Chapter 4-3

Chapter 4-3

A Chapter by Shep

Chapter 4-3

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The Oracle motioned Sly over stating she wanted him to go first since he had a family and Sly didn’t, which was about change more sooner then he would like the moment he entered the white light there was image placed in his mind. A young female face, green bluish hair almost silver like, bright green eyes, tipped nose and squarish chin her laugh was like a small bird laughing in the spring. In the background, he could see fresh trees and small guarded flowers and all kinds of butterflies. Her smile called too him, his heartstring pulled at single gasp as the image faded at a standstill begging for him to find her. He found his hands inside the Oracle's hands, his eyes staring back into his smiling.

She said. “It seems another has caught your eye today my young Sly. That is one gift I can not give you, but it is said that you might find such a lady far up in those mountains west of here. I think Ruby might have a map and she and her mate can teach you how to fly like the wind. But first, make sure you prepare for the path. For a mortal man would take years, but my dear man it's hard to guess. Just before you leave my valley, have a bath in my lake, and change of clothes for the summer and the winter and plenty of rations.

“Too win the lass' heart, prepare her, a noble gift and string it with this thread and say these words. ‘From the planet will still be a timeless window of stars of beauty bright; the skies I have fallen, from the ground, I have walked upon it, it is from your grace that has touched my heart that has led me here in hopes we can bond all together here.’

She will need proof of each before you can wed her, when you figure it out how to do that. She will come with you and I will marry you both forever. Then not only you will be immortal so shall she and your generation to come, sharing the same gifts you have, with the same oaths and promises. Don’t be so surprised if you and she choose a place to live high above the mountains that will be your Dragon blood you inherited plus your other gift plants that live underwater to keep the water clean and the fish fed. So let's begin shall we and see what happens you’re a new breed of trouble to walk these many worlds.”

Once she had given his gifts all except his dragon gifts. Which happened the very moment he stepped into the light as Rudy and her mate Ray stood before him and breathed hot air and cold air on him that left them stark naked then made him drink two large viles of nasty stuff. And one more that was kind of sweet then picked him up in the air tossing him back and forth in the air then said for him fly up two thirds on the next cliff after he has bathed, got haircut and had something to eat and proper change of clothes Ruby would see to his pack and spell book and enough to keeping water and feed for day. After that, it was up to him to feed himself, and to find water. After all, he is part dragon and his talents should help him find food and water. All he needs are seeds.

Sly Yelled all the way down flapping his arms trying everything to turn in to a dragon as the ground became closer and closer as Ruby circled around him telling him to concentrate,

While her mate said. “No, let him alone, he wanted to be Dragon so let be fearless die like one now. No foul, we just call it bad failer teach another human being wanting to fly.”

Ruby said. “I sure I made the mix right then again I haven’t made it in over three or four centries, and that batch nearly didn’t work, maybe I should catch him.”

Her mate said. “And if we do that the boy will lose confidence in himself, I say we wait, after it's not like we can kill him now he’s immortal. Plus the fact we blasted him with everything we got and the poor boy made it through all that. Oh, look dear I saw wing, maybe not, I am going in for closer look.” Ray dives down where Sly is and asks. “So how’s hanging bro?”

Ruby joins them to say. “Shame on you dear, this young man has a lot on his mind right now; masculinity shouldn’t be one of them. Anyway, I think you might need some help since you haven’t quite figured out how to find your inner dragon. If you hit the water at that current speed son and you don’t transform you’ll be bruised for a month. So I am going to move underneath you slowly as slowly fall on my back and we will try it, again and again, tell you get it right. But first things first I am thinking a nice dip into that water would help you and couple glass of Berry wine and meal couldn’t go wrong either. So we will go down to the bottom and you can jump off my back. I’ll come back with my children who are no doubt driving my sitter crazy they too could use the flying lesson.”

