The Accepted Prayer

The Accepted Prayer

A Story by Sheikh Meelad

This story is about a poor boy who prays and then gets rich!

Once there was a boy living in India. He was born in a very poor family. Both of his parents were street cleaners. So, once he was sitting in a park alone thinking about his struggles in life. Suddenly, he saw a group of kids playing football. Seeing those kids playing, he too wanted to play with them. Just like we all have desries to play sports when we are young. So he went to the place where they were playing and started to kick the ball. Lost in his own world he was kicking the ball wihout any imagination what these kids around him were thinking. Suddenly, he heard a noise. A noise of laughter. He looked around and found everybody there was laughing at him. Everyone had their fingers pointed to his torn clothes and shoes. He felt embarassed and humiliated in front of them. One of those kids said to him “Wow! Just look at those jeans. Do u get them readymade" He made a loud laugh which made this poor boy feel uncomfortable. The boy became red faced due to embarassment. Holding tears in his eyes, he quickly ran away. He just wanted to leave that place as soon as possible. He sat around a corner crying and even cursing his fate. Another boy who was sitting their on a nearby chair heard him crying. He asked him "Why are you crying"? Hearing this the boy looked at him. He saw him wearing very expensive clothes. It was clear to him that this was another rich brat. The boy did not reply to him. Seeing him wearing all the stuff that he could never imagine of, he looked at the sky and said quitely "Oh God! Just look at the way you have made him and look at the way you have made me" Why have you done this to me? He even went on saying " That if u really exist, then make me like him. He closed his eyes and said loundly "Make me like him, Make me like him"
After opening his eyes he could not beleive what he had seen. God had changed him into that boy who was sitting next to him. He felt a moment of joy seeing the clothes and shoes he was wearing. He just bursted in happiness and was just touching his new clothes. He was overwelmed with the miracle he has seen. Suddenly he moved his head and saw that boy (who had changed into him) dancing. He saw him wearing his old torn clothes but he could not figure out why he was dancing with joy. He thought of asking him why he was dancing? When this new rich and happy boy tried to get up, he could not. He could not feel his legs. He was absalutely shocked to see that why isn't he able to get up on his feet. Suddenly a voice called "Sir its time to go." She was an old lady with an armchair in her hands. Oh my god! It was clear to him that the rich boy sitting next to him was actually a disabled person. He did not have anything to say. The old women helped him to get up and made him sit on that armchair. He quitely closed his eyes and went with the lady.

© 2014 Sheikh Meelad

Author's Note

Sheikh Meelad
This is my first writing. So please be a bit kind.

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acceptance of self is better than wishing to be like another, there are times that we know not what we wish for.

good story with a better message!

Posted 7 Years Ago

Sheikh Meelad

7 Years Ago

Thank you Sir.
I think that you told this story very well; and it did express the notion that we should be grateful for what we have, for no matter how much we have there’s always more as well as much less. Though we have no shoes we must be grateful that we still have feet. Try to find the gem hidden in the drifting sands of each moment.

Posted 7 Years Ago

Sheikh Meelad

7 Years Ago

Thank you for your pleasing comments.

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