A Poem by SheChasesComets

It's a basic poem showing that someone will never change their ways - they can't be tamed, so to speak.

I think I'll renounce my English citizenship
and go to live by the seashore, crunching oceanic
glass between my teeth. Maybe I'll sing and call
myself a siren. Maybe I'll entrance you and pretend
that I am as sugar-sweet as the girls on land
without fishtails for feet or saltwater for blood.

Maybe I'll let you tame me - change me. Let you
turn my bones into candy canes and thicken my plasma
to honey, let you have every word I breathe be
sugarcane sweet. Remove the oxygen from my lungs
and let me exhale sherbert. Mould me with 
confectioner's fingers and turn me saccharine.

I will let you know in due time that though
you may teach me to walk on land and amongst those
I'd call peers, you'll never stop me from gazing
out at the ocean with seaglass eyes. You'll never
stop me from watching syrup pour from your
angular cheeks like lemmings off cliffs, pooling
at the edges of milky skin and resenting all
those efforts.

© 2012 SheChasesComets

Author's Note

The repetition of the word 'sweet' was on purpose - and it isn't supposed to rhyme. What do you think of the imagery?

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Added on June 30, 2012
Last Updated on June 30, 2012
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