Ruby was right the water was amazing it seemed so blissful, that his body tingled. Just for a moment he thought saw greenish scales on his skin a white glow he jumped when he felt a large-tail that was attached to him within minutes’ he started to grow as big as rub all green an red with dark purple outlines, he looked at his hands which where huge like claws he felt at his sides large yellow wings. He had large snot and very large teeth and a very large stomach. His neck was so long he could easily reach the where his pack was. But a deal was deal Ruby wanted him to fly up there and get it.

Rollin landed next too him Ray, Ray said. “Figures you be a late bloomer and then again its hard to say which dragoon you came from, some sorta water dragon which would go good with your talents, or ice or fire dragon or worst vaper dragon that breaths poison gas. Which also could come from your side the question is can you fly. Rollin is natural he has the total package. Notice his harden brown skin and a white underbelly. He could hide and not be seen by his prey; where you would need the upset with trees and water. Do that again.” Sly shrugged his extra large shoulders not understanding. Rollin said, “Walk around a bit.” He did as he was asked looking back as they watch ground pop with little tiny flowers and a slight glow. Rollin and Ray killed over with laughter watching Ruby and her two children land after riding from her back.

Ruby said. “Well, it looks like I missed out on all the fun the way you boys are carrying on. So tell me was it my potions that was wrong or was it timing issue I need to know how Sly here and Rollin gained their Dragon. First off mined if we cool our selves in this nice water? To that boys is far easier. It called a roll and shake because it’s what’s your going to do. While counting too ten. Now together we roll our heads and shoulder counting 1,2,3, going deeper time letting you dragon blood cool off a melt off your body quickly. 4,5,6 roll waist 7,8, move to legs feet letting last bit fall from your toes. If still repeat the process until can. Boys if it helps there are some trousers behind those trees, not sure there’s room for dragons your size.”

It took the boys nearly two hours to transform into their human forms this time making sure they had a good pair of shorts with suspenders if they were going to spend the day fly and landing transforming into human form again. Ruby said. “So just like I figured you both just need to relax and your transformations happened. Now Sly here got an extra dose of dragon blood in his tiny little body he part water dragon and part fire and ice I know he can fly I saw his wingspan which means he might be capable of sky elements as well. He would be dangerous in a fight that’s for sure.

“Things he could do with all that power scares me I betting the Oracle is right we need big hitters since all the rest have been taken from us. I tell you both if you boys ever think to go rogue or move to fight for the other side I will eat you personal burn your bones into powder including your children leave your wife’s for last to watch.”

“Now then I am starved. If we eat in our dragon forms the village will take the village a week to grow it. So we will eat in our human form and leave the villagers. You boys will need to eat like a dragon before Sly heads out on his quest. You, Rollin, need to spend time with your wife and children. And see about living quarters here, then return back in the morning with us to the work planet make sure you grab some seed of every kind don’t worry dear I will give you a list as well as places to find different types of soil for your buddy Sly and markers he’ll need lots soil, probably a good two fifty two pound bags of each and something. Speak to Clara about she knows everything about greenhouses.”

They all waited for Sly to get out first as they smiled whispered and pointed at his feet. He growled angrily seeing the long line of grass flowers that trailed behind him they changed to bigger flowers and wider growth spread the longer he stood there. It didn’t matter if hopped from one foot to the other, they still grew even quicker and wider spread he tried running but wouldn’t stop as made worst causing creeks in the trees a loud pop watching them grow Ruby ran to his aide by pulling him up by his arms soring into the air.

She told him to climb on her back and breath deeply, that he needs slow his breath and let the cool air cool his dragon blood and his heart. It’s when he gets all excited he loose control. The flowers springing from his feet is an unexpected gift. A gift was worthy of any Dragon. How many females human or Dragon wish their mates brought them home flowers on a good day. More so on a bad day.

