Chapter 1-2

Chapter 1-2

A Chapter by Shep

Chapter 1-2

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Marriage is and should be never to be taken lightly. So we have been taught growing up, yet when you truly break it down. Marriage is the core factor of two people finding out who they are compatible with, usually by dating or by finding oneself through natural selection. Yet do away with all that because both are being judged side by side seeing both your entire lives, No lies, no secrets, not leaving much more than personality quirks and lessons learned, not even knowledge learned. So what does that leave in a marriage? Marriage is there for simplified. Meaning it is between two people willing to support one another, willing to provide for each other and their family for as long as both should live. Love one another which comes from providing and support and deep love come over the years of commitment to each other. Everything else is a bonus.

Sara and Desmand wondered what Heaven must be like, if everyone had a system based on this simple principle, it was very hard to say considered they have all died and gone to Hell and still waiting to be judged since they are still playing this ridicules game called four blind mice where they are constantly being judged either by questions, or things they do winning points which was good which meant more green chips. Or losing points and choosing to lose a point or spend green chips to save you. So far their group has the highest points and the most green chips.

Desmand and Sara have the most out everyone because they chose to give a portion of their time to walk many of their group down the aisle adding more bridesmaids and grooms until their in 20 twenty were married, and stayed for those that wanted that privilege. Some refused to ask how much it costs trying to figure out why it was free. The rest simply said no. but many said yes with no thank you but many said no wishing they did. When their manservant when asked shrugged her or his shoulders stating it was up to them. Then when their group was all married paid a large number of green chips for those excepting the favor, and even more for those that participated during someone else and the price went higher for those that did so without expecting a reward at all like Desmand and Sara and his father until their entire group. Sars group was all married before heading off to the changing rooms.

Desmand and Sara sat in the Chapel talking all Desmand had to do were to hold Sara's hand and look deep into her deep blue eyes ask. “How would you feel having your sister live next door on the same street now that I know how close you are?” She squealed with delight and started to kiss him all over his hand and his lips and forehead. “I take that as a yes?” She nodded. “Ok then I’ll do it, but on one condition if they can’t provide it I will make up the cost and you and I will keep it a secret.”

She nodded again as they waited for Sars to bring back their group to dine for one last time before the main event in the Grand Ball and the Main Ring. No one slept here, especially when you are immortal or dead. Having a bed was like a cruel joke. Your bodies here don’t need physical rest, but spiritual rest and food. Plus the fact there is a lot of downtime for those that do get to participate with day to day stuff, who actually spend days and years in bed comatose, watching the days, the years and the centuries pass. Which is truly the true hell, because you never get to move forward, you never get to do anything but lay there in that prison growing moss in that bed until someone decides to wake you, and better be able to on best behavior or back to bed you go without any supper. In a way, a person can choose their own Hell and their own Heaven in truth. 

Desmand's group had to admit they were already starving and starting to lose that starve look and most of all Desmand father hair was no longer bald in fact you can now run a comb through it, by tomorrow it would need cutting and so would his as Sara runs her fingers through his. She was smiling at him again like a piece of meat to be had. He had to admit she didn’t look all that bad herself. The moment Sars sat down at the table or about to.

Desmand pulled him away for a consultation, Sars smiled as he looked back at the table and nodded. But Desmand had three more surprises up his sleeve; he was working on long term plan. Sars kept nodded as then fell back as her eyes went wide as he included he wanted to buy two shops one furniture and the other a blacksmith shop, plus buy 2 more house for two couples on the same block. Then added his father’s house with an agreement he and Sara worked out. Sars licked her lips asking what are trying to do. You might as well build an entirely new town? Then sucked in his breath; “You are aren’t you?

Desmand pulled further back. “Yes, but not all at once at first, I have an idea stuck in my head over a conversation I overheard from one of the judges about being wittiness of a near future and marking to prove it, and some of the ghosts and the Jailer regarding a piece of information about a hidden Oracle here. Thinking a few friends we both know would like to help as we did in the past when running captured prisoners out of Morgan and Hess army.

“We could find a way here to do the same thing since we don’t sleep like the dead at least not yet we have all these green chips we might have enough to build small town far enough out down here in secret that nobody except a select few of your kind know about. We can draw up some plans and ask around and see, Sara and I are willing to back all our green chips on it to build this town as you know I can fight, I can teach her we can win in the ring winning more bets here and in the prison fights up top.”

Sars eyes glassed over as she made some quick calculations the dollars signs seemed to flicker, then her mind churned adding this add this and add more fees. “Give me a few hours to meet with my friends keep up what you’re doing; I don’t want to know so I can reward you fairly as well as the others. But if you can leave bread crumbs with our group without me knowing about it or others it’s a doable plane.”

Desmand walked way came back to the table Sara turned to Desmand and whispered in his ear. “So did he go for it?” He nodded and wrote a note using the back of the cake dollies they have written their little list what they wanted. Until changed talking to Sars, not expecting so much extra green chips, he wrote. “Tell all the girls or leave a hit possible double green chips if they find ways to make others around them happy, but most of all don’t make it obvious to get caught. Or the chips won’t be handed out or give half not doable.” Sara quickly read the note asking what he was up too, but she didn’t have any time as the ladies were just coming back and it was her chance to go to the powder room. As she did what she could what her husband has asked her to do without question.

