Chapter 4-2

Chapter 4-2

A Chapter by Shep

Chapter 4-2

* * * *


There was one thing Derrick liked and he did it well was showboating in front of a crowd when given the chance, more so when he had the toys to wow his audience. And what better way to prove a point than with a hologram as big as you can see. He started out by letting Clara take a seat next to her husband and showing off all his handiwork and a new panel of judges. He said letting his voice pick up on the mics and speakers that echoed with his voice letting the lights dim a little as they shown only him and the center stage as fans kicked in to cool the room the best they can from the dry heat.

He said. “Ladies and gentlemen and boys and girls. I didn’t bring you all here just so we can all watch us put our devoted longtime friend Oscar Styles on trial or to call new judges just to prove a point that no matter what Morgan and Hess has done to us to make us believe that life is over and we should give up and bow down to him. I for one say no to him and his friends and willing to give my very life to make sure that never happens. In fact, many times we make these kinds of decisions in closed rooms without you.”

“No ...I brought you all here so you can be a part of how we do things, that’s right you get to participate, you get to see for the first time what we have been working on behind closed doors. Many of you think we just goof around during the day or spend all that time with our families as you work around the clock because time is endless for you and your prisoners. Today that ends, today you can stop working those long hours, today I give you your life back.

“You are not the ones serving time for crimes you did not commit. You are not prisoners. They behind you in those cages are the prisoners. Every day I want you to remember that. However, I also want you to remember those prisoners are working hard to get a second chance to regain their freedom. It is your job to help them, by being a role model. There are going to be some changes to the prison program. And some will remain the same. But to do that we need a new prison first and foremost.

“Me and the judges you see before you have spent many days and nights putting ideas what would be our dream prison. We had to meet certain criteria first. No more smelly swaps, instead lots of sunshine and blue, skies and dark skies filled with heavenly stars and beautiful horizon making the end of the day and beginning of a new day. Even rain and snows once and while we call the four season for those that never seen one, with lots of green trees and lakes for fishing and swimming. The planet will still be timeless… for now; you have a lot of catching up to do, after what Morgan and Hess have done to us.

“Now let's talk a little shop, shall we. Everyone knows how big this place is and how small the old prison was but expanded when you needed it to because of the use of magic. I hate to tell you folk’s magic is coming to end folks thanks to Hess and Morgan. He has killed every wizard that could have helped us solved many of our problems today. In fact, we have to find ways not to use it. Until we can focus on repopulating the planet realm’s he has destroyed.

“We need to have children, lots of them and teach them about magic again from books. I would start a library in every town and a school for both magical and non-magical children I have asked the gods themselves as they took or the last batch of angels in when Hess prison went into the void that we needed help repopulating the worlds with as many children as possible of both kinds. I gave him my oath I would do anything including give up my very life and soul if they could make it happen. That includes taking a wife for me doing my part taking a wife, providing I can find the time.” The audience laughed and whistled.

Derrick gave a nodded to Clara to start to bring up the Hologram. Derrick said. “Ok let me show you what the new prison will look like. Right now I am having people handing out broachers of the new prison and all the details of what it will contain as well as a small town for those that work there.” There was a big wow factor as he caught many oohs and aahs. Derrick continues on it is a fairly big building...

Once it had reached its side the size, he wanted he said. “As you can see, it is made of white and red sandstone brick all around the building. If you remove the brick you will see it layered with a 10-inch plate of magical steel… meaning the metal plates where it infused with magic as the very steel was melted down and powered with special ingredients that I myself had search many realms too find it according to our Oracle and inscribed with ancient symbols. Too prevent anyone from escaping through the walls or out the walls themselves. Beyond the metal, plating is wooden beams and rock board and magical nails and paint. All floors are basic cement poured then and painted with a sealant

“As you can see there are 5 floors on top on either side of the building and another 3 floors underground the building. You will note the main building has 17 floors Top 3 floors are for the radio tower and the training tower. 14 thru 15 are the Judge's offices 13 thru 10 thru 8 are the clerks and recorders offices. The 8th floor will be our large library and doctor’s offices, 2nd-floor registration offices. The main courtroom will be on the first floor along with the main dining room on the main floor; now for the goodies. The prison will be surrounded with a double line fifteen foot chain link fence. For outdoor activities, during the winter once the prison has been finished we will build an indoor gym and weight room, which will include training for our war games; with our own coliseum in the nearby town which we will get to later.

