Chapter 2

Chapter 2

A Chapter by Shep

Chapter 2

They didn’t have a lot of time looking at clock tower that said 4 pm normally that time of day didn’t matter as much as it did now when they look up at unlit sky colored greenish black with no signs of fresh green grass or stars or beautiful lake a clean smell that filled your lungs when you breathed. Here you coughed your lungs out from the pungent order of the swamp. You hated the sky as it bore nothing but darkness with a nagging memory of a time you saw the sun and the moon. Now just like the prisoners, They have joined the hell they belong to. Questioning when will they get a chance to see the sun again? When can they be with their families? When did they become the prisoners? An answered question that needed an answer, but who do they ask? And who are the one responsible for this for happening in the first? It was Derrick job to find out and help them change it or there will be no prison to run to restore the balance.

But now wasn’t the time, it was time to start a new path so something bigger can happen. These people have been in prison too long and hidden the prisons darkness. It was his job to bring into the light and fill the prison with light. His brother Nathanial’s light. Three days he has tried to contact him and yet he has not heard from him except to tell him. ‘The Council Of Light has fallen and has become corrupted, how far is undetermined “you're on your own little brother. I have sent aid to help you, use it, to get things started.’ On the back, he was given 8 names that would lead him to more once inside the prison his self. He still had 4 more to go, but for now, all he could do was put on nice suit and play the game of hosts to those moving to a new land.

He could do that, but what he really wanted to do was bury himself in paperwork and learn all he can in days instead of years. However, he did make one breakthrough as he came across an old diary regarding the Dark Isles Sybil where the black plague might have come from. There was an old map, but it was too weathered to read and looked centuries old like generations old during old wars that have long passed, however, the rest of the book was unreadable due to a heavy damage or a spell inscription he hadn’t had a chance to look at it since due to the crazy hours they keep here.

He may be immortal, but he did like to sleep at least 10 hours of restful sleep. He felt more rested in the mind and the body. So he suggested it the moment he said how he works. It was a new concept more so when he added the three day work week and holiday. Having them give it try knowing the moment they felt the sun on their backs and cool silky lake water, they would be sold instantly. Come on who could pass that up?

Derrick and his two pals waited outside the corridor as they heard wives nagging about where are they going and why no more than two suitcases one for clothes and one for family items we can live without rest we can make due and what’s all this secrecy about. You won’t even let us say goodbye to our friends. Are you all in some trouble is that why we are having to all leave….? They soon stopped talking seeing Lord Clark and Derrick which put them more on the edge as they quickly found their tongues and bowed to them apologizing. He laughed and said nothing just placed one of his paws of over his nose and invited them into the room as he counted heads asking is everyone here, pets including they looked strangely at one another as if was some sort of joke, pretend to laugh.

Whispering in husband ears that had sworn to tell them nothing, making them all even more nervous as the room spun around watching their eyes go wide as several attendants seen to their luggage and helped ladies and children board the lily pads. Then listening to the children squeal with delight as they came to a stop rising to the top of the hill and around the hard bend and stopped; to gaze as their wives and children gasped up at the sun lowering in the sky and the bell in the new clock tower ringing 4 pm.

A gust of wind from the south tickled their nose as they turned their heads downward seeing the large waterfalls and clear crystal lakes were the children were swimming in. Bathing suits not required seeing a sign for those 12 and up mothers and children asking where are the prisoners? Where are the guards and the menservants? And still, they wouldn’t answer as the lily pads made down the hill and unloaded its passengers.

One by one they stood in the Oracles light as they passed through the gates leaving their lives behind. Their husband asking their wives if they needed anything from their old run down place, leaving a soft kiss on his lips. Ralph wife said. “Not thing dear. I have you and my four young boys and a piece of Heaven. What more could you give me, but a house in this bountiful land that Oracle herself has created for us? I believe you have work to do before supper, while I let children explore without a care or a single worry. I plan to sleep in a bed under this sky with you beside me;

“I doubt I can’t get the boys inside a tent after seeing that lake and those trees and I could careless knowing they are perfectly safe here. Let them fall sleep outside for a change with all their friends that have moved here.” She kissed him and sent her family away and joined the other women to learn all about their new home. While their husband set up tents for their family until proper homes could be built.

Derrick followed suite to the main tent known as the builder’s tent. Where the builders waited with tons of questions, like will be sunshine every day or will there be rain seasonal or not. Derrick simply answered yes and yes, to plan all sorts of weather causing mail storm of questions regarding when and how often. He laughed opened up and an old book he found on earth in regards to weather patterns stated “something like this and ten times that in full season. And got up and walked away, took off his shirt pull on his work overalls and his gloves and started to lay pipe off the delivery truck with the rest of the men.

He didn’t say anything more, just went to work before him as he smiled as a portal opened with a large load of wagons full of lumber, cattle and horses and Nathaniel leading them. Then smiled as the men pointed with a wave and hustle without being asked to where they wanted the cattle for now until the barns could be raised the lands had proper fences. And where to put the first batch of wood and supplies they will need near the new lumber mill ready and already working overtime splitting logs for housing structures.

