Chapter 2-1

Chapter 2-1

A Chapter by Shep

Chapter 2-1

* * * *


Everyone felt cold wanting sunshine and fresh air, badly as they quickly lost their appetite King Salsern said. “Well, that’s it. I am assuming. Oh please god tell me you have that entire group locked up nice and safe away from everyone else?”

 Sars said. “Which was I missed everything sir, I moved them first thing to where nobody would check to look for them inside Clyde’s treasure vault.” Pausing watching Clyde face and body start to shake… then said. “When he and I were kids,” as he melted into his chair with great relief.  It was just the thing to lift their spirits after hearing that tale.

Clara said. “Are you ready for one more big surprise or would you like to get right to work on the paperwork checking our figures or you can …” Clyde said shaking his head no ways that going to happen. Clara leads them to a small conference room that staff likes to use, then locked the door from the inside after all the building was still running at full capacity they simply had to use the stairs where bosses didn’t. The room spun complexly around as Clyde’s and King Salsern eyes opened wide for the first time since they simply made portal the last time saw the upper city they created and went home soon after taking three of the judges with them; leaving Derrick and Lord Clark here to supervise Derrick on his first assignment.  

Once the shock wore off Clara resumed taking the lead, but Derrick said. “No, let me do it this time. You girls take a break. As you can see we built an underground rail system where we can transfer more workers to and from work other than the hovercraft. At the moment we can do two trips of 6o in less than 3 minutes. If you would follow me we have arranged a private car just for us that use for our special clients which can hold up to 12 people. We call it the lily express. Because it floats on water and just as smooth and light as a feather. Did I mention that MBH-1 is travel-friendly all you have to do is push the button to identify yourself and she follows you all over including where we are going next?

“Clara girls want our clients to know that the office environment should be colorful and pleasing to the eye. Which is why everything you see here including the Lily express is designed to look like blooming Lilly Pad using the pedals as seats and doors and the green bottom as the pad itself as it floats around at comfort speed? Mama Bear can you make sure Clyde’s briefcase and luggage are picked up from the last location we portal from also please send all that lovely paperwork that he left behind on to the next transit. He seems a little lost without it. As you can see Mama Bear is a very useful tool to have when leaving the office for the day or on the way in.

“For example… Mama Bear would you tell all the builders I would like to have meeting in about hour to see where we stand and another one with city planners. Could also cancel all my meetings for next two weeks except with our Spiral Tec I would set a tour for King Salsern and Clara husband and a plus one, sometime in the next couple of days. Thanks, Mama Bear I see we are about to arrive as on schedule.” Derrick carefully clicked off the button on the lily pad and said. “I did that without lifting a finger or wand it is all run by staff as they are receiving messages of what I want and when I want them without me ever being in the office. Oh good, this is the best part.

Clyde I want you to look to your left the moment we climb the hill and be free to move around for a very good look as we stop at the top. Trust me what you're about to see is for real including the sun we will explain nothing until we stop at the bottom.” Everything was on pins and needle because it never gets old even when you been away for a few hours.

Clyde bounced to the next seat as he saw blue sky and sunshine and felt nice summer breeze as they slowly reached the top and came to a stop He gasped as his eyes couldn't take it anymore. the moment he saw those crystal blue mountains a lakes river and streams and they looked below him seeing several waterfalls and giant lake below with kids and adults playing and all the building going on the fresh crops rising from the ground he was demanding to let him out. To the point, King Salsern had to restrain him with magic because he was just too big for them and he came close tipping them over. Then found his words as they gagged him telling him nothing. Until they got out and watched their driver put way their ride checking to make sure Clyde didn’t break it.

Clyde said. “Sure you leave the good stuff for last, I hated being trapped in underwater kingdom of things bigger then I am with no sunshine just blue ocean as far as the eye could see. Your daughter drove me nuts and wife and kids drove me more insane wanting ride everything I didn’t. There was nothing for me to do but hide myself in the catacombs but the dust was too much for me and I couldn’t read very good with only a candle. So I hopped for a good old fashion fight with some prisoners some guards but all them were to beat to move more than muscle.