“The prison will have four section or types of prisoners. Type A Type B Type C Type D. anything above Type A will be sent back to be judged for lesser crimes. If not we will judge them and transfer them into relocation program or both depending on the person and the crime, unlike before where each person is matched up with a mate. We have decided that should be only something a prisoner earns as he or she can demonstrate that they are capable of having a mate and a family; yet if you are Type A and B we are granting you that opportunity. Once the prison is built you will live in two-bedroom condos which are design for three or four people. Which you and your mate work a regular job to support you and your family. Believe me, we do have plenty of work for you to do… Not only on this world alone but on other worlds. 

“Now Type C and D will be on the other side of the building; sad to say they won’t be all comfy cozy as Type A and B. But nor will they be uncomfortable either. Each cell will hold four to a cell, with four bunks, one private bathroom and shower. However just like your comrades on the others side they too get the opportunity to work where they can help themselves get further up on the ladder get to earn extra privileges.

“Unlike Type A …They can leave the prison anytime during the day after 6 months, proving they can obey the rules and the laws outside the prison. In fact after the 1 year is up and everyone looks good. They can move out of the prison and move into a nice house in the community and check in every few months to see how they are doing for two years they will be released. Now then you're wondering about the other prisoners like class E and below. Well don’t, they will be in a brand new prison all together which I have a feeling our friend Oscar here my go to, or a special prison designed just for him. So let's talk about your new town.”

With one little swipe of Derricks' hand, the prison shrunk as the landscapes changed showing a large road and a rail car making its rounds. The lands around them had changed to green grass and trees of every make as far as the eye can see. Maybe 10 or 20 miles from the prison there was several houses and town. Derrick said. “This is just planning stage for those that are willing, this includes those that are in prison right now, wanting to work and earn green chips.

“Yet sad to say we have business to take care of. Some the images are not meant not be seen around young children so we will pause right here for right now and pick it up in the morning. So the kids can attend school and their parents can meet back here with fresh minds in the morning. I will provide a nice breakfast for us all and we will begin (9 am sharp. I have set up a work tent for those that would like to talk to me regarding their new salary. Which is a crime, and I have evidence going far back that Oscar here is responsible here has been cooking up the books to make himself why you all suffer.

“It will also allow you to pick out a lot for a new house if you want one, or new placement or even a new job with a new salary. Note I pay fair and honest days to work, so far according to these books not one of you have been paying anything close to that, except for Clara’s new employees. That worked in that brand new building on that planet before we destroyed it into stardust. So eat first and line up.”

Derrick turned off the microphone and turned around to study the people to see how his speech left him before heading back to his tent. He told the guards to move Oscar close to his tent and ask the dragon to keep an eye on him and if there is anything he would like for supper tonight. And to make sure Oscar had a nice soft bed and blanket as well as a pillow, plus plenty of food and water. And if they didn’t they would be feed by the dragon personally and he would roast them over hot coals. Watching their faces turn white staring at them and dragon conquer with a demonstration of fire as he roasted a once live steer over a spit just the way the dragon-like his meat.

With a single breath of fire, the steer was almost perfect as the chef quickly seasoned then had the men remove them gave them to the dragon nod thanking them as they watched him putting them in nap sack, and flew away. When asked... all Derrick would say was he has a family to feed just like all of us. The cooks took advantage of that time by cutting up the planet willing that it still be time still be timeless.

The next two days they weren’t prepared for this kind thing, more so Derrick who can change things on a dime. He just figured everybody was taken care of; after all, they had tents sleeping areas and a large mess tent. Hello, we are in a large mess tent. Slash kitchen. There was a tap on his shoulder Sly turned round seeing Derrick standing behind him. He swallowed hard. Derrick said. “I understand from the men around here you are in charge around here and your name is Sly.”