It was nice four day weekend as the everyone had tired muscles and hearty voice like long vacation, but all vacation end like when that 8:30 bell rings at the breakfast table as their wives pack them a nice hearty lunch and had pressed suits and ties with the finest quality of line money can buy right down to brand new pair of shoes that said. I made to work to put bread on my families table, You sir are my prisoner, never forget that.

Mama Bear smiled as she took a gander of all her handiwork, the builders did her pound knocking out several walls and making several new offices with the best offices while in the middle the clerks work at their own private desk wearing button-down shirts and ties the geek and nerdy wearing comfortable ties they were shield by frosted glass walls two inches thick boxed in but with clear glass doors with the latest Tec she could find for her clerks. She arranged each of her girls at certain points in their own office and their own private secretary.

All the files were located downstairs where the some of the office space had come from. The main office was in the back behind large mahogany doors with gold trim where she would oversee any appointments of the one that had appointments behind those doors while working on special assignments. She was wiped, to say the least, she wanted everything to look good when her boys came to work that Monday and when the royalty arrived to see about their progress. Thank the Oracle for magic as she quickly polished the counter as the clock struck 9 Am and the doors opened. As she waited for the hour hand to move watching the monitor as the secret entrance stated she had minutes before their arrival at the door more like a soft sprint.

She patted her hair and breathed as she strained her skirt that fit her new curves nicely, “and that tan oh my, that’s going set rumors off. Who cares I am a free woman now. I have every right to look good.” She checked off everything 6 newspapers, six cups of coffee and a large blueberry muffin freshly baked fresh just the way they like them.” The door opened automatically as she waited. For her boys smile, as they gasped at their new office space. She said. “What your looking at is the foyer where people wait in comfort but not as comfortable considering their not your special clients.”

She each hand them a paper, a cup, and a muffin while her secretary unburdens them with their briefcase and followed along behind them. She opened the doors to the left first as they looked up to find not a single dome anywhere in the ceiling instead of plastic cheap lighting fixtures with lighting with light gold tin paneling. They blinked how bright it was compared to the regular gems lighting. She opened two more doors which were frosted glass as she reviled said. “The new clerk's offices and secretaries and the higher-ups that know about filing as you suggested. Believe me, they are worth the money we are paying them. They work clean and they follow or company policy.

“I have updated the dress code as you see, so everyone knows they work for us and only us. They have a game room and break room and small kitchen area for making anything they like with two stalked coolers 24/ 7. I took Derricks scheduling advice running six-hour shifts in a random order. Giving them the same option of a four day weekend; to use how they wish; Like the company pool and spa, a weight room or a night on the town to see a play or an opera of their choosing. Part of the gold club card benefit, plus allowing them to a chance to a rebuild on their housing for doing extraordinary work like signing up to be part of the research team cataloging everything they find. So we find it quickly in our new database.

“All the files have been moved and cataloged into our new date base which consisted one entire floor below us and only access to us and me you at a click of a key on a keyboard. Or if you like a hologram created by my husband that he has spent a lifetime working on and late nights in our basements will search the data for you and bring up on a screen which I will show you; next.”

Mama Bear made a second right leading back down the corridor noting if they needed to they can go right through this door and another to escape for the day. But she wanted to show the grandeur of all their hard work paying off. “Something that will impress your new client’s, new clients besides having to go off-world to share their secret when they just buying and selling goods and service the prison needs now to function.”

Clara continued her tour as they made their way back to the starting point. Already the lobby was filling up as manservant came in blinked at Sars and bowed to Derrick and Lord Clark telling their prisoner to do likewise. They watched... were told to pick a number and have seat and a clerk will be right out; Placing a clipboard pad and pin and twenty pages of questions to fill out while waiting. Watching large red light, and green light, light up. And clerk comes out calling the person and the manservant they are with inside the clerk's office. The green light turned off stating that all clerks were now busy with clients. Clare said. “Without question a far much better system.”

She drew their attention back to the two large doors as she opened them personally. As someone cried “Aren't you going to help ?” Sar’s cringed running back then stopped, as the man and his wife pleaded with them. Sar’s cringed. Asking to see their paperwork, finding out it was the old form and they had been sitting for 4 days while waiting for them to get back. The charges seemed light, and as passed it on to Derrick and Lord Luke. As Derrick asked the manservant how many in the group came with them he said 200 hundred and another three are expected tonight.

“You thought the last bunch was the worst of the worst you haven’t begun to touch the ice burger that’s heading this way. Morgan has left his soldiers to rot and pillages as he goes into hiding. So the rumor has said from his top commanders to his lowest pot cleaner. All he said this war is not over, he will find a way to bring back his soldiers to fight by his side along with his master. As they hunt for the five keys of destiny. Many of them called him crazy, now the question is can he accomplish it and if can we are about to be overrun.” The room froze with that kind of news, circling about.