“I was so overjoyed to get back only to come back find out this pipsqueak blew up the only home I knew and the only job I truly loved next to smashing heads and start over with a new batch of bad guys. All I had was nothing but time, and I was good with bookkeeping and smashing heads in the rings. I won trophies in my early days made most my hard earned money that way. Besides, I figured someday I was going to need it and build me a ring where I would travel the realms making Hess and Morgan regret the day they were born. So how much is it going to cost me? I will give everything in my vault to live inside those doors with my family.

“I only want one thing to be able to transform into human form again. Like Clara has but to give up my bear form after been it for so long. I do it if it got me and those I loved to have a second chance. With a clean slate, I have more than enough green chips for early parole. I just didn’t have reason to do it until now. I know you guys are cooking something big you didn’t string me along all day to show me how you can do a better job running the place. You are still going to need tough strong men as guards to run your new prison, I have a few contacts of my own of few buddies that would be interested in a piece of this action. Man, I kill for a good look of their faces when giving the tour of a lifetime.

“So let's do it lets climb back on a shuttle and empty my private vault sign a contract or two and let me in for a quick look-see and find me a nice spot of real state for my family.”

Derrick and pals pretend to huddle shaking their heads no and then yes then said. Derrick said. Like you said. “Clyde we are already rich, adding more money to what we have would just be insult to us, but we like the idea of your offer which is why we approached you in the first place. As for your yearly parole, it was taken care of a long time ago according to our records you were a free man as well as your wife for 100 generations Sar’s paid for her self but the paperwork was denied ten times by the council at that time. So she waited until she had enough green chips sold all her favorite gifts you gave her. And bribed them the ones she needs to get their signature.

“King Salsern held on to it to see what you would do not knowing you were a free man and has been watching over you and your wife. Today is the day according to the Oracle that watches over this valley inside these walls she has called you here to be part of her beloved hero’s after saving countless lives over those 100 generations. Be prepared to receive her gift my friend and bare witness to her glory this day this hour. All you have to do is step through the gate my friend and become one of us for we need you more than ever human and bear. But if you go skinny dipping go far left to the last waterfall where says men only. And grab a bar of soap while you are added it because you don’t smell too good right now.” Derrick opened the gate as the light came down as they all walked through it together.

Clyde fell to his knees seeing the Oracle in person as she welcomed him in opened arms and held him and marked him as she transformed into a very large muscle man that nearly tore through his bulging clothes. Then he walked through as he eyes shined with light and checked the back of his palms finding to white roses and white snowflake just like Sar’s and the rest of them as each showed them theirs pointing out everyone here has the same marking. He fell to his knees and cried like a baby because he was so happy. Then jumped up and ran to the left ripping at his clothes and dived into the water. It took him three hours to bathe so they just joined them, sending Sars and Clara to see their families.

Clyde said. “So this makes me a partner of your company?” They nodded,

Derrick said. “That what name says on the door of your office last I check. Which means we spend our time more wisely and go back to where magic wasn’t used for everything; Considering Hess and Morgan have pretty much ruined that for all of us. Until the Oracle tells us where to find people to replace them, but right now she’s saying it could be a few generations for everyone to catch up. People need to be gathered so we rebuild a society from the ground up, and pushed in the right direction.

“Starting with this one first, and others once we have the groundwork running. It's like connecting the dots or in our case re-connecting the dots as we travel from realm to realm fixing what we can fix and leave it alone to grow. There are as many stars as there are realms we have to find, it's not like we have a map as of yet to locate each place Morgan and Hess have been. I barely know a handful myself in fact that was my next project starting with next batch of prisoner if I can find way to transfer what I need to do it, which was why I scheduled a tour of Spiral Tec to see if they can make it so I take portable office like the Kelly System they have built for us and have it pinpoint the origins of each of the prisoners. Then we need to decide what to do with both sets of prisoners.

“Before too long, my little team is running at full capacity and we lost the prison altogether. I need someone to smack me really hard for not thinking through my options as the black plaque could be walking right out the prison door. I couldn’t take the chance if they could portal out, I didn’t even know if it was possible during a complete shut down, but that became clear the moment I did it right then and there in the corridor which was my understanding during my tour all magic was stripped the moment they arrived and no magic was possible during complete shut down.

“Yet somehow we were able to transfer personals and staff all over the prison without a single problem. Magic has failed us people, its time we rethink what we do without it if comes to that like Oracle has said. For now, she has shielded us and will provide what we need inside her gates. But she made it clear no prisoners go through the gates without her permission or she withdraws her help.”