Desmand got up and grabbed his fathers hand and shook it then placed his arm around two of the other men as they came into the room while it was still was being set. He whispered quietly and told him his plan regarding building a town of their own and how to earn it using their green chips. They all liked the plan, considering it was like building their own piece of heaven for them and their children away from all these hardened criminals. The earning the extra green chips thou was going to be the hardest do because Desmand has set the bar high which his father was proud of.

However, he didn’t tell his father or the ones being selected that he had paid for their housing already, wanting them to earn it or earn what they can own their own. Another thing his father taught him growing up, things not earned tend sour one's friendship. Words he had learned the hard way when giving someone their freedom when they haven’t shown a single person any help or kindness.

Sars came back into view with 2 of her pals as they splinted off with their groups to sit at the table. We noticed right away the last table hadn’t been sat and instead it became the wine and dessert table. Meaning more prisoners had been judged and punished. And as far as they knew that portion of the game had been determined; Sars smiled telling them that bar has been set high because of them, more than expected. That they should all be proud of that, it also stated clearly they were all being judged every single second of the time spent until the game is done. That was all well and good according to Desmand wife Sara and the girls as she whispered that she and her sister was very good playing this game which she called the game of house.

All they need was a simple little rumor they could spread change the rumor 4 times, and by the end of the dance, the rumor fact or fiction becomes true. It was a dangerous game, but she needed her husband Desmand to trust her as well as all the husbands in their little group to make it work. Desmand father was good at calculation he commonly asked for a pen and paper to add his winnings. Which we can at anytime they wanted too. While he did so he counted each of member and their stats on the boards against the ones he thinks we can save finding 20 people short. They need those people for two more rounds he was good with bylaws and rules.

So Desmand's father Earl went over to Sar’s taking his piece of paper cringed when they all gang and upon her. Sar’s jump out her seat tipping it over. “You want to do what?” Then looked around the room then whispered lower. Desmand father and couple of their friends told they were short 20-25 people short to bring for the next three games that are up on the board. That some of those prisoners if given the chance with the help of a few more green chips can save themselves. If not some could come from early releases and help finish their punishment in building their small little town. Shave off a few centuries or so. For those that are didn’t really need to be down here like some of them. Some that are going to be released anyway waiting on a second chance at life.

Those so tucked away that only menservants know using them for a special day. This week of all weeks is the best chance anyone going to get. Then Earl turned the paper over showing where the money was at and how they were going to make it, the figures were seemed small at first then Sars smiled as he watched the 8 judges come in. Whispered her own plans, plans of several of the menservants wishing they had a place where fewer offenders could go, raise an army of light just like the Oracle had predicted. Once again Sars was once more on the hunt for not only their goals but her goals.

Dinner was more like eating in a military camp than with entertainment after entertainment. Lavish food, and more and more until you were stuffed; music was soft and made you sleepy. No. what everyone waited for was the big fights in the ring and ending it the final points earned and the final judgment then later the gala la ball however that judgment can come anytime without notice after that’s why they call it the worst prison in Hell.

Everyone slunk back to their housing cells Sars, stop Desmand as well as his father from entering one of the changing cells and 4 of the 6 of closest friends, telling them all to wait here as he sees to the rest of the group. Once he had he closed and locked not only their cells he placed a big Mama Bear with a ton of arsenal to fight off anything dared come in and her husband Papa Bear outside with their two boys to guard the front.

Sar’s said. “There is a bounty on each of your heads because you are the winning team. Some of the menservants and their friends don’t like that, seeing as I am making a lot of money off you. Puts all in a dangerous place, right now so your and my plan might be hurried along in secret; tonight I was approached by Lord Clark the 2nd High Judge on the council the large cougar is my great grandfather. He and the King Salsern Of Living Water As well as his Daughter Lady Gwin as well as this new fella they brought with them named Derrick asked me how much money my team has raised; and our plans about building a small little town to hide what must be hidden when the time comes.

“I course denied it because I didn’t know that was what you were planning all along. Yet they quickly hushed me telling me to speak to nobody placing an envelope in my hands telling me anything I need in supplies to build this town and orders to build it without question. Starting with several large chests of gold, silver, and green chips diamond chips; They are pushing back the game stating they been called back but will return back in two weeks for the Ring Fight giving the new players a chance to train up a bit if they want to participate.

Stating that you look so underfed you would trip under your own spear, or too shaky to hand a bow. I have made contact with two of our best builders they will meet us on a route, while I go back and pick up the rest of our group. And fill those cells with those we are about to wake up and reoriented into the system. You will have more than 25 five to choose from to win this game. Then disappear right off the map you won’t be in prison, you won’t be in Heaven you will be as the gods living in between the worlds hidden until you are needed and become legend. You will be part of both worlds your own and this one, touching both like a thread of a needle.”

