Chapter 4

Chapter 4

A Chapter by Shep

Chapter 4

Derrick quickly made his way towards Clyde and Kitty and put his arms between them and said. "I hear you two wanting to do some exploring on your own which is a bad idea at this time, but we can kill two birds with one stone. According to some info, I have gotten from King Salsern catacombs there is a realm of mountain people that have once built some of the same buildings that have kept people alive for generations. Anyway, I was thinking that would be a good place to start. But I would take two of our best builders and me and Nathaniel. According to Clara, the plane or hovercraft can handle 8 passengers and two pilots.

“However it will take at least 4 to 6 hours to ready the plane as well as refuel it for the journey, but if your just looking for a quick look around for a place the new prison I would suggest the two planets that our prisoners are on with me a King Salsern for backup before you two go out alone. After all, you were just born yesterday as it were; we could be ready to leave after we have a good look at the prison. And find a way to move the new building to one of two planets. That way we can bring it back to the original state it was before the prison was built here. 

“Now have a nice meal together find a spot to live and choose and see how you would like your house to be built, because once we start they will go up quick I am told with the new builders we are asking too help us. Right now I have to get a list of names from the Oracle that she wants to enter this land and pick up some sort of stone she wants me to use for our journey.” Derrick walked away and grabbed a large sledgehammer and pickaxe and shovel wrapping them into a large gunny sack then head up the mountain.

Clyde checked with Hologram Clara, finding out that Derrick was right and everything has been arranged including all his wife paperwork. His thought was still in the works but hit a dead-end stating the files requested had been erased not more than a few weeks ago, but not from the hard copy. He smiled learning that, knowing exactly who to talk to. A traitor to their cause, sticking his nose in things where it didn't belong, but for now, there was nothing he could do as leaned in and kisses his wife and said. “Sounds like we will need a very big house dear, the way I heard it. Just because we are immortal doesn't mean we stop having children.”

She said gasping at the thought. “How many more are you planning to have dear?” He didn't answer instead he took her hand and ran down the street all the way down to the where the woman was driving the men crazy with a housing wish list. Placing her right there with a kiss on the head telling her too dream big. She turned around to ask how big, by that time he was gone, but not for long as he came back with a drawing pad of his own. He liked to draw he was a fairly good artist. 

He said grabbing some food for both of them. “I was thinking a very big house coming off the mountain ways, three stories tall plus a full basement a fruit cellar just like we always talked about. The house would have 30 rooms. 6 of that 30 would be master suites for our guests. We would have 5 more master bedrooms when our kids get older. That leaves plenty for our children and us to choose from. The other will be for our staff… including a chef.

“The larger rooms will be the main dining room when we have dinner parties. The other rooms are the main kitchen and living room as well as the sitting room, just as you always wanted. Now the basement is for us and the family to work on projects. Now you are about to ask who is going to take care of the children when we are gone. It will be our new nanny. Our house will sit on three and a half acres of farmland for horses and fruit trees and hay and corn in the back and the sides of the house with a large indoor-outdoor pool. It may cost extra, but we can afford it ten times over.

“Oh, I forgot the fireplace. I will make sure they put at least four just like you always wanted.  See my dear I was listening, I never forgot and I am going to fulfill my promises to you. Now look it over and we can start our new life, by finding out who destroyed our old one, but remember when you search through our old home clothing can be replaced, items can be replaced.  Memories can never be replaced. If you need a reminder, look down at your hand and look our Oracles blessing and my ring to you. There is nothing in that home I care about, except you and my children, everything else is replaceable.”

The men gathered in front of the main entrance. Kitty also joined them taking her place next to her husband. While all the other wives except Clara who joined her husband Dale. As the builder's grabbed the tools they would need. Derrick looked tired, but as soon as he saw us he acted like he wasn't. He quickly said. “We can't leave without these," according to the Oracle. Which I will explain later if that stone is still there.”

He quickly opened a small blue velvet bag as it softly clanged like metal. Inside the bag were silver rings with a center a dulled green gem as caressed of diamonds around the top, as Clyde sucked in his breath stating these rings must have cost a small fortune... Derrick smiled telling him they are, but in truth, they were made by his and the Oracles hands, as he placed the last ring on his and King Salsern finger.

It was a quick surprise as the rings seemed to be alive, feeling it squeeze around their finger. Many tried to pull it off, but it wouldn't budge. Derrick stopped them stating. “It's alright that ring is just sizing you up then it will come off if you want it too, but once you see the purposes  they will not want too.” He waited a moment then walked out into the cave where Lily Transit ride was waiting.