The soil is so rich here that anything can grow. So the moment he touched it what did he expect, nothing, in fact, she and the Oracle would have been shocked if nothing happened. They were more surprised that image of girl they been dreaming about for quite some time has yet to be found. They have searched far and wide but nothing it seems there is magical bubble from the ground, hidden from trees so old and so thick none shall pass with words and the proof of said words.

Ruby said. “I have the words and I believe sending you to provide the rest. Because you have something no one else has. A growing dragoon the grows everything, but to get there you will need to know how to transform, into one from on top of a very high mountain, then transform again into your human form then lift off while running or swing. Once we got that down we need to practice your fire and ice breathing then I will send over the men teach you to hunt game like they do but first let's try to have little fun.

“Did you know Dragons have different colored eyes and senses of smells even in my human form I can use them? It gives me a heightened awareness of everything around me; people think it safe to walk near a sleeping dragon. In truth that is when we are the most dangerous, for we could hear a single voice or a drop of acorn or human and animal’s heartbeat within a mile, even more with our eyes closed. We can even smell things even further, good hunting in either form, but don’t tell them that. Now your eyes, these are what I want you to focus on when you look down to narrow your eyes into the trees and count how many deer you count, how many of those tasty bunnies we can eat. I know you see them because you are frothing at the mouth Sly.”

Sly said.” Sorry, I got lost after the tenth rabbit and my nose found those two large elk wondering if could have both or if I can need to make room for dessert or save some for the rest of us.”

Ruby laughed. “Your that hungry? Well then let see what we can do about that, stay in your human form. Can you do that without getting excited until keep yourself calm all by yourself the berry wine will help with that I make mine extra strong when having children.”

Sly nodded not daring to look down, and took a seat at the mess tent, he looked down at his feet noticing the cracks were brim full of his flowers and started cover the pavement. Ruby planted down a full brown keg of berry wine marked dragons mead she poured four tall glass two small glasses for her children. An old man and his wife started to argue over it. He said. “Leave it, lone dear; she can do what she likes same as any of us. The Keg probably isn’t any harder than any of ours, in fact, it’s been water down some or she never give to her two children and these new fellas are new to the territory.”

The old man stood and gave them a welcome toast with a smile and asked they wouldn’t mind sharing some of the good stuff mostly to prove a point. In keeper laughed. “By gorge Ruby, I believe wager if I not correct old man Hallswoth and his wife have offered to try Ruby’s homemade Berry wine. I say it will knock anyone silly crying back to their mamas just third of glass gets you in the bet will be you walking around five hundred gold pieces this day and bragging rights. So belly up boys and stand back and give them room.” After herring men telling other men it’s nothing more the mother's milk.

Rudy and her mate Ray, as well as the children, drank theirs as if was milk. Everyone waited for Rollin and Sly to drink theirs finding it a little brisk a hard like pick me up and smooth as sunny day lying on a beach. Waiting Ruby too pour them another. Innkeeper said. “Ok boys you have seen how it's done, walkway and be smart, there is no shame someone else will claim those five gold coins, maybe a prisoner from the other planet making his way to one fine dinner.”

One, Two glass made down only to spit all backup coughing saying their throats are on fire. Other two emptied their glass onto the ground paying double the fee. But this time wanted to make sure it was same stuff they were drinking Ruby poured it again into one glass having them choose which person they want a drink first. Rollin was the favorite most likely because of his size. The person waited until he was about half done... making sure he did drink it and not spit out or grabbed his throat asking him how he felt as he belched, stating just like mothers milk from a dragon, he quoted.

The man took a glass and took a large gulp and swallowed it down just like his friend, just like Rollin had done. His ears and face turned red and eyeballs grew wider. He gave out a loud burp that echoed across the valley. He said. “Rudy my dear that is finest Berry wine I have ever tasted, not even I can produce such ingredients. I lack cook skill of good chef and a popper gardener. Morgan and Hess have ruined everything that is beautiful that things like that are impossible to find.”