Sars gave them directions which led them down a corridor and down some steps out to the outside world again. Some guards quickly surround them with lanterns to light the way and weapons at their sides. The leader said who happened to be a tall human all dark including his hat as he lit a pipe seeing dark shadows more clearly. “Don’t be afraid, my name is Derrick, me and my friends are here to make sure you have safe travel to your new home tonight. 

“We hoped it would have been under better circumstances, but if wish were fish none of would be here now let’s quickly and quietly make a line for the first group. Make sure you stay on the path, the swamp can be very deadly at night, well in truth it can be very deadly night or day. Not even worth drinking. A problem King Salsern and his daughter solved just for you. Wait until you see the land you have purchased all your green little gems.”

Sars came out with the rest of the group and with their new host Lord Clark the biggest cougar they have ever seen. With the biggest smile that said he was very proud of his Granddaughter for having chosen the best prizes to win the best game in centuries one to make it into the record books. The very one is spoken by the Oracle and on its own have chosen to build a town that many of the future heroes will come from including the White Solon himself. No, he was more than proud as he had waited for 30 generations for this to happen to hope that one of his dissidence would be the one as promised by the Oracle who has hidden until know as requested. To him, these were exciting times as he introduced himself and took the lead.

Everything had been made ready as they slowly made it through the swap. While everyone carried heavy packs on their backs, including Sars and Lord Clark Judge or not when people needed his help and it mattered he lent a hand. They walk seemed endless at first as everything in the distance seemed to vanish. It seemed they walked another two or three hours when they finally stop in some dark cave that seemed to go nowhere. Lord Clark stood on the tallest rock that seemed the smoothest. He pulled several white crystals and told the guards to place them into a circle.

He climbed down inspecting the circle then with his staff of white and gold he touched each of the stones watching them light up. Creating a bright circle of light; He said. “Those that stand in this circle of light have been judged and can never be judged again except in pure light where darkness can not hide. Nothing but pure souls can enter this chosen valley behind this wall or they shall perish in the light. This represents your judgment as is due to take the oath that you care for each other, learn to love each other, gain in truth and knowledge and help us win against the darkness no matter what the cost may be, if you step into the light and be judged. Knowing from this point on you have been just and have received the highest gift which is your freedom and a second chance when the world and you love are ready to become helpers in the work all around you, as servants of the light. For there is no greater gift known to man, as we live immortal helping others to our causes?”

Desmand and his wife Sara was the first to be judge, which seemed entirety, but for others, it was mere seconds as they stepped out as their eyes shone with light. And their bodies glowed with. Derrick growled as each member of the 20 all made it through without so much as a problem “I knew the King and his Daughter was right,” Lord Clark nodded in agreement. I am guessing that someone is wrongful cheating those just like we thought.”

Again Lord Clark gave heavy sigh picking up the stones and putting them away, “ Said nothing we can do about it now Derrick I will speak with my brother and my sister, but not until I can devise a proper rumor at special event right now our job is seeing to these people so they can have a place to live and train and way to travel safely for here to the main city when necessary since you are new ambassadors you have many duties to perform one of them will be helpful to me train these people to fight. Second, make sure they set up laws and govern them.”

Sars moved back from the large stone using his staff for the grand entrance and said a little prayer that his builders didn’t let him down they had two days to least give an idea what things could look like. Leaving the rest up to them He said. “Ladies and gentleman I present to your new home.”

The big rock cracked a spiral downward and the noise filled the cave. Everyone had to shield their eyes as they stepped out for the first time in a long time into the bright golden sunlight. Surrounded by tall far away mountains and fields of green and trees of thick timber, several colorful fish jumping in the lakes and in the rivers, game for hunting, birds sing in the trees. In the middle was large blue lake smooth as glass and two large waterfalls. The dirt was rich for planting. Sars was better than his word as he rubbed his eyes as his two builders came forward. They seemed a bit tired as they watched several pack donkeys and horses being unloaded and the rest of their crew they have asked for.

You knew for a fact that behind the wall you just stepped into Heaven, the warm sun beating down on your face and back, the mere idea of going back was tearing one soul apart. Yet there was now time to rest, time still wasn’t on their side even though they were told it was now their choosing when and where they wanted to enter time; Just not before they entered this place so will remain parallel. Until they themselves can control it as they step out of time to lend some a much-needed boost or time a boost or message, to help solve a puzzle that they themselves have learned among their travels through time and worlds. Even prisoners being a judge; Information is still information it doesn’t matter where you learned it. All you did was put it to good use.

Sar’s pointed to a large tree where too put up a nice long table and I mean a long table where an artist could render a town after taking ideas of what the houses should generally look like. There was a lot to be built like, access to water for all the buildings which meant lots of plumbing and electricity and bricks and wood, as well as cement. The main building, for now, was a quick meeting house for planning, and development, then the second large building could be a mess hall and dance a hall. It was still summer that they can gage so all training would be outdoors for now. Requiring a full-smithy as well as a full-time furniture and glass shop; the hardest thing was building their own power plant Sars said she knew a couple of frogs that would love to help if they could get a nice lovely house on the water. They smiled knowing two frogs that loved a challenged. Told Sars to speak with them he marked it on her to do list. Desmand gave her a list of items they would need like a seed to plant and tools and to find a way to sneak in herd of livestock. Too plow and to farm.