Sly looked around the room as the men were setting up dining room tables and hot coals and hot rocks for cooking. He scratched his head a little. “Yes my name is Sly, but I am not the man in charge, that man you seek is old Charlie. He died a few weeks ago for being late on his payments to Oscar, I had just made mine and so did the others. Oscar has yet to pick a new Head Chef. So I keep the guys in line. But is hard without basic equipment, but we do our best with no complaints. So if you excuse me I have to come up with dinner for 900 or so guest, plus a simple brunch by morning with stoves, without ovens, just fire and hot rocks. The Oracle blesses us all.” With that Sly left him stunned then anger with himself and more so at Oscar. Yet here was a problem he can solve right now.

Derrick reached into his pocket and pulled out blue Hologram link, and said. “Mama Bear I need some help.” In the instant the Clara’s image. Most of his friends had changed their holograms to their wives images. How could he blame them it becomes unsettling speaking to Clara all time? Yet he has yet to find one for himself. Mama Bear image stood in front of him asking him how she could help him. He said. “I need some help in the kitchen area… For instant. “What do I need regarding equipment when cooking meals around 5000 or more outdoors 3 to 4 meals a day including power. How do I promote Chefs? Start with that.”

It was like looking through a catalog as Mama Bear made a list of each type of equipment and placed it on four American U-hall Trailer’s and transferred payment in full. Then in a blink of an eye, the decal with 8 of their Tec guys as drivers drove through the portal and landed safely right outside the tents. Tec Guys asking Derrick where would they like them to set up the new kitchen. Derrick called over Sly said. “Acting head chef it is your duty to see to all things regarding all purchases. I believe that these belong to you an order.” Derrick opened the first trailer finding it pack full with fruits vegetables far back as he could see.

The second trailer contained all the frozen meats and frozen vegetable’s to last a very long time. Yet trailers were on lone as he watched his men unload them a put them in a big pile then once done then moved on to the next trailer as more people came to help. Sly opened the next trailer which contained large metal racks and new pots and pans everything a new kitchen would ever need.

There were only two trailers left as his eyes filled with tears watching Derrick open it finding a brand new counters and stoves grills and ovens to cook for 2000 easy. The next and the last so he thought was parts for a brand-new freezer and refrigerator. Yet there was something missing as Derrick said to nobody. “I see, well it will take that long to set things up and send the electrician over as well as the Tec guys and the builders so they can put this together quickly. So they can figure out how we can figure out how to make it mobile.”

He turned around and said. “Sorry Sly. There was supposed to be another tailor but running a little late. It holds 6 generators and a cooking tent and a few other things but we have enough to get you started. So let me see how you perform with everything you need and put together a meal and build your own kitchen. In the meantime I will speak with each of crew one at a time. I have put out the word that you need some help. They should be showing up for work in about 30 minutes. I wanted to see how well you and people handle the stress of training with everything else going on. So let's start from the bottom and work my way up.”

Derrick worked his way from the bottom to the top, and found many inserting things mostly about Oscar as he robs them of there checks charging triple for the thing that should cost nothing. And how Sly would make sure they had food on their table as well as clothing. Never asking a single penny for himself. He would just order extra food stating everyone ate more than expected and took the punishment for it, which is why they call him a friend and would do anything for him when asked.

None them asked for much just to pay Derrick his share once a month now that looks Oscar is going to prison. Derrick laughed at the idea as pulled open ledger and said. “You owe me nothing; it is I that owe my friend.” Takes his pen and 5 times their salary doubles a small portion of that puts that portion in a different envelope, said this portion is your bonuses the other is your new weekly salary providing you’re willing to stay on and work for Chef Sly.” The answer was always yes.  Derrick paid them well because they did an important job which was feeding all of them.

The story was always the same finding Oscar always double dipping in his own people salary or making their pay so small they can barely afford things. Plus he didn’t care if they are staving, or they had warm clothing our how they lived. He was a very bad and very cruel Land Lord. All he cared about was his self and his gold, most of all his power.

The new kitchen went up fast the only thing they didn’t have was the generators and place for dry storage. Derrick was about to make another call when the portal open with two more Simi’s every one clapped with joy when they land next to the new kitchen tent. It didn’t take long to hook them up and flip switch watching the dining room lights come on and the freezers come on the builders quickly drew up plans on how to house everything so they can take it apart put back together when needed, as well as make one for the new prison.