This time there was no light show, just walking through the cave entrance. In some instances, it was a big to let down, yet they could still fill the Oracle love for them and it was enough. They were now ready to start their many tasks before them. It wasn't long before they reached the main new building which was the only building still running. At least it was no longer out of prison lockdown. 

Clara gave a sigh of relief knowing that plus the fact that Dale had already cleaned out their little cottage and several others that weren't in the danger zone, but have chosen to live in the new city. Everyone else was on one of the two worlds setting up temporary prisons. Running on large generators and solar power, due to they both have sunlight. 

It was now time to get our hands dirty; King Salsern quickly placed a large protection dome over each of the main areas to prevent anyone from portals in and out so we can use magic to clear the mess quickly. Derrick said. “Any of you want transform please do so at will. That includes all the mice, cats, and frogs or dogs that know this place well. We are not leaving until all prisoners are accounted for. And we have that stone we have discussed. Then we will raise this place moving two buildings then cut off the portal link to this place forever. If any of you have things hidden move it now to the main city or leave it where it lies.” He looked, Clyde when he said that.

His wife said in a whisper in his ear. “We are already rich beyond our means dear, why do we need it. Just let it go give the key to Derrick and let them invest it for us and trap those that are working against us. We do not need more gold than what we have now, The house that big was our dream house, but why not build something smaller now and build the other later a see what the others build.

“It would be unfair to the others to take all the builders to build our dream house when others don't have a home to live in when winter comes. We can raise corn and fruit trees as well as the horses. By letting the older children help you. Now give up that safe full of gold and build us a new future together.”

Clyde looked at his wife in her eyes as she nodded; he gave a heavy sigh knowing she's right. Took off the key around his neck realizing how heavy it was like a big weight. It grew even more as he went up and touched Derrick on the shoulders having him turn around Clyde said.  “My wife and I don't need this anymore, but we don't want it to go to waste either. Perhaps if you invested it or used to bribe someone it would better use then sitting there on a deserted planet once we are done here.” 

They both had tears in their eyes as they hugged each other. Derrick placed key around his shoulders. As they both walked over to where Clyde safe was he placed two of the keys into the lock then used his ring for the third. And turned it as it clicked into place. Clyde was a little surprised, to say the least. Thinking they need all three keys to open the main vault. Then again he forgot about his Cougar brother Lord Clark. The third key belongs to his other bother Oscar the head judge himself turned traitor. His sister, however, is to arrive in about two hours, but she didn't want a key. Gold and silver meant nothing to her when she can have as many small and large gems as she likes.

It took the both of them to open the safe door as it was stuck deep inside the mountain, watching Clyde light the long hall of touches with a bit of magic. That’s was when Derrick gasped seeing the large treasure trove, with two large dragons guarding it and two large dragon eggs.  Derrick stood still as his knees began to shake, causing Clyde to chuckle a bit as he rubbed his chin.

Then made his way towards the front as he bowed towards the two dragons, watching their eyes flicker more towards Derrick; the Dragon on the left with blue scales and the green underbelly; compared to the other one on the right with red scales and a yellow underbelly.

The blue Dragon blew steam out of its nostril's then growled digging its paws into the gold and flapping its wings as it made its way forward towards Derrick. “Look, my darling, my kumquat, my little rose. Look what Clyde brought us it has been a long time since we had fresh meat.” He pawed at the ground and sniffed Derrick watching his hair being blown. Clyde didn't tell him about the dragons or he would be tested, but he was sure enjoying it.

However Derrick read about dragons, that they like to boast, so he smiled scratching the male dragon's chin and the rough under it; surprising the dragon as he found Derrick kneeling on one knee in respect. Derrick Said. “Oh, magnificent dragon, I come bearing gifts and good news. I came bearing across the realms the last of her kind the 12th oracle herself will you hear what she has to say.”

Both dragons shuffled as they talked it over wondering if it was some sort of trick, but the curiosity got the better of them so they permitted it with a warning. Derrick understood and placed walked a few paces back as a great light filled the cave, then diminished as Derrick walked back with the Oracle with his arms in tuck under her arm.

She bowed gracefully in front of the dragons, watching their eyes open wide, she said “You probably don’t remember me, I was a child at the time and you two watched over me You blessed me with this mark a small red rose on my hand and a snowflake telling me if I ever needed you all I had to do was show you these markings proving it is me and you remember me.”

