Chapter 3

Chapter 3

A Chapter by Shep

Chapter 3

Just like Dale said within two hours of she was ready to go exploring Dale said leaving her. “I’ll send Clara over so she can introduce you to the ladies unless you prefer to come with me where we are going to look over the plans and decide our next move, I have something special planned just for the two of us tonight. The kids will be fine and well taken care of… They can run wild and burn off all that energy. Dale will see to them while we do what we need to do to get our new lives started just like you wanted… together forever.

“I wanted to show you something to remind you of my love for you. If you look down on the back of your hands you will notice to white snowflakes and a red heart. Then if you look down at your ring finger you will find not only four fingers and a thumb. My wedding ring…. The same one I gave you on our wedding night. But the Oracle added little angel for each of our children and small gem crested in diamonds. If you don’t like it I can…..” She stopped him from speaking as she leaped into his arms as they fell back into the water.

Once they came back to the top for air she kissed him again and again. She said. “I really like your human form I have forgotten how sexy you look… but to be honest dear you need to workout bit get rid of some of that belly fat around the chest little smoother then I remember and spend some time in the sun if you're going to catch up to Dale and the boys. Now then I need a fresh change of clothes… can you call Clara over? I prefer only my husband to see me this way, so I will wait here in the water.

“So run dear so I can see what I am getting even if it is in wet robe, either way, you still have to climb out of the water so…” He blushed as he hid behind a small screen as she smiled licking her lips at all those muscles dying for her to bathe and soap down and apply baby oil as she massages him like in the good old days. Providing she could remember how… Then smiled remembering she had all eternity to learn how again.

The third time was easier as he noticed nobody cared how barely immodest he was, He found Dale first seeing Clara was with him. All she said was. “I am on my way, I have everything I need to make her look presentable.” She picked a robe she had just washed and her bag of goodies. And whistled to the girls as they all made a beeline to where Kitty was.

Dale handed Clyde a pair of shorts with straps having him change inside the tent telling him. “You won’t need more than that for at least a couple of days. Unless you need your bear form which will come in handy…. because we need to have look see over at the prison so we can determine what happened.

“The shut down wasn’t totally the cause of everything falling apart at once. We believe the build was sabotage on purpose because they were looking for something. Magic doesn’t fail all at once, everyone here has been and has used magic on site just fine; which is another clue that someone did something making or portals open freely over the prison valley, the only ones capable of that is a jailer or a judge or even a member of six members Council of Light. If that’s the case we have a serious problem on our hands. But our number one problem is prisoners we have stuck in limbo. And second is food supply not forgetting mystery box number one and the damage he has caused all over the realms that we still need to fix. In truth, we are in a load of hurt for builders I give my eye teeth for the whole army of them.”

“King Salsern said. “Boys, the meeting out here if you care to join us? Unless you're having a private meeting then I suggest you go further out, but everything you said concerns us all and if you come out here we can all discuss it.”

Kitty quickly as she can with things stuck between her toes and her fingers pointed up like mannequin in window shop with her eyebrows laced in tin foil covered in makeup, as Clara walked behind her holding her the towel up so doesn’t fall off having the girls trying to keep up telling her to sit so they can finish; having her say. “No, I need too be there and hear what they there saying, too be able to help my husband. I wasted a lifetime I am not going to waste another second when he needs me at his side.” She quickly took a seat next to her husband with hair wrapped up as the girls worked around watching everyone give her room. She said making her self comfortable. “Do you mind catching me up a little I caught most of Dale was saying as I did my best to get here faster?”

Dale smiled sweetly said. “Kitty there’s a lot going on as you heard, but for now we just talking about the main problems we have to deal with before we can move on with our lives. Right now we have a people shortage, and a food shortage, and a building shortage because we have not enough builders. We have no prisons to hold our prisoners. I am not talking just the ones we left on the world you came from.

“We have over 500 or more of the worst ones we yet have seen in very long time. They were Hess and Morgan Royal legion….A class 9 through 12 prisoners and those floors are completely un-reachable to us right now because of all the damage. The prisoners that are still in there are fine because they're in a spiritual limbo and their souls have been removed and stored near Hess prison. That building so far is on lockdown and we are discussing to where to move to so we can rebuild it from the ground up, but leave the cells intact. We have just learned we have spies in our ranks… not here in our valley and not in our building, because all them live here.

“The spies in our ranks are not only the planet you just came from but in the High Council itself… So right now we have no one we can trust outside these walls other than Nathaniel. For he is our light and our salvation. He is the only one that can stop Morgan and the darkness within, but Oracle has prevented him from doing so because the time isn’t right... She wants to see how we solve our problem on our own first leaving trails of bread crumbs requiring us to listen and learn from our mistakes. So far we have done good because I feel her spirit strongly today because I found my first little bread crumb.” He said I just had a thought as was just explaining to Kitty here how about the class 9 through 12 prisoners.”

