The Sadistic Fortune Cookie (Without The Fortune)

The Sadistic Fortune Cookie (Without The Fortune)

A Chapter by Shallowed

Chapter 8


            “Ahhhhhhhhhhh!” Were the first few words that came out of my mouth. “What do we do?!” Were the second words the come out of my mouth. “Gaaaah! Bring me home you stupid wizard!” Were the next set of unintelligent words that came out of my mouth.

            “Stupid wizard?” Alex laughed apparently amused by how afraid I was. I couldn’t believe we were being attacked by flesh- eating cannibals and Alex was just laughing.

            Maybe he’s going insane. Maybe I’m going insane. Maybe I’m just dreaming this. Maybe I’m still in the room with the vision men. Maybe I’m just day dreaming and I will wake up to find myself in my classroom. Or maybe I’m already dead.

            Just then, in the corner of my eye I saw some dark figures in the bushes. They might have been more cannibals but they were large hulking figures while these cannibals were so skinny you can probably hold their rib cages. Just then I heard a loud whistling noise. Then I heard some screaming. Then more whistling noises. And more screaming. I didn’t understand what was going on, but whatever the loud whistling noises were, they were killing the cannibals! I saw groups and dozens of our attackers fall to the floor before they even got near us. Some of them looked around confused as I was. The smarter ones scampered off from whatever was attacking them.

            I looked at the back of one of the dead cannibals and saw something protruding out of its back. Arrows. There were archers here in the thick bushes keeping the cannibals at bay from us. I saw one by one, the flesh- eating beasts falling to the floor. As happy as I was for our rescuers to come out and help us, I also felt sick seeing all the targets fall to the floor like ragdolls. Blood was spraying from several directions.

            I looked to my friends to see if they were hurt. None of them were. They were all confused like I was. All except for Alex. He seemed pretty calm by all of this. It’s as if he has seen people being shot down every day. Which I have no doubt that he has.

            I started to worry. What if Alex really has gone crazy? What would we do then? And what if these rescuers were actually bulkier cannibals who planned to eat us instead? The answers to those questions were answered.

            After the last of the cannibals fell to the floor or ran, our rescuers cam out of the bushes. My first thought was,

            “Cyclops!” But the huge men did not have eyes on their foreheads. At least every single one of those men were 7 feet tall or more.

            “Ahh, Churnov! You always make the best performances!” Alex smiled as he walked over to one of the large hulking figures.

            “You are too kind Alexander, and what better time then to show up in the flesh when you and your kindly friends are being attacked by the Zenrez.” The person named Churnov said.

            “Damn, you guys are so fat!” Chad laughed as he looked at one of the large men.

            “Ahem, I take back what I said by ‘kindly’.” Churnov said as he gave a disapproving look towards Chads direction.

            “Please forgive my friends. Some of them are immature and ignorant to the situation.” Alex said, pained to know that Chad was there with us. I’m with him on that one.

            “No big matter. I am not truly offended.” Churnov gave a big warming smile. He then started to walk up to the rest of us. He folded his arms behind his back and slowly walked left and right while looking at us, like some general  having a examination with his soldiers.

            “No big matter? Actually, you guys are big matter!” Chad laughed. His laugh was put to a quick end as Jessica punched him in his stomach.

            He eyed all of us personally. I’m not sure if it was just me but he seemed to have stared at me the most. My legs started to shake when he stared at me. My knees buckled together. Right when I thought my legs were going to collapse from tension, Churnov walked away, apparently satisfied for some specific reason. When Churnov walked away he barked some weird language to his fellow brothers and they began to follow. He walked in the opposite direction from us and motioned with two fingers for us to follow.

            Drew looked at Alex questioningly and Alex just nodded. Before we began to follow the huge strange men we all shared glances. Except for Alex who was already running.

            We all caught up with Alex and we were out of breath. These huge guys sure took long purposeful steps. Or as Chad would call it “Fat guys on steroids”. Although the huge men looked like they were all made of blubber, I had no doubt that they can twist Chad into a horrible mashed up ball.

            “Who are these guys?” I asked as I walked quickly alongside Alex.

            “They are the Dementia. The side we are fighting for.” Alex said.

