A Chapter by Shallowed

Chapter 1

                “Jason you’re never going to hear the end of it” My mother said angrily while pacing the room back and forth. “You think its funny filling your mind with this junk? What are you to be when you grow up? A slasher?” She stopped moving and stood right in front of me, giving me her infamous icy cold stares. It seemed to burn holes right through my eye sockets.

            I groaned. There was nothing I could do right now. If I stared back at her, she might think I’m challenging her. If I didn’t look at her then she would snap at me to look up. Too break the awkward silence I decided to go with a fake excuse.

            “No mom, I plan to be a garbage man when I grow up.” I said in a matter-of-fact tone. If she was going to give me daggers I might as well throw them back at her.

            “Jason! This isn’t funny! How long were you watching those movies?” Mom snaps back sharply.

            “Umm for about 2 minutes until you crashed the party.” I said quietly. I tried to say it boldly but my mouth wouldn’t let me.

            “No, what I meant was how many days? Weeks? Months? Or maybe even years?” Ouch, what a tone. I better stop giving her the smart mouth. She’s hitting the end of her patience meter.

            “Maybe 2? Umm, I dunno mom.”

            “This is ruining your childhood! These types of movies can desensitize you!”

            “Right mom, now I’m automatically a psycho killer.”

            “Don’t make jokes like that!” She snaps with a very scary tone. She continues to stare at me. I took the risk to look up. Phew, she had turned around and walked to the living room. She usually does that. Yells at me for a few minutes then walks away without even telling me my punishment and that’s that. But of course my dad always walks in right after and gives out the punishments. And as if on cue, my father walks into my room.

            “Jason. You know you shouldn’t be watching a movie like that. We warned you about those types of things. They’re nasty, gory, and evil.” Dad says calmly.

            I give out a sigh like I’m ashamed of myself- although I’m really not. When I give out a sigh like that, it makes my dad feel better. Hurray I just raised off 2 inches of punishment. But in fact, I don’t get punished at all. He just walks slowly out the room. I blinked slowly once… then twice… then three times. That’s when the shock finally hit me. I didn’t get grounded! I started dancing in my room then stopped. Instead I started to ponder with what just happened. Why didn’t my dad give me any punishment? He never lets me go off easy on that type of stuff!

            Watching R rated horror movies should have definitely ticked him off. Then fear flooded back to me. What if he was planning a punishment and then I would be grounded for a whole year? That wouldn’t be cool.

            I waited for my dad to call me to come downstairs so we can discuss my punishment. 5 minutes passed… 10…15. He never called! This was so amazing! Did he forget to give me a punishment? Or is he giving me mercy tonight?

            I glanced at my clock- 10:30 pm. I yawned and decided it was time to hit the hay. I was about get up to brush my teeth but changed my mind and just laid back down. I kept on my same clothes and just decided to wear it again tomorrow for school. I wrapped my blankets over me and almost immediately fell asleep.


            “Hey kid. Come on. Wake up.” A voice said. I groggily got up and rubbed my eyes. I saw blurry figures, and then they became clearer as I wiped the eye wax out of my eyes. I saw two middle aged men with beards as long as Gandalf’s.

            “What? Where am I?” I asked yawning.

            “No time to explain man! Hurry and get up!” One of the bearded men said. I heard the urgency in his tone so I quickly got up.

            “Wait a second! Who are you people! And what am I-” I asked as full realization began to sink in.

            They cut me off with a curt wave of the hand.

            “No time, follow us.” The other man said. The two men got up and ran off. I wondered if I should follow. I mean, I AM kidnapped. And this isn’t my room. And those weren’t my parents. I was scared but I had no other options so I ran to catch up with them.

            While I was running I noticed that if I was kidnapped, these strangers took me to somewhere FAR away. I wasn’t in the streets of San Francisco. My surroundings were something from the medieval times. All the houses were made out of crumbly looking bricks and thin wood. I saw a bunch of people screaming and running around. I paid more attention to the people this time. They were wearing crappy woven fabric like the peasants wore back in the BCE. They all had hoods over them, and they were pulling the hoodies down with their hands- as if they were running from something and didn’t want to be seen…

            SLAM! I yelped and fell to the floor. I had just run into a very fat man. I quickly got up and decided to ask what was going on.

            “Hey, why is everyone panicking? What’s happening?” I asked. He didn’t get to say anything. Instead for an answer, a giant bird creature from the sky swooped down and picked him up with its talons. Its sharp and long claws dug deep into his flesh. He screamed in agony. He stuck a hand out to me. I instinctively shoved my hand to grab him. But with great speed, the bird creature flew away with the man. Dazed and confused I knew only one thing to do- I hid.

            I ran behind one of the houses and slammed my back against the wall breathing hard. What the hell was that? What’s going on? Where am I? Is this a dream? Oh please! It has to be! But if it is- Why does everything feel so real? I wanted to look for the two men to get answers but I didn’t want to go out again in that hell pit. I took a risky peak behind the house and saw people being slaughtered by soldiers on horses and more bird creatures. But as I looked more closely, these soldiers weren’t human. Some of them were zombies, skeletons, ghosts, and demons! How can my earlier worries of getting a punishment compare to this?

I screamed loudly as I saw a man being ripped in half by two worm monsters. Then the two giant worms looked in my direction. One hissed and spit out a giant glob of mucus at me. It landed on my jacket. The mucus started to burn through my jacket! I yelped and threw off my jacket along with the acidic goo. I started to run. Hopefully the worms were slow like they looked. Unfortunately- they weren’t. They dug into the ground and I saw lumps of dirt sticking out of the ground and they slivered toward me with amazing speed. I gasped and ran as fast as I could. One worm popped out of the dirt in front of me and bit into my leg.

“AGHHHHH!” I screamed. Was this the end of me? Would I die this gruesomely without even understanding what’s happening? The other worm then popped out of the ground in between my legs. I tried to scramble away but the other worm had its grip on me tight. The worm in between my legs slithered up my body. Right until our faces was looking at each other directly. It raised its poisonous (And painful) looking fangs and paused as if waiting for drumroll. Then it came down fast, I was hoping for it to be quick and painless.

© 2010 Shallowed

Author's Note

I made it rushed because I feel like adding in the background of the main characters life in Chapter 2. I just want to sink readers in for now...

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