Derrick said. “I will be calling a meeting in the large dining hall for every employee that works for us starting from top to bottom. Until everyone hears my voice and the council voice that is to arrive tonight to see how I am progressing before the games will continue on. Mark my words well there will be changes, on how things are run around here. Old standers made new, old laws made new that make more sense. Scheduling just for starters; find a hole and place your prisoners and lock them up nice and safe.”

By the time the air cleared and foyer was empty the green light came back on as their menservants clients gaps seeing how fast the service was while Clara had some fill them in. “So it seems my little surprise is going to be ruined.”

Derrick said. “Of course not. My dear, I have been on pins and needles the very moment you said hologram. Now back in the early days on earth, they had a wooden box that showed day time TV where it was like different plays you would see on a blank and white screen. It was very amusing like record players and old Jukeboxes and radios. I should see if I can get my hands on a couple of those just for your pleasure.

“Know then my dear show us our office so we can get a nice good break before I tear down the rafters, I assuming I can expect plans to back up everything I said out there. Plus how soon we can act by our Royal guest get here inform me when the other three judges get back as well. I will no longer be needing the royal suite so move my things to my private quarters and put a rush on that pool and spa so the judges may get a quick glimpse of it knowing the King himself and his two daughters will prefer the real thing tonight after the games.

“Also my dear make sure you and the girls leave the moment you give the grand tour and meet us at the site with flowers and buggy for our guests. Remember to make sure you choose a nice spot near the water for their stay here. They mentioned how dry the air was here last time. When it comes to water people you must keep water running beneath their feet at all times. Please tell me…”

She kissed his little check, said. “Everything is as you asked this whole thing filled with clean filtered water, as to make sure they will fill right at home I even included office space for his majesty to workout of why he is here. Now leave it to your Mama Bear and see your plans flourish before your eyes.” The 6 boys gasped at all the space they had the large conference room in the middle with clear glass windows and high Tec toys, to play with. Again a ceiling had been changed with gold leaf molding and copper plating the rugs were soft and cool to the touch bountiful ocean blue with dolphins chasing the up and down the walls; With very large fish tank hidden inside the far walls near their escape route.

The windows in each of their offices were made of magical glass that changed show the different scenes of their new township. It made them feel closer to their families hard at work and hard at play. Their desks were made of rich redwood made for a king and large table where they can draw or view sketches on site. The phone had one number. Clara as she would be the one answering and taking their calls. She lived to serve her boys and Sar’s the best friend she has ever known. She pressed a blue little button on Derricks desk as a hologram of Clara came up and said. “Hi, how can I help you.” Clara said. “go on it will recognize your voice. Giver her a real challenge.”

Derrick said. “The first world war during the earth realm 1600 hundred who was Napoleon and what side did he fight for?”

Everyone gasped not knowing that answer, but Clara trusted her clerks and the database they spent long hours building.

The holograph laughed as she waged finger at him. “Derrick how dare you trick a trickster. Napoleon fought on two fronts, one for the British and later for France when they both were at war, he was sailed the seven seas plunging his ship into the rocks of his birthplace and said for France I give my life for she is my heart but the seas are the British shall never overtake her.

“I have a picture of the ship and the manifest of the cargo they were carrying an odd note there was a treasure map marked personal in his belonging with an x with the word Sybil islands of the dead. And according to our records, Napoleon never died he was captured and sent to Cross Bone Gate Prison soon after for war crimes. Expected to be released undetermined due to loss of paperwork. Current date when placed is estimated when he died on earth’s realm 1610; ordered by the Council of Light, when Hess ruled the twelve before killing Morgan’s father in secret.

“I am now searching for his cell and level. The file has been recently removed from the system, time stamp shows 6 days before the arrival of King Salsern and guests. However, there has been no paperwork showing the transfer of any bodies being moved or released since then. Other then the ones under the classified the Dark Prince; which was flagged due to paperwork being changed in midstream; pulling up the manservant in charge of the prisoner. Should I alert the guards or would you like to set a trap, continue the search of Napoleon archives?”

Derrick said. “No, I rather set a trap can you can place the prison on lockdown saying it is a drill or something. I want a full lockdown count down the works timed starting now. Clara grabs a list, you may need it so we can see what works and what doesn’t… last time I checked. This place has never been on lockdown since being built.” Hologram Clara was still standing by as she runs data and reports as it spat out of a machine faster than water as cracks and sirens went off, windows half closed or didn’t close bars and doors didn’t lock walls came crashing down inside and out long the prison itself.

Smoke and fire burst into flame as there were only working sprinklers wherein the new parts Clara had recently brought up to code. Studying office design and prisons all over the realms; at last, the bells stopped blaring and someone turned off the water main. Derrick said. “Clara I changed my mind, bring everyone in that corridor to my office either portal or by a guard and put that prisoner somewhere safe so we can determine who he is, and what he knows.

