I can't help you anymore.

I can't help you anymore.

A Story by Listener

A dream I had, about a girl I once knew.

  I walked within the empty halls of the school. Screams were all I heard. It was very dark, and so I touched the walls. Feeling through this bleak transition from these black corridors into a bright classroom.
  There she was, My best friend.. Bleeding. The blood ran down from her face onto the floor; she knelt onto the ground upon both knees. Her hands covering the gushing blood.
 I look to the left of her to see a young man, This was her current boyfriend whom I now despised.
  His fist covered in her excrements, her blood, a grin stretched from ear to ear. 
 "He hit me," My friend said.
 I did the only thing I could. Grabbing her arm, I began to pull her towards the exit of the room and into the black halls; but she resisted.
 "Come on, you can't stay here." I would tell her, but she would only pull away with tears in her eyes... running back to him.
  My face was full of confusion, why would she do this? I was this girl's Best friend, I was suppose to help her... I tried.
  She ran into the classroom once more, and left me there in the dark. My friend clutched the boy that hit her, nestling into his bloody arms.
  I don't know why I even cared, she would do this every time; and so, that was it. I left her inside the room, salty tears running down my cheeks and a whelp stuck in my throat as I heard her last scream from that room to be ever heard again.

© 2013 Listener

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wow that was heavy...but really good. and very sad, hopefully she'll figure out its not worth it. great description!

Posted 12 Years Ago

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