Derrick said he knew someone that owned him a favor or two and as much timber as needed to get started proving they put a lumber mill near one of those waterfalls that will help with their electricity and water problem. Using two or three windmills to use for pumping stations as well as grinding wheat flour; quickly drawing up the designs for them. The more buildings they needed the more people they needed to run them. The more people they needed to add to their little town.

Sars, Derrick, and Lord Clark huddled in a corner for a minute arguing hearing Derrick say. “We are outside of the prison walls just barely so the people we bring in don’t necessarily have to go through the prison to be judge except only by the Oracle stones of light and take the vow; However once they enter the city they can not be returned until the entire city is returned to its natural time according to the Oracle when all five keys of destiny have been found and placed into the locking device with the items need to find the keys and the two companions found.

“Many of the towns lay in ruins the food supply is at its lowest; our wizard is doing their best to cure this black plague the Hess has left behind. I have come here looking for a solution, for the bread combs led me here and I am not leaving here until I have seen the Oracle or have that information. Rumor has it you and the Oracle have been planning this for some time. So the King of living water has asked me to stay and help and see what I can find out. If it means providing cattle, bring misplaced place people and giving them a home and food. So be it. What better way to start on the bottom and get my feet wet. And work underground one of the largest prisons knows to wizards or man.

“Give me two days I will have enough people to raise this city with your workers help. Just let me give them the basic of magic the ones that have really earned it. Give me month will have our first Mayor in place; give me three months you won't recognize this place. First thing first I need a quicker way to get 20 or more people from here to a safe little unknown secret nook so it seems we never left. Until the final judgment is done and we have one and we have moved one. To the next faze to our plan.”

They were all having a bit of lunch by the time their two favorite frogs returned with word that their guest had left and there had been several casualties during the early morning in Sar’s compound that tried take out Sars golden prisoners. However Mamma and Papa Bear and their boys were more than ready for them, it was the other team that had the casualties and lost more than half their points. Which angered them even more? Plus the fact they used that excuse to delay the game so they could investigate all those that were involved.

Sars and her pals spent half a day going over files of early release dates. Sars had one thing over her pals then they had. Which lots of money green chips, she was searching for that one special one that deserves a second chance and then finding a match, a match then writing it down hoping her friends had matches that needed a match. That was the hardest thing in the world was finding that special match, the one thing she prides her self on was that. She came up with an additional 50 people soon to be released, 35 men and 15 women. They would all be released roughly 8 to 10 centuries. They have been asleep for nearly 250 of those centuries. This would be their last chance before they are released into the great voided of darkness. If they don’t pass through light this time and pass judgment they never will.

She could hear a knock on the door more like a heavy fist. She nearly jumped when she saw Papa Bear. He liked that name because he was the oldest bear here out of all his descendants. She invited him in as he set his gun down and took a seat. Closing the door, she asked how the construction was coming he said fine, as he toyed with his big pause indicating he was nervous about something, which wasn’t like him. She offered him a cup of tea but he declined. She said. “Clive I have known you most of my life, hell I have kittens that you have trained into soldiers and married some of your kinfolks. “Now spit it out.”

Clive looked up and round the room noticing the two lists of names that said possible early release program. He and his wife were told about it, Sars told them about it last night and why they needed them too keep guard last night. Clive said. “My wife asked me to ask you if you can see if we could be added to those list people you are building to live in some town where there are no criminals in it, ones that have paid their crimes. There are no more of us in this form on any nearby world. I have paid for my crimes and so has my wife and most of my clan that had been cursed in this form for terrorizing towns and townships, so we will be released in about another year or so.

“I have been saving up our green chips so if a chance likes this comes around. I and my family would like to cash it in, but with one extra favor to remind us all that we are given a chance to change form from bear to Human. Human for humility and bear side for the crime we had endured for 500 generations. There are 45 in my clan that wish to join and have saved for this moment we are all willing to take the oath of Oracle and be placed into her hands and live in the light forever. Please, Sar’s grant us this wish, so we can make you proud of living in the light once more. We as a clan have shown you we have changed.”

Clive wiped his tears as Sars hugged him for a brief time. Telling him he and his clan owed her nothing to meet her down the bottom in the nook in two hours with all the clan they can gather, man can a bear hustle as he roared his way down corridors. He had everyone lined up inside the nook in an hour. Mama bear was the last counting heads making sure her boys were with Papa Bear to lead the way. The door locked into place on the outside was just a wall a wall the never seemed to move as the inside twisted to the other side where there was a string of lily cars and lights and large walk on a bridge too…that carried supplies and people. There were several seats as the water rushed bellows them. A Frog wearing striped black suit and hat yelled. “All aboard, now leaving the main city. Please leave your arms hands inside your seats and enjoy the ride.”

The engineer moved one of the handles as the lily cars moved quickly, but soft and gently through a large underground tunnel. It came out the side up a steep hill looking at the vast valley giving a quick peek of the town being built where it was still high noon before dipping down into a large cave that has been rounded out, with another footbridge.