“I also need a full detail of the damages in one hour and something to chew on when we go home tonight providing if we can go home. Remind me to get a spanking for breaking entire prison on first week alone on the job; which probably set us back months in repairs, I rather if the choice was mine, I'd scrap the entire building and start from the ground up. There is a whole lot. I forgot ground me I know about. That some of these prisoners would and staff could thrive on. But I am not nothing more than new guy on the block with very little pull. I have yet to earn my stripes, which was why I was sent here first. With quick little reminder, Rome wasn’t built in a day.”

Derrick hung up his coat and took off his tie, but Clare insisted they all dress the part while working here. That showed that you were in charge. Not them when are about to give them hell not welcome to hell speech or sorry I broke your god awful prison before the Royalty was about to arrive. He knew King Salsern better than anyone here. He didn’t stand on formality because he was king. He worked just as hard as they do. To keep things running right, if it didn’t work he wanted to know why and how to fix it. Then get his hands dirty in the process until he was no longer needed; which was why his kingdoms loved him.

He was always looking for bold new ideas to make things run more efficiently. It was inefficiently he didn’t tolerate. Or see his gifts squandered he liked thing in neat numbers that showed profit and loss statements. After today they leaning more into the loss part now that Derrick has officially broken the prison. But that wasn’t going to be his sales pitch as Lord Clark blasted off the doors to the main dining room looking at scared faces as their prison is falling apart around them.

Lord Clark paced up and down in front. Said in a loud roar that shook the plaster off the walls a little bit more and light crushing down to the floor. “That’s right feel scared, knowing all of you have failed in a big way. All of you griping and wining to the point my ears bleed our ears bleed at night as you some of you have forgotten who you are and your duties along with it. I am tempted to fire you all and put those that are prisoners back in their cells for long winters nap. Or send many of you to join them after ordering a total prison shut down which according to our archives we haven’t had so much as a drill since the place was first built as small jailhouse on the rocks…

“So no I do not apologize for breaking our prison which may take months to rebuild from the ground up. Many of you have seen the new offices that these 6 guys have built using their collect winnings hard earned income. The only part of the building that didn’t shake didn’t leak or catch fire and still in working order. Derrick has been left in charge while we are teaching him how a prison is run. And run right. Sars my granddaughter has been promoted as a full partner of my company that runs our books here, along with Dale and his to sons Ralph and Hank and I. Derrick to has his office with us as well since none of you have even offered.

“This is Clare, some of you may know her as Mama Bear. She is a free woman and so is her husband, they have agreed to work for us. Since she and he are no longer prisoner Sars has given back her human side, again but make no mistake she is in charge if we are here or not. If the sign says closed and your packets haven’t made to through that door by at least 2 pm; nothing leaves her desk until the following morning. We are no longer giving up our time free time that we could be spending at home with our families. This is a prison we didn’t ask to be the ones to be placed inside as the prisoners for crimes we did not commit. You should remember that next time you take your manservant for granted. Or a Judge that hears hundreds upon hundreds of cases day after day. 24/ 7 begging for a break.

“Now then if you would all turn to the first page Clara and Derrick will begin with today’s lecture, why find some builders to fix this mess for now adding to the Band-Aids and chewing gum. We are now running at full capacity; with six random shifts 7 days a week, with alternate 4 day weekends for each of the shifts not including holidays. To spend with their families… Our main offices hours are from 9 to 3 and were scheduled out so far two months in advance, but sometimes we may take office calls if it is important enough after all we hired the best so we wouldn’t have to when we are away. We pay them 7 times the amount any of you can afford and they, in turn, give us their best. We have been open two days and projections sales have tripled.”

Clara worked her through using her hologram to show the project of sales they have made in the last few months and the timeline using the new chart showing that if they charge a 20% annual fee for each prisoner they house here. Verses no fee at all they wouldn’t be stuck with so many unheard cases and few crimes that don’t seek the punishment they currently asked to keep with no questions asked. If they end up ruling that prisoner does not belong here we simply send them back clean as the whistle of course with a large processing fee. We can then use this money to building expensive, and entertainment for us and the prisoners during rehabilitating them. Which can be also be used for more money in out pockets something nobody has seen in a very long time.

Derrick took over, “Speaking of money you would need a place to spend it. I have several maps where this portion of the prison can be rebuilt at half the costs there is no reason for what we can tell that this part of the prison needs to be here any longer since Hess and Morgan’s prison who will be soon to be caught will be entombed with Hess spirit form and his worst army buddies which are to arrive sometime tonight. My plan is to build a new prison and outbuildings. Notice the plan on the screen before you, sunshine year-round, green grass and a large lake with trees as far as the eye can see. with high mountain tops...

“that’s the outside of the prison. now the prison itself not so glamorous hard sand and barbwire electric high fencing. Including several gladiator courts for the ring of challenge where find a large outside court filed with comfortable bleacher seats and awnings for shade. Below to the right a beverage stand selling popcorn, beer, snack foods, and cold and hot sandwiches also increasing or profit margin. We can sell a ton of stuff for people player of choice by keeping a stats card.