Ruby laughed. “Perhaps Lenard if you know where to look… things are not as hopeless as you think; even more so when it comes too new dragons entering the world. Sly I want you to meet a dear friend of mine his name is Lenard. He was just telling me all about your beautiful flowers and was wondering if you could grow him a bouquet of some of his choosing the spell for that is number 26 under the color pallet, but its more of pulling out the ink using fingers placing it down on white flowers such roses. It’s a quick read which you can do while eating. Besides you been doing enough growing over here why don’t you see Lenard home see what about his garden...”

Ruby pointed down at Sly’s feet Lenard looked to where she was pointing and gasped blinking a couple of times. He hefted a large keg and grabbed Sly hearing his heartbeat growing stronger. At this rate, they were never going to make it to the Dragon nesting grounds. Not there is very many us old Dragons nesting. Morgan and Hess had killed most of them off; as the boy was running Lenard quickly transformed into a Gary and white dragon telling Sly to climb on to his back while he grabbed him and swung back grab those two elk and picked up two more teaching Sly how to make vines ropes from different trees, rabbit snares, basically a quick shopping list.

Once they were ready to go having two full baskets each. It was Sly’s turn to transform from running start right where he was standing; Lenard didn’t care as long as he did it. Giving him two glasses of berry wine too steel his nerves. He tried standing still right in the open. Breathing in and then out and again. In and out rolling the neck back and fourth felling the breeze on his skin smelling the sweet air of the trees. He moved his arms in rolling motion and then each of legs and feet.

The next time though he was lifting himself in the air. Lenard said. “I must say you’re a beauty to look at the girls back in my day would be knocking at your cave just to look at you. So how fast can you go I am guessing 1 /2 knots at least? Well have race soon enough, you got lots to learn to do before your first quest. I sure hope you can cook because what I do isn’t called cooking. My last Chef ran out on me she was also my gardner which is now Liza who owns the sticky pot dinner in town. She likes her human side more than dragon side.

“So the Oracle promised me if I help the new bloods she do her best seeing that I become a young or younger dragon again with a family for one more generation possibly two. Now then swing around grab your basket with both your claws if you tide them good nothing will spill out if they do we will start again until the basket is secure. That’s why I like extra twigs and nettle branches, and the berry wine mixed with milk or water works as a strong sleeping solution that our dinner doesn’t get too restless.” Sly followed Lenard climbing slowly into the clouds. Having him look back asking him how he is doing he said fine wishing he could study while flying, causing Lenard to laugh off course a little.

Lenard said. “You are learning more then you know Sly. Take for instance making a basket. You can’t tell me you never weaved one that size before to hold your dinner for several days. Once you have built several times in your mind and you know you can do it without any help then you can put it way, A Dragons mind is far more superior then any human mind it can remember things from now to 1000 generation or more if he or she wanted to. Take a Dragan’s smell Ruby said you her talked about all the senses. This would be a good time to practice them considering you are…. Where did you go Sly? Lenard dived for the basket but was still swaying in the air, said. “Oh, that’s neat trick Sly invisibility using the air and the moisture to hide you like mirrors of glass.”

Sly laughed I was just seeing if I could do it. My buddy Rollin can be invisible in dirt settings. I was told I possibly could in plant life and water settings then I got thinking there is water in the air and if cold enough it could change my scales to glass all I had to do was freeze them enough cause a snowstorm inside around me. You shook me out my thoughts and frosty side cracked revealing myself.”

Lenard said, “Yea mate I see the problem and feel for a considering the last dragons over last thousand or so decades never had these kinds of problems, I am sure they wished they did, hell I’d wish I did. You and Rollin are just going to have to work those problems out the best you can and in the meantime, I will be teaching what Dragon due best. Which is flying, eating, and flying some more and flying... What you are going to do for me is to learn to memorize your spell books, cook and clean for me, help get my garden to grow. Which I think has died... well smells dead anyway. Could be the tenants they never send a Christmas card.