Sars smiled getting out. “That was a small taste ladies and gentleman of your new home looks like every cent you have earned so far went into this place away from home. This is where you start from scratch a town worthy of everyone. You provide 100% the labor and the cost the rest of us will help with things you don’t have, right now its people. It starts with ten stones, ten magical stones; it will now see if you are living your lives as you should, for if you’re not this is your last chance.

“Be warned you’re giving up a chance to be released and back into the world you came in with nothing. Other than one house for your family and one small chest of gold, and enough food to last you 1 year; I am told your worlds are staving marked with the black of death. You have one week to change your mind before your final answer, but remember you came to me asking to live here and accepted to obey the laws here. You won’t be allowed back into the prison. For you are no longer prisoners once walking through the stones? Unless invited as special guests.

“You will be known to all as free men or women. First, you must look the part as you requested, with little extra to speed you on your way a royal gift from the Oracle a mission once you accepted. You will be marked for these are her stones that protect you and her valley. Speak the oath she asks and steps through the light. Lord Clark will now see to the Stones Ritual and the opening of the coven. Since it was I that taken upon the curse and its mine to remove and change to my will. Then he will then open the passageway sealing you in never to be seen again until its time too according to her time she has marked for the city to rise.

“No one but me and Lord Clark has seen your true selves in over 600 generations. Other than the true Council of Light may visit as well as our judges once they pass through these stones and the protections upon the valley itself. But none shall enter without the Oracles permission. Build her a fine temple upon the hill to look out upon her valley and she will come.”

Sars waited for her grandfather to light the stones which will then pass the duty to her and Derrick since they have decided to live inside the valley commute to the main city. Adding their main office right across the secret passageway making trips back and forth more convenient; this was the first group that was ready to go to the new Valley since her new charges were here safe and sound and the one's detentions were stuck in paperwork and reorientation it is the Hell you know.”

Sars need to find a better way of doing things as she rode back with her grandfather stating. “I happen to know a very good secretary thing is granddaughter you allowed her to go with the last group with her husband and two boys.” Sars broke out laughing knowing it was true and she earned every cent the hard way when it came to her grandfather mismanagement files, all three of them needed a full-time secretary as they opened the main office door split three ways with new design which included a reception desk and secretary desk for each of them in the back and several new filing clerks paid five times their worth compared to other prison workers plus the nicest housing they can find and a very large expense account. By the end of an hour which in real times our world 3 years had gone by.

They convinced Mama Bear and two of her sister’s report back to work tripled their salary without questions and gave them free access to everything in the main building. Except for one item that didn’t exist here in the prison, it was the first key ingredient how to unlock the first door of Hess’s prison. Hard too do that when the person is in Heaven and pretty high up on the food chain. It felt good when Sars came out of his office seeing Mama Bear with lots of roses from all her boys the file clerks with a fresh batch of Mama Bear cookies waiting in the brand new conference room with freshly milked cows from their own stock.

All they said when the leaned in for a kiss on her cheek please Mama Bear find a way to create paperwork that goes from her to all the way to here without having to be re-answered three thousand times. In duplicates in so many ways, when all we are doing is moving prisoners. Too “new accommodations.”

She would pat them on their cheeks and sigh heavily hand them each a cookie. Say Girls I believe we have work to do. You, Delia, take section A1C 12100-I through Z, Alice you take section A1B 122100-I and I’ll take A1A 12099- and in doing so strip all three and create a file package A1Z100-I. I plan to go to print in 3 hours the boy’s need it yesterday she stood up picked up the phone said. “I want the Chief and his boys here the conference in 20 minutes. I don’t care what his problem is or if they are in a meeting or sitting on the toilet you tell him Mama Bear wants his a*s in 20 minutes or I am coming down to drag them a*s down myself.”

The boys were there in 5 minutes stumbling through the door. Said, “your back, but were told you were topside on good behavior.”

Mama Bear ignoring them as she worked at her large desk with a pile of work that just came through the filing room. She said. “I came back because I was offered a job I couldn’t refuse good pay few extra incentives for me and my family. It's great being free, but even better when you are the one in charge, then again Mama Bear has always been in charge this time, and you all answer to me according to the plaque on my desk. It means I am in charge of all paperwork that is filed through this office. Which is 90 percent I couldn’t do much other than complain about it and make small changes because everyone overruled me or did their best to ignore me?

“Well guess what boys, Mama Bear is back and she is in charge. I have been given orders to revamp this filing nightmare in which you created and leaving your clerks high and dry. When you get back you find many of your very best have taken new jobs with our company where they paid what they are worth and treated right. Keep the staff happy is our motto around here. It is your job to keep me and my girls happy if not you will be lucky to be pushed down to cleaning cages and I mean the really messy ones.

“Now Gentlemen please wait in our brand new conference room help yourself to some cookies, I have provided phones for each of as you call ahead member from each department to meet here in about 3 to four hours then I will be in to present to you the first of the changes and the new scales of leadership . Some may have noticed the high turn over the last couple of days. As we are stuck in the middle of prison release and transfer to the big game going on. We are slightly short stuff due to the fact many have lined up for the early release and waiting on the paperwork that is 200 pages thick in triplicate, the same goes ordering supplies even if it is one broom.