            “Seriously? These guys are, um, Nevermind.” I was confused because these guys looked like they could definitely fend for themselves. We walked another mile or so and I ended up in a place that looked too familiar. I had the strangest sense of Déjà vu. Then I realized where I was. It was sunny so it took me a while to remember where this was from but I was in the small cottage that I was in from my dreams. My first vision dream, I had been in here. It wasn’t a nice one. I was attacked by two slimy worm creatures. But unlike last time, everything looked peaceful. No buildings were destroyed or messed up or anything. I wondered how they fixed this entire place up so quickly. Then I got confused. If I saw the vision men earlier in the first dream, they said they couldn’t be in the actual place when it was happening because they were only vision men. That was a reason why I couldn’t die. And a reason why THEY couldn’t die.

            Before I could think about this odd thought so more we walked into a large palace. The place was full of people. But unlike Churnov, these people looked like regular humans. In fact, these people looked the complete opposite from our rescuers. They were so skinny, I could see their shirts caving in their stomachs.

            I then realized that the huge men were the warriors, and that’s why they had to be of bulk. I thought they were part of the supernatural forces that the vision men told us about earlier. Which brought me to another thought. Churnov called the cannibals the “Zenrez”. Was that the name of the supernatural forces? Probably. But I thought it was the Zugruf. Maybe Zugruf was just the name of the big bad king.

            We walked into a room where we saw a man and a beautiful woman. The man looked like the ruler of the Dementia. Instead of looking boastful and full of pride, he looked nervous and scared and kept looking left and right. The woman was wearing jewelry and such fine clothes (compared to the bland clothes the villagers were wearing) but she too, looked afraid.

            “Come in, come in.” The king said.

            Alex, Drew, Chad, Natalia, Jessica, Churnov and I, walked into the large room. I walked in warily and cautiously. Churnov motioned for his other men to wait outside. I wondered if Churnov was their general or something.

           Churnov slowly closed the door and joined us as he sat down in a large chair that looked fit for him. I sat down in another chair next to Jessica. When we were all settled we all sat there saying nothing. Everyone was too nervous to say anything. Chad broke the silence with his usual cockiness.

            “I’m hungry.” He said. He rose up his feet and landed them harshly on the table.

            “Dude! Not cool.” Drew snarled. The king began to laugh.

            “No, no, its fine. I remember youth as well, and I had the same cockiness.” The king smiled warmly. The queen began to start talking business.

            “So you six children are the special ones?” She asked calmly but firmly.

            “Yes, I am special!” Chad said beaming.

           “He’s too special if you ask me.” Jessica muttered under her breath. We all laughed. Except for Chad. Apparently he didn’t get the joke.

            We all shared our names. The king was named Troforus (as I have heard of this name once before in one of my vision dreams. He was the one who hired the Colt mercenaries.) And the queen was named Juliette. Very cliché.

            “You children are destined for great things. And Alex, you are ready for another adventure like last year aren’t you?” Troforus smiled.

            “Yep, and this time I won’t fail. Imma slam the damned Zenrez army so hard they will have to pick themselves out of their butt!” Alex laughed.

            “Hmm, I see you haven’t matured a bit from the last battle.” Troforus said. Alex frowned. The queen turned to Jessica.

            “What is your power young lady?” Juliette asked.

            “Alex told me that I can turn invisible and that I have a sixth sense. Stupid right?” Jessica asked.

            “No, actually, he was telling the truth.” Juliette said. That wiped the smile right off of Jessica’s face. She asked what Chads powers was, he told her about being able to revive a person before they die and the ability to see through things. She asked Drew too, he told her about he super strength which he apparently was happy about saying that in front of the hot queen.

            “What’s your power young man?” She asked me. It took me a while to rack my brains to remember what my power was, then it came to me.

            “I have an ability called, The Vision Men.” I said slowly.

            I expected the queen to nod her head calmly like she did when she asked the rest about their powers. But she acknowledged my power more then the others. Her mouth was open slack- jawed. So was the kings and Churnov’s. I had no idea why my power was so special. I mean, yeah it’s cool to look into the future and get tips and hints from the vision men, but seriously… It’s not that cool. Maybe my vision powers could do more then I had leading on.