Sly was more than happy he has everything he needs at his fingertips; he nearly trips over a bag potatoes as a builder caught him. Asking him where this big bag potato went looking around seeing that it all the dry goods have been stuffed under the table’s pots and pans piled everywhere. He moved the bag out of the way. And looked at top of the ceiling where they hung lights swing back and forth because of the wind and the Air-conditioner. He took out some paper and started drawing. What he had drawn was a large box with attached ceiling with a round ring to hold all the small pots and pan and large utensils. The large pots and pans would be stored on racks against the wall themselves.

Derrick came over and tapped him on the shoulder as the builder was drawing up plans.

Derrick said. “You must be Rollin according to my records and the people that I have talked too.” He nodded. “Well, they told me you like to draw and do it on the fly. I like that because I hate wasting time and I am willing to pay you five times what you earn now plus a bonus of 8000 dollars today free and clear if you join my team. All I am asking is if you will work for me. Now let's get to business. You say think we can make the kitchen a little bit better. Ok, let see your design.”

Derrick nodded and hummed this and that, then clicked on this small little bluish chip said. “Mama Bear I need you. I need you to look at these plans and add them to new kitchen plans and see if they fit, if not tell me what we need to do to make them fit. Plus add my design after talking to all the kitchen staff, and then make it happen so our builders can start, and remember I want the best. Now the hard part we need water and lots of it and our electricity these generators are temporary so I need to talk to the big guy. You go ahead and start working on your plans and here this is a hologram chip it contains all the library’s we used to have and more all you have to do is tap and say Mamma Bear I need your help. She will scan you once verify who you are then ask you how she can help you. Let's try it. Push the button.”

The very moment Rollin pushed the button Mama Bear materialized before him and said. “How can I help you today Rollin?”

Rollin was stunned at first then said. “Can you produce me a blueprint of the new kitchen?”

Hologram Mama Bear said. “Of course I can give me to shakes of lamb's tail.” Within two minutes she produced the hologram of his plans and Tec guy produced a copy of the plan in paper form as asked. However Mama Bear had taken the extra time to make list he would need to build it and what would look like when built. Finding out it was far too small for the workforce needed. Notice that he left out the most important room of all. Which was where do they wash all the dishes, not only that there were no dishes in all equipment that was ordered. He quickly verified that with Hologram Mama Bear finding the Derrick only order everything for a kitchen, but nothing beyond that.

He made his way through his way kitchen finding Sly mixing a large pot of gravy. Rollin cringed noting how busy he was, He calmly asked him, “did you need something? I am just stirring gravy; Susan takes over for me and pour this into a serving pan. This young man needs me for a couple of minutes.” She nodded. And he followed Rollin to a seat out to the dining room. With a stack of plates that had seen better days the silverware bent so bad. Not too mention glass were homemade.

Sly brought him back to his thoughts. “So did you need something as you can tell we are a little busy? Soon we will be serving dinner. And then we are washing the dishes, the one thing that takes us most of the night. We tried asking Oscar. And said. “No, said prisoners don’t deserve things like Dishwashers... Yet I when tried to remind him we weren’t prisoners he laughed out loud telling us that according to his recorders we were. We looked it and checked for our selves finding out that everyone that worked for Oscar was indeed prisoners with no parole.”

“Do you mind if I record that?” Sly nodded having Mama Bear record that conversation adding to Oscar.” Rollin said. “Well, what really called you out here is I had noted that you do need a dishwasher, and some new plates and silverware. And as Head Chef you get to pick the pattern. Mama Bear can you show Sly here the patterns he can choose from including silverware and uniforms for him and his staff. Once he is done place the order immediately. Please make sure everything that I order regarding my supplies are ordered so my men and I can start building thanks Mama Bear. Well, that’s all I needed Sly if you need me or think of something you would like come find me. Derrick told me to make sure you have everything you need and then some. Now I need to talk to the big guy and my men regarding our builds tonight.”

Rollin waved goodbye as he spotted Derrick and King Salsern on top of the ridge he about joined them when first of the order came in. Sly came over having his staff unload it. Rollin gave heavy sigh. Sly said. “Sorry, Rollin you said if we need anything well we actually do. And since you are a builder we were thinking a floor would be nice wood or metal. It would be far better then what we are using now like dirt.”