Clara stood waiting with her arms folded across their private pool said. “Boy’s if you don’t come out of there to attend your meetings ones set up in advance. I will pull you out myself? I have fresh work clothes waiting and you Clyde you have to be satisfied with a pair of my husband overalls. I'll be back in 15 teen minutes for a shave and haircut. I don’t want your wife seeing you like that until have had a chance to make you handsome again to make her love you again. Now hurry up, the boys are waiting.”

Clyde said. “Damn almost forgot about her and my darling girls and boys. When you said office hours are from 8 am to 3 pm three days week. I thought you boys meant went off to play with all your lovely money and toys. Not for one minute did I think continued working after hours. So when do you actually call it a day so can spend time with your family and do other things like building and for my favorite actually getting back into the ring with some of these fellas?”

Derrick said. “Tell you what after you figure out what to do with 500 bad guy’s one world and not so many bad guys on another world. And figure out the food crisis and a long list of other things we just talked about. Then we quit and have fun time and smash heads all you want. Right now you have bigger things to worry about like husband duties and father duties. You’re only allowed things you brought with you consider yourself lucky normally you get two suitcases one for each child and you and one for family items you can’t live without.

“In your case, you get to dig for what’s left of those items or your wife will kill you. And no doubt she'll insists on coming with you to make sure of it. The good thing is we have been smart enough to let kids run wild the moment they enter the gate and send your wives with the other ladies as they pick and choose where they want to live including the style of house they dream it we build and smile. Lucky for us that’s sounds more fun than sitting in meeting all day that’s where can smash heads all you want. Build a great big pit these boys love to smash and some of their wives.

“Now buck up and smile we have work to do. Just go ask for Clara ladies will see to it. You are sent on your way with everything you will need. Remember to tell them nothing once you arrive outside the door where a driver will be waiting. To take you back to the hovercraft hell tell you to want to drive just show him your gold card are say Mama Bear help your boy Clyde she walk you through it. Trust me if you think hovering above water is fun try flying.

“I nearly crashed several times thanks to taking the wheel. Then come back through the lily express have the kids ride up ahead and spend some time with your wife. But don’t say a thing to where you are going, nothing what then we told you about until you and your family are alone inside that cave. Then ask her to marry you again this time for eternity making you and her immortal letting the Oracle herself marry you.

“Then walk through the light and let her feel her and your family with Oracles love. Look down at your hands you will see something I am told it is red heart plus the markings. The moment your kids see the water don’t try to hold them back it’s her gift to them you can worry about modesty later. As your wife makes run for it take to where we told you to go as watch you and her leave a trail of clothing behind and laugh our selves silly.

“Dive in and spend some time with her and your children. Then leave them they will be collected. And your wife will be too busy to even worry about you and her kids for a while. It took us half the day before we could even begin to think straight. Trusts me you will be a changed man when you see us next time we meet. Living water has that effect on us when we're not used to and mixed with Oracle's blessing and power; it’s like nothing you have ever felt before. You’re going to have to trust me on this. New ideas come quickly and things you never thought about doing become doable.

“That’s why this gift can never be bought with money; it must be earned through sacrifice. Your question to your wife is she willing to sacrifice her human life, and kids to be with you. If not she doesn’t love you enough and the kids enough. But we are betting she does much as you both complain about each other. You have never lost that sparkle just frustrated that you never had enough time to spend together. Your kids will have the same chance when they are ready. Just like all the children here. You will fill this valley by the time it is brought to stand among the realms. This is the first, before move on to the second. Until the sky shines with so many cannot be counted; now go I have held you too long already. Clara is waiting and so is your family.

“Don’t waste time on the planet; whisk them away quickly before anyone sees you. Nathaniel will help if need be, that’s why he’s there. Now go. I don’t want your wife to miss out on that sun before it dips anymore.”

Clyde ran picking up his trousers as they split again as he dived into waiting tent, covered himself as he apologized as the ladies smiled as made beeline picking up his trousers and wrapped them around his waist Clara smiled as she folded her arms and tsked at him. Said. “Took you long enough, what were you two doing shooting the breeze…? Honestly, we are in crisis mode and you find time to chat when you should be spending time with your wife and kids by now, sit down. And put this robe around you or do prefer me to see you naked? He did what she asked and apologized she said. “Nothing to apologize for around here it seems to be a daily thing I beginning to think I should make loincloths the moment you see this place for the first time the urge is too great to that lake just full of living water. But the Oracle says no, we shouldn’t taint what she has made perfect once more.