The Red dragon moved forward bringing her long head and neck forward to look at this woman hands and smelled her. Right away without even looking at her the Red Dragon remembered the scent and bowed gracefully, watching her mate do likewise. Indicating they wanted her to come closer so they can speak in private. Then remembering Clyde and this new person named Derrick.  Then grew angry because that would mean they were here to take their gold.

The Oracle quickly confront of both of them. As she took her staff and smacked it down on the ground making all the gold disappear and covering them in light, getting their attention.  “Barnabus and Ruby have you forgotten that this gold and all the silver in this cave is not yours, to begin with. It was I that allowed you to watch over it, so you can remain warm and raise your children. Now this man Derrick is a friend of mine and this man Clyde who have known for centuries as well as all his brothers who hold a key to this treasure chest. Clyde and Lord Clark have both given Derrick both their key stating they want him to use where he sees best. However this is a lot of gold and they have more then they can handle right now, but they still needed a place to put it where it would be safe. Since this planet is about to be non-existence and un-habitable.  Which would mean you would starve and your children would starve. Magic would no longer exist here.

“So Derrick and everyone took a vote that if you don’t eat them they promise to keep you well feed as well as your children. They would love to have you be apart of their town. I, however, have something different in mind which is letting you become immortal just like everyone else plus allow you too become half human and half Dragon. Meaning you can use any form you like, which will allow them to spend more time in the human world instead of living alone in some musty old cave.

“You can live in a village near the mountains where you can watch all this gold, better yet be the town's banker and keep the town books in order. The only question is how fast can you pick up everything you want to take with you while I create a large purse to sweep it all this into it. You can choose on which one I ride on as I open the gates to let you in. Derrick, Clyde… I got things well in hand here so I believe you have other chores to do.”

They each said yes ma’am.” Walking back to where the group was working taking apart the prison, more like digging a great big hole as our builders did most of the work by lifting the large pieces out while everyone else used their magic to sort in to separate piles until a large machine came in could grind the sandstone down to just dirt and load into a filter that took out magical dust from tiny gemstones. While another machine took all metal parts like wires conduits cell bars every type of metal and melted down into large bricks the size of I beams or rails. All coins and money were also being collected.

Not far from the construction crew a tent was being set up for prisoners. The boys in the main building still standing found a way to make the Kelly system portable. Using a large battery pack, and a large enough memory disk about 2000 teara bits which can be downloaded back to the mainframe in mater of minutes. They are right now installing 4 chairs and trying to figure out how to move a building through a wormhole. Moving it by land was the easy part.

King Salsern was waiting on a progress report as he looked up in the air seeing something he thought they died out over the centuries grabbing his telescope from his pocket and said. “I believe people those are dragons, but what were they doing here, and where are they going with those two eggs as well as a girl that looks a lot like… no, it can’t be… not in human form.” He spotted Derrick and Clyde and said. “Just the two I was looking for. Explain to me why I chose to look for gold when had plenty of that?”

Derrick said. “Because it wasn’t the gold I was sent for sir… Clyde was hiding something lot bigger the treasure volt filled with gold. The Oracle sent me to retrieve what was ever in that vault and I would need her help to do it. It was those two dragons you saw and their offspring.

“She gave them a home here many centuries ago as caretakers of the three judges gold most of it belongs to Clyde and Lord Clark, but their bother Oscar didn’t like the idea about their gold being watched by two dragons. Fearing they would cheat him or eat him. Only two chests belonged to him. The rest belongs to the two brothers, which in turn now belongs to me, but I will invest it for them in their name and have added them to the partnership, since we don’t have a full council now without a prison. Nor a leader we can all trust. The sooner we take care of business the sooner we can move on to the next phase which is transferring prisoners.

“I was thinking we could use one or two our planes haul prisoners back and forth now that we have the Kelly System up and running in potable fashion. We just need the judges the tools they use to find out if they are lying are not. This is where we need Nathaniel if he could in chant something…”

The King said. “No, it wasn't allowed telling us we have everything we need and once we realize that everything will become clear.” With that, he left us as he made his way over to Hess prison. The one he could yell at, for this was his mess they were cleaning up.

Derrick knew better to bother him, more so because he was right. It was his job and his task to fix this problem it wasn’t King Salsern or the Oracles. He needs to learn to do things him his self. One of the builders came up to tell him they have reached the main floors where it was solid enough hold them and everything seemed intact. Which was good news? He checked in with the tents to see how they were doing regarding the prisoners in stasis pods. Finding they were waiting for more, but the tents were getting full.

