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The Guard story 1

The Guard story 1

A Story by Shay

  I can hear the whispers. There are no faces to those voices. I recognize the voices. The guards' shifts are changing. This is how I tell the time. I am not aloud out of here. All I do is sit on the floor. I can not see. The only light I ever get to see is from the dingy lightbulbs on the faded out walls and ceilings. There are no windows. The day guards leave for night of rest and the night guards arrive for a night of unrest. Not that their jobs are all that difficult. After all, I am locked inside this room.

   I knock on the door. I do this when I need something. Sometimes they open the door and sometimes they ignore me. Tonight they ignore me. I scream and bang both of my fists on the door. I hear them unlock it. It opens and the tallest guard grabs me. He has a mask over his face. Both guards do. I don't see why. I have no way to get out of here anyway and I doubt they would just let me go. I am probably going to die here. The guard that grabbed me hits me hard. If his grip wasn't so strong I would have fallen onto the floor.

  "Quiet." he scolds

   I ignore him.

    "I have to go to the bathroom."

    "I'll take her." the other guard offered.

   This is the new night guard. He only started working here last week.

   "Come with me." he said.

   His voice sounds lighter than the other guards; not as mean. I wish I could see his face. I followed him down the corridor to the bathroom. It isn't very long of a hall but it is out of earshot from the other guard as long as you stay quiet enough.

   "How long have you been here?" he asked.

   "What is today's date?" I asked.

   "June 19th."

  "A month and nine days."

   "Why did they bring you here?" the guard asked.

    I told him I didn't know. The only people I have ever seen since I arrived have been the guards. They keep quiet. Why doesn't he know? He is guarding me after all.

     "All I know is they haven't killed me yet."

     I walked into the bathroom and shut the door behind me. Their was a cracked mirror on the wall. I looked at my reflection. I had a bruise forming near my eye. It looked red and puffed up. I touched it gently with my fingertips and it still stung. Wow am I getting pale. I enjoyed the light for as long as I could. I didn't want to go back to that dark room but I had to. There is no avoiding it. When I came out I started walking back to the room. The guard grabbed my wrist but not tightly at all.

   "Wait." he whispered.

    I stood there silently and confused. Usually guards push me to hurry up; not tell me to wait. He even told me to wait nicely. Not even his grip was harmful in any way. What kind of a guard is he? He is definetly different than the others. Why is he different from the others?

  "I'm sorry he hit you."

   I just stood there staring at him.

    "I know it is hard to believe but you can trust me. I wanted to open up the door but he told me to leave you alone." he said looking at the ground.

   "Why did you take this job? How did you get this job? Why would you even want to guard a girl taken from her own home. Huh, why?"

   At first he looked reluctant to say anything but then he took off his mask.

    "I'm trying to find my sister. She was taken a little over four months ago. Have you seen anyone else?" he asked. His voice was the epitome of sadness. He sounded torn apart but I suppose by what he is saying that he would be.

     "No, I haven't."

     "I spent every moment trying to find her. Two weeks ago I saw the man that took her. He recognized me and he tried to kill me. I would have been dead if not for an off duty cop. We got some information out of him. He told me that she was still here along with four others. I came here and gave the guys name saying he wasn't going back but I was for hire. I didn't think that it was going to work." he said putting his mask back on covering his light brown hair. Only his pale blue eyes shined through the mask.

    "What is her name?" I asked.



      "Mikhail." he said.

     "You probably already know this but my name is Nicole."

     "Actually they just told me how many of you there are. I only guard you. I have no idea where the other girls are but I'm just going to guess there will be guards at those doors too. I wasn't told any one's name. They don't trust me enough yet." he said.

    "Well then let's get back to the room then. If I have any change to get out of here its you. If you help me I promise to help you get your sister back." I said.

    He nodded and led me back to the room.

© 2013 Shay

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Added on April 2, 2013
Last Updated on April 4, 2013



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