So we let it go and try our best to head it off so when it happens kids one side and parents on the other. Bathing suit’s or shorts for the boys when they reach a certain age and the same for the girls. Until they are about to reach womanhood, but the first time doesn’t count because they like children, small children, again until the newness wears off. So try to remember that when you explain that to your older boys and girls. If not we have a special place for us those that have been bears most of our lives just south of here. Where I think your wife Kitty you will find very attractive.”

She bent don’t and applied the shaving cream as someone dropped off a nice suit of clothes for him and his pair of dress shoes. With flowers for his wife and four daughters ranging from 18 to age of 6 to 3 and 7 boys ranging from 9 to 4; with another large bag of candy for all his kids to go nuts with.” He rolled his eyes thinking about it. “Kitty hates it when I give the kids candy, especially before dinner. Are you sure that’s a good idea? Clara. Just think about all my kids with a large bag of candy by the time they get here they’ll be uncontrollable trust me, I am getting far too old for that. We have both learned young bears and sweets don’t mix especially in small places. We have learned not to do it; I have had to replace the furniture many times over, and patch the walls and the furniture, that we don’t buy nice things anymore period.”

Clara smiled as she gave him a mirror to look at that surprised himself seeing how young he actually was. Compared to the last time he looked at mirror back that Royal Places as he tried to die his gray hair back to black. The blue eyes were a new feature and so was his face he looked like his father years ago. Before they were cursed to live like animals, living to live in caves because the human population feared them, the moment they found out they can walk like humans and talk like them.

Clara said. “Not bad for immortal instill in his prime I reckon. Now as far as the candy take it or don’t take it. But remember you are no longer in prison and neither is your family. Think about it where can they go through the moment they enter the gate, they are free to explore to their heart's desire. But most of them head like you to the lake and then when food is in the air they come with hunger you thought wasn’t possible and it lasts for days. So what’s little sweet tooth going to hurt with all the wild energy needing to be burned off?

“Think of it as a slice of heaven as you spend those hours with your with your wife. And then watch them all leave you to go exploring. My boys prefer sleeping under the stars with their friends and spend the day working in the fields then go off do what boys do best. I don’t have to worry because there are plenty of mothers here keep eye on all the children and their daughters. While us mothers attend to our womanly duties to our husband and send them off to work. Now then try on the suit it’s the best we can do for right now but I think it will catch her eye. I think of nice candlelight by moonlight under the stars just north of here would be perfect as you two watch your first sunset together.

“I’ll have a tent with a nice soft bed in it draped with flowers already by the time you two ready to retire for the night. I know the boys will insist upon it. Don’t worry about the children… they will be just fine….” as she winked at him and pushing him into the bedroom of the tent to change clothes she said and left him there with one last thought. “One thing to remember when you're immortal you never stop having children because never get too old to have them thought you should know.” She laughed as he fell to the bed and said ‘damn what have I done?”

She was right he needed to hurry he could relax later, as he quickly stumbled into his clothes trying to get his new legs to work inside a pair of underwear as he caught himself seeing himself in the standup mirror. Bears don’t wear underwear or trouser more less shoes. Damn, I didn’t know I had this many toes and fingers. He got so frustrated he morphed into a great big black bear and scared himself as tent came crashing down around him he yelled as loud as he could, but the bed was flipped on top of him.

People quickly came to come free him out of there as he huff and puffed in a bear form not realizing he was laying bare a*s naked the moment they had freedom. He blushed when he realized it and morphed again he waited for everyone to laugh at him. But nobody did. Instead, Derrick took his wand and sent an SOS to Nathaniel telling him that meet and greet needed to happen now at these accordance in about 30 minutes. Dale arrived home using a portal since he worked off world since was attending to some last minute clients at the office got his wife text.

Dale placed his arm around his best friend Clyde said. “Rough I know but it does get easier. My and boy's and I morphed uncontrollably for nearly a week and ran round in nothing but a loincloth or pair overalls. It’s been a long time since you been in your human form so let it come naturally. Don’t force it my wife made this tea that seems to help those that have that problem adjusting. Which why we recommend that you limit yourself a few hours in each form. It will require frequent bathing because of the hot sun, but that’s ok bears and humans were meant to swim. And we do so in the rough because we hate anything touching our bodies.

