Chaoter 5

Chaoter 5

A Chapter by Shane Williams

Chapter 5

Back on the ground floor the tour guide looks at the group counting the numbers before standing upright. “Alright, now that everyone is there I will now talk about the army”, the guide explains, “When you do join the army of hell there are some very important rules that you all need to be aware of. I’m sure most of you are all aware by now that there is a place called heaven. Under no circumstances are you to go there, it is foreign ground. If you are in need of going to heaven you must ask for a permit by the current ruler of hell. That in our time would be Sousan. If you cannot get a permit from him they you must ask for permission from the head of the angelic council.  The place called Earth is a no go area. The people that live there are fearful of our kind. Men and women have been known to go to Earth resulting in disappearances, even causing panic. They are aware of both our home and that of heaven “

The tour guide breaths a sigh of relief looking back to the group. “I will explain more about the army in due time…Now are there any questions?” Just as one of the teenagers raises his hand the tour guide diverts his attention to two teenagers entering the hall. All the other teenagers also watch. Matius himself watches with curiosity. Both of them dressed in royal clothing. One of them dressed in red robes, with pieces of leather supporting the shoulders, upper arms and lower legs. The other is dressed in black leather with pieces of chainmail, protecting the uncovered parts.
  One of them moves ahead just as the guide kneels down, “Ivan, son of Sousan, it’s truly an honour to meet”. Ivan gives a smile looking down at the guide, “please don’t bow. You don’t need to too me”. Dervish watches in silence, irritated. The guide rises, before turning to acknowledge Dervish, “And you, Dervish it’s an honour to also meet you”. Dervish gives a little bow, lowering his head, “No... the honour’s mine”, giving a smile. Ivan looks at the teenagers, looking at all their faces, “So this is the future of our generation?”. He looks at their faces, looking at Matius’s last before facing the demon. “Yes its recruitment day today” the guide explains, “I’m just giving a tour of the royal palace grounds”. Ivan nods in understanding. “Very well I shall leave you to it”.
  As they are talking
a man enters the great hall, catching Ivan and Dervish in surprise. “What do you think you two are doing down here?”, he blasts at both, “Your father is not happy! In your quarters at once!” Dervish rolls his eyes in annoyance before heading towards the stairs, while Ivan quickly approaches the guide. “Well good luck with the tour”, giving a smile he quickly he heads over to Dervish as they head up the stairs. “Who are they?” one of the boys asks confused. The guide turns towards them surprised, “didn’t you know? They are sons of our great ruler Sousan. Dervish and Ivan, and one day one of them will be our new ruler”. “Are they strong?”, one of the boys turns in interest. “Yes they are. They might not look it but when they’re older. They will be in a class of their own”, the guide smiles to himself. “Alright guys I’d better show you where you will be living if you could follow me”.

The tour of the palace grounds covered they head down one of the corridors passing several paintings of past rulers of the generations. “All these paintings you see, are previous rulers to the throne”, the guide explains, “each one bringing something different to our home. Our current ruler, Sousan is just over 60 years old and in time one of his sons will take the throne”. One of the young girls looks up to him,  “Who do you think it will be?” The tourist looks ahead in though, “Me?.. I think Ivan would be the perfect candidate, very loyal young boy he is, already proving to be a good candidate. However Dervish is showing great determination, something everyone loves to see”. 
  One of the boys stops turns towards one of the paintings in curiosity, more dusty that others. “Who’s he?”, she asks pointing towards it. The guide turns around looking into painting of a dark robed figure with a long broadsword across his chest with several shadows cast on the sword. “He was Sousan’s brother Kravos” the guide replies tensely, “We rarely talk much of him here. All he believed in was power, ended up causing more trouble than good. “What happened to him?”, Matius questions in surprise. The guide looks back at the portrait before losing enthusiasm. “He was killed by the hands of Sousan. Kravos was uncontrollable and had to be stopped in order to preserve the future of the next generation. He was a monster of a man”. They continue walking down the corridor as up above the sun starts to set.

Both Ivan and Dervish walk up a spiral staircase hastily following Sousan’s assistant. Ivan following closely behind Dervish who glances back at him. “This is your fault! If we didn’t go to the hall we wouldn’t be in trouble in the first place”, Dervish utters in anger. “I didn’t know someone would be looking for us”, Ivan replies back in protest, “They normally let us be”.  They pass a lit candle as the man turns around in anger. “That’s enough you two!”, he demands eyeing both of them. Seeing them stop he continues walking up the staircase, going several steps ahead of them.
  Dervish listen’s to the man’s disappearing footsteps before looking towards Ivan, “if father hears about this I’m gonna say it was your idea” As he says this some of his face skin starts to blacken, cracks begin to grow visible. Ivan quickly notices this calming himself, “Dervish…your skin is blackening”, he quietly warns. Dervish’s eyes widen. Slowly he feels his own face as he calms himself, regaining control over his power.  “You need to control your emotions”, Ivan comments, “now isn’t the time…okay. We gotta accept the punishment like we usually do alright?” Dervish falls silent in annoyance before going up the last set of steps. Reaching the top Sousan’s assistant is waiting for them. “Your father wishes to speak to the both of you”, he explains gesturing them to the door. Both Ivan and Dervish fall silent before entering the room unwillingly.

