A Chapter by Shay

 We have finally arrived. I slept soundly for about an hour. Once I woke up though I couldn't fall back asleep. I stared out the window for the remaining part of the ride.
 I was full of anxious energy. The closer we got to the house the more that energy seemed to grow. I could sense a lake nearby. As soon as Wyeth pulled into the driveway I knew we were heading into the direction of the lake. We saw the house before the lake though. The house stood tall with wooden siding. I could see knots and lines into the wood. A porch wrapped around the front of the house with a railing sturdy enough to sit on. I got out of the car as soon as he parked it in front of the house. He did the same and followed me as I walked around the side of the house. He looked at me in confusion. I didn't mean to confuse him but I needed to see the lake.
 "Dr. Dreand thought this would be best. I see he was correct." Wyeth said at me smirking his trademark smirk.
 I ignored his remark while continuing my walk to the lake's edge. I looked back at him.
 "Go ahead. There are clothes for you already in the house. I will bring you a towel."
 "Thank you." I said already taking off my shoes.
 There was no possible way to hide any ounce of my joy. Every nervous feeling I had instantly disappeared as I stepped forward. The water felt cool against my feet. I took one more step allowing my entire body to go underneath the surface. The water was incredibly murky yet it was still relaxing.
 Wyeth came out of the house with a light blue towel for me to use. Only nodding once to me he then went back inside the house. I swam in the lake for so long the sun rose up to the sky. I watched the sunrise as I let the water continue to calm my skin.

 Later when I did go back inside Wyeth was sitting at the dining room table.
 "Looked like you had fun."
 "You watched me?"
 Wyeth began to make food for the both of us while I washed up. Once I finished putting on warm clothes and tying my hair back I re-joined him in the kitchen.
 "Thanks for the food."
 "Eh, I was hungry. Thought you would be too."
 We ate in silence. In face we hardly spoke a single word to each other for the rest of the day. I was fine with this. I wasn't used to having someone to talk to. It also gave me time to think to myself. I even slept for a while without any interruptions.
 I can't believe how relieved I feel just by not having to stay in one room all day. It feels great to not have to do tests. It feels great to just be free.
 I hope that y father can experience this too; this relief of being free. I was us all to be free together. Yet, where is my mom? Where has she been all these years? I just want them both back.
 I could hear Wyeth climb the stairs. He stopped right at my bedroom door but before he got the chance to even reach for the handle I got off the bed. I twisted the handle myself opening the door to greet him.
 Wyeth's hair was black, it reminded me of crow feathers. His hair was even starting to grow over his eyes. He had to be about 5'8'. His eyes were such a light blue that they almost looked out of place. He wasn't the most muscular looking guy but with what I had witnessed just last night he must have a strong build.
 "I got a call from Dr. Dreand. He wanted to say congrats for getting you out of that place. Also, he says welcome to the house. He will try to come as soon as he can but there is something important he has to do first."
 He went back down the stairs to get food. Since I wasn't very hungry I decided to go outside. I sat at the lake's edge putting my feet in the cool water.  My thoughts repeatedly drift to my family. Will we ever be able to have those times again? Deep with my heart I hope so. I can't possibly think of anything else that I would want more than that. I long for my family back.
 Wyeth joined me in the fresh air after eating breakfast.
 "You really do love this lake."
 "Yeah, I do."
 He turns his head to look at me. No particular expression leaks through his face, always a mystery.
 "I feel connected to it." I confess quietly.
 "What exactly are you?"
 Well isn't he the bold one...
 "I'm not sure. My parents used to call me the child of the sea but I still have no clue what I am."
 "Alright, child of the sea. How are you doing?" he asked actually showing concern on his once expressionless face.
 I was beginning to think he didn't have that many facial expressions.
 "To be honest I am actually doing alright. Considering I'm here now instead of that prison I am doing a bit better than alright."
 "Yeah, this place is definitely looking better than that damn place."
 Wyeth stand up on his feet and turns back to the house.
 "Um, Wyeth..."
 "I was hoping you'd sit out here with me. I may be alright but it is still a lot to take in and I just really don't want to be alone right now."
 He sits back down besides me laying down stretched out on the grass.
 "Sure thing."
 He sat out there with me for a while. I didn't want to other him thought so I told him I was feeling much better. Really though I wasn't. I still felt like my nightmares could take chase after me at any second. I swam until those feelings disappeared. I felt at peace for the rest of the day and eventually the stars came out to greet us. I find it mesmerizing how stars can shine in such a dark place. In a weird way it gave me hope that I would be re-united with my family. It seemed to prove that these weren't just dreams.

© 2015 Shay

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A Chapter by Shay


A Chapter by Shay