Entry #1

Entry #1

A Chapter by Shallowed

Hey, the "Red". Pay attention as this is the first entry. You can skip to end where it tells you guys how I saved your little corporation but if you want to know how it all began, begin here.

Entry #1

'Where... Where am I?' I thought. I tried to pry my eyes open but it felt like that they were sewed shut. I heard distant voices. It sounded like they were talking gibberish. Were they speaking some foreign language? Blacked out.
My... My head hurts like crazy. I can't think straight. I feel something wet on my head. Am I bleeding to death? What happened? I tried to open my eyes again. This time they only opened a fraction of a inch. I wiped the eye wax out of my eyes. It felt like my eyes were closed for months. For all I know, maybe they were. I move my head slowly to the left. Then slowly to the right. My visions blurry but its getting more clear by the second. I'm on a bed. I think I'm in a hospital. But why am I in a hospital again? I see a blurry person watching over me. As my eyes adjust I see that hes a Mexican. I try to speak, but all of a sudden it feels like I forgot how to. I try to get up, searing pain in my head! Passed out. 

I heard the gibberish voices again. I have a quick thought in my head. Maybe they're aliens. I instantly put that thought out of my head as the voices become to sound more clear to me. They weren't speaking some other language. They were speaking English. I tried to open my eyes all the way to let them know that I'm awake. But as I get more aware my head starts to hurt more. Time to sleep again.

I waked up to hear a soft but unmistakable tune. I slowly get up and look around to see where the noise is coming from. I see a teenage boy sitting on a easy chair, maybe 13 or 14 years old, watching TV. I chuckle very softly to myself remembering the time that I liked to watch Spongebob Squarepants. As a matter of fact, I still kind of do. I just realized that my head isn't hurting anymore. Sure it stings just a little but now that it's stopped burning with pain I can think more clearly. 
I try to remember what happened. No such luck. Then fear rushed over me as I found out I couldn't remember what my name is either. Or who this child is. Is this kid supposed to be my younger brother? I can't believe it. I have amnesia. All I could remember is that I like watching Spongebob. Hmph, thats useless. 
I sit up completely straight. I slowly land my back on the wall and try to get comfortable. Actually the pain is coming back a little again. Every time I feel a pulse in my head I also feel pain. I grit my teeth against the agony and try to calm myself down by taking a few deep breaths. I look over to a little table next to me with a cup of water. Hmm, must be for me. I reach my hand over to it and accidentally knock it over onto the floor. Fail. I try to reach down to get it when I see a shadow coming into the room. 
"Oh my!" I heard a feminine voice say. I felt firm hands push me back onto my bed. I look up at the woman. It was a pretty blonde nurse. She grabbed the cup off my floor.
"Don't strain yourself. I'll get more water for you." She said. She then quickly rushed off the get some more water. I turned back to the boy, who was looking at me surprised. 
"So, your finally awake?" The boy asked. I tried to reply but my voice wouldn't let me. I tried to say 'Hi' but my voice was so croaky it came out as a squeak. 
"Yeah, most patients have voices that crack when they wake up. So what's your name?" He asked. Nooo! He asked the question that I didn't have an answer for! Well, not that I could probably answer it anyhow with my throat being so dry. 
The woman came back only a few seconds from leaving earlier. She placed the cup in my hands and patted my hand as I gripped the sides of the cup. I slowly rose it to my mouth, at first I took a sip (fear of drinking sink water) but it was good ol' tap water. I drank it all in one big gulp. Bad move. I began to choke on the water and cough like crazy in front of the boy. He just sat there staring at me calmly. Man, I looked like an idiot!  
"Feeling quite better?" The boy laughed. 
"Y-yes." I said slowly. 
"Its been months since you talked. Try to speak a full sentence." He said. I didn't know what to say so I just said,
"Polly want a cracker." I don't know how those were the first words that I could think of. 
"Man, have you lost it or what?" He asked. Then as a few awkward silent seconds passed he said, "Kidd-ing." 
"Whats your name?" I asked sounding more casual now. 
"Me? Oh I'm Max. Ya know, your best friend? Gosh, you must really have amnesia like the doctors said. What a shame." Max said.
"Your my best friend?" I asked slowly.
"No, I'm your worst nightmare." He said. Apparently I didn't understand the joke so he raised his hands up to chest level to show he was joking. 
"What happened?" I ask. "And why am I in the hospital?" Max pointed to my forehead. He motioned for me to touch it. I felt a few edgy bumps on it as I touched it. I think I have a scar. "No, I mean, HOW did it happen?" 
"Well, you and I were riding our bikes to a old and abandoned railroad station. We were doing a group project together with Michael and Connor. Then he raised his eyebrow at me which was basically asking me If I remembered who they were. I shook my head, no. 
"Well, Michael and Connor decided to bail out because Michael was sick and Connor's bike tires popped, so we went alone. We were doing a science project where we had to find a dead animal and use a microscope to look at the cells in it. Then we were supposed to draw what the cells looked like. Well, long story short, your back bike tire popped (like Connors) because you hit some glass on the dirt road. You fell face first, onto the railroad tracks." 
He paused as if dreading what he was about to say next. Then he slowly continued. "I began to laugh at you when you fell, calling you a sore loser. But I was joking and all, but before I could help you up, I heard some loud choo-choo noises. You got up real quick, but not quick enough to dodge the speeding train that hit you on the side of the face. You didn't die because the side only skimmed you, but it still must have hurt like hell right? The next thing I knew, you were on the floor holding you face. Then your hands went limp and I saw a large bloody gash on your forehead. I thought you were dead and I immediately carried you all the way to this hospital without our bikes. I got yelled at and stuff by my Mum because my Mom thought I tried to kill you. Your Mom just began to cry which made me feel real guilty." He stopped catching breath. As he spoke almost everything in one sentence. 
"B-but your okay now right?" He asked. Nodding at my nearly healed forehead. 
"It still hurts like a bit**". I said. He looked a little guilty but began to laugh. 
"Still funny as ever aren't you, you wise a*s?" He laughed. I smiled. Although I have no idea who this kid was (because I don't remember him) I already started to like him again. Despite what happened we might become friends again. 
"Man, this amnesia thing is serious. I don't even know my name. Could you tell me?" I asked.
"I think I should leave that to the job of your parents. It will be more dramatic that way." Alex smiled.
"I'm in no mood for any dramas, just tell me what my name is." I said growing impatient. My ignorance of who I was, was seriously killing me. 
"Your name? You my friend, is named Knox Lee." Max said. 

Knox Lee

© 2010 Shallowed

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Chapter 1
10-16-10 V.1

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