“Over here about 3 miles from work a place small town where we will build a brand new town with the latest designs you pick form a list. Adding features you want at a cost that you can afford. With your new steady income... As employees you will have something called a gold card that allows you to shop downtown with 20 percent off the regular price, and have access to the outdoor pool you and your families and many others things like plays and the opera, which none of the prisoners will get unless they work for you and give them a silver card limiting to a few things, after all, where are they going to go? They are not hardened criminals like the ones being left here in the new Cross bone Gate prison. In they will be in a real prison with the same rules as here where immortality sucks for them. For miss behaving, stop punishing yourself and take back your prison and stop being the prisoner.

“That’s all I have for you today. I am sure Clara has work assignments for each of you; since we do have the Royal family coming back tonight.” All he heard was rude comments that everything was fine how it was before he came here poking his nose into everyone’s business as the papers and the words fell to the floor on deaf ears some kept them though which was a good sign he hopped.

Lord Clark entered the room and tsked as he put his arm around him. “The good news is they didn’t hiss or throw rotten fruit at you. I say bag this place and have a grand old feast where the people truly matter. King Salsern will be bone tired after listening to my brother and my sister for the last two weeks. He’ll kill to have a break before doing anything more. I have been through the place. Wiring all bad, who it and when their all sawing logs below the third level anyway?

“The ceiling can’t be fixed or patched neither can half the windows since they been shattered. Builders say it broke and with no power through most of the building structure. It will be three hours before will be knee deep in prisoner stew. I saw the map nice place to send a few prisoners for a long camp out maybe they’ll kill each other. Better yet we’ll send or Jailers old fashion gift with lots food for them and wake a few ghosts to see if they would like help stand to guard its been a while since they been off-world it might get the response we needed a warning, to those trying to leave by a portal.” He flicked his wand sending and SOS picking up one of the fallen pamphlets off the floor.

Telling someone to relocate to these accordance. To look for a big care package, he did another SOS call sending said package and found roaming ghost as they all watched him give evil smile grabbing the pamphlet and howled like a cold wind leaving a cold shiver as several ghosts floated to the top of the ceiling causing swirling black portal to open watching thousands upon thousand disappear into the darkness.  The entire ceiling came crashing down in pieces as everyone was run for cover under a large magical blanket held by Lord Clark counting heads as Derrick, Ralph and Hank searched every inch of the place finding several more.

When all clear was given he released his thread watching the ceiling hit the floor causing a cave-in of the second and third floor. As wire sparked and hung loosely and small fires were being put out. Derrick led everyone out of the building and stuffed as many into their office space as he can. Having Clara scrambled to finding space somewhere in the city. Housing wishing they could use their secret base but knowing he couldn’t outside people saw the main prison falling down in ruins for the first time in all their lives.

By the time the Royal family arrived by portal Clara had everything under control just barely. She had tripled the cells that were usable lined the corridors with prisoners with two guards each while the menservants protected them against falling objects at moments notice while they waited to be evacuated right now it was all hands on deck as she made SOS call to her husband to send all the men and wives back set up a baby-sister showing a “video-cam”.. Everyone was a mess covered in blankets and dirt debris, while the sleeping prisoner lay sleeping in corridors under protecting webbing. Derrick was just making his sixth trip off world to another realm he was looking for a new prison, but the environment was too deadly. So he picked this one, using Nathaniel help as quickly set up a base camp with some friends of his.

He had just stepped out when King Salsern picked leaded another group Yelled. “Hurry men this place won’t stand for long. We need to get them to where Derrick is before it all crash down around us. Then we will clear the city street by street. I leave for two weeks and you guys decided to run a full lockdown without me. If I would have known that I would have brought popcorn son. Now lets us see if we can help our people the best we can. And then I would like a nice hot bath and a hot meal and a very soft bed. And a very long nap. “If you get my meaning and as far away the better.”

The had old army tents lined up within an hour a washtub of water standing by for king Salsern as he laughed himself silly What I am not that old son there’s water enough here on this godforsaken planet I think I might have traveled here once looking for a spot for Prison itself said no not mean enough and they didn’t deserve all this nice sunshine, that’s when I discovered that godforsaken swamp thinking it was perfect for what we all needed to put the worst of the worst prisoners in however. I didn’t think things through I didn’t think about the people needed to run it.

“I didn’t think about releasing them and skills they would need to carry on when they are released. I thought about nothing else but the anger inside of me for what they did to me and my family and to our kingdom. In truth, I should not have been the one to start it in the first place. I should have handed it off the idea to some else so I can grieve. There was plenty of new blood back then who I could of have trusted. Many of them have passed, into the history books or died in wars over the centuries. Ones that are left are old and senile that deserve immortality and still do if I could give them a new purpose to live.

“No I say tear it down, tear it all down except for the one main building yours and Hess and Morgan’s entire building no one, I mean no one is to touch that monstrosity until we can build something that can never be found again. Now then can we go back to the prison I need a recorder of the full account to show those idiots what they caused by prejudging every woman and man that was in either imprisoned in that blasted army of theirs and record of how many bad guys we really caught that really belonged there, that personally could have handled.

