Daddy Please No

Daddy Please No

A Poem by Shaynuh Silken

Just my thoughts.


Tonight my father will come back,

I really hope he'll cut me some slack.

I've been a good girl all year long,

I'll make sure he knows I’ve done nothing wrong.


I hope tonight I will be spared,

But the truth is…I’m really scared.

Into the driveway, a car pulls in,

I know that the battle, is about to begin.


I run to my room, and hide under the bed,

Fore I know the love in him, is completely dead.

I hear the house door begin to creak,

I hold my breath; I’m too frightened to speak.


Suddenly, his voice erupts, he screams my name,

Once Again, for some random thing...I’m to blame.

His fists start to pound on my door,

And I see his large shadows, cast upon the floor.

He breaks the door down,
Coming into the room with a frown.
But then he starts to smile,
the hole inside me stretches a mile.

He drops down and reaches under,
each breath of his, sounding like thunder.
Grabbing onto me,
the light I now see.

His fist flies back,
now I’m under attack.
I try to run,
but he just has fun!

Chasing me around,

Then throwing me to the ground.
Hit after hit, kick after kick.
Now he’s down the trick.

I lie alone, slowly dying.

I live life, always lying.
Never do I let you see,
what he really does to me.

Day after day,

I’ve got nothing to say.
Can’t tell you my strife,
the secret of my life.

Nothings ever changed,
Daddy’s head is deranged.
I wish he did really love,
Then I wouldn’t be up above.


I wouldn’t be looking around,
Not able to make a sound.
Because you see I did die,
He didn’t even have to try.

Now I look down,
In my tears I drown.

My spirit does weep,
As I begin eternal sleep.



© 2013 Shaynuh Silken

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Added on February 26, 2013
Last Updated on February 26, 2013
Tags: abuse, sorrow, sadness, heartbreak, fear, parents, dad, beaten, bruised, broken


Shaynuh Silken
Shaynuh Silken

Marathon, Ontario, Canada

If you really want to know who I am... Well.. You know the girl, the girl that walks in a group of outcasts, that has her feet planted firmly on the ground, but her eyes look a million miles away. .. more..