“Come on guys one broom 200 pages in triplicate I can go down to the shop and buy one for less money and zero time. We purchased all this in one hour after it was built right down to the thumbtacks on the board using a messenger and our own delivery system. Which means everything is getting bogged down in your paperwork. I want this done today by 3 pm by the time we clock out today and go home. Be ready to work nine am sharp the next day. Don’t look at me like that we keep regular business hours. They are posted on the door.

“If you want to see Sar’s or Derrick or my Grandfather Lord Clark you make an appointment. Everything else goes through me. You read it on the letterhead and see all three signature and their others signature. Stating it, this filing office is the main office of the prison here. All paperwork goes through me. During our hours; you may not need sleep, but some of us would, or use that time to spend with our families.” She walked them to the conference room their eyes bulged seeing how large it was, and all the comforts of home. They all said closing the door ‘they needed to see about getting one of these for us instead of meeting at our desk throwing paper airplanes.’ Then sighed knowing it wasn’t in their budget space alone would be very costly.

Mama Bear kept her staff running like a well-oiled machine as her girls pulled together a brand new ten-page file that required four signatures and four waxed stamps of approval. She took it into her three boys and had them look it over as they gave her big fat kiss. And had them put on fresh new business suits made personally by Mama Bear and the girls. Made for them finest silk known to man. She wanted her three boys to look great for their first real board meeting as Mama Bear gave the presentation. It wasn’t like she could go right on down to Kinko’s or FedEx or they had a copy machine, however, they did have magic and kept up with the times in the worlds around them. But computers hadn’t really made it past the business stage or past algorithms. Mama Bell had just come online as the new way of communication in some worlds still in their infant stages, where magic and dreams still existed.

Mama Bear swiped her new wand over the final document watching it grow into several piles then started to hand them out with as the looked through them slapping her paw down telling them to wait as she goes through each page so they all understand it together. Then they can ask questions. Then take back to their people and explain it creating a simple ok form that has read the paper and signed off on it brought back here between the hours of 8 to 3.Monday-Thursday and we as an observer all Holidays. Once they figure what a Holiday is, but that will be a head knocker for those in prison.

Derrick added it as a joke. Stating extra time off, to play in the sun and they went for it. Mama Bear kicked out three members that were sitting at the head of the table while she when up front pointed her wand at the white broad as crystals at the bottom reviled the ten-page file in order so all can see it. Giving one example of how it is to be filled out right on down to last page requiring four of the signature hers once the document has made it back to her. They all groaned thinking how much work it was, as she slammed down 200 pages in triplicate. Creating complete silence said. “If I see one piece a paper from this files ever again. I will bust you down to janitor on the lower levels for 3000 years to the day.

“I will know because right now I have ordered our clerks in this office to burn these files to make room for this file. Not a single prisoner is being released or being transferred without this file already being signed as of 9 o’clock today. It is now 1 o’clock Tuesday afternoon and prisoner are backed up waiting on transfers to new cells and old prisoner are being released on good behavior. Plus the fact we still have large amount still coming in from around the realms that have been captured that will need accommodation with nowhere to put them because of the back-flow.

“The worst this is, we are in the middle of one the largest game known here. Where all can make a lot of money in the ring these boys are bringing up some of their prisoners and getting them in shape just for that and reintroducing their sentence and putting them back into the program. We have accommodation. Council of Light to clean up our act. We have finally made some real changes with Derrick and his backers allowing us to do just that. We have become fat and lazy.

"We used to be known as the worst prison known to wizard or lazy. Now the rumors are getting out that this place we have built is a place for wimps, a little slice of Heaven if not Heaven itself. We are the joke and right now bad of the bad do not fear us, in fact, they rejoice the moment they are told they get to pass through these gates. We are nothing more than nurses fixing their little booboos. Someone up top has leaked out that they know a secret to opening Hess’s cell now that has been moved. Someone yesterday in the hallway passed me said the prisoner under Sar’s and her pals were getting a free pass to answer for why they score so high instead of their own merit.

“Sar’s has earned her potions after dedicating over 900 generations of flawless service to her clients she is giving up her role as a manservant after the games. After her chosen prizes have earned their justly reward. She and her clan will move out of the city with those few that have also given their service here; which is why we have cut back our workload and set reasonable business hours. Now then you have work to do and so do I if you like to set up an appointment with these three gentlemen you may do so after you have seen to yours.” The room was all panic as they collected all their jackets and extra cookie to go leaving Sar’s and Derrick and Lord Clark with three Chief and editors. Mama Bear closed the door and went back to her desk, leaving them to it.

The Chef leaned back, putting on his poker face, which looked more like jack-o’-lantern with hair and pudgy nose and eyes made of Cole. Staring back at you, he was quite well rounded as he has had way too many of Mama Bears cookies. He went by the name as Dale Lineman. He said steeping his fingers as he cracked his fingers and knuckles. “So this it, you're hanging up the shingle and seeking those yellow stars all three of you I imagine.”