“I tried to borrow a cup of sugar from three doors down came back with ants and no sugar. All I know from Ruby and the Oracle is I am to stick you in the middle of wasteland where there’s nothing including water for a very long time. Man talks about cruel, no wonder my wife hates me. You could ask for any worse punishments kid but if you look to the left about 300 hundred miles you would see a dark path. That is where we are going. I am told it used to be part of grand sea known as King Titus one the four kings himself, but instead, Hess father killed Titus and in the fourth 2 first wizard war now that son was a bad one.

“We some of us don’t dare speak his name fearing he will rise again just mentioning it. He dried up all the waters and created nothing but wastelands from planet to planet, he starved us to death regardless if they worked for him or not. Death is all he wanted death is all he got and he ruled with an iron fist. However, it was me and the Oracle and few others like King Salsern that put him down. In fact, he was our first prisoner when we first built the Cross Bone Gate Prison. It's hard to believe that we have so many of our own go so bad so quickly out of this last war.

“It nearly killed us off completely this time. No, what we need to do is get back to the basics and some new stalk to like you and Rollin, make you battle ready, not feeling our heads with girls or family. But then again having a girl at your side and few egglings does give you something to fight for I can’t deny that. I remember a few lonely nights hiding from soldiers in the rain.

“All I had was a small picture I had taken and had kept me warm many a night. Now then I am going go in and drop my basket first then let you drop yours high in the air where I can catch it. We dragons call it a game of catch, which is good for you to learn since we are now breeding Dragons again, and perhaps riders. Who cares for us... Have to think on that one considering we are now both sides of the coins like it was millions of years ago. I’ll be back into shakes of a Dragons tail.”

Sly watched as Lenard touched down low enough to drop his basket softly into a coral and told Sly to drop his watch him fly up and do a roll and catch the basket and roll again turn him and the basket of over without spilling the groceries and then place it softly right next to his. And then flew back over said. “You can land anywhere you like. If I was you I land closer to the ground on your feet if possible like this.”

Lenard moved a little closer to his man cave which wasn’t much to look at other than dried and mushy leaves that used to be planted with everything that looked like bent pots and rolled up a house that strung over from a tip over windmill slash water well filled with so many holes it shows daylight... The smell was rank as came up quick, placing one large paw of hand over his nostril. Already Sly had located a large and a small water source enough to get him started.

He watched Lenard land with one two feet and a couple of flaps, boy did he make it look easy. “It’s all in the wings boy all in the wings.” Watching him fall right on his a*s and roll on his back. At least was able to transform quickly causing Lenard to laugh. “Just great I get dinner and show. Come on boy the goodies will be wakening up and we need to put them away long before then. We put the rabbits and the birds on top and the four-legged into the pens, separated by their kind.

“You’ll need to mend the fencing first. My wife was good at that; I hope you can pick off where she left off while I dig out the old fire pit. For roasting those steers. You will find some binding ties in the shed out back in the flower beds. Or make your own from those pines with your teeth. Or check your big supply bag with your name on it. It should contain both winter and summer clothing including shoes. And basic equipment a gave them a huge list to set us up a nice little shop with seeds of every kind.

“I encourage you to scrounge for your own equipment. I am told you can locate all the deposits as your buddy can and you have many of the same gifts like Dragon fire and Ice. You both have a teacher live one and hologram one, which I can wait to see how that works out. I am guessing by now I am the live one and I am guessing by now you found a water supply already because you’re glowing again and plant life is following you again. It’s the moss son I told you this used to be part of that sea I told you about. Yep, I am thinking I might have to move up higher. Just tell me if I should be worried,” by pointing out the largest water source. Sly pointed down towards his feet. He jumped as small gusher popped through the dirt.

