Forbidden Science

Forbidden Science

A Poem by Shelly Braen

I am not sure what to say, but what I have said.


Mathematicians tinker forbidden science within me.

It’s like flashing back to heart of your childhood,

And your callous heart beats only the echoes that are drowned with youth.

You left my life as quickly as you came.

Though I know, our hearts still beat together.

Where are you?

I believe we both wonder late at night.

I can hear you calling, but still too eagerly, do I answer.

You are where my heaven rests.

My peace and heart stay with you.

I look upon a morning wind and wait to see you.

A ghost in my memories, you walk and clink your heels in my mind.

An apparition of only yesterday.

The train never stopped its journey.

I only pray you find your way to the tracks.

Once again I ask, will I forever be a lone passenger?

Or do the whistles in the distance still echo out to you?

There are no songs to create my longing in sound.

There are no words to write that depict your absence.

The world I know disappears when you are away.

In this vastness, I am terribly homesick.

Please, return to me.

My Love, where do you dwell?

Do you hide in the valley or within my heart?

Are you a memory or a delusion grown cold?

Did I imagine your presence or were your hands tangible?

It seems as if I created your voice from symphonies echoes.

Your eyes molded from the reflection of the moon .

Yet my bed still dips where you used to lay.

The remains of great cities we once created.

Who were you; I cannot remember.

Who are you; I do not know.

A living ghost floating within my ventricles.

The electric pulse of my being.

Clipping the nerves of the surface, leaves me inside myself.

You, my beloved, have the spools of thread.

I rest in the needle’s eye, waiting for your stitch.

The sunburst of dawn, flames up like torch.

Give me back what is mine and rid me of this necessary evil.

Let my arteries bloom with molten gold.

My veins cool in the sapphires.

Carotid romance and pulmonary joyous.

Let this be our biology.

Eternity in equations.

What is our sum?

© 2011 Shelly Braen

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Added on November 10, 2011
Last Updated on November 10, 2011


Shelly Braen
Shelly Braen


My pen name is Shelly Braen, I'm twenty five years old. I love Books, Writing, Art, Music, Playing the Piano, and Photography. Favorite Photographer: Robert Mapplethorpe Favorite Painter: Gustave .. more..

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