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Hess and Morgan did everything in their power to make sure that they would rule for time and all eternity. They followed the timeline and killed all those that might cause a problem, as they searched for the 5 keys of destiny and the items they needed to open them. It is said it starts with the White Solon and the Dark Prince; however the clues are in the stars known as Morning Twilight.

The map itself has been lost as Morgan and Hess have been searching all the catacombs to find the exact pattern in the stars and the planets alignment in which both the Dark Prince and White Solon would be born. True… their had been many, but each had failed to meet the criteria and have failed by one missing more than the other, one was either to dark one was not dark enough the other was missing the same qualities which was not grown up in world wizardry and magic not just black magic like Morgan and Hess, but white magic known as natures magic and elemental magic yet for some reason each of the boys that said according to the oracles  and the tree of life said these certain boys could be the ones prophesied. If certain events happened too leave a riddle.

Two boys light, two boy’s dark. One travels though time and yet out of time .One is cared for the other isn’t. A mothers loves finds him and family makes him strong. Glory is found and glory is lost and regain when the two boys meet and stay as one yet remain apart. A quest is chosen and must be traveled here and far. And if not par-taken they will each take upon the shrouds of death for time and eternity. There will be no time no stars, no glory or salvation render to those that could have been saved. Only endless death too one and all waiting for a new a beginning that will never come unless those that come forth who stayed their hand of these two boys make amends and replants the seed.’

Now Hess’s body is buried and soul trapped in the deepest part of the Cross Bone Gate Prison as he watched from faraway high up on a mountain top, knowing if he hadn’t escaped in time he to would be right where his master Hess is. Yet it did leave Morgan with several problems. (1) Find the map of 5 lost keys and the item that hide them)  (2) Find a way to free his master (3) Find the White Solon and kill him or turn into the Dark Prince. Or do nothing. “Yea right that was never going to happen: One thing they both agreed up was the White Solon which ever the two boys was had to die and train the other one to become the new Dark Prince. It was far easier to teach one dark magic and give them the power to wheeled it.

Hell they have been practicing this for many centuries. However it was the white magic and the elemental magic they had a harder time with because of the rules they had to conform, more so finding wizards willing to teach it. watching them kill themselves and their student the willing they introduce dark magic, or other elements willing are not ready for only using the basic, stating from their teachers they must be born with it first there is no other way.

Which again confused Morgan and Hess, how this to be done. It wasn’t until they realized it was too late. That it can’t be done, because they killed or should say destroyed the entire line of wizards or healers that could have done so, blaming each other for not realizing this before it was too late; Causing the last wizard that could have helped to burst out laughing as he was being tortured by stretching rack as he burst in to stardust taking him and his student with him.

This put them behind more then 600 centuries or more, Hess’s knew he couldn’t keep going. His body was much too frail, he needs a new one, but he was cursed by killing The Four Kings and their Four Sisters that protected Glendale and the border as well as the lakes and the rivers, and the springs within its borders. He smiled as he remembers the carnage he and Morgan had left behind. The towns they have destroyed, taking every man and boy that could hold a blade or knife or carry firewood, giving them two choices to die by the head of the axe, or server in his and Morgan’s army.

If they even hesitated he killed their children and wives in front of them and made them serve anyway. Promising huge bounty and glory or them and their families, giving them only trinkets and scraps from his tables while his friends got the riches and the spoils, watching our families get nothing but we get or could spare, no Hess body was waning fast and he and Morgan knew it. The curse would keep weakening more, but never kill him, and every time he used magic it took something more from him. So we spent those last few mouths hiding in the catacombs of books leaning all we could learn about the Cross Gate Prison the spells they might use and the things they might use to open their doors assuming and knowing we would both be placed there most likely into a bottomless pit.

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You are a excellent storyteller

Posted 2 Years Ago


2 Years Ago

thank you for the review i hope you continue on with the story. i will return the favor if you do.
Except for several small errors, this is quite good. Fantasy is a challenging genre that requires great imagination, and it looks to me like you're pretty proficient at it. An edit is needed. Here are some of the nits I saw--"salvation render(ed)..." "endless death too (to) one and all..." "...escaped in time he to would be..." Should be "he, too, should...

This review was written for a previous version of this writing

Posted 3 Years Ago


3 Years Ago

Thank you for reading I will look it over when I get a chance.

3 Years Ago

Thanks again i have re-edited.
Samuel Dickens

3 Years Ago

I skimmed it and think it looks better now.

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