“If you remember when you were younger when first met your wife and you started a family. You were not as modest as you were around her as you are now except in the bedroom if you don’t fall asleep first. It’s the same thing all over again for many of us here children young children don’t quite understand their difference. In fact, my older boys still don’t; because they been bears too long. So let nature take its course we have entirety to figure it out. But the trick to getting dressed is don’t wear nothing more than shirt tie and the pants, you won’t need the shoes anyway because I doubt you can tie the laces and your family is waiting for you at main building busting with all kind of questions like you were and wife she is mess and mad as hell because you left her alone with all the children on godforsaken world worst then this one.

“Now quickly change behind one those wagons. Now, think of her face as you morph back as the tea works to calm your nerves. Feel the cool soil beneath your feet as you picture her on her wedding day.” Clyde came out letting Dale due up his tie and works his back into place the best he can, said. “Ok let’s go get your family. I think I’ll let you drive so you have something else to concentrate on.”

Clyde got into the driver seat of the hovercraft as Dale got into the passenger side letting the device set the seat comfort zone automatically and strap them in said. “To be honest Clyde I never driven one these before so like you, it's our very first time. Derrick said it drives itself.” Dale found the button where it said start but nothing happened. Looking for manual or something Dale said. “All else fails call for help. Clara, it's me your husband how do we start this thing?” He said pushing the hologram button.

“High Dale my love did you forget to open the garage door by pushing the blue button on the dashboard that should be blinking, now then tell me where you like to go and I will program a road map to your destination. By the way, if you break it you buy it, boys.” Now you to should see two pedal’s on the floor Clyde the right one moves you forward and the second one stops. The steering wheel should be self-explanatory, but I know my boys so look at the window you will see a display in which way you are going. It is painted in bright green. Remember if you go off course at any time look at the screen and look for blue arrow marked along highlighted in the swamp.”

Clyde said “What if I wanted to fly there instead? What button do I push?”

Dale mouthed. “Fly? I didn’t know this thing could fly?”


“Yes, Derrick said this thing could fly I have always wanted to do that.”

Clara said. “Oh my, Clyde you boys are a little adventuress, little devils… ok. Give me two seconds to process your request… ok first push the red button on the left side as you will see a compartment sliding up between you boys, as you look out the window you will see a large strip of a black strip of rock coming up out of the swap that called a landing strip. You will fill a slight bump in two seconds indicating your landing gear is down and is locked as indicated on the screen in front of you.

“You feel a slight pull as your wings and nose comes out not too worry everything is fine. I would have known ahead of time you boys wanted to fly. I could have done this waiting for you just as, well learn to fly now then later its fastest way and the safeties way to travel so I have heard. Ok if look in the look under your seats you will find a flight mask, it will you adjust the cabin pressure and still keep boys wake and talking to me. Ok now then back to the compartment at your side Clyde and Dale. It takes two people to fly and land. So let’s go over the basic. Follow the lights as I tell you and both will be just fine, my wives don’t kill me for want we are about to do.

“Dale and Clyde on your side you have two petals that control your breaking speed and your landing speed as we take off and leaver in black leaver which will pull up and lower the landing gear. The wheel in front of you controls your lift speed the moment you two boy pull up on the wheel slowly. Until you reach about 600 knots and we tear into the sky. Let’s start with that.”

Dale looked over at Clyde in a rubber mask. “Are sure about this?”

“As she said. “Easy as pie; this will impress my wife and family.”

Dale laughed. “More like scare them too death pale she’ll be speechless all the way back.” Gave to thumbs up said. “Ready dear, Clyde said he wants to fly so let fly.”

“Ok, here we go. See the green lights Clyde on the throttle at your side that controls how fast we travel inch forward until blinks red. And hold the wheels straight and steady boys. Until you see lights on the runway blink colors green which means follow the runway we are going to need some distance boys if we are going to get this bird in the air? So follow the green lights slowly don’t worry I’m here if you think running of the running into the swamp. It’s nothing but pad for 20 miles out. It’s the mountains I am concerned about. Now that’s nice and easy. Ok circle around. And line up at the stripes.

