The Taste Of Blood

The Taste Of Blood

A Chapter by Shallowed

Chapter 2


          I began to have second thoughts as horrible flashes of disturbing images went through my mind. What if they were holding Jessica prisoner so when I come they can get a double kill? There’s certain logic to that. What if Jessica really is dead? I would then be wasting my time and I would have a hell of trouble trying to find the group again. In fact, if I do manage to rescue Jessica how in the world would I find Daemon again? I know for sure that’s he’s not going to come back to save me… again.

            If I save Jessica I still might end up dying anyways, along with her. There were many bad ideas about this and no good ones. I tried to prep myself up with some of my favorite music as I jogged quietly to find Jessica. Yeah, thrash metal definitely keeps me looking on the bright side doesn’t it?

This wasn’t the same as before when we were trying to find Drew. When we were looking for him, we were in a group. And we began looking for him before the war even started. And who’s to say that I might ever find Jessica anyway? I probably won’t. Shut up! If you keep telling yourself that, then it might become reality!

I told myself happy thoughts. Maybe Jessica might kiss me when I save her. Or maybe I might wake up to find myself at home where everything’s normal. That would be nice. No in fact, that would be heaven.

I tripped over a rock while busying myself with music and thoughts. You dumb klutz I told myself. I pushed myself up and spat out some blood. I wiped dust and dirt off my face and began to cough. And sneeze. Jeez, this gravel is like pepper! I dusted myself off as I got up. I had a small bloody cut on my leg, but nothing to worry about that much. I wiped off most of the blood and began to continue to walk.

Now that I think of it, I can’t believe I’m being this brave to go and rescue Jessica. Maybe it’s because of how much I like her. Maybe it’s fate. Maybe it’s because she’s saved my a*s millions of times from Joevan and Chad. Or maybe I’ve gone MAD. It’s definitely the last one.

I have actually covered a good 5 miles. But now there was no turning back. Even if I did, that would be a waste of time and it’s most likely I wouldn’t find my group. They must have just noticed that I’m gone a few minutes ago. When I was with the group I sneakily hid in the shadows and left them. It must have taken a while for someone to notice.

I actually thought about bringing Natalia, Drew or Alex but I didn’t want to place this burden in their hands. We are the special Sorvius children. We are the children with amazing powers far beyond imagination. OK, maybe not that far. I’m probably not going to come back with the group with Jessica and maybe even myself. So if something happens to me, there needs to be at least two more Sorvius children. Before our powers are wiped from the face of the Earth. Chad’s gone with Shax. Jessica’s missing. And I might be walking towards my very death.

I actually saw some monsters while looking around for Jessica. But I hid in the bushes, stayed in the shadows, and didn’t make any noises at all. I’m like a ninja. A stupid ninja.

I have no idea where to look first. That’s a problem. A big problem, if you ask me. I suddenly wished that my life was back to normal. If I had to pay the toll of being bullied every day by Chad or Joevan, I will gladly accept it. No really. I hate my new life. I really miss my family and the simplicity of a regular teen’s life. My family must be looking all over for me. But for some strange reason they never called me at all. Maybe it had something to do with being in another universe. Yeah. That’s probably it.

I actually began to decide to head back. If I didn’t find the group, oh well. It’s less risky being far away from here then actually BEING over here. That’s when it happened. I fell again and scratched my knee against a splintered wall. I felt the hard wood shoving inside my skin. I shouted in pain. That’s when I lost my ninja-like abilities.

The monsters looked in my direction. Chows on, come and get it- Were the first six words that appeared in my head. Most of the monsters continued to terrorize the other villagers leaving only one monster advancing towards me. Ok, that’s good news. But the bad news was that the monster that they left behind for me looked pretty nasty in comparison to the rest. It’s really hard to describe the beast. It had more then 12 eyes, I am pretty sure. It had an extremely long hand with long, sharp looking spines sticking out of the palm. Its skin was blue, but it had bloody red smears all over it. The beast had tentacles coming out of its armpits and it didn’t have a nose. Its nose was flat like an alien’s with strange nostrils which breathed fire. Oh and it had bulging muscles. Did I mention that?

It definitely looked like it can cause some serious damage if provoked. It was stepping threateningly towards me. And I wasn’t provoking it. I felt like crying right there on the spot and saying my prayers but instead I did a smarter thing- I ran like the wind. I was screaming and yelling at people to help me, which didn’t do much because the beast just kept coming at me while no one was helping me. In fact I only gained attention for two more monsters so now I have three monsters galloping after me. Terrific.

The shock value and adrenaline helped me run farther then I actually expected to run. The three monsters didn’t break a sweat though as they cam after me. Maybe they didn’t sweat anyways. Whatever.

I turn my head slightly around- to see them still running after me. I moaned softly to myself. But then as I took a second glance towards the beasts I noticed that one of the beasts were holding someone in their hand. The person was dead. Wait no- not dead. I can hear the person moaning. The person was unconscious.  I couldn’t clearly see the persons face but the sound of the person moan caught me off guard immediately. I recognized it from somewhere. It was… The king! Troforus!

Right around that moment, that’s when everything about me had completely changed. I tripped again (Wow, this gravel sure is slippery) and I landed yet again, on my face. I quickly turned around to see if I had time to get back up. Too late. The beasts were upon me.

