The Vision Men

The Vision Men

A Chapter by Shallowed

Chapter 5


            The strange and mysterious man had stopped the interrogations for the day right after mine. After I walked out of the interrogation room I started to think very hard about this one name that popped up twice in my life. Colt Jake. Or Jake Colt. I can’t believe I haven’t thought clearly of it before. Alex said it while we running on the track. He said it a few times actually. Was this name a vital piece of information to this mystery? The man that interrogated me became surprised when he found out my last name was the same as “Jakes.” Whoever that it. Is that person even alive? Because my family is the only people I know that has the last name of “Colt”. Unless he’s related? Possibly. But there’s a high chance that there’s another family with the last name of ‘Colt.’ Is Jake Colt (Or Colt Jake) Our salvation? If he’s real, will he protect us from these killings? If he is, then Alex can’t be the murderer. Alex seemed to BELIEVE in Jake. Ugchk! All this thinking hurts my head!

            I tried to gather up all the evidence that I had so far that may connect to these strange killings. I began with anything that had to relate with Alex, then with the last name of ‘Colt’. I had a strange feeling that I had something to do with this mystery. Am I an important piece of the mystery myself? Or am I overlooking it?

My memories flooded back to my nightmare a few months back. That strange nightmare that felt so… real! Crazy as it is, I was wishing for the nightmare to come back the past few nights ago, so I can pay attention to anything important in the dream that I missed.

            After the interrogations were over, we had an assembly. All the classes were scattered but no one cared. No one cared at all. We all sat among each other if we were enemies or not. No one bullied around with me. Maybe that’s because in a life or death situation people tend to get nicer. Or maybe they just think these killings are karma and they want to repent. I dunno. One of the two.

            We saw our principle walk onto the stage with a microphone. He always used to brag about how our school was a distinguished school, one of the best among the state, but today he doesn’t look very boastful. He looked nervous and he shook a lot. He even almost dropped the microphone. When he got into the middle of the stage he looked behind him as if he was going to see a murderer. He looked back at us, cleared his throat, and began to talk.

            “You all know what has been happening. A stranger on campus was killed. And so was one of our brightest students, Josh Mazzy. I know all of you are scared and a bit frightened by this. We think it’s best for all of you to stay at school to continue your education. Home isn’t safe either. Killings have been reported at our fellow classmate’s home, Alex Scott. His parents were brutally killed like the other 2 people on campus. And for Alex? Well, he’s gone missing. Completely missing. Without a trace. Now I know that all of you are great kids so-” He stopped to clear his throat. “We want to make sure your as comfortable staying here. We want you to know that our school is heavily guarded. And an official will always escort you home if you’re walking.”

            He talked more and more about crap we already knew, so I decided to just ignore what he was saying and to concentrate again on what was going on. He talked on for about a, what? Hour or so? I’m pretty sure other kids got bored to, and I overheard murmurs such as,

            “He keeps repeating everything he says.”, “I’m hungry.”, “I’m bored.”, “Why won’t he shut up?”, “It’s not like anything he’s saying isn’t going to automatically protect us.”, “There hasn’t been any killings since the city was in lockdown.”, “I’m scared.”, “I think I might pee in my pants.” And one person even said “Chocolate pudding” although I have no idea in hell where that came from.

            I actually started to doze off eventually. I tried to stay awake but I kept falling asleep. I saw no need in having to stay awake though so I decided to just take a quick nap. I let my head hang low. This was a perfectly bad idea but I didn’t know any better.


“Is he still sleeping?” A voice not far off said. 

            “Yes, let’s wake him up. The attacks are going to start again.” Another voice said. This sounded like the person was right next to me. I felt a gentle shove on my shoulder. Then later it was followed by rough pushing.

            “Kid! Wake up! Come on! We can’t always stop for you!” The voice became urgent but not angry.

            I slowly open my eyes. I expected to see my teacher or classmate waking me up so we can get to our class. But instead I opened my eyes to see the two bearded men again. From the nightmare! I jumped off the ground as realization began to kick in.

            “Who the hell are you people?!” I screamed. They looked at me as if stunned.

            “Stop making jokes and just follow us.” One bearded man said.

            “No! I had this strange dream last time, and I didn’t understand anything that had happened! I would like some answers now to what is going on!” I replied sharply.

            The bearded men sat back down when they got up to leave to who knows where?

            “Does he have amnesia? What’s wrong with him?” One bearded man asked the other.     

            “I don’t know, ask him!” The other man said in distress.

            “JUST ANSWER MY DAMN QUESTION!” I roared. The two men just stared at me slack jawed. Then one of the men’s face expression turned serious.

            “Wait! What is your name?” One of the bearded men asked. I thought about giving my name. But I decided that if they had this piece of information they couldn’t harm me with it in this dream.

            “Jason Colt.” I said.

            “WAIT! Your name is JASON Colt and not JAKE Colt?” One man asked. There it was again, Jake Colt. What was up with that name?