“Okay, boys your doing fine, Clyde look down see the green lights on the throttle and Dale release the breaks and hold yoke steady as you do a pre-check flight plan with me. Check to make sure everything is in good working order. You will find a clipboard where found that mask. And pen. While Clyde here radios in at the main building that we are now leaving from cave one and our flight time is about to give are take 25 minutes. Too tip wing and land and main prison.”

Clara said. “Read after me this… Caption Clyde and my Copilot is Caption Dale making contact with tower 1. Can you read me tower? I say again this Arrow one ready for takeoff.”

“This tower 1 Clyde is that you and Dale on your first maiden flight we didn’t know bears could. Man, your wife is about to pull her hair out waiting for you wait until she sees this. Come on she’s waiting for you over an out, safe flight boys.”

“Dale has marked everything as I told you because I have one light blinking that says something wrong with your door you mind giving a quick old fashion tap and lock it down for the boys to look over. Ok, that does it. Let’s fly. Ok revive those engines to 300 knots Dale and keep those yokes steady and straight. Now we're cooking with gas, ok reeve them up to 600 knots until we pass the yellow lights and start pulling back on those yokes boys not fast or we could flip. Now then lift plane higher at the same time push the throttle all the way back as we start climb leaving the runway. Dale lifts the landing gear and locket down son. And let’s baby sore.

“Ok you on the screen you see two lines it call your stirring guide of the angle your plane is at, I want you to make the plane straight on the line and coast and Dale push the green light in front of you where says autopilot. It’s up to Clyde now to fly the plane. Ok, Clyde, I want you push the button flushing green with a star on it means you are putting the plane into night vision so you can see everything and the lights outside the plane should come on automatically indicating that you are in the air.

“Now then I will let you fly around a bit giving you a chance to do fly around the entire prison valley floor than on the second pass I will let Dale have a turn, so he can see what’s like in case there is an emergency. Then we do a tip-off to the ground and well get as close as we can up top to record the damage and then we will then land. I will see you all back home. As I tell everyone what you did today and your wife Dale. Will probably kill you so I will pick up something nice maybe take her for a spin yourself? I can recommend a couple of nice planets that’s with great views for a quick getaway. After all, that wife yours has earned it I say, those prisoners aren’t going anywhere for the time being.”

Clyde got comfortable as he made a quick ring around the Prison Valley wishing for more room to really see what this thing can do. As he made his second past as they did quick tip of the wing as everyone saw him and people pointed to them flying over them like little dots on the ground he could imagine his wife going nuts with worry and he smiled as she what was in store for her in mater of just a few more little minutes. As Dale had turned and then it was over as they prepared to land. The runway was already waiting for them as Clara told them step by step how landed the plane just likes as soft as a butterfly. As she turned off the plane and lifted the doors reminding Clyde about the flowers and the candy.

The moment his wife and family saw him them they looked passed them as looked for Dale and Clyde in their bear form. As his wife demanded to know where her husband was as Clyde Morphed into a bear to prove to her he was her husband then she got even angrier. When none would tell them what happened other than passing out flowers and candy as his wife begged him to tell him as he picked her up and swung her in arms kissed her just to shut her up then said. “Trust me, darling, you will thank me later, kids follow Dale into the lily express we will be right behind you. And eat as much as that candy as you, like go nuts. I don’t care.”

He ripped his shirt and as set his wife down and kissed her again then gagged and tied her hands. Dale laughed. As he swung her over his shoulders and walked down the planks of wood. Sat her on his lap telling her to sit still she can kill him later if she wishes.

It was like sitting on a hole of snakes as he waited for the ride to finally reach the last turn as his wife looked daggers at him said. “I really do love you, dear. I am not trying to be mean. But you got to see this as I told Dale to use any means necessary to keep my kids in.

He yelled back. “Been their buddy... Magic rope here and we added windows this time.”

He took off the gage first as she cursed every name she can think of as she foamed at the mouth as he ignored her and finished untying her he gave the driver two thumbs up and the proceeded upwards as he said. “I love you, so much my heart has been aching to hold you in my arms it hurts me to see you so angry at me.” He turned her so couldn’t look at him telling him all the pain he caused her over the last few days, he almost in tears as he tried to take her hand but she refused it.