Sars and her grandfather laughed. “And why not, do just that, I and my daughter started this when it was just one small building; wanting a place to put people that had nothing but true darkness in them. However, Dale, you and I have been good friends most of our lives here. So you know just about how old my granddaughter and I are, and swore to us in blood you never tell anyone. I am asking you to keep that promise if you and your two sons are willing to swear an oath to what really going on here and help us retire with some dignity.

“Derrick here will be taken over this office once we get everything set up for him. He will be taken my place on the council here according to the Council of Light after he has everything he needs from me. Now then I expect your staff to be jammed up for a good hour or two if not they can wait in line until we come back. I hate sitting around in one place for too long it makes me look I am standing still, something I am not used to doing in a very long time.”

Lord Clark led them across the hall and around the corner that said meeting room including a smaller conference room. He unlocked the door and re-locked then pulled a hidden lever behind some picture as the room spun completely around; finding a docking station. He said it was to the driver it was just the 6 of them, as he bowed after telling him not too. The three guest eyes popped wide opened seeing the hidden passageway and transit lily pads under the ground of the entire prison, filled with miniature little lights. They tried to ask where they were being taken to only to be silenced with a finger. As the rush of water came up and sent them on their way.

Within minutes they were rising to the top looking over a large valley in the afternoon sun were men and boys were plowing the fields and tent house was being set up and the main town structures were being built. Everyone was in awe as they rounded that corner and dipped down into the cave to the platform. Dale jumped out first yelled. “You’re kidding me? You’re building a brand new town with all those prisoners that have been paroled early and all your 20 charges, and ferrying them back and forth to and from the prison. How in the good Oracles name did you swing that including the sunshine and clear water? And the munificent waterfalls only the Oracle and the King of living…tell me everything I will sign pay swore any oath you like just to get in those doors.”

Derrick laughed. “Tell me how much you would pay to have a piece of that then 10 times that. Then ask me if that’s enough. For what we are about to ask you to do.” They all knew they had a short budget and the loss was killing them. Someone was taking their best fighters and turning them and giving high rewards up front then low rewards when they were useless to anyone else. The grass was always greener in Hell when it the price was always right. They each talked it over and put everything on the table the more they put up, the less satisfied they were with that price to be submitted afraid of being turned down.

Finally, they said they would have to walk way, Dale said. “But if you take my two boys who are good soldiers and were good farmers back in the day and their families. I will use everything I got to pay their way. And pay you the rest when I can.

Derrick circle the wagons and they whispered said. “Well, it was not exactly the question we wanted to hear Dale. It wasn’t a question about money other than how much would you give. Of yourself and your two boys and their families; Money we have, the land we have, and honest people like you we are in short supply of. We are running out of those as the light dims in the very prison we built to house those that might gain a second chance. Its time to try something different this is the way of doing just that.

“All we are asking is to be judged and be found clean take on a quest by the Oracle that controls these lands. When that happens you will be allowed to come and go as you please as if going to work each day, setting your own hours, simplifying your lives as it should be. With same perks of staying immortal until the city is called to rise among the realms, No one must know of this location not if it mattered for they could not enter these doors without the Oracles permission. Now would you like to have a look a around or not? And pick out a nice piece of Heaven for the ones you love?”

It was Sars turn to place then stones as her grandfather instructed tonight they will be perfectly set in stone with the rest of the gems as the cave is then closed off forever and a new underground rail system much bigger she has been told will be built and catacombs for a new library of all the books and the files copied and transferred here. The moment the six of them walked out of the blessed light their eyes shown with Oracles light proving once more they worthy to enter her valley.

Right away they felt something had been taken and replaced as they breathed the clean air for the very first time. Walking down dirt streets with children running barefoot something they could never do in the swamps or near the prison. Fresh clothes hung from the line as men and young boys bore the marking of hard labor and summers tan. Mothers bathed their young ones while others swam in the clean lakes. Dale and his two boys Ralph and Hank unbuttoned theirs and flung them over a fence and placed their work boots and socks left them there. As they dived into the water watching their father watches and soon joined them.

Derrick laughed as he shrugged his shoulders said. “It had to be the sun or the lake that sold them.” Sar’s and her grandfather couldn’t resist the temptation besides it was just the six of them this afternoon Mama Bear had arranged nice lunch for her boys but would be very unhappy if they got their suits dirty to go swim in the lake. They were extra careful taking off their suits as one of woman that Mama Bear assigned to them picked up their suits and their guest as well yelling back, make sure they use a bar soap while they are in there and a good dose of shampoo under the waterfall. Handing Derrick the soap and a soft brush telling him where the men like to bathe with little more privacy and he could use a bath as well and get behind those ears some. She’ll be by for a trim and a fitting for the clothes their guests are warning just made the burn pile. As she put her nose to them and forced them away. Seeing their boots had seen better days.

