Wrath of an Abused

Wrath of an Abused

A Poem by BodilessSoul

Ironically enough, this is a poem about my feelings towards child protective services and how they've abused me mentally to the point that I can no longer trust and also to the point that I want to scream and shout at them.


You try to break me, but you wouldn't dare to face me.

You've raped and disgraced me, now you listen while I decree:


You are nothing but a scoundrel, a thief.

For all my love you've stolen, you've replaced with grief.


Give me hope, fill me with trust,

And then rip my heart out?  Please!  If you must.


Because I was all but open, all but willing to invite you in

Thinking foolishly of your love for family, for the children.


So go on and plan my mind's demise

Though we've all seen through your disguise.


I won't hold on to this flailing hope no longer

Only to find my hate growing stronger.


You'll never change, you never feel guilt

For all the hearts you've smothered with silt.


You try and try again to break me, but you'd never face me

Because my hatred for you is ever seething, always breathing,

Counting on the day when you stumble onto my path...


I'm just waiting to show you my wrath.



© 2009 BodilessSoul

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I looooove this piece. I have an extremely difficult time writing poetry that is structured or rhyme and i also have a difficult time finding rhyming poems i actually like.

This was fantastic.

Posted 10 Years Ago

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wow...thats intense...but it's really beautiful, and strong!!! it really was truly amazing...

Posted 11 Years Ago

Young lady, you wrote an wonderful piece. Your anger, sadness, Fed-up attitude was written so smoothly. I too like the lines in orange, makes them shout to the reader. Good Job!!

Posted 11 Years Ago

well this is intense & powerful. amazing imagery & i love the anger & the strength behind every word. it flows smoothly & is very well written, i also like how you did some lines in orange, that really made me like this poem all the more, i don't know why. it is a very sad & emotional piece. great write.

Posted 11 Years Ago

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WOW...this is so sad. Your emotions just spill out of this poem. I can feel the hate and sadness in it. In the end I get a sense of hope though. "I'm just waiting to show you my wrath." That line shows that you didn't give up rather you being strong and your not going to let the CPS hold you down. Great writting and GREAT poem! :)

Posted 11 Years Ago

no breath. i can't breathe. this is probably -no, it IS- my favorite thing you've ever written.

Posted 11 Years Ago

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