“Now if memory serves me right. We removed their bodies and their souls letting live forever to never see daylight again. As they watch over and over the damaged they caused and how it meant nothing. My question is why can we not do the same on this world they are on. We can build a large cage in mater of a few hours. As they watch their bodies burn and soul being harvested. Plus the fact if I am right the light of the world our savor, the watcher of giver of life and death sickness and health is our man Nathaniel right now he is not living to his full capacity when we need him now more then anything. If I am right he could be the one to stop the spreading plague since the only that can stop Morgan.”

He sat down as everyone gasped because it did make since Kitty raised her timid hand. “May I make a suggestion?” Every one nodded. “Why are we so concerned about a food shortage? All I see is food soon to be harvested. And we had plenty back at the prison. I should know because at one time when we first started to try to grow plants in the swamp it was useless. So, my husband, I fiddle around a bit using little boxes of dirt he collected off world and some seedling and some thick plastic and small bottles of water creating a water system. And different types of heating lamps, but end up building one of our one that was to the sunlight as we can get. That didn’t kill our plants using a small cooling filter and some copper tubing that ran from an ice bucket.

“Within days some plants flushed and others didn’t. People called us crazy telling us it would never work because we couldn’t build one big enough and make it cost effective. Until a few more years a drought came and wiped out the food supply from the worlds they were getting it from. It was then they listened too us. We spent nearly 30 years of our lives growing prison food supply until they simply told us we were no longer needed and the project was to be scrapped. They fired me and Dale just like that.

“We didn’t even get a thank you or check as we had live on our savings for nearly 6 years. Anyway, I was thinking if we found a place with good water supply and lots of rich soil we could start a farm. It would only require maybe 20 people to run it. Once it is set up… Sorry boys I don’t have the figures on top my head it’s been over 900 generations. I would have to make some calculation on the materials and cost and but I don’t have a desk and like I said it has been a while since I have drawn some plans, but they should be in the archives or they were…. Sorry guys I tried to help.”

Clyde squeezed her hand and put her around her, whispered in her as nudged right ear with a soft tickle that made her blush a little as she morphed into bear ruining her brand-new hairdo as she tried to apologize, but her husband saved her. “Mamma Bear my little Katie needs some help locating her work on hydroponics. Including cost and materials needed say about 3000 miles of land of nothing but open space where the soil is rich and there is least an underground river or lake say about 2000 feet deep.

“We also need a planet where the sun is up from about 6 am to about 8 or nine pm and must be year-round temperatures to 80 to 100 degree during the day and never drops past 60 if possible in that parameter. Give me at least 6 to ten realms, worlds or planets that might have these criteria. Also most importantly it must be able to be that contain life for all animals and human and every magical creature known to man or wizard excluding Dark creatures and souls that suck the life out of and anything Morgan and Hess has ever conquered up. And if isn’t to much trouble could you find us a list of all living wizard white witches basically anyone that has the ability of the gift of magic born or not hopefully on our side. Or even in prisoner here would really help us a lot. We would like that report say after supper. So we can stop jawing and get back to work.” Clyde said well-shrugging shoulders. “It couldn’t hurt to ask?” As they all laughed.

Clyde Stood helping his wife up, “We'll go and grab a quick snack and check on the kids if you like. I would really like you to pick out a spot to build your house. But I want to ask you something first when we are alone, and since we could be while before even get that far anyway. You always do that anytime you like. Now if our clock up there is correct the next shift will be coming home and the second shift will be starting soon. So we can grab a bite now or I can have Clara wrap us something to go because I am itching to fly that plane again but this time I want you as my copilot.

“Because I am going to ask if we can be the ones to go looking for survivors for that farm of yours I think they would be the best ones to start with because they would love to have a second chance to rebuild our world again just like we always wanted to do. I sure their hungry and starved just like we were when we first started and got to all kinds of trouble. Now we can help someone else before they turn to life of crime. Tomorrow I have a meeting with Spiral- Tec and your coming with me you and I got a lot of things to catch up on. We are already far behind the rest of them and know how I hate to behind. This new gadget Dale built is a godsend everything I just told it to do will blow my mind if it is able to come through with half it.

“You got to see the building they built darling it's all state of the art yet run by people like us. No magic wands or magic used anywhere except portals in the basement for transferring goods all over the realm. I look at me am shaking with excitement.” Hell lets tell Dale were leaving early and meet at the main prison.”

They walked up and down the road looking for him as they passed their kids as they just waved by to say hi as they were busy doing who knows what as their mother sighs at least they were all modest this time. Only to turn round finding all her kids clothes littered across the road seeing a large sign and clothes basket… The clothes belong in the hamper, not on the road. If I find them you will be the ones washing them by hand; underlined the hand.

Her husband squeezed her hand said. “See their fine. Just think how hard it was to get them to take a bath. Now you can’t get them out of the water. Dale said it 2 days tops they will be ready for school and working in the field and the girls learning how do chores just as if you were home to teach them. Then when you come home from work with me, nothing but family time and put them to bed as we spend our quiet times together as we used to do.

“But. That can’t happen yet until prison is built, We may have solved a problem for the other. Providing Nathaniel can actually do it. A lot riding on that one or they are going to have, to have at least 6 full members of the Council of Light to infuse a new stone because the old ones under all that rubble, which is why we got to find it tonight if possible.”

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