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A Poem by Shane Mohamed

Life, in reality's gown.



This world is not always nimble,

Not always wonderful,

But we have to try not to stumble,

Not to give into the awful

Moments of despair.

We must make way and hurry,

And make this day worthwhile, while it’s still fair,

Before the miraculous haze gets blurry.

Life doesn’t always wear pink,

But when it does, snatch the opportunity,

And twice, don’t even think,

Don’t give in if treated with impunity,

For a dismally dark night is followed by a graceful dawn,

And a puny little boy, with time, shall show his brawn.

© 2015 Shane Mohamed

Author's Note

Shane Mohamed
As I listened to Rob Thomas' song, "Wonderful," I recollected what my dear friend Rachelle said in her review of my previous poem "Pessimism's Tree," about the nature of life. This is probably the fastest poem that I have produced; it came instantaneously, as if the words were already there, waiting for the pen to trickle the ink. Please comment or review.

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Into our hands are bestowed these gifts
Charged upon us to inspire and uplift.
If unto us are showered strife upon strife
'Twas to build mettle and anneal our lives.
Moments of pain are lessons to be learned
Offered by Life for stripes to be earned.

Seize even those days so dark and dreary
Bring forth the strength, reach out to the weary.
Spread it like the wind blowing across the desert sands
The power to bring hope lies in our hands.

Posted 4 Years Ago

Shane Mohamed

4 Years Ago

That's more like it! Shine like the star I know you are!

4 Years Ago

Thanks for the inspiration! The challenge is to put it into practice.
Hi Shane, I just dropped in to have a look at what was happening..looks like you have found your mojo my friend. Great write.

Posted 4 Years Ago

Shane Mohamed

4 Years Ago

I started missing you too, wondering where you've been. I'm getting there buddy. Thank you for dropp.. read more
Isn't it something when our words are there waiting for us and all we have to to is pick them right out of the air. I believe that is where some of our greatest poems and ideas come from. This is a very nice piece, well-written and full of hope in a world (that according to the news and social media sites) that all too often appear to be a bad place to be. We done Shane!

Posted 4 Years Ago

Shane Mohamed

4 Years Ago

Thanks Ledrew! Always glad to have you around.
Great write shane! loved the message you're trying to's a game and each oppotunity needs to be hit when its coming. But then despair is irrelevant as life keeps giving new opportunities. cheers! great write and even better rhymes !

Posted 4 Years Ago

Shane Mohamed

4 Years Ago

Thank you sir. Glad you enjoyed it.
Fantastic writing!Great message, I love it! Thanks for sharing and b-blessed!

Posted 4 Years Ago

Shane Mohamed

4 Years Ago

Thank you James.

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5 Reviews
Added on February 17, 2015
Last Updated on February 17, 2015
Tags: poetry


Shane Mohamed
Shane Mohamed

Dalton, GA

Name's Sherif Mohamed, but I tell people to call me Shane, since my name has been mispronounced as "Sheriff" many times. I'm 29. Originally, I'm an artist; I draw and paint, as you can see in my pictu.. more..


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