By the time they were cooled and being trimmed and given new clothes to wear everything but shoes or a shirt telling them the can just put themselves to work in the fields with the rest of the men or downstream bring in the lumber to be cut. While her husband the cobbler is seen to their shoes, but will be ready by the time they leave here today. Then placed them back into guest’s hands; None of them seemed to mind about a little extra work as they placed a stamp where they would like their house to be built not daring doing more than that until their wives got here. Like good husbands.

All they saw to was seed; acreage which each person was given an equal share providing he could work that much land. Once that was done and they are seen to the large town drawing they ate and discussed work under a nice shade tree. They all hated it when it was time to go back even for a few hours of work, but the sun would still be up for 6 more hours. There would not be a thing to pack for they laughed about as their wives would give them hell over it taking barely a suitcase. What more would they need a change of clothing for one or possibly two? Boys all their boys would be fine, the moment they see the valley and the huge lake to swim in and things to do. The hardest part will be putting them to bed every night as they quickly fall asleep telling us how their not tired they are.

Ralph said. “So basically you are asking us too come work for you in the file department making one department where all the files are kept instead string them out all across the prison. Using short files indicating the paperwork has been seen to our job would making sure each department complies with each of the files given. The question is can we keep the same hours you do, now that we live in the valley and commute to work each day. Instead of living at the prison 24/7 working around the clock some weeks for very little pays or spends very little time with our families.

“Whoever made that rule should be buried were Hess is. With no return slip. The fact that prison runs around the clock forever doesn’t mean its staff should or its employees. I think a new system should be in a place where there is a change over every 6 hours at random. So that everyone that works there gets a break and is given three or four days to work. It should be hell for them not their employees and not for those trying to earn a second chance.” Everyone agreed as their lily pad made it back to the main building. Watching Sars give him a tip telling there will be a large group coming in a few hours. He nods stating he'll be waiting and pass on down the line.

Derrick opened the office door letting Dale and his sons in telling Mamma Bear that has signed on and said. “They will need office space down the hall for Dale his two sons will be transferred as to new main office once it is built for now they will be trailing back and forth with library crew and under Derrick. They only came back to surprise their wives with a new promotion and take them on a grand tour. They are taking the rest of the day off. While Derrick and Lord Clark see to their affairs Sars will see to cleaning out their office and have everything moved here so you ladies can go through it at your leisure or leave it for the night staff. So you and the girls and be home in time for dinner. In which your husband and your boys have spent hours in cooking it. Just for their special wives under starlight. I think they might need a little assistance thou.”

Mama Bear said. “Yes, I see it took him half a day to set up the tent where he wanted, before I caught him and the boy’s skinny dipping in the lake, reminding they were still in their human form, that humans do not do that except for small children. I have had to make several pairs of pants like suspenders and nearly stitch them on so didn’t matter what form they took they weren’t offending anyone. Made my husband swore he would make sure he wore his as well as his sons. But not trusting them I finally gave up finding nice little lake further in the valley just perfect for our clan so it that happened us mothers won’t have to fret until the newness wears off living in human form again by the way I have seen to your boys schedule and planned everything out a least two months considering how busy you three are at the moment. I have taken the liberty of sending out your files you boys will be needing while you are away on business.

”I just need each of your signature and your new wax stamp that has arrived when you were out, and I have registered and licensed that all signature your three sign and partners within the companion that you have issued as of noon today are valued all signatures on all documents, sales and purchases and transfers that are signed by the three of you by each of you are no longer valid as of noon today. Those requesting a new signature may request one through this office as of noon today. Therefore all are in according to the law of the court prison section 79-3B. Paragraph H line 155, section C.”

They each signed and placed the ring and the marker into each of their sterling silver briefcases. Hung a closed sign on the door, leaving the girls to lockup; Dale and his two boys followed them out the door handing Mama Bear their keys to their office walked into their office and said. “You're all fired if you want a job I expect you to be interviewed with Mama Bear. She runs the Sars, Derricks and Lord Clark's billing and filing system. I am retiring at the end of the year and transferring everything over to Derricks and Lord Clark's as well as my granddaughter who is going to be taking my place sometime in the near future. She is giving up her post the moment the games are over and working for Derrick in his law office. You have 5 minutes to collect your things and will have your paychecks ready then I am locking these doors for good.”

He paid out cash and bonus to those that had earned leaving a note for Mama Bear to see her first thing. The rest wasn’t worth a tinkers damn as he waited for the cleanup crew that cleaned everything out into a hollow shell in a matter of minutes as Mama Bear let the night staff put their best hands on it. All that was left was to surprises their wives and family stopping at the flower shop and clothing shop getting laughed at because they asked for a pair of swim trunks for their boys and them. Having them state. “You got to be kidding me you want to take a swim in our swap go ahead, in fact, we will pay you to do it. They’ll skin you each to the bone quicker then you can say bad idea fellas,” laughing them all the way down the street. The thing was if they knew they wiped that silly grin right off their faces one look at that large lake and several others and warm sunshine. They’d be rich selling swimwear.

Derrick asked how old their boys were they said. “The same age other children are that were skinning dipping” Derrick laughed catching the joke. Remembering summer days swimming with his brothers and his friends how modesty just wasn’t an issue when came to having the day of fun in a nice cool lake.

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