“Now then I read the broacher but still like to hear the pitch. He left word with the guards that he has left the building and the Frog with a big loud mouth is in charge with his two daughters have them create lakes or something who knows we might handle them.” He smiled as he took his small wand pointed at a large bear in arguing trying to get everyone to leave him alone, said. “You're coming with me, friend.” Watching him motorize on the other side of or portal locking both worlds down so nobody goes nowhere without him knowing about it. He breathed then coughed “silence at last.” Then, “man, I hate coming here the smell alone excuses me boys. Its time we had a little bit of fresh water.”

Clara said. “No need sir. Our building you see standing in one piece out in the far distance before you has been built from the ground up and is no longer attached to the main prison. It is self-powered and self-sustaining. And more than up to code. Allow me to present the first lily pad transit pad known as the builders swap floater… “ she opens the door and as a driver takes the wheel waiting for her word to start heading outside of the cave; once they were in nice and comfy then lowered the bubbled and filled with nice clean air with little humidifier to keep the king nice and moist in his seat said taking her seat up front. “These for our guest if they choose to travel to work by land or by… well, I leave that surprise for later.”

Clara handed out pamphlets and began introducing the hovercraft. Said touching the window in front of here as it showed the screen in clear picture. “It can seat up to ten passengers and take bio readings of worlds ready for life. It will be able to locate escaped prisoners using the new Kelly system that our company has recently purchased. Once the prisoner has been through our new system, they are given small trackers in 6 places only known to us undetectable by magic or machine except by ours which must have the correct password, voice and retinal and fingerprint.

“Once in gage the device will then tell our Jailer or manservant and headquarters where to find your missing prisoner and will cause the prisoner to go into sleep mode until he is found. This hovercraft as travel up the speeds to 200 miles pre-hours safely on water; it can also be transformed into large caravan made for land and mountain train no matter the clement, just strap on your camping gear and way you go.

“Now back to The Kelly System.” Clara nodded to the drive to go as we jetted over the swamp hurling comfortably 100 knots it felt like they were floating on air. Clara smiled as she watched their eyes catch a flight then continued. “The Kelly System can be transferred to any of our new devices easily and has been customer approval rate of 90% in the omega system were it is built from scratch and solid engineering… Not magic. It was a favorite during its time there and this design is no longer in use; which was why we got for a song and bought over 3 million of them and 80 shares into their company.

“As you can see on screen before you we have made profit twenty-three million dollars in less than a weeks since we became shareholders and investors into their technology. So far we have purchased 6 shares at 45 million dollars, of things we had had plenty of gems from our stock pile which they could use in large quantities if we chose to use a better and cheaper lighting source that can be upgraded with minim costs for those budget pinchers. You find no magic in the new design of anywhere in our offices I assure you, so if you would please follow me as I open the secret doors telling our building that we are entering during a full lockdown drill so you may witness what our building does when this happens.”

She reached into her pocket pulling out a black card and inserted into the indicated slot where the opening for a retinal scan and voice and hand password and whole hand fingerprint. Machine slid out she quickly identified herself as a tray slid out for her purse briefcase. To be scanned as she walked through several steel bars that have been made from special magical items, not spells themselves to resist all magic. She explains. “As you can see the gate and windows are made including the walls I which will give full detail of are magic proof against any type of harmful magic that considers a threat while in lockdown. This place as they say on earth according to Derrick tighter then Fort-Knocks. This is a test of I have cleared all of you in the doors will be closed and remain closed until I open them again.

“Upstairs in the main office, we have roughly 3 floors and basement and two of the floors are full to full capacity the basement is for shipping and receiving and would take twice as long to go through lockdown procedure in that part of the building which why we entered through the main building its self. Forgive me, sir, the flowers have yet to be planted and landscaping out front here as we are standing in atrium bubble again running on its own power the only magic here is the sky above us, and some basic heating lamps. Pleases don’t tell anyone they think it’s the real thing.”

He laughed crossing his lips with his fingers as he pulled Lord Clyde 2nd judge along as he looked up trying to figure out how it could be that easy. He could barely recognize the place everything was brand new as he looked out the window seeing the main prison in rubble and smoke. There was no way of putting that mess back together again. Plus they didn’t have the money to do it. So he had thought. As he looked at this building someone was holding out big time. Lord Clyde said as she opened another set of gates watching the building coming online as they go.

“So you’re telling us that during the last two weeks we have been gone you have built a brand new building from scratch. I hope you have the receipts and the recorded of cost as well for every expense you have made as well as a budget plan to maintain such a building. In a matter of speaking where did all the money come from and what in the hell did you spend it on. Far as I know the treasure vault hasn’t been opened since we the Judges are the only ones with a key and all three keys must be used.”

King Salsern said, “yes I am sure they have everything you want and then some. Please continue by the way Clara you remind me of someone, but I am sure she applied for the early release program.”

