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The Toy Soldier

The Toy Soldier

A Poem by SheActsLikeSummer

A poem.


I came in a cardboard box
a sheet of plastic on the front
so people could see
what their getting.

I was bought for a little boy
as a sixth Birthday gift
so he could play
make believe.

I had a bright red coat
painted onto my frame
so I looked like
a well trimmed soldier.

I was shoved into a trunk
at the end of each day
so the house would
not get cluttered.

I waited one morning for the moment
when the boy took me out again
so we could pretend
I had slain a fearsome dragon.

But the boy never came
to untangle my limbs
from the parts of other
toys that lay in rest
beside and on top and below

So now my paint is cracked
and chipping.
And now my limbs are stiff
and squeaking.
And now my body is dented
and rusting.

Because I was left
in a trunk full of things
that had no use
to anyone

© 2013 SheActsLikeSummer

Author's Note

I know the picture is of a nut cracker, I couldn't find an image that really matched what I was looking for and that was the next best thing. Anyway, I hope you liked it.

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THAT'S SO SAD!!! D: That was like the Nutcracker meeting Toy Story! OHMYGAWD! I treasure all of my babies! And sometimes yeah once in with them, but I get way to into it and becomes some Clue plot where Mr. Bear Bear just killed Angelina the Ballerina who was having an affair with Daren the Lion who was trying to share land with Mr. Fox but couldn't get the land share documents through because of the Mayor Bunny...... and it just goes down from there. Cute poem! :D I LOVE IT!!! Sad but awesome sauce!!!

Posted 7 Years Ago

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1 Review
Added on February 17, 2013
Last Updated on February 17, 2013
Tags: toy soldier, red coat, trunk, abandoned




I wish there was a single moment in my life that summed up who I am. Just a short snippet of time that I could copy and paste here so I didn't have to rack my mind for something to say. But I kind of .. more..