Inside both notice that Sousan’s back is turned towards them. Both nervously enter the room, shutting the door.  Several seconds pass before the silence is broken.  “What do you think you two were doing”, Sousan utters shamefully. Ivan and Dervish lower their heads in guilt. “You know how dangerous it is to be wandering outside the premises”, Sousan utters raising his voice in disappointment. Ivan raises his head in apology, “We’re sorry… we won’t do it again”. “No you won’t!”, Sousan quickly turns around in anger his voice hoarse, “I care too much about both of you!”. Dervish steps back hurt before quickly replying in protest, “It’s not my fault. It was Ivan’s idea!” . “Silence!”, Sousan blasts, “You are as bad as your brother”.
  Dervish’s face starts to tremble in anger as the side of his face starts to blacken retracting his hand. Sousan pays notice, quickly calming himself. “You have to obey the rules, it’s for your own good! You are still young and defenceless out there. You could have been killed” Ivan lowers his head while Dervish looks up in anger silently. “Look I know the rules are harsh, but they are there for your own self being!", Sousan explains calmly. Dervish looks up now calm; his hands stop shaking from anger much to Sousan’s relief. “When you are older, then you will be free to do as you choose. But not now…”, Sousan finalises turns away. “You many both leave”, Sousan utters lowering his head.

Dervish relieved quickly leaves the room, storming off in frustration. Ivan conflicted turns back to Sousan’s back. “Father…it wasn’t our idea to leave our premises. It was mine”, Ivan explains lowering his head. “I was the one that got Dervish involved”. “I know…”, Sousan replies, “out of all my sons you are the one I suspected”. Ivan bows before he starts to leave the room, just as his hand rests on the door frame Sousan speaks out. “Before you go Ivan…make sure Dervish can control his powers, and his own emotions. Otherwise they might very well control him”. Ivan glances at Suosan in confusion, “why can’t you talk to him?”. “I can’t…”, Sousan responds, “I’m afraid of his power…You can feel it to, can’t you?” Ivan looks down in rememberance, “I will help him…”, Ivan states leaving the room.

“I hope”

Back in the royal palace the guide leads the group up a set of stairs . “Now that I have shown you guys everything, I will show you were you quarters are”, the guide explains approaching a door.
  Turning the door handle the guide opens the door leading them into a huge room, lined with beds and several bookshelves adjacent to the beds. The walls are crimson red with patterns similar to that deco art. Several pillars stand proudly shinning gold. By each bed is a wardrobe, with freshly folded uniform and clothes on the bedside. On the walls are portraits of famous rulers or soldiers; One framed picture has a map of everything. On the west is a map of hell with all the streets drawn in detail, and then the wildlands are beautifully drawn showing each checkpoint where soldiers of hell use as camping spots. Then far to the east heaven is drawn, with no buildings drawn.

Everyone walks inside looking in awe at the huge room, the guide smiling to their interest. “Okay now if everyone could please sit down”, the boys suddenly sit down on several beds looking at the guide, who pulls a smile. “Good. Now everyone! From now on this room will be your new home. The rules are harsh, but it brings good discipline. At eight ‘o’ clock, you will get up and dine in the eating hall with all the other groups. Each of you will be given new lessons through the days. There are lessons covering Fighting, History, Geography, Survival training, Medical Studies,  weapon training and several others. Every day there will be three sessions of free time. Breakfast, lunch, and Tea. These are when you can relax, socialise or indulge in personal matters”.
  One of the boys raises his hand nervously, stretching as high as he can. "Are we able to do art here, in these dormitory’s?", the boy asks in question. The guide turns to the young boy with an encouraging smile. "Of course Art is permitted here”, he explains, “It’s an important thing… to be yourself, we want you all to be yourselves. When it comes to weapon training, find a weapon that you are happy with. As for art? It’s important because it’s unique. With you own way you can create your own style of fighting, making it unique to yourself". The boy lowers his hand smiling. “As the days pass by you will all find a style of fighting which suits you best. If it’s a swordsman, a axe man, assassin or perhaps something more spiritual you will all find you yourselves in time. Maybe you don’t bode well with weapon training? You can always work as a medic or perhaps a job as a trader, although…those jobs can be. Risky”.
The guide then takes out several pieces of paper from his pocket on his robe. “Now this is a plan for your timetable for the next coming weeks. Everyone’s timetable will be different, but it’s only for your benefit. Having the same people in classes wouldn’t be interesting” Everyone in the group looks at their timetables, deep in discussion. Some of them comparing each other’s lessons.  “Now that is the end of the tour. Do any of you have any questions?” Several of the people shake their heads while others look around the room. “Glad to hear it. Alright make ourselves at home guys and good night” The guide satisfied leaves the room before shutting the door behind him.
  With the guide gone everyone suddenly starts talking in excitement. “Sweet! I’ve got weapon training in the morning!”, one of the girls exclaims looking in excitement. A boy close to her looks at his timetable raising his head in frustration. “History?.. Aww come on, really?” Hearing this a freckled boy looks across his shoulder smirking to himself. “Hey at least you have something interesting”, he points out, “I’ve got medical studies tomorrow morning”. A girl chuckles to herself looking to him, “I’ve got lessons on heaven tomorrow morning. To be honest I don’t know anything about them”.

Matius watches smiling to himself pleased at his timetable. Weapon training in the morning followed by History, Geography, Medical studies and Fighting, he couldn’t be any happier. As he leans back one of the boys taps Matius on the shoulder. “Hey what’s your name?”, the boy asks as Matius turns around. “Umm…Matius”, he replies smiling, “yours?..”. The boy gives a little smile showing his timetable, “my name’s Cain, nice to meet you. It looks like we’re together in the first lesson tomorrow”, he explains showing Matius his


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