Derrick questioned himself if he should call for a plane or just open a portal, but thing is, they needed everything. So he asked Hologram Clara by pushing on the small disk no bigger than his palm. He said. “Mama Bear I am in need of some help.”

She quickly responded as small person floating on the disk. “Yes Derrick how can I help you?”

Derrick said. “Can you build me office right here so I don’t have to move from this spot?”

Hologram Clara said. “Do you have access to those chips I gave you in case you needed me elsewhere like a construction site?” Derrick nodded, reaching inside his briefcase, she said, “place two behind you and do likewise on each of your two sides... Now that should give us plenty of room to work, so let's work the problem by listing your primary goal.”

Derrick listed prisoner transfer on three worlds having her mark each world; then the supplies they all three needed once all the prisoners have left this one, then second problem moving entire building through a wormhole. Make that two buildings, but if you can do one you can do 2 easily enough.

Hologram Clara said. “Mum …I see,” taping here chin. “Not an easy problem to solve when you look at it all together. So let's take it apart while one problem at a time by finding that globe you are supposed to find and I will work on prisoners transfer with Clara and the boys working with the Kelly System. Now scoot…”

They worked one layer at a time as they worked one floor at a time clearing one cell after another floating up prisoners. They stayed constant for three hours straight as they cleared each prisoner using the Kelly System then adding into the new system, then put them on the express blue line express the placed into a cage with the same type of prisoner bunk 20 too a bunk into one large stasis unit, where the guards would walk up and down each side just in case. They didn’t have much other than a large tent, but it was enough to keep the hot sun bearing down on them.

King Salsern gave them two choices to the staff that wasn’t a part of the new city but were workers of the prison. They help by doing guard duty, prepare meals for everyone or help with cleaning up the old prison, proving their self-worth and those within would get paid top dollar.  Those that don’t, we let just say they will be a parting company by collecting their last check.

When they reached the last floor which was known as the catacombs there was nothing but dead bodies and books scattered everywhere. King Salsern held everyone back as the light place with light which only made things more gruesome. For in the middle of the catacombs was 12 hands palms side upholding round ball that glowed blue. Those hands led to bodies of bones and flesh melting like candle wax. Along the walls, prisoners were being tortured. Along the floor there were several dark magic symbols, and cauldrons of bones of children that look fresh, seeing blood still dripping down the walls and deadly instruments. It looked like something or someone came into the room and stopped this madness.

Derrick pulled a couple of clerks he been working to clear out the catacombs King Salsern told him to speak up.  The man said. “Like I was telling Derrick your Highness Sir; this room was completely empty I should know I mopped out with three oh best buds and I am only one that holds the key and the password to get in without both of them the door will not open plus it will trigger an alarm letting everyone including myself that some tried to open this door. I even at Derrick request, think it was a fool's errand to install several small hidden cameras.  I asked he shrugged shoulders said he got the funny feeling that’s what he is being watched, of course, I thought he was crazy, but I like my job and he pays me we and not my job to complain so. I did what he asked.”

The man continued on and said.  “Nothing happened for nearly a week I started to feel bad for Lord Derrick, but he acted like it was no big deal, but I could tell it worried him some so I went down there and walked the basement, at first there was nothing, then I thought I saw shadow people carrying things in, yet when I shined the light on them they were gone. I called on up to a couple of my pals to bring my camera kit and a ladder. 

“You see I had an idea best way to capture hard to get images, I decided if these shadow people were real then I need to capture them in a different light. So I switched all my cameras to a rotating lens to see through a blue light and red light and last of clear light. With those three lights, I can mix any colors. Let's just say things got real interesting 2 days before prison shut down. By the time I found Derrick or anyone I can trust them, everyone was dead. And they didn’t come through the only doorway except for four people everyone else came through the walls or a portal once they had disengaged all the security alarms. But not my cameras they don’t run on the system they are powered by a remote battery which we created.

“That blue light in the middle of the room caused all of us this in short. There was a coven of 6 or so dark wizard bring in their sect to perform powerful rituals while the 6 wizards searched the room staffs down floating above the floor then like a watering vane the staff crossed each other they quickly drew the devils star and several symbols so old I didn’t’ recognize them, not at first, later I learned they were trying to free Hess and offering several bodies of his choosing, hopping the blue light under floor here would help them, however, once the six wizards brought up ball of light touched with there hands in instance all you see here all around you happened.  In truth what I saw was something I never want to see ever again anytime soon…”

© 2019 Shep

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