Loves Redemption

Loves Redemption

A Poem by Shay

This poem is not of love,
But of redemption. 
The slow winding pace the heart takes to heal. 
The pieces cracking as they stream back together,
Dripping out valuable feelings, emotions,
Blurring your clarity on where you stand in your redemption from love.

The binging truths that you can express something greater than you thought you held.
More powerful, more possessive than any form of poison.
It's the stuff that drives you mad,
Clenching, unnerving your body.
The waves it hits your body on.
The way your body keeps being slammed with its power,
Pushed over and bent till you scream from all your senses that have been stripped leaving you raw.

Redemption from love is tricky. 
Once love leaves - you remember the feelings but you only feel the pain.
Redemption of love is remembering those raw moments and reliving them till they are numb,
Till the brain and the body stop rocking with the waves, 
You relearn how to stand still, how to rebuild your wall.

Redemption of love is more painful than love itself because for one who is being redeemed,
It means one has lost love. 
And you can never tell when you will find love again.

© 2015 Shay

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A great friend of mine told me that love can be a dangerous thing. It's an elixir that if taken in high doses can lead to infatuation, then when it is taken away, it leads to heartbreak; but if it is dispensed miserly, it can lead to numbness in one's emotion, as you have beautifully stated. Love has to be naturally earned and shared. Two things make this world go around: Love and trust. You've expressed yourself beautifully, and I'm sorry if you feel that you have to be redeemed. You can always forgive and start over. Thanks for sharing.

Posted 5 Years Ago

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Added on February 7, 2015
Last Updated on February 7, 2015
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