            “No, I’m Jason Colt.” I replied again.

            The two men stared at me. There was silence for a few moments, then one of them groaned.

            “Oh no! This couldn’t have happened! I knew it! That journey to the mansion was a suicide mission! It was a trap!” One man moaned. “No wonder you were acting weird the last two visions!”

            “What are you talking about?!” I barked.

            “OK kid, this may seem crazy to you but you got to believe us.” One man said.

            “After all the crap that’s happened to me so far, I wouldn’t be surprised by anything.” I replied.

            “Ok, umm… How will I begin this?...” One man began.

            “I’ll explain.” The other man said. He cleared his raspy throat then continued. “Long ago there was a tribe of people called the “Dementia”. They lived in harmony and piece until another stronger tribe named the “Zugrufs” attacked them and took over. They made the Dementia into slaves. The Dementia lived in pain for almost a century when one man named Troforus  decided to higher mercenaries-”

            “Excuse me.” I cut in.

            “What?” He asked.

            “What’s a mercenary?”

            “A mercenary is a soldier who works for another group of people to fight and get paid in return.” He replied.

            “Oh sorry, continue.”

            “As I was saying, Troforus wanted to higher mercenaries because his people weren’t strong enough to fight the Zugrufs. So they hired another group of rogue villagers called the “Colt”. He paused as he saw me take in the information. “The Colt gladly accepted to be paid mercenaries.” “The Zugrufs were as strong as were the Colts. But one day a especially brave soldier named ‘Jake Colt’ decided to go into the Zugrufs palace and vanquish the king so all the suffering would end.” “Well as a reward for such a brave dangerous task he offered to try, he got the leader visions.”

            “What’s a leader vision?”

            “A leader vision is a time when you dream. In the dream you can be helped out by two vision men to look into the future or some whereabouts.” “And that’s what’s happening to you right now.” He said as if reading the question in my mind. He continued,

            “We were jakes previous helpers. We are called vision men.” He said.

            “So your not real people?” I asked.

            “No we are actually, but we were punished to be vision men.”

            “Forever? So you’ll be stuck inside peoples dreams FOREVER?! That’s a little harsh for a punishment.”

            “I agree, but not forever. When we help the host with his/her task then we can be freed into the real world again.”

            “What’s a host?”

            “Why that’s you! You’re the host. And we are the vision men inside of your mind.” “We can only see the host when the host is dreaming. And we can only see the host when he is in desperate times of need.” He said.

            “I am in desperate times of need.” I replied.

            “You are? Explain what’s happening.”

             I explained everything to the “vision man” about the last strange few months. He didn’t cut in my story, he just nodded to show he understood.

            “Interesting.” He said.

            “Wait! I haven’t done anything valiant or like that, so why did I get the power of leader visions?”

            “You haven’t earned it necessarily.” The man agreed.

            “Then why do I have it?” I asked growing impatient. “And I thought you two were JAKES visions, so why are you here with me?”

            “Well, don’t scream Jason, that’s your name right? But when Jake when out to his mission to kill the king I guess he failed. And… died. Before a person with the “leader vision” dies sometimes they send out the vision men to other people’s minds to save the power of the vision men. By sending us to you we were saved. I know this is a little confusing but you will get your head around it eventually.”

            “But why did he send it to me out of all the people in the world?!” I replied. “Why didn’t he send them to someone else in his tribe! That would make sense!”

            “Maybe he sees that everyone in his tribe does not have the skills to sneak into the palace and kill the king unseen.” Although I highly doubt that. I am confused by that too.

            All of a sudden the other bearded man spoke up.

            “Maybe it’s because you two have the same last names? Or you two are… related?” He says.

            “That’s impossible! I live in a WAY different century the he does. I live in the 21st century while he’s living in the, what? 15 century?” I say.

            “No you two are both living in the same century.” The second bearded man said. “It’s just that the universe they live in are not as advanced like this universe is.” He says.

            “It doesn’t matter.” The other bearded man began to talk again.

            “Jason, Jake sent the powers to you on purpose I’m pretty sure. I think he want’s YOU to kill the Zugruf king.”

            “YOU’RE INSANE!” I roared. I got up and began to run, I just remembered I had no place to run to, so I grabbed a knife off the table and sliced it at my throat. Like I expected, I didn’t feel any pain. Instead I just woke up. I looked around. I was back in the MPR. Thank GOD I was out of that other place.

            I looked around at my fellow classmates. But they now looked more frightened then bored. I scanned the front of the MPR and saw something that made me choke on my breath. I can't even completely explain what I exactly saw. Ill just say this- I saw a demon. And I’m being literal! A F*****G DEMON! It was a man in a trench coat with tentacles and a half skull face. And he seemed to be looking right at me with his piercing red eyes.


            He grinned. 

© 2010 Shallowed

Author's Note

This chapters a little trippy, I wanted to show the answers to most of the mysteries right here. In this chapters I literally just came up with what the plots going to be.

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