He laughed said. “Very true, but my hands are tied until everyone’s been feed and the kitchen is closed for tonight so I can give you that floor and very nice kitchen just like we discussed. Now then I believe you have lots to do and I have a man to see about getting us some water for your kitchen, and some wood for me and my men to build with.” Sly was about to head down the mountains when he was called from the skies to come to join them. What choice did he have when the Oracle herself called him a meager chef? The dragon settled itself and changed into a human form. Large form as a man in thick animal hides, watching him removes it. Finding out he was just as large without it, when Sly and Rollin made their way up to the top.

They noticed a fairly large tent with a large table outlining the entire outline of the valley below them. Behind them was a list of list of people and talents and who has what gifts and who doesn’t and who deserve them, plus those that could use increases under five stars. He noticed quickly that he and Rollin were on that very short list of the 5 stars list. They were told too take a seat and offer them some berry wine, Derrick and King Salsern tried to stop her telling her, they have, yet taken the pledge nor have been transformed.

Sly and Rollin stood up quickly and said together “Transformed into what?”

The Oracle said calmly and very sweetly. “First of all, we are offering you a choice of becoming immortal like us, not only that we are gifting you magic to help you do your duties I mean strong magic so strong when you mate all your children will be infused with it from generation to generations and beyond. Your line will never die because your line is immortal. That’s what means to be transformed. All we are asking is you. If you join us we have even more surprises. All you need to ask is one question, what would you give if we can give this gift and everything and more?”

Rollin and Sly thought over after all they just meet the Oracle in person and the King Of living water, plus a Dragon that can turn into human form. What more could they want, Sky’s Dad said never look a Dragon in the face and turn him down when he’s looking for a good meal. So he said. “Yes, I am in.”

Rollin said. “I am providing my family is included in this immortality and including these magical gifts.”

Sly said. “Me too I don’t have a family yet, but when I do I what them to have them to have the same gifts of magical gifts and bestow the gift of immortally as well and throughout my generations.”

The Oracle laughed. “It wouldn’t be fair if we didn’t include your families even if don’t have one as of yet. Now would you two bow before me and those here help me give a portion of your gifts that proteins to their talents.” Sly and Rollin's eyes glowed as they felt so light as their hands touched their heads. They could hear words that said things, they could barely understand, but mater of seconds they heard a voice of the land and see them calling to them to use it, and where to find the deposit of each of them in need. Just like that, it was over as they were told to stand and offered a glass of berry wine, which was sweet to taste like honey. And little bitter, yet something else. Sly smiled wanting very much to try out his new skills, but had to wait.

Once again they looked over the map, but this time they had a different insight. Sly looked over the map stating the best place to put the new kitchen and dining room plus large gardens for vegetables and stalls for the cattle. Plus farmland for hay, corn, and wheat, as deep water deposits; where they can drill and build water mills. Rollin too looked out towards the valley floor and saw everything Sly saw oar deposits and gold and silver lastly man maid lakes and rivers for irrigation. All they had to do was build the main structures and pull them from the land, but would take both him and Sly to do it. Using their gifts combined. Rollin hated the fact that he needed help. Yet it meant getting things done he would walk through fire to do it; including riding a dragon to get that oars and the water just sitting there for the taking.

So Rollin left the tent to go find the Queen of the Pixies. He didn’t have to go far nearly bumped right into her. Hear her say. “You must be Rollin, the very man I am looking for. The Oracle said you could help me with my problem, but, I was expecting the two of you, your partner. Oh, how I hate doing a demonstration twice. You’re the builder and he’s the grower. Its simple tasks really. You two make the soil and plant these bulbs into the ground and he grows them nearly overnight using the right mixture of soil and the right mixture of water. Plus the help of my little pixies once they are born and awaken into the world.