Clara smiled said. “They call me Mamma Bear around here, and your right, I regained my human form, in fact, we all did. But I could never leave my boys here and mentor Sars the grand lady of them all. They offered me a job to me to my sisters and partnership into the company they were building her at the prison. And a large salary that would make grown men cry here. If they knew how much each of us girls makes plus benefits. But that’s enough about me, I supposed be showing you our company as high-class clients that you are.

“Now then if you will fallow me we will now enter the main hub where the magic happens. This stuff run of currently 80 employees and 6 supervisors gone are the days here where we keep our Clerks personally hidden, just like us well except for today that is. They are “comfortably” dressed in button-up shirtsleeves shirts and funny ties which call “nerdery” the better and casual slip-on shoes. And funny socks. They each have a desk and state of the art computer again from our Tec Company, that has been connected to our archives here at the prison. The old archives and including library and paintings and as well as all records no matter how big or how small has been registered and digitized into our date bases and shipped hard copy to another company to replicate, restore and then store; for a fraction of the cost as we wait for a suitable place to house it safely.

“The database consists of several creates size computers known as the cold room. You will safely view from a window, because that room cannot be opened for any reason during full prison shut down. We have detected several missing files in the last two weeks and looking for a digital fingerprint and hiring several annalists just waiting on the final signatures to be processed as we speak if you have looked in here you will find a small portion of the date base known as “The Kelly System” Which  I have spoken of earlier.

“You will notice the air chair where the prisoner is suspending in the air after they have been healed showered and dressed ready for their first judgment to begin. Kelly randomly locates six points on the prisoner body than with procession skill insert the tracker while a nurse is extracting blood samples, hair and fingerprints as Kelly gathers the rest with including eye color then prisoner wakes handed a slip and a his and her robe and released to their manservant with cell number ready for occupancy, giving prisoner time to familiarize with his new surroundings why the prison manservant is seeing to her other prisoners. I know that seems impersonal and cold compared to what we used to do. But I assure you will like this next thing about showing you. And this is only for the worst of the worst prisoners waiting to be put on the judgment seat.

“Know then we are entering the elevator that will take us up to the third floor. This structure, when finished, can be built 30 stories high in a block formation with a second building like this with 10 floors when built and filled to capacity, will include the third building structure. Including a large lobby on the first floor and basement to hold all the database I will show you a real-time building display what we have in mind in the near future. Known what we like call the business section of the prison, where the prison itself would be built five to 10 miles from the prison housing district this building would, of course, be the only one nearby for quick transfer and delivery to and from the prison itself.”

The elevator dinged indicating they had reached the desired floor as the light had turned on atomically. King Salsern and Clyde’s eyes popped right open seeing the rich blue carpet and the drop ceiling had changed to more expensive design with crown molding and not a single gem in place just like the rest of the building. That had been filled with artwork lost for centuries and restored as if new. Lord Clyde started to move to the back of third large manuscript running total of costs even though he had been told to enjoy the tour and worry about the money later. She then opened the big doors to where she knew would grab even Old Clyde attention as his glasses fell off his noses and dropped all of his papers; Gasping seeing all the expense as plain as can be. Whispered two words “my treasurery,” as he fell right into a chair.

They all laughed as he cried in tears of all the hard work he spent years collecting, now gone to build this monstrosity. He growled and howled loudly as Mama Bear sat in his lap and said. “Can you trust old Mama Bear for a few moments more, I promise you not a single gold coin came from your hard earned money.” When she was done he was putty in her hands. “Now then I have menus in right here order anything you like and it will be brought up within two hours in the conference room while I show you boys to your new offices. Where you can bathe in a hot bath or a hot shower of your choosing and find a change of clothing for each of you. I for one have been un-lady like enough during office hours.”

Once she Clara was alone her hands shook with nerves as she pulled out her ear bub, which kept her going like well-oiled machine. It felt so good to slip off her shoes and nylons that had so many tears and holes and them, she wondered why she even bothered to wear them. Let’s face it her legs were tan with all the extra sunshine she been getting. She turned on the hot water and took nice long bath knowing her boys would spend time talking about what has just taken place; however none of them including her could mention the off-world city, until the final moment, when Clyde get off the ride of his life.

Right now all he cares about is profit and sales; which was why King Salsern brought him because without him on board we building a brand-new magical prison only to end up right where we are. This time sooner because Morgan and Hess almost destroyed the world of magic altogether. She looked at crystal clock on the wall wishing for another twenty minutes instead got out dried off put on a new outfit and cover girl make up that Derrick found for all his special ladies.

She shook her self and grabbed the ball by the horns grabbed her shoes and briefcase from off the desk having to remember to put her earbud back in dropping her shoes. Said the hell with it, the office is closed today as she quickly grabbed the meal cart and gave a tip for sending it extra special. As the poor boy drooled the moment he saw her open the door. That nearly fell over with his tip to the ground have her pick up say “you are killing it in that dress. Can I get a picture to hang on my wall?” She almost slapped the boy across the face. Then smiled for a pose; thinking what was the harm?

