Why you gotta?

Why you gotta?

A Poem by Frances L. Phillips

My latest work.

Why you gotta be so shady?
Can't you just say what you mean?
Why you gotta hide behind,
Asking about what I gleaned?

Why you gotta play at avoidance?
Why can't you just be a man?
Own up to what you said and did,
Take a f*****g stand!

Why you gotta try and play,
These little high school games?
You'd think that we're both more grown,
But I guess you have no shame.

Why you gotta jack around?
Answer me, don't stutter...
All your avoidance does,
Is throw my trust in the gutter.

Why you gotta avoid the truth?
I cannot handle lies.
I am not built for games,
So this is my goodbye.

© 2017 Frances L. Phillips

Author's Note

Frances L. Phillips
This is my latest poem after taking a 3 year break from writing.

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Added on September 24, 2017
Last Updated on September 24, 2017


Frances L. Phillips
Frances L. Phillips

Houston, TX

I am a poet mainly, although if a topic interests me, I may occasionally write in the non fiction or even seldomly the Fiction genres. I am working on a novel that is going it's own direction. I h.. more..