Lenard face cringed in agony and asked how big and how deep. Watching it flow even faster. You better fly son, I mean fly that way so I can save our groceries and whatever I can of our cages the hell with the cages the rabbits and the birds and live in the baskets with the cages I can save. Now fly boy fly.” The Sly took off at a full run as the moss and the ground split wide open and water just trickled out with more moss with large water spots following him he burst into the air as he ran out of room and swooped up lifting up his dragon feet as they touched the brim of the canyon and kept going, as he soared into the air swing back to pick up his pack and his share of the groceries.

The canyon was still filling up as he and Lenard watched from a great distance seeing that big patch of blue down there. Lenard said. “We haven’t been home for five minutes and the tenants already complaining, about not getting enough water, or it too hot or too cold. Who is going iron their sheets? Personally I was tired of them whining all the time I just couldn’t take it anymore. Me and you kid need something more stylish anyway. Something way more dead then that and less noises. But it would take a year or so to get there.

“We don’t have a year now do we boy? So let's build a penthouse for your girlfriend. It would be a shame not watch the tenants drown after all I paid for the ground I have the receipt somewhere. Maybe it could use a little fixing up and you and the Miss would love to raise your kids here. Out here we can build as big as you want that includes trees. Now then let's put our basket down open our packs. There are several acres of trees by those mountains towards the west. We will stop their first, and give them another dose of that berry wine mixture to our fine catch just a little. Or we will kill them too early. This will be a good test of flying skills. I want to see how fast you can go so I am setting a stopwatch. Now go break me off a pine branch and bring back to me, I am betting I can match your speed. Or come close, so ready set fly.”

He punched the stop watched and watched Sly take off like nobody’s business. He was barely a blur as he caught his tail winds trying to catch up he wasn’t even halfway when met the sound barrier then the second hearing tree limbs break as he turned make quick break turn around in the air as stood still as if he wasn’t even moving as the trees hit his tailwind. But the wind didn’t seem to bother him as he came right towards him with the whole tree in his mouth.

He said after stopping the stopwatch. “Lessoned learned to give you more open space because son you need it and now we have another chore added to our list. What we destroy as a Dragon’s we repair. That also goes when in you are human, but I have always held them up to a higher standard, until most recently. Take Oscar, for example, he's on trial for murdering the very people he works for, and stealing from them, and cheating them out of their handiwork. And had has been doing it for nearly nine hundred years according to the records. He has turned his heart to Morgan and Hess and joined their forces for many years now right under everyone’s noses. While he sat in Judgment as a corrupt judge seeking power.

“Not only that he had worked very hard to ensure that there would not be another judge to judge him or anyone else. By hiding things and sneaking around where didn’t belong. But wasn’t smart enough to know what he was looking for even if was right in front of him the whole time. His knowledge was good, history of things good. But it wasn’t good enough compared to Derricks and the rest of us.

“He learned it for poster not because he had too, he was a party of laughs. Derrick was both when he needed to be, but in truth, he was always the scholar, when it came to tidbits of history. And already found a way to save ours with new ideas with old possibilities, where Oscar has wowed us with magic and simpler ways making us fat and lazy. Derrick has trimmed the fat. Making us work without using magic, but our talents and skills we have through teaching. Like our forefathers.

“Which side is better, I am thinking Derricks might be the man to follow. Old ways with new ideas work for me. Now then Sly turn around and look at all that damage you did back there. Your task will be to replant all those trees before the weeks out. In the meantime, we shall clear the field of all the broken trees and bring them back to camp where we will start building cattle pens and cages for our animal friends. Use the large trees for our posts for other cattle. At least we have clean water and lots of it and plenty of food. We just don’t have a roof over our heads. So we settle for a tent.”

Within two hours they had the ground cleared and several new trees already half way matching their former trees. And the older trees were nice and tall and fat thanks to Sly and his magical growth, they ended up chopping those down too and having him fly away quickly so no more could grow overnight. Lenard said. “We really need to work on that Sly. Or we will be living on rock cave freezing to death, and I am not the one that’s going to freeze. Oh crap, I forgot you can’t freeze your Ice dragon too if pitch off volcano you would only swim through it. Man, I hate elemental dragons. I should have chosen your friend to train.

