Death, a Radiant hope

Death, a Radiant hope

A Poem by shafrini

Meeting of the dearest departed in my dream filled my life with radiant hope!

                                 Death, a Radiant Hope!

Are the dead for ever departed?

Or the ones you solely detested,

A relief attained from their departure,

No more you got to bear their torture.

 But dear n’ loved ones leave us in grief,

 We miss them awfully a lot in brief.

 Death remains an unresolved mystery,

 Apparent to silent majority, too scary.


Presently experience o’ mine ere I unfold,

Fully authentic I initiate from threshold,

Commencing the epidemic in 2019,

With Virus Corona appearing too mean.


 Killing umpteen people at once,

 Old n’ young almost in dense!

 Wearing masks did all begin,

 Sanitizing hands was a must there in.

These decrees we did follow,

N’ vitamin pills did we swallow,

Buddies genuinely were healthy,

Hearty, chirpy, hale, and wealthy.

Haled then to scene did vaccination,

For covid shielding and immunization,

I flinched at the thought of the needle prick!

And vowed we wouldn’t ever fall sick.


Then calamity befell on our harmony.

Covid 19 put us in agony,

My dearest n’ nearest I lost in clinic!

Whose absence made me awfully sick!

 Loneliness trapped me, guilt engulfed me,

Words o’ condolences hurt as acne!

Dreaded by nightmare of enduring dear one,

Of days by-gone memories flashing  in ton.


One blessed night I had a vision,

All’s fine did speak my cherished one!

Another night when I was in woe,

Apparition said, just let it go.


A spark of hope n' my heart did mend                                                    That death is not the ultimate end,

Soul leaves the frame whilst impaired

Rebirth on the earth again gets faired.


Watching you tube- videos a great deal,

Narratives of return of people perished,

N’ prophets talk on come back of the dead,

With bated-breath I did pray with Zeal.

God hear my appeal simply this one ,                                                May I  be re-born with my lost valued one!

Living joyfully and never a disaster,

Winding up on time serenely thereafter.    

© 2022 shafrini

Author's Note

It's my real experience. I fear death no more. Your comments are welcome

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This poem is so relatable to many! And if you know Jesus, there's no reason to fear death. I liked your poem. It was filled with heartfelt emotion!

Posted 1 Week Ago

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Added on May 13, 2022
Last Updated on May 14, 2022
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I trust in God and righteousness' Have very few friends,but am friendly to all. My belief :People behave as they shouldn't when they have problems. more..

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A Story by shafrini