The Avenger part 4: The Darkest Day: Chapter 8+9

The Avenger part 4: The Darkest Day: Chapter 8+9

A Chapter by Shane Williams

Chapter 8

It seems like hours Matius has been walking, he tells himself. He’s walked through, fields, roads and mud on his journey. He’s been through strong winds, torrential downpours anything that might slow him down. Deep down he is afraid but he knows he can't give up hope. Now it is morning on the outskirts of London; the sun reveals itself to the world once more, its bright yellow light hits the rocky landscape, illuminating it. Up ahead a figure approaches, moving through the heat which shimmers.

 The sunlight catches his pale grey skin and bleached bones, his green tattered cape flaps uncontrollably behind him, the wind blowing uncontrollably behind, dust blows around his feet. He looks straight into the city, a look filled with purpose, trying to judge the creature’s position. At that moment streaks appear in the sky behind him, he squints towards the sun, watching the crows pass by him, cawing as they disappear into the city, only for the sound to be replaced by screams.

 Matius frowns concentrating on the footsteps behind him if he or she is friend or foe. Lemionas appears by his side, the wind blowing his dark blue hair, looking sorry as they stand side by side. “how... how are you here?...” he mutters, “you died” Matius turns to look at Lemionas. “How did you find out?” Matius asks concerned, turning towards Lemionas, who pauses “I felt his energy arrive on earth, when I knew I informed people from heaven and hell, about the dire need of help... they should arrive soon”.

Silence falls except the wind. “So, this is it," says Lemionas depressed as he looks into the city, expecting an answer. Time passes by. “No, no it isn't," Matius answers, turning towards the Lemionas, "He’s killed too many people and he’s used my own men. One way or another  this ends one way or another" Lemionas falls silent, hurt by Matius’s words he looks down, "Matius could beat him", he thinks, "He's done it before. What's to stop him doing it again?" Matius looks into the city feeling afraid, "I knew he was a serious threat when I first laid eyes on him, but I never imagined this", he utters. He turns towards Lemionas, "Do you know if we have any kind of support for this?" the concern expressed in his voice etched across his face.

 Before Lemionas can reply they hear the wind change in speed, they both look into the sky, the clouds blocking their view, then they see them. Two winged angels fly gracefully in the air effortlessly, their white holy amour and soft feathers shine brightly. The amour of heavens warriors. As they approach Lemionas and Matius, they land on their feet crouched. Matius looks at the two angels before him then turns back at Lemionas, unimpressed by their weak appearance. "What rank are they?" Matius asks frowning. Lemionas pauses, looking for words, “I’ve been informed that they have done special training... however they have yet to experience a real battle”.Matius smiles sarcastically, looking at the two angels then back at Lemionas, looking at him like a joke and shouts. "Are you kidding me? Is this it?!" he shouts sarcastically, trying to get himself heard, from the planes "Is this all that Heaven and Hell can bring? Are they that afraid?"

 Both angels look deeply hurt, their expressions change. They daren't look at Matius. One of them has the courage to raise his head looking at Matius, "There's one more", he utters trying not to look at Matius, "One from hell." Matius pauses then starts laughing, "and what will hell offer us? What can they give us on this day?." Matius shouts unaware someone is walking towards them, "Someone that will whimper in battle, someone that will fail and die!" The footsteps get louder, he pauses "What will Hell offer?"


"Me..." Says a cold muffled voice. Everyone in reaction turns around looking at this new arrival. Standing behind them is a figure clad in dark red and coal black armour, it dully shines. In parts where there is no armour there is pale grey skin with old battle scars, from battles of past and harsh lessons which are widely spread across his toned body. His right arm catches everyone's eyes are they see he has no skin on that arm, only thick bone with unnatural deep cuts forming symbols covering his skeletal arm. Half of his face is covered with a metal mask, with a cloth covering half of his face. His long black slick hair moves in direction to the wind. On his back is a scabbard holding a long thick sword with coal ash metal. Upon it red stones are crafted into in covering up to the hilt. The blade itself looks completely black when the light catches it.

 One of the angels turns towards the masked warrior, his facial expression suddenly changes to excitement. “You're supposed to be of legend, aren’t you called one who killed millions of our kin!" Hopefully and excited. The masked warrior turns towards the rookie his black hair moving in the wind, the warrior turns towards the angel, "yes", he muffles, "there are many tales of my existence", and he looks down at his sword. In one swift movement he grabs the long sword with his skeletal arm, doing a figure of eight. It sings in the air before slamming it into the ground, cracking the earth. Ivan’s shown eye closes.

 "There are also tales about you", turning his head directly looking at Matius who seems to pay little notice, "I’ve heard an awful lot about you. How you used to be showered in glory, how you rose through the ranks.” He then pauses, “I also watched you die”. Matius looks deep into Ivan feeling his anger grow. “I don’t know how you survived, but least to say you impress me.” Matius completely ignores his compliments.

The masked warrior annoyed looks down at the landscape looking at the city with black smoke overhead. He looks up to it. "You know that thing is my brother?" he asks softly, another scream fills the air, all eyes turn onto him. Lemionas looks completely bewildered, "How's that even possible", he demands, "You two aren't even alike." The masked warrior looks down again smiling behind his mask. "That I'm afraid is something you have to believe if you like it or not".

 They all turn their attention to London look into it; the wind gets stronger, beckoning them. Time passes by of utter silence."Today's the day. If we lose. Everyone dies." The masked warrior hints. He reaches out his hand and lifts his head looking at everyone expecting them to do the same, Matius looks at his hand then at the masked warrior's face, touching his hand. They both turn their heads looking at the rest of the group, standing in a circle. Then each one puts their hands together. As they all look in each other’s eyes they see trust. For the first time Matius begins to feel hope as they head for their destiny and perhaps their ultimate end.


