Dream Less

Dream Less

A Poem by ShantaeMarlinda

A short poem about a tainted love. While awake I could avoid my feelings for the individual. I remembered all the bad. But when I dreamed of him I couldn't help but remember the good. You get the point.


Breathless, my body is aching for the slightest bit of rest
But I deny it, I won't sleep, I'll supress it
You won't capture me
You won't hold me in contempt while I dream helplessly
Your attraction to me is wreckless
And I know it's best for me to avoid
Any impression you may try to leave on me
If I fall victim to your ways again
I know my fate.
You'll stray away and leave me trembling
In an over abundance of duress
No, You won't get the best of me. Not again.
This back and forth of love and hate must end
My heart can't handle it
And you'll take advantage of it
I can't allow it to happen again
So I'll lay awake completely aware of my disdain for you
Avoiding sleep and any possibility of losing track
and slipping, falling for you
You can only capture me in my dreams
So I'll lay awake for as long as I need
To break your hold on me

© 2008 ShantaeMarlinda

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the idea to let go is hard and yet if you go into dreamland the fantasy has no regrets since it is not real and if you're wide awake you have control of the situation and harness it the way you want the event to turn out...

Posted 7 Years Ago

An enchantmant that he placed on you, and you feel he can snatch his collection in the dream world. You have 2 solutions. 1, never dream, never have dreams. The metaphor is not to have a dream of a next life, the way you wanted it. To stay away from thoughts of love, because your dreams are to be loved. 2, and this is my solution, Lucidity. Take contol of your dreams, and be ontop. Be aware that you are dreaming, or be aware that this is your thought, and take control over it. Be strong, and control your outcome.

Very good poem, thank you for sharing this one.

Posted 12 Years Ago

Very beautiful. So easy to read and get a sense of what you were thinking and feeling at that moment.

Posted 12 Years Ago

So beautifully painful� with a great imagery.
I like the struggle to brake the curse, and release yourself from him.


Posted 12 Years Ago

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Added on June 26, 2008
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Chesapeake, VA

So here's the skinny! I was born to write. BORN to write. I popped out of the womb with a pen, pad and laptop. My mother's vagina would never be the same after that fateful day. But this isn't about h.. more..


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