I Don't Believe It

I Don't Believe It

A Chapter by ShaunnBabee

“No, Lia!” I screech out as she pours a bucket full of ice cold water over my head. Splashing from my head to my face, down my uniform and to my feet, I begin shivering. “You are a heifer, Lia!”

I immediately start chasing after her across the Posh Area of our All-Girls Boarding School. My entire body is numb, and I feel like my feet are swollen like hell as I tramp around chasing Lia.

All of our fun is put to halt by our bitchy Headmaster, Mrs. Key. “Girls!” She yells out, in her high, squeaky voice that everyone has come to hate. “What do you think you’re doing?”

I stop chasing Lia, and look over at Mrs. Key. “Nothing much...” I say in my English Accent, imitating her voice.

Mrs. Key glares at me before pointing towards the direction to her little office. “Lia and Selena go to my office right now!” I roll my eyes at her before tramping to the main office doors.

Lia runs in behind me trying to keep from laughing, but she fails miserably. “You look like a peasant shivering into the office, Lena.” She says wrapping her arms around me as I continue to shiver.

“Shut up!” I manage out as my teeth begin to chatter. “I am f*****g freezing, dude!” I say loudly, just before turning around to see a highly upset Mrs. Key.

“Pardon your language, Miss Selena?” She raises up an eyebrow at me. “It isn’t my fault that you girls were being very childish and tossing ice buckets at one another. Now into my office you go.” She ushers Lia and I into her office.

The air is blasting from the vent above, and this is making my problem even worse. “Can I go change before I get sick?” I mumble, my teeth chattering again.

“No! You can sit down.”

Lia mumbles a few expletives from her mouth. “It is freezing in here and I am not soaked with ice water.” She says furiously. “Can you turn down the damn�"”

Mrs. Key slams her hand on her desk and glares at us with hatred in her eyes. “Listen, this is the last time I put up with you two girls. Next time you are both cut! Ice water is nothing to be played with here, and if you’re caught doing anything rude to that nature, your parents will receive a phone call.”

“I don’t care. This shithole is stupid anyways.” Lia says, drawing her lips into a straight line. “Do me a favor and call my father right now.” She says, kicking Mrs. Key’s desk with her foot, making the old table wobble on its last few good legs.

“Get out!” Mrs. Key exclaims. “And you too, Miss Freezing Selena. Get out. I am calling both of your parents and I’ll have you removed from this system since it is such a�"” She stands up, straightens her long gray skirt and then motions for me to leave.

I get up and walk out into the somewhat warmed Common Corridor. Lia is standing their with our room card in hand. I stare at her in bewilderment, “Won’t your father care about you getting expelled?”

Lia slips the card into our room lock and it buzzes green. It pops,and then the door flies open. “Sure, but, at least I wont have to be in this hellhole. He will probably make a deal with Mrs. Bitchy and she’ll let me stay.”

“I’m not so sure about my father getting the same deal. He has been acting iffy already about me going here, plus I don’t think he likes Ty...or the fact that Lewis and I have to go to a different school.”

“Yea, whatever! I’m pretty sure Mrs. Key won’t let you get expelled. You may be a rebel, but she surely loves your fathers payments.” She eyes me as I grab my suitcase from the closet and slide it onto the floor.

“Whatever. If I get to leave, I’ll be ecstatic!” I say, clapping my hands and plastering a false smile on my face.

Truth is, if I get expelled from this Boarding School, I am sure that my father will ship me off somewhere else and force me to attend Public School somewhere.

© 2011 ShaunnBabee

Author's Note

This is the first of many chapters. Basically is self-explanatory. Any questions/reviews, write me(:

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“You are a heifer, Lia!”
>What kind of insult is that? It's they're not afraid of swearing, why not swear?

the Posh Area of our All-Girls Boarding School.
>None of that needs to be capitalized. That is not the name of a boarding school. That's just an explanation of what it is.
>the posh area of our all girls boarding school.

swollen like hell
>Bad comparison.

bitchy Headmaster,
>headmistress. She's a female, Mrs. Key.

“Girls!” She yells out
>she yells out

“Nothing much...” I say in my English Accent
>I assumed they were American. Their vocabulary and manner of speech reflect that of rich, snobby American girls.
>English accent.

“You look like a peasant shivering into the office, Lena.” She says
>They speak way too formally for teenage girls.
>she says.

“Pardon your language, Miss Selena?”
>Not a question, a command. And, Selena is not her last name, you'd say Miss [lastnamehere]!
>“Pardon your language, Miss Selena!”

She ushers Lia and I
>Lia and her aren't doing the action, they are the recipients.
>me and Lia.

“I don’t care. This shithole is stupid anyways.” Lia says
>"...this shithole is stupid anyways," Lia says.

Common Corridor
>no capitalization needed.
>common corridor.

Boarding School, I am sure that my father will ship me off somewhere else and force me to attend Public School somewhere.
>Unneeded capitalization.
>boarding school, public school

The idea is kind of overused. Because the summary is unfinished, I have no idea what's going to happen. I don't really see myself finishing this book either or reading any further. It's just not really my kind of book. It was lacking in details and excitement.
You also wrote it in present tense, which is strange, because most books are written in past tense. It just sounds weird.
Good job, though, for writing it.

Posted 10 Years Ago

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