            “We thought Colt Jake died before he could send it to anyone.” Juliette said.         

            “Well obviously, in Jakes last few seconds of being one of the living, he had the chance to send his powers to someone else. And he took that chance.” Alex said in a matter- of- fact tone. The queen then finally looked to Natalia and asked what her power was.        

            “Well my power is… Wait a minute… Alex, you haven’t told me my power.” Natalia said.

            Alex then walked slowly up to the king and whispered something to the kings and queens ear. The king frowned while the queen looked oddly confused. The king and queen both nodded after Alex said what he wanted to say. All three of them looked at Natalia.

            “What?” She asked. None of them answered. “What?!” She asked again more impatient and nervous now. Alex cleared his throat, exchanged glances with the king, and looked to Natalia.

            “Natalia… You don’t have a power.” He said. This seemed to slap Natalia right in the face.

            “Wait, what? Then why am I here?” Natalia asked dumbfounded.

            “Natalia, when I looked into your soul, (and I look into you guys souls to find your powers, that’s another part of my ability) I found that you had no powers. I was confused too. But Shax wanted you so that’s why I took you with me.” Alex said.

            “Why did Shax want me if I have no powers?” Natalia asked, confused.

            “I… I don’t know.” Alex said.


            The next few days went by fast. We all got rooms and cabins to sleep in. I cried once in bed at the thought of never seeing my family again. My schedule was a firm one. I could never jump off my schedule and do something else. At 8:00 A.M. I had to wake up. During the time between 8:00 A.M. and 8:30 P.M. I had to get ready for breakfast. Then I had my daily lesson about learning about this war. For about 2 hours straight each day. Then it was physical exercise to get my body ship shape for the war. I had to jog around the whole place and explore. Then there’s lunch. Then free time. A time where I have to do any other errands or do whatever I want. (Luckily for me, I bring my PSP everywhere I go in my pocket.) Then there’s hard labor. I have to farm and fix crops and do crap. Then dinner. Then the social community games. (Probably the only fun part of the day.) Then we go back to our cabin and go to sleep. It’s actually a pretty simple schedule, but it leaves you rugged at the end of the day.

            Right now I’m in bed thinking about the days to come. Am I going to be here forever? Will I ever see my family again? What’s going to happen to me? All the thoughts were making me sleepy so I decided to hit the hay and forget about tomorrow.


            “Jason! Wake up right now!” I heard a familiar voice say in the distance. I woke up.

            “Hey Justin! Long time no see eh?” I smiled.

            “No time for that! I’m serious! Follow me!” Justin the vision man, got up and ran off. I sensed his seriousness and followed him.

            I was out of breath when I finally caught up to him. For an old guy, he sure ran fast. Maybe he wasn’t that old but his long silky beard made him look old.

            “W-What’s… Going… huff huff… on?” I gasped while bending over holding my knees.

            “Jason! Do you remember the first vision dream you had?” Craig asked as he walked out of some shadows.

            “Yeah, how am I ever supposed to forget a time where I’m nearly eaten by a giant slimy worm creature?” I ask. “You tell me.”

           “Do you know how we once said that we can bring you upon visions where it shows you the future?” Craig asks.

            “Yeah, what about it?” I ask.

            “Well, apparently we forgot to tell you earlier but, that horrible disaster where those demonic knights were brutally slaughtering everyone didn’t actually happen.” Justin said.

            “Oh, that’s a relief.” I smiled. “So why do you guys look all shifty?” I ask.

            “That disaster hasn’t happened YET.” Justin said. I didn’t like the direction this conversation has suddenly turned to. As horrible realization began to sink in, I grew more afraid.

            “It hasn’t happened yet, but oh, it WILL.” Craig ends the dark message. “It WILL!!!” He shouted.


            I woke up. Strange, I’m never woke up from a vision dream without killing me first. Whatever, not important. I had to warn everyone about the horrible battle in this village that was to come!

© 2010 Shallowed

Author's Note

The newest chapter is out! Sorry for taking a while, a lot of parts didnt make sense so I did a lot of editing.

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