Already there was movement when the first cars made it over the hill the children were screaming and howling “Let me out right now I need to get out I need to Daddy Mama you got to see this and feel this….” As was the last words trailed off as their mother jumped out of seat her husband dragged her right back in telling her their fine. They just reached the bottom of the hill and are waiting for us… as his words trailed off as the sun and blue sky and the fresh air came into view. And the sound of all the waterfalls he just let her go as windows came down preventing her from escaping as she screamed with pure delight and angered being trapped with such hunger she hadn’t felt in such a very long time then just like that it was gone as they made their way back to the bottom to join the rest of the family Dale was feeding them even more candy just to keep them under control.

Kitty rushing out like an angry bear and roared loudly begging to be let in out of this prison and the worst part her children were covered sticky chocolate and he was feeding even more candy as her eyes narrowed on him causing him to stop morph into a large bear and said. “Stop where you stand woman, we have been friends for a very long time since this curse began even. Now your husband has brought you here if you could hold on for a few more brief moments to see why I would shut up sit down listen to what he has to say.”

She didn’t like it but if she wanted inside that gate she had no choice oh way so much candy well never get them to calm down if he keeps feeding it to them like a big pot of honey hearing her stomach growl. She said. Fine and he broke down everything Derrick told them with the help of Dale. As he got on his knees taking both his and her hands in hers. “I only have one question for you dear.”

Clyde said as he looked into her eyes. “Do you love me?” She nodded… “Do you love me enough to give everything you have to me including your own life and the kid’s life? As you now know you are a free woman and may choose right now to leave me and the kids and start over anywhere you like. We are rich beyond our means, you could have a nice life just like you and I have always talked about once we have gained our freedom. I can’t ask more of you for it tear me apart, that once I and the kids step inside those walls I will never see you again.”

He stood up and let her hands go as she reaches for them but his guts inside said. “Wait she doesn’t believe you. You have lied to her too many times. Walk into the light with your family and wait.” He nodded as made his way towards the entrance as the beam of light came down blocking the view of the entrance as goddess love filled the cave calming the children begging them to step through as they dropped the candy. Voices reached inside her heart and mind as she healed some of the hurt feelings and bring up memories they had shared over the years as she laughed and cried. “Please anything but this, I… we… as she pleaded with her inner voice … have waited for so long to be free.”

The voice showed her two paths… one would be led to nowhere she would find her wondering the land aimlessly trying to find something to fill the emptiness in her heart and soul and never finding it as she cries out to god falling on her knees her clothe tattered as she beg for food, or work to sustain her, find nothing but silence and pain of loss and bereavement of her children and husband as she turned her back on them because she was angry over such as petty such as being angered because work and children got in the way of their happiness when could found a way to work together an made her angry because she was frustrated being stuck in little tiny shack and him working around the clock when the kids are now old enough for to do something more than sitting home and watch the paint dry.

The more she thought about the anger she got the angrier she got at her self. As the soft inner voice said; “Kitty darling why are you so angry look at your children and husband they love you, you made sure that if they needed you, you were there. Look at youngest child remember all the things you did together without everyone else getting in the way. You really want to give all that up?” The anger melted away as the memories flowed through her. All she had to do was forgive herself and her husband and everything will become new as the first time they meet and their love would be countless as the stars.

She ran to her husband waiting for arms as she said. “Yes. Oh yes, I give you my life, our children’s lives as long as I never leave without you ever again and our children… that is. I know you have work, but please let me help you as you used to is all am asking. Plus the fact it would be nice to be human again just like you and Dale.”

All he did was answer her with a kiss as the Oracle appeared stunning her. Realizing the rumors were true. As all kids all kneeled as she blessed them each then married their parents as they sealed their married with a kiss in that instant they were all human again. All except their children As Dale hand out robes only watch them fall and got out of the way.

Watching the kids blink and give a combined loud roar that echoed the valley and slight hungrily growled as they morphed back and forth into human form and back again as they made a beeline toward the lake as their mother said. “Wait… you don’t have…any clothes…on… underneath the robes.” She picks them off the ground right where they left not realizing it.

As her husband quickly made her walk faster before the shock wears off then running as his wife was pawing at her robe as he kept putting it back over her shoulder and. “Said let go dear… just let go, and roared with her dived in into the warm water feeling like he was a young boy again as he joined her in the adult section.

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