I remember

I remember

A Poem by Frances L. Phillips

Inspired by and based on a book I am reading "Black Hills" By: Nora Roberts.


I remember the first time I saw you,

Your hair a little to long for a boy,

In need of a trim.


I remember how sad your eyes were,

Sad and mad was all I could think,

Who made them that way?


I remember being angry,

I had to play with a boy I didn't know

However I would give you a chance.


I remember you swinging a bat

As I tossed the ball,

Oh how this girls arm suprised you.


I remember the look of dirision for everything I held dear,

And I remember the look of wonder as you tried it all,

and began to hold it dear as well.


I remember long walks and even longer talks

And the surprise when I realised my best friend

Was a sad and mad little boy.


I remember the tears when you told me of your parents

Not that I would ever let you see me cry for you

I wouldn't embarrass you that way.


I remember, I remember so much more

than just the sweet friendship of childhood

I Remember the jump of pulse you gave me later.


The Shock of realizing my best friend was a young man,

So tall and muscular your hair still just a bit too long

Falling into your sad and mad Ice blue eys.


I remember the first hints of nervousness I had

Since the day we first met

So long ago.


I remember recognizing for the first time

That I was girl and you were a guy

And realizing I wanted you.


I remember take little steps, nothing too obvious,

To get you notice that you were a guy and I was a girl

And you wanted me too


I remember the first kiss, so soft and sweet,

Standing on the banks of the stream wrapped in eachother,

And me thinking "Here it is".


I remember the first touches and tastes,

I remeber the innocence and wonder involved,

In our taking of innocence.


I remember, I remember so much more

Than the wonder of young love,

I remember the heartache.


I remember that our dreams took us in different directions,

And that our goals kept us there

To the point it couldn't work.


Yes, I remember,

Friendship, love and heartbreak,

That can't be healed now that your back.


Because I remember.




© 2009 Frances L. Phillips

Author's Note

Frances L. Phillips
Just a little something I felt compelled to write because the book I am reading brought out all these feelings I couldn't contain.

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Added on July 17, 2009
Last Updated on July 17, 2009


Frances L. Phillips
Frances L. Phillips

Houston, TX

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