“Right now these ground is too porous as sand, not even blade of grass is willing to grow. Just hard mud and dirt far as the eyes can see. Yet our leaders want us to make this planet into paradise using our new skills. Good luck with that one, but if they say we can do it then let give all we got. So here is the seed of each kind that Sly will need including fruit trees. To get him started. Here are the seeds you are going to need to grow trees of every kind, but they won’t grow without his and your formal friend or my new pixies. Then there is a price to pay for my help I get 2 acres of lands where pixies can live.

“These trees can not be cut down nor can they be entered without my permission. Unless you are immortal and were they scarred ring which neither of you do not carry as of yet, but will later on the next supply wagon. You have a lot to do, and you will be wanting sleep pretty soon. So, for now, go find your friend and find Derrick you're ready to begin work. You are no use in this condition.”

Derrick was easy to find and so was everyone else smelling the food tent as everyone was digging in too a fine meal of roast beef and roasted vegetables with baked apples filled with apple bread pudding. Sly said as Rollin sat down that he could have the kitchen any time Derrick has delayed the trail so they could rearrange things on more permeant bases putting all the people in large clusters that belong on the other planet and this one for now. Allowing King Salarn and the Oracle do their part to the planet so that too can have a rich life once more and restore another planet in the realm that didn’t have life, to one that does. So others could be moved too. The idea was to have 6 planets in 1 cluster up and running faster at the speed of light so they can catch up in fostering children into adults with and without magic with longer life gauging into thousands or more.

Rollin said. “Good, then we don’t need to be here hen picking them along do we. I told my men where I would like them to move the kitchen, but not set up until you and I got back giving our bosses plenty of time to do what they need to do. Gives us plenty of time to pick out a lot of our own maybe two, plus I haven’t had a chance to find out how to use this magic stuff yet... Have you?”

Sly shook his head no and was about to answer when the Oracle taped them on the shoulders and said. “You two boys ready for the experience of a lifetime. I thought we go by the Dragon’s, Letting Papa Dragon rest and keep guard over Oscar tonight and their two egglings.” What could they say no? Not likely then again they were boys and being boys who wouldn’t want to ride a dragon. Well, maybe Oscar.

Once they made it outside they notice quite quickly the dragon was different than one they had seen earlier. This Dragon was red on top and had blue underbelly. The Oracle introduced her as Ruby her mate they saw earlier Ray. Bowed to them and sniffed them each, said. “Very pleased meet you both would care to see the whole valley the way I see it including mountain tops, where you find most of the ore deposits, including lakes and small rivers. I am sure you two can find a better use for them.

“Hard say considering there isn’t a cycle to replace them quickly enough. Or person that holds that kind of magic, but if there was a such a person willing learn that gift say a builder I would train him myself on how to breath cold as winters breath and my mate could teach him to breathe fire like hottest fires that only wizards could make but his or her could breathe it ten times hotter or colder no magical spell. The qualification is a strong heart, honest, brave, and most of all fearless. I would add one more, but is not issue anymore. Am I looking at the wrong man Oracle? Or do I need to wait and look elsewhere?”

The Oracle stood there standing as she measured young Rollin, said. “What do you think Rollin is she looking at the right man would you rather decline her offer think you have enough on your plate. If was me I would accept the offer you have all eternity to learn as many skills you want as well as master them as you teach many how to use them.

“Now Sly, you could also take the gift offered, but think about it and where your talents lie. Would you have use of blowing fire and ice? True you could use it in the kitchen but you have equipment that does that and everybody uses it. Think about just one second where do want to go? What do you want to do with your life now that you're about to become immortal and live practically forever. Think of all the things you could learn. The same goes for Rollin does he want to be builder forever, maybe he finds he likes teaching better, perhaps he would like to sit on the council, maybe on the wizard council after many years of learning and teaching and judging. You both are about to learn a brand new life than the one you thought you knew. So Rollin we start with you are ready to take the offer she offering you?”

Rollin pondered a little while longer then nodded that he would take the gift asking if still meant that the gift would be shared down his line from generation to generation, including his current generation Ruby the Dragon Agreed that all they had to do was bring his entire family to them after they each have the Oracle blessing, Noting the odd effect would be they be able to half dragoon and half human just like they are now. Rollin gulped bit but didn’t change his mind, instead. “I always wanted to know would be like to fly…”

With that, they took off into the air and speed high as the ground seemed to be little dots as they head over to the snowy peaks of the mountains. When they got closer they looked more than icy peaks then snowy peaks there really wasn’t a wind no trees nothing other than more sand and rock Rollin and Sly marked area was the water depots and ore depots were and long the cliff for everything else. The land itself was barren nothing but dried up sand and dirt, with one large lake and long river and several streams heading south and west. It would take time to follow them. But they didn’t need to right now.