It wasn’t long before food was on the table as wondered where her boys were at then turned around as they were all gasping at her more like drooling like hungry wolves Even Sars seemed to be impressed as she had transformed in to lady form to see how she would look but got no reaction like Clara did. The fact she was barefoot only increased the appeal. She smiled and turned and said. “I didn’t know Sar’s that you could transform.” causing the guys to look in her direction stunned

Sar’s kicked off her heels and tossed them into the corner said. “Yes but been a very long time since any of us wanted to do it other than for our husbands. However, I have been thinking about finding a new mate for my self now since I am no longer in that field anymore… Now I am starved and I am sure we all have worked up appetite while we continue on with your presentation considering I had to miss part of it when the building tries to kill me during the full prison shut down. I rather start there allowing these men to speak for themselves while I watch and listen for a change.”

King Salsern stood said. “I agree but the problem is Clara is the only one here that knows how to uses all these new contraptions….”

Derrick said. “Well, not exactly sir. Her husband built this device in his basement and I took over to our Tec guys and had them play with it and shipped and patented in Clara husband name MBH-1 for short which stands for “Mama Bear hologram,” I have the first one off the market and the original on display here on our trophy wall as the first of many for our brand new company. In these boxes, I have one for each of you take with you. that has access to the archives here and if approved will be linked to others. May I present Mama Bear the number one person we can't live without.”

Derrick pushed the button said. “Mama Bear start the presentation from where Clara left off, using all data available then upload new prison footage from count down of full prison lockdown showing all angles in real time. Please. And for Clyde’s benefit can you provide lists of the cost of this building right down to last nail and screw. As well as the 1-year project of revenues earned using a sliding scale of maintenance for the build, salary the hole kitchen sink printed hard copy and digital to his own MBH-1 before he goes screaming mad about all the money we have spent. Make this presentation active so we may all participate and ask you questions. You may now proceed.”

Derrick sat down in his chair as clerk brought in a large pile of everything Derrick requested with a listing including file numbers and spreadsheets and glossary in color. Cataloged all rolled in one big cart as King Salsern said in a whispered “I believe lad that’s all yours. I am glad you are going through it and not me. I am good with broacher version myself.” He raised his hand and said. “Stop. Mamma Bear; so you are saying everything you spent in building cost as recouped by self-earnings of employees and staff and the rest came for mining of worn out gems that I couldn’t sell to anyone. You did buy several companies in different realms. That other's had access to and for a small percent of doing business with your company alone made 81 million dollars in two weeks time. Holly Oracle boys; what in the damn nation did you spend my money on that I gave you to fix up the place?”

Derrick said. “Seed money to get started, but now we don’t need it we have our own locked away in a nice safe place. Like she said our company pays the best salaries that no one can beat because we can afford it. And they keep paying us for the product we sell and sale directly through them. Since we have the round the world or realms shipping at low-cost day or night or mater of an hour depending on where they are. We call it the bouncing bunny mail service. We take their products and ship them to someone that needs them and buy a package of each of companies we find we like to invest in.” 

“Right now we are working on the food crisis, and with the lack of builders here we have designed but no way to put them into action. We simply don’t have enough people to run everything as of yet. And so we got creative slowing everything down. So we can solve the current problem of overpopulation due to Council of Light and others that have been placed in charge as judges but are no longer taking the time because one sight of a prison mentioning Hess or Morgan’s name is sent here atomically the last batch is one world in and another batch of 500 really bad guys that truly belong here are on another world being babysat with three jailers and all the ghosts I can find to help them..

“Yet that’s not why I called a full prison shut down like we agreed I was waiting until you got back to see what would happen. Mamma Bear please show (Napoleon footage right were we discovered the map and dairy now that we were able to clean it up some. Then show what happened until I said stop showing two menservants leaving the prison with who believe is Napoleon himself.”

Mama bear continued right where Derrick said it was like watching old movie in color as everyone watched as the map came on screen showing clear outlines of an old city markings and large red x with black letters with handwriting clear as day Black Aisles of Sybil in the middle of the island were outlines of a castle and villages and large octopus beast with a woman’s head outlined in green with red and black skull and number of bones and skeletons. With the word faded Black Death.

Everyone gasped as the king said. “Where have I heard of this place.” As the diary came up showing the pages that Napoleon had traveled through a cave marked at these coordinates and was whisks by some demon that stabbed that he fell in love with, it took she left him too long when he came back from his senses as quickly escaped her clutches. However, he didn’t realize it far too late for him as rebounded his ship with as much treasure he could carry with his crew before she returned to him. 

He sailed for home with a king’s ransom but the ship and he was cursed with the black death. A lovers first kiss she said as mind recalled the details he through his belonging into a large cargo with sent a drift not far from the shore and from home and burned his ship and his dead as he remind the last living survivor as recalled the last kiss “you are mine forever” as she left, and she mentions as he tried several times to hang himself being alone at sea only to find her there pulling his spirit back to her reminding him he is hers forever and she and he can never die. King Salsern mouth drew dry as the picture faded last words from the diary..

© 2019 Shep

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