 Chapter 9


 They walk through London's ruins, now ash black, from the being's rampage, no signs of life. "So who is your father then?" Matius asks interested as they pass a ruined car. The warrior looks at him, slightly insulted then back ahead, "My father is known by many names, but most people call him Satan", he muffles, turning towards Matius.

 "Along time ago when hell was first created Satan had three sons. His first son was Dervish. Gifted with his somewhat unique abilities that he possessed. The second son was separated, cast out of Hell’s royal family, due to a flaw at child birth. The final son was I. Both I and my brother had our own insights to the future. We were very young at the time, and like royal blood, killing was natural for us. We did it for our father, our honour and our pride.”

 Matius turns towards Ivan. “You are telling me you are one of Satan’s sons?” In shock. “Yes”, Ivan muffles, “I was his main pride possession, mainly because of my loyalty, which was like none before me, same as my combat skills. My brother however was a different story, he was the wild card. His abilities were uncontrollable, and he’d end up killing his own men that got in his way. His powers were lethal, and so was his anger. Feeling outclassed by my brother, my father one day, put me under special training in order to find my true potential. My demi god powers”

 In a flashback Ivan is practicing in a circular arena, with a new trainer. Each parries the other’s blows. A calm wind blows across the sandy floor. The great arena empty for this practise lesson. The trainer comments on Ivan’s counters, “Good...good...” Ivan then starts pressing the trainer in a calm, relaxed way. “I know you can do better than that.” Ivan is caught in surprise; the trainer starts to take things seriously, ruthlessly attacking Ivan, Ivan only manages to just parry each and every swing. Then with Ivan leaves a space open for attack. Quickly the trainer takes full advantage burning the side of Ivan’s face, teaching him a lesson. Ivan screams in agony, he drops to the floor in agony clutching his face; his long black hair covers his face. The trainer walks over to Ivan, staring at him in the ground. “Come one get up,” Ivan shaking struggles to get on his feet. The trainer walks around Ivan, mocking him, “You going to cry to your mum?” he questions, Ivan remains silent, catching his breath.

 Frustrated, the trainer kicks him in the side, Ivan screams again. The trainer angered walks away several steps, waiting for a surprise attack, and then turns towards Ivan. The trainer’s face turns nasty, “Come on Fight!!” Then something truly amazing happens. In a rage Ivan releases his own kind of anger, which has been caged since his childbirth, now it has broken free. With his potential finally released the air around him screams in agony, the wind, blows right past him. The trainer watches, lying on the floor, scared but slightly impressed by Ivan’s power.

Matius continues walking, looking at Ivan, “what do you mean when you say demigod?” Ivan stares then laughs, “A demi god is someone of Royal blood, someone that has been granted great power at child birth. Only a special few have been granted this kind of power”, Ivan continues walking, “Although I was scarred on the outside that day, I learned about the strength that was hidden within me. I was truly honoured. My brother though got jealous of my discovery and wanted nothing of me. At the same time his eyes were firmly fixed on the throne of hell. His beliefs and ambitions were dangerously close to upsetting the royal balance. He wanted the throne as his own, to control hell to spread his ideas. Needing support he gathered a group of people who believed in his dreams. Word got out of his plans, infuriating our father. So one night he sent assassins to silence his own son,  and silence him they did”.

 Matius looks at Ivan, “That must have been very hard for him”, Matius remarks. “Not really”, Ivan replies, “it had to be done”. “After that things returned to normal, Dervish’s death was covered up, and there was not more tension. Then some days later people started disappearing, no one was sure exactly why. Then one night two of Dervish’s cultists were confronted by Dervish himself, in his new spirit form, the cultists hearing their master’s words gave their lives to him so he could continue his great work. With him rejuvenated, he now turned his eyes to the throne. My father soon became very cautious, most of his most trusted men lost faith in him. As a son I stood by his side, knowing full well my brother’s wrath. Then one night my brother moved in for the kill.”

Then at night Dervish launched an attack on the throne room, using his men as a diversion in order to confront his father. I knew the danger my father faced, and headed towards the throne room with haste, but I was already too late. I entered the throne room only to find empty silence. After a week later Dervish returned to the royal family, in order to take hell’s throne as his. I remained seething underneath full of anger, just like many people were. Those that protested were killed. With his crowning inevitable, I went secretly into hiding, unwilling to watch. I even watched you own murder trial”. Matius turns towards Ivan, “Why didn’t you try to intervene? Why didn’t you stand?” asking demandingly, frustrated, “I could have been killed.” Ivan closes his eyes, his hair flowing “I didn’t want to give myself away. If they knew where I was they would’ve killed me. Besides I wasn’t aware of your name, however you made me interested, in what you are capable of.” Matius turns towards Ivan, “So what did you do then?” Ivan looks to the sky, “I left the dense areas of hell. Going into the wild lands, for my own training, to harness more of my Demigod abilities, in order to finish Dervish. Once I heard of his defeat by your hands, I was surprised, yet glad. I returned back to the royal palace, ready to claim the throne, however news of my brother’s attack on earth, forced me to step down and join you to put my brother to rest”.

 Matius looks ahead, "Is there any way we can beat him?" he asks hopefully. Ivan pauses gathering his thoughts, looking for a suitable answer, "Yes... I think so. Destroying his spirit, but that will be difficult task. As you all know that skin around him is lethal."  “He gets a hold of you, you will die”. Just as he says this Ivan stops dead in his tracks, seeing the figure that is Dervish.  


© 2011 Shane Williams

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Shane Williams
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Posted 11 Years Ago

loving the story (:

Posted 11 Years Ago

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