There was a big fat ugly one that I described with the tentacles. Then there was a skinny, scrawny, and tall one. This one had hideously sharp teeth. The last one was short like a lawn gnome. Seriously, that’s what it looked like. But one mean sneer from that thing told me it wasn’t to be messed around with.

The tentacle one leaned down close to my face. Its facial features were disgusting. It had warts all over and a bunch of bloody scars. And its breath stunk all the way to the almighty heavens. I swear, I actually almost even passed out. That’s how disgusting it was. Its breath felt hot and humid. Drool dripped from its mouth onto my face. It leaned closer to my face and practically pressed against it. Was it trying to eat me in a very impractical way or was it trying to kiss me? That was never answered as all of a sudden the tentacle man was blown away by some magical force. The beast screamed as it was blown into the sky.

I looked to my savior expecting to see Troforus with a M1 Garand or a MP40. But instead I saw- Daemon. He came back? I looked to Troforus. He was still knocked out. Oh and Daemon wasn’t using a gun. He slammed the beast into the heavens with a single fist. Since he was a Sorvius teacher was he also a Sorvius?

Daemon then dashed at the other two beasts. He pulled out  a vicious looking butcher knife and slashed it at the skinny demon. The monster ducked underneath it and quickly brought up his hand and shoved it into Daemons stomach. Daemon roared in pain and shoved off the monster. I saw that the skinny monster had retractable claws. And the claws were longer then my whole head. That must have hurt for Daemon.

I looked around to see that the entire group has come along as well. How did they find me? And why did they want to come for me? I soon saw the reason as I saw in the far off distance that there were burning torches and skeleton knights. There was another wave of the army coming in the west direction. So now there’s no escaping.

I looked back at the skinny demon and Daemons both slashing at each other wildly. The little midget monster was watching too. Then he looked at me and snarled. I quickly got up and back off slowly. He began to walk slowly towards me. Then he began to jog, then totally dash at me. For a little guy, he ran fast! He head butted me so hard in the gut, that I swear I saw stars. He began to tackle me and started to choke me.

Before the pain got too serious, Natalia ran up and kicked at the little guy. He fell off with a grunt. He got up quickly and snarled and flicked his long and devilish tongue. He began to run at us again. And this time as he ran towards us he started to grow giant worms out of his stomach! As trippy and tacky as this may sound, it was real. The worms were at least 10 feet high. They had vicious razor sharp mouths, with the teeth in a ‘O’ form. So there were teeth at all angles of the mouth. Then the teeth began to spin around in the mouth picking up speed and getting faster and faster. It was like a hamster running in one of those little wheels except those mouths weren’t wheels. And they weren’t hamsters in them. Only human flesh. About five (count em, yes five) came down at us screeching.

We all screamed. I would have too but a voice in my head told me something. It sounded a lot like Justin! The vision man!

Scream out OO-DA-Vow Justin said. I thought he’s gone mad but I screamed it out anyways. When I screamed it out, all of a sudden my body felt really weak. Seriously. I fell to the floor gasping in breath. I almost even blacked out but didn’t. I weakly got up. Then as I faced the worm expecting to lunge back at us any second I realized the worm wasn’t there anymore. Neither was the gnome monster. Actually I saw the gnome monster. But not in full form. Only its head. How the hell did that happen? I wondered in my mind. It some how exploded. But how? Daemon didn’t do it. He was still fighting the other monster. I looked behind me to see the shocked faces of the group.

Slowly, some began to smile. And chuckle. And laugh. Then they began to cheer my name continuously. I had no idea why though. They ran up to me, patted me on the back, and said a bunch of nice compliments that I’m usually not used to. But why were they complimenting me? What did I do?

“Dude! Sick! You totally powned that beast!” This one kid said. Was he talking to me? He must have been. Then slowly I realized what happened. I’m the one that killed the beast. It must have happened when I shouted out OO-Dee-Var or something like that.

The group quickly then ran back to their standing post. The whole time they were hiding in the shadows of the bushes. And now they looked at me expecting me to kill other monsters. I should have felt proud. But instead I felt pissed and confused. Things were happening so quickly I couldn’t register it! I looked to Daemon and gasped when I saw the beast knock out Daemon. He turned towards me. I was his original meal until Daemon arrived. Uh oh. Guess these things like to kill their victims in following order. The beast lunged at me with out stretched claws.

Justin spoke again. Say “OO-Da-Groul”.  I did as he said. I looked into the face of the monster as he was in mid air. I concentrated at his head with cold stare. I squinted and right before he landed on top of me with his vicious claws I screamed right into his face,

“OO-Da-Groul!” I screamed it as loud as I could. Then something unexpected happened. The monster froze in mid air. I stood there shocked. I looked around at everyone else. They were all frozen in place too. I walked over to an empty water bottle. And crunched it. It made a loud crunching noise that sounded scary when everything was so quiet. I saw spears and swords frozen in mid air. I picked a sword off the air and walked back towards the beast. I did the appropriate thing.

I shoved the spear into the demons head hoping to end its life quickly but efficiently. All of a sudden everything clicked into place and everything started moving again. The demon I stabbed fell to floor screaming. After a while it just died. Everyone began crowding around me again shouting out a bunch of random crap. I was in a daze. I didn’t listen to anything anyone said around me. I just looked around. I watched Daemon withering in the floor. I looked at all the other battles around me. And all of a sudden the shock clicked into place.


I just murdered something.

© 2010 Shallowed

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Force: Chapter 2
The Taste Of Blood

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