“But I said I’ll take the small guy he won’t be any problem I said to myself. Once I get him up in the air flying on his own we’d be halfway done and back to the city life. Oh no. the guy all he does talk my ear off;” looked back to see if Sly was behind him hearing a yell of excitement. He heard a loud roaring sound coming from above and more trees crashing through the woods and big purple Dragon riding several large trees down a very large waterfall as the valley split and popped ahead of him. Have the forest behind and in front of him. He looked up finding a large open spot where a rock is missing and water spewing from the top like waterfall creating more waterfalls. He got out of the way as he flew above and watched Sly and the mess flow right into canyon valley as he if was swimming in his own bathtub of paradise, while the canyon was reaching the first caves and now climbing faster.

Sly then leaped into the air said. “What a ride, you got to try it. I know of two more one over there and one just over there I smell salmon and they are huge.”

“That’s all and good son But you're supposed to be correcting the problem not making the problem worst. Did you say, Salmon? I haven’t had salmon in a long time.” No, we must discuss this Sly. Those trees are precious to us and the animals we take from them to feed us. True those waterfalls use to feed this part of the lake and empty into that sea I talked about. It would be nice if it did again. No, we will do it once you fix the damage you have done first honoring your agreement. Those salmon can wait we have plenty of food for right now and plenty of work right here. So drag out those trees from the lake since the only flowers you create are inside in there.”

“We will need ore, to make metal objects; gold is too soft and so is silver. But if we mix the three it will make them even stronger. Once you got all the trees out and I have them piled. I make the cages for the small animals using the baskets. You go find me the ore making the same basket we use for the logs. We will need lots of each may be you could learn from your hologram how to possess these metals so they can be useful to carry into a ball and into tools, like hammers and stuff for a metalsmith. For we need that first. I have some of it and you have some, but must build the rest from scratch.

“I figured if you tie that gadget around your neck you can access it easily enough after all is voice activated after the first time you used it.” I will see you for dinner around 8 pm. linking my hologram with yours. Providing I figure out how to use it at all. Now get going and don’t you dare cause another speed trap like the last one.”

Sly said. “Fine,” and dived into the air as he dived straight down like a corkscrew Lenard jumped to his feet looking over the edge seeing where he went not believing his eyes as the large creator cracked wide open as large image glowed and the hole creator glowed and bubbled as he kept going deeper as the red glow as far as the eye could see he heard large breaking as if it was shaking the entire planet. Then there was a loud couple pops and rush of water that came up with the largest gush Lenard has ever seen so far.

Sly Came up seconds later with a very large rock of solid ore as he dropped right in front of Lenard before taking off into the air like a bird and doing a suicide bird that whistled with two hands in front of him turning like corkscrew faster and faster and faster; then heating up with Dragon Fire as he came closer to the planet near the bottom of the nearest mountain.

“He broke two sound barriers and slipped into the mountain like it was butter. Lenard checked as he flew closer seeing nothing but red spots behind his eyes and dust inside a large hole. He saw the cold fire and hot fire and someone punching something into a large ball and jumped when it went for his head landing outside nearby. As large being coming out the other side with another large ball shooting towards the other...

Yelling Back; “Lenard if you don’t want to get cooked first before the water comes I would move quickly away from the lines I have drawn for the riverbed that used to run through. Look down and you will see the rocks on both sides telling you there was water once here and I am using my talents. I have found Gold and Silver at both entrances holding back the water. Someone did this on purpose long ago and he or she was a Dragon like me, because it was an elemental Dragon that closed all these springs, rivers and lakes and waterfalls. Hoping to kill the land you loved so much that you would not breed ever again so easily.

