The Blessed Green- Eyed One

The Blessed Green- Eyed One

A Story by shafrini

Loving couple though. jealousy leads to hatred and scheme for murder.


The Blessed Green-eyed One

Eliza, from her rocking CHAIR watched her twins Vicky and Rocky rolling with LAUGHTER at Tom and Jerry in the cartoon channel. It was six in the evening.  Alex was supposed to be home by now. She looked out of the window. All at once her heart skipped a beat, for there on the STREET she saw her husband Alex along with her DARK- haired friend Della. Her eyes filled with tears, heart beat rapidly and blood boiled with JEALOUSY. 

She waited for him to come home, however he failed to turn up then.

She was now very much disturbed. She had to do something. Her evil MASTERMIND coerced her to devise for vengeance.

It was nine while Alex, her TALL and hazel eyed husband walked in. He gave his elegant and beautiful wife a Bear- hug and kissed her. Eliza smiled sweetly and queried why he was so overdue. Alex said, he laboured over time that day.

After dinner, Eliza gave him a glass of almond milk, which he drank up immediately. "Goodnight darling … tired" he murmured and fell on to the bed. Eliza looked at Alex in hatred and whispered a goodbye.  ‘Betrayer’ she whispered, “You don’t deserve to live! Your GAME is over! I ain’t gonna dance to your MUSIC anymore!!”

Just then Alex's telephone bell rang. Alex seemed to be sound asleep. Eliza took the call, but didn't say hello The female voice at the other end spoke " Hi Alex, you purchased a diamond necklace for Eliza after selling your sports car to my dad, but  don’t sleep off this night, keep  an alarm to  wake up at 12 on the dot to wish Eliza. Good night.

Eliza dropped the phone and stood frozen. She had forgotten her birthday! But Alex hadn’t!! She rushed to her bedroom and looked at Alex. No! He can’t be dead! She cried. She rushed to the kitchen, she couldn’t stop sobbing. I’m sorry God please forgive me just once, forgive me! She moaned. How wicked I am! How could I misunderstand Alex!

Just then Her elbow hit the BOX on the shelf which dropped down. She stared at it in awe. She opened it that was the sealed poison bottle.  She ran to the waste basket and picked up the bottle she had disposed off. It was vanilla ice-cream essence. She opened the poison bottle and poured it into the sink and threw the bottle in the garbage bin, walked to bedroom, lay beside Alex who was sound asleep and smiled watching him breathe. Thank you God! She whispered ……. for forgiving me!

© 2022 shafrini

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A very good story. I was excited and terrified. I'm glad the outcome turned out that way.

Posted 1 Week Ago

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1 Week Ago

Thankyou so much Sam Khalil for this motivating comment of yours!
Sami Khalil

1 Week Ago

You are welcome.

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1 Review
Added on May 10, 2022
Last Updated on May 14, 2022
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I trust in God and righteousness' Have very few friends,but am friendly to all. My belief :People behave as they shouldn't when they have problems. more..

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A Story by shafrini