They completed their long tour and the Oracle said. “Ok Ruby lets head home so you can get back to your children; these boys are not going anywhere tonight. Ruby nodded her head and turned straight up into the sky then blink in of an eye a portal opened as the for of them quickly slid through a needle. It was a very strange feeling a loud pop like a separation, to blinding light. That shield them for a mere second then saw clearly again in front of them was a train car that ran water and steam with Oracle waiting for them at the door, she said. ”Sorry boys, I can not bend the rules when comes to immortality even though you have given me your vows.”

“At the end of a line I have 10 stones that are given to each of us Oracles that gives the power to give immortality and sometimes gifts, for the bigger gifts I need help sometimes and beyond these walls, you will see my creation and what you two will be able to create in time. Hopefully more sooner because Morgan and Hess have done great damage to us and the worlds he has touched. Magic is almost at a standstill without many of our races are dying. So we must start again through you hoping it's not too late to save it.

“Once you get on this train you will feel different, a powerful need so strong you will be uncontrollable. It happens and we expect it to happen. Its nature at its finest, it will cleanse you and refill you from the outside in, your tiredness will be gone the moment you hit the water and the waterfall. There will be someone to greet you provide your clothing and bring you to a hot meal and several items you families have already arrived.

“By the way I have an offer for Sly which is the gift of growing not only fruits and vegetables, but all manner of grass and plant life form the seas to the lakes, talking of lakes and springs and rivers he can use them at his command as well as the ground he will find just like his partner Rollin that these listen can be found in there own personal spell books. And trial and errors always work the best. Oh, one other thing Ruby and her Mate Ray thought Sly would make a pretty good dragon and I agree that it could be useful. Now the question is. Do you Sly accept my offer?” Sly ponder the gift finding just as big as Rollins. He nodded he would he to asked about it being added to his generations she laughed. “Of course. No get on the train boys.”

She apologized as she locked them behind unbreakable glass doors and windows with large breathing wholes telling them they will understand once the ride has ended that only a safety concern theirs. At first, there was nothing as they turned into a tunnel then patches of blue sky started to appear, nothing unusual there they had that one back on the other planet including sunlight lots and lots of sunlight.

“So hot you could melt. It was the green grass and sent of fresh pine that got them and waterfall streaming down the mountains into the large lake that really got excited about seeing fields being planted and harvested and all those trees. And a house of every kind lay back like Christmas card. Children swimming in the large lakes with their parents the smell were driving them nuts as they tried to pull off the glass cages that wouldn’t come off. Then the train went back into the tunnel, letting the Oracle out and her passengers out as they watched the train go back around for the next crew.

She calmly said. “I take it you like our little tour and by the looks of it, you want me open the door really bad. Well you earned, that’s for sure. Now it's up to me give you both what I promised. Well, let's say we do just that. Ok, stand in the middle of the room where you see my circle of rings. This time you are going swear again that meant everything you said including you both except each of your new gifts willingly that you promise just because you have them you will not abuse them.

“That will not initially hurt someone while using them unless it is to protect yourself and your family or friends. That includes war if it is against the darkness. You will swear that will use these gift to help those in need. And swear you will teach them to someone that is worthy to use them by placing your right hand on their heart and left on their head to bond with you as they swear the same oath you are taking this day. For if you do not these gifts will be given to someone else in your line or another worthy person.”

They both agreed to the terms that it sounded fair. Sly was still trying to process his new gifts including the Dragon part he laughed picturing Ruby holding a spoon in Dragon form smashing all about. Causing the Oracle too tap him on the shoulder telling him that Dragons do just fine in their own kitchens which he and his family will see soon enough. Noticing that Rollin was sitting with his wife and his children telling them all about his new gifts including be able to turn into a dragon that they too will be able to do it as well, including his buddy Sly.

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