Lesson Learned

Lesson Learned

A Poem by ShantaeMarlinda

Just a very short poem expressing the various emotions I experienced in one of the few controversial relationships I'd been involved in.


The demise of our beginning
Slow, antagonizing.
Who would of thunk a Love so in depth
And easily perceived
Would deminish in a matter of an hour?
My quick, but painful reprieve.
Easily my worst love experienced
My worst commitment
Finished by pessimism, Excessive criticism
An obsessive compulsive demeanor
Which would form a somewhat..
Disappointing fear in him
And the will to escape.
To finally be relieved of the
Subliminal hold he had on me.
And he would soon attempt to
Love me again, But
A Lesson learned won’t be forgotten
He’ll never get his second chance
He never was deserving.

© 2008 ShantaeMarlinda

Author's Note

So, what do you guys think?

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Once you learn the ropes does not leave marks as a much as when you held it so tightly that you did not want to let go of the reigns...like you said a lesson learned...becomes an imprint of you...becomes part of your DNA...you let go of the moment much easier and move forth...good to read you...I'm sure you will not get to read any of these reviews...but I'm glad I found another gem of a writer here at the archives of the Cafe...

Posted 7 Years Ago

absolutely fantastic.
written in a very elegant style & very touching & deep.
the kind of poem that others going through it can sympathise with instantly...

Posted 12 Years Ago

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It is very bitter, but thats what I like about it, the straight to the point truth of it. I know from experience that it can be difficult to word the exact feelings you go through after an emotional experience, but I like the way you do not play around wth the words, you say what you mean, very nice.

Posted 12 Years Ago

2 of 2 people found this review constructive.

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