Love SICK -- SICK of Love.

Love SICK -- SICK of Love.

A Poem by ShantaeMarlinda

We all go through the motions.


Eyes on the ceiling, heart on the floor,
one song on my radio playing over and over.
Tears form as words from the lyrics sever my nerves
I've been there before;
it's almost like I wrote it.


Your actions  -- or inactions -- cuttin' real deep
and the venom from the sharp edge of your neglect,
seeps through the wound;
infecting and eradicating
everything within me.


You speak; I won't listen.
You touch me; I won't feel it.
You say you're sorry; f**k your apology.
I no longer hear you...


Numb to your presence,
indifferent to your notions.
How does it feel to be indiscernible?

I refuse to see you...


You can only break a girls heart so many times
before she has no more heart left to give  --
and you can't complain.
Keep in mind... you did this.


© 2008 ShantaeMarlinda

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strong and effective in the lines...I like how you use the language when you need it...and this just has venom in the take what your getting and throw it back...make the exclamation point...loud and clear...

Posted 7 Years Ago

Emotions rubbed raw. Insufficient love
and betrayal will do that every time.
You’ve capture it brilliantly. Your title
Says it all. Nicely done…

Posted 10 Years Ago

mmm been there so many times
learning to give no second chances
if it didnt work the first time
why give the second

all i hear is lies which cuts deep
i couldnt write this any better
so much sounds like my words
it so much bring me to tears

Posted 12 Years Ago

I always like reading good poems about the emotions behind being hurt by love. I really like the first line... Its so simple, yet it totally describes how raw it is to have your heart broken.
Good job!

Posted 12 Years Ago

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