“Now then I have completed my tasks, and I will bring back these last two upon my water sled. So I can ride the waves safely home. It’s the one thing I do have control of so far. It seems is the water. When so large it can’t overwhelm me, and the fish need the plant life to survive. Too bad you didn’t buy any tackle and bait, but you didn’t expect your own private lake either. Please tell me you didn’t leave that elk burning on the fire like that. Now then race you back to the house or what’s left of it.”

Already the rivers were picking up speed as Sly tied his water sled together and hoped on for one serious ride letting Lenard join him as they went through the river and slash side to side right into the lake creating another waterfall as they grabbed the handle and flew into the air and land right next to the woodpile transforming into their human selves. 
First thing Sly did was change into his work boots and two pairs of dry thick socks and said. “Ruby said for me to try this. That way my skin isn’t touching the ground. If we need to we can try thicker layers of leather and soft metal inserts. I was thinking of making a full skin outfit for the girl I am searching for as part as my gift. I have seen several pictures in clippings. Now then let's see what I can do to that elk before you ruin it.

“We can eat like dragoons your way or my way let me season it some and eat like dragons and eat both elks and two deer and few of those nice bunny rabbits. Because I have been a dragon for a day and a half and I am very hungry. I have nothing left in the tank if we plan on building tonight instead of in that blasted sun in the morning.

“Or would you prefer to spend my day studying or going hunting or both. While the metal cools to sharpen. I found a good sharping rock above those mountains I think I can carve chip out good piece and make a nice round stone out of it without too much trouble. I also saw more elk and deer feeding over that ridge are those Salmon are swimming. I caught their scent when was digging for the silver. So I like meat kind of medium to rare with a smoky flavor.”

Sly transformed into dragon and split his down the middle tossing the other half to Learned as he placed the other over the fire pit knocking it out first with his fist hearing the neck crunch as he tore off the head and tossed it to the side and pulled the skin off from neck to tail and seasoned both the inside and the out and seared it using his dragoon breath handing that over to Lenard as he took the second deer and did the same and held this by the leg and just like that down it went. Once all the deer were gone they moved one to the birds and the rabbits by knocking them each out tear the heads off quickly then skewed them five to a row, removing the bunny fur for Sly’s new outfit for his girl. Once the food was gone and they were very well feed, it was time to get back to work building a house. So they made a quick little table after a quick bath in the there brand new lake which was filling up even faster past the second tier of caves almost to the third.

Of course, Lenard made Sly do most of the work like cleaning up the mess of heads and internals and blood putting together a broom for him; letting him bury the mess far from camp and wash of the blood using his lake water, telling him that his water makes it work for him and all that. He smiled ok looking at the sky and transformed into a dragon and found some clouds nearby as Lenard fell asleep in his makeshift chair he manage too fish out of the lake.

He circled about really fast around the encampment so fast using dragon speed and then icy breath and heat the clouds started to grow more and more darker, then with large dose of fire and super speed he created lightning and loud sonic boom that Lenard fell right out of his chair seeing the lightning coming closer and dark clouds he called for Sly but there was no answer as the first raindrops started to fall then fell even more quickly drenching poor Lenard and the storm kept growing and the temperature kept dropping. Now it was really coming down as he the wind started to howl and still no signs of Sly.

Sly Stopped with sneak attack around back with his little broom in his hand as the clouds cleared and the warm air returned he swept the last of the of the blood into the lake, whistling a little tune as if the rainstorm never happened. Lenard grabbed his little broom and broke over his knees. Pointed to the ground and then to the sky furious at him. Sly said. “What? Oh, you think I made it rain, and caused all this to get out of my chores? Wasn’t you just telling me that I should find a way to work my water to my advantage? Look I cleaned up the whole place so it’s nice and clean again. And look, no flowers followed me.

“Now then we have ore we have silver and gold. We need an anvil to make tools and two several barrows brine mixture and just to get started. Plus a caster and shaper we will use the ore for a melting pot and but I need more ore then I have now but we have enough to get started. Since the tools won’t take much. Considering you and I have