The Beast

The Beast

A Story by ShaiRage


As the noises grew louder, I knew with everything in me, I was going to die. The screams of other victims came into clear, but my immensely grievous psyche played them in my mind as the screams of my own soul. I ran faster and faster, wishing that I would find some source of hope, some source of light,
some aspect of living life.
  But the footsteps came closer, the scratching almost visible! Right behind me I knew...
Right behind me.
  There was no one to scream "help" over, because I knew anyone that there was to scream to, would have already been eliminated by the beast himself.
  The monster Ran at me grabbed me and threw me at the ground. The food starved animals began to eat me alive, holding me down, refusing to let their stomachs suffer any longer. And slowly, my body began to fade away.

© 2011 ShaiRage

Author's Note

constructive criticism welcome.

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dark and gory. my kind of writing. i liked the short and fast-paced way you wrote this, because you only needed a few lines to make the story effective. it was really well done. the only thing i'd add would be maybe a bit about the setting. i'd like to know where they are. are they outside? inside? in the sewers? i'd like to know.

Posted 10 Years Ago

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Added on September 25, 2011
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Wonderland..., TX

Ello! my names Eli and yes, im a GIRL :O My names pronounced like eel-e. Cool huh? Well, at least I think it is... Im mostly into short stories and poetry. I appreciate constructive criticism highl.. more..

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A Story by ShaiRage