervous to meet the new doctor. All good sir.

Posted 1 Week Ago

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1 Review
Added on May 9, 2022
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A Story by shafrini