A Poem by Shelly Braen

Here I am again.

This place I travel to when I sleep.

The sun from between the clouds glistens from the top of the snow.

The silent sounds of wind chimes echo in my mind.

In perfect sync with the cold ambience.

The wind is cold and the air cuts through me.

I look around my meadow.

My breath is in wisps, like my soul is visibly spreading it’s wings.

Everything is so quiet here.

Peace is the finding of this place, intangible and final.

The sticks of trees clustered here and there in the sunrise.

Like lonely spreads of ink.

A white rabbit bounds across the snow laden plain.

Is this where I will go?

When my days are done and I lay my palms open in acceptance?

If so, then I do not mind.

I wander through my makeshift heaven.

A doe and her fawn frolic in the soft, cold powder.

I can only hope that in my time here, I earn this place.

Will they remember me when I am gone?

Will my pages be open in their hearts?

Even here, they are in my heart.

The times they cried.

The times they laughed.

Genuine smiles.

Beautiful minds.

The wind blows and tussles my hair.

I let my head fall back, and my eyes drift closed.

I breathe in the essence.

I am free.

I have known love.

I have known loss.

I have known passion.

I have known loneliness.

I have known content.

I have know excitement.

I have known joy.

And I have know sorrow.

All beautiful like rare sapphires.

In this land, each and all paint my canvas.

The canvas of my brief walk on earth.

My hands have held lovers.

My hands have held children.

I have held the world in these hands.

And through my fingers, I have tasted life.

The sunset and the sunrise.

As warm drops of gold filter through.

I have smiled fearlessly at the coming day.

White feathers fall from the sky.

The clouds catch the gold, pinks, and violets.

I have been bathed in milk, honeysuckle, and lavender.

My garden has bloomed in the skies.

The gusts fiercely at my back.

My eyes remain focused and my stance never wavers.

I am strong in my land .

I crouch down lovingly.

I begin to gently wipe away the snow.

The ground reveals the crisp green underneath.

I smile in peace and recognition.

This place is mine.

I faintly realize that I am young again.

No longer marred with time.

I am all the wiser.


The storm in me has calmed,

And I rest on top of the world.

Daring the wind.

Consuming the rays of light.

I have no want.

I am reborn.

© 2010 Shelly Braen

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Nice piece & Good work
I may have "few" disagrements with the message
But the poem was great

Posted 10 Years Ago

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Added on November 15, 2010
Last Updated on November 15, 2010


Shelly Braen
Shelly Braen


My pen name is Shelly Braen, I'm twenty five years old. I love Books, Writing, Art, Music, Playing the Piano, and Photography. Favorite Photographer: Robert Mapplethorpe Favorite Painter: Gustave .. more..

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A Poem by Shelly Braen