Entry #2

Entry #2

A Chapter by Shallowed

Entry #2

"So your supposed to be my best friend?" I asked as I walked down the hallway with my 'best friend'. 
"Yep, in case you haven't remembered, my last name is Zain." Max said. "I am Max Zain and you are Knox Lee. Remember how in middle school we used to be the biggest bad asses around?" He laughed.
"No." I said simply. 
"Oh, yeah." He responded.
"So... Knox Lee... You probably don't remember what you look like either do you?" Max asked.
"No, I'm telling you, I don't remember ANYTHING." I replied impatient with his consistency. He even asked me who my second grade teacher was. Yeah, like I would remember my second grade teachers name but not MY name. 
"Come on dude, lets go to the bathroom. Take a good look at yourself." Max said. He then motioned me to follow after him as he walked across to the restrooms.
I met my mother. That sounded a bit odd didn't it? Well, I did. The Nurse called over my family to come and they came. I have a mother, a brother, and a sister. I didn't see my Dad though. Maybe I don't have one. My family wanted to take me home immediately but the doctor said that I should stay for a few more days just in case my head starts hurting again so they can have immediate support for me. My Mom had some very important errands to do so she had to go, despite how much she wanted me to stay. I haven't learned my Mom's name but my brothers name is "Smackey" and my sisters name is "Sherry". Maybe I'm, the only one in the family without a name that starts with a 'S'. 
Max harshly kicked open the door and walked through. I wonder if Max is some jerk or bully in real life and I am too. I hope I'm not. I knew why Max wanted me to come in. I walked right up to the mirrors and looked at myself. 
I had long black hair that stopped around my ears. I wasn't Asian though, I think my hair is dyed. My eyes are green. I have pointy elf ears. A nose with a small bridge. Some small acne on my forehead but besides that I'm pretty sure in real life, I had everything going on. Oh yeah, I forgot to mention a small detail. I have a long scar coming across the top of my forehead. It's ugly. 
Max told me that I have a girlfriend named Ashely (She visited earlier). He said that I'm popular, and that I'm a whiz at football, and I love video games. He told me a bunch more stuff like my favorite TV shows, books, food, yadda, yadda, yadda. He seemed to be enjoying it too. He told me almost everything there was for me to know. He even told me what my favorite time was to go to sleep. He was really going into the specifics. 
I noticed that Max was pretty funny too. Whenever he made a wise one I laughed real hard. I don't know if I was faking it, or if I really was laughing, or if it was some medication that forced me to laugh. Whatever it was, it was working. I just wanted to feel a happy emotion after being balled up in so much pain for months. 
"Hey Knox, lets go downstairs and play in the arcade." Max said. 
"They have an arcade in a hospital?" I asked dumbfounded. 
"Yeah, weird huh? Lets go! I'll race ya!" Max said. He then pushed me to the floor and took off running. Wow. He just pushed me down. Talk about rude. Some friend this guy is. Pushing down a injured friend. Maybe I have previously beat him when I call up a race. Whatever. I took off after Max, laughing the whole way down. 
"Run, run as fast as you can! You can't catch me I'm the gingerbread man!" Max laughed as he did some extreme Parkour around the hospital. He jumped over patients in beds, slid off banisters, hung onto chandeliers, ran on walls, yep, this guys crazy all right. But I'm starting to like him. His smile on his face didn't last long. He slammed into a patient. It was a old man with a cane. Max stopped dead in his tracks. I thought he was about to do hit and run but he's not that much of a a*s. 
"Oh, man! I'm really sorry! Here, I will help you up." Max stuttered while he talked. I guess he did that when he was nervous. He grabbed onto the old mans hand and helped him up. 
"Sorry, that was a accident." Max said apologizing. 
"Oh, it's quite alright. I remember in my day when I was a wild child, just like you." The old man laughed. His voice sounded raspy and low. Maybe he had some tonsil problem or something. 
"Whats your name son?" The man asked. 
"Max Zain." Max said proudly. "And yours I may ask?" 
"My name is Ryan Pentrendo. I'm a old timer as you can see." Ryan said. 
"What? You don't even look like your fifty!" Max said in fake shock. Ryan chuckled.
"I absolutely do look over 50. That trick only works on 30-40 year olds." Ryan said with a smile. 
"Cool, well I gotta go now Ryan. You see my friend here? His name is Knox Lee. He and I are going to go into the arcade." Max said politely. But the old man looked confused. 
"Arcade? This hospital doesn't have a-" The old man began. Then he took a second glance at me and his mouth opened slack jawed. I swear, it looked as if his jaw was going to fall out. "The arcade? Oh yes, the arcade. Go now." Ryan said. Man nodded and motioned me to follow him. 
Why was the old man so surprised to see me? I never met him before in my life. Well actually I would never know that, considering I had amnesia. And he was about to say that the hospital had no arcade, why did he change his words when he took another glance at me?
And how come every time I keep glancing at Max's face expression he looks a little... depressed? Or maybe even... guilty?

Knox Lee

© 2010 Shallowed

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