The Wall

The Wall

A Poem by Shallowed

This massive cement wall is in my way
I try to get past it every single day
It's impossible for me, no matter how hard I try
As the clocks ticking I begin to decay

No matter what I do, its going to stay
"To hell with this" Some may say
They never understand the full out punishment
They don't take the decision to just sit down and pray

But before they go, to worlds that are unholy
The decider thinks of them all so very lowly
The prisoners cry, forgetting the fight
They never realize; But if they do, its too slowly

I cry and scream out that I'm Sorry
I look up at the sky, all so starry
Banging my head against the wall
Trying over and over again, never to quarry

Slamming against the wall 
I'm never going to fall
Until all my time is used up
I will keep trying until I begin to crawl

Whats that I am beginning to hear?
The walls cracking! Almost near!
I laugh, refilled with hope 
I shove my hands into the wall and begin to tear

I made it through the wall, at last!
It took many years, it wasn't very fast
My problems are gone, I can be me again
I can now move on- and forget about the past

My old life is back, everything's normal now
Through the wall, I had plow
Its in the dust now, now to be forgotten
This is what we all must allow 

I'm happy now.

© 2010 Shallowed

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An encouraging write. We all have walls to tear down, bust through, and repaint. Good poem dude! Keep em coming. Cheers!

Posted 10 Years Ago

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Added on October 24, 2010
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Wazzah? My name is Andrew. I love to write, read, game, play, listen, watch, eat, drink, laugh, and some other stuff. You will notice I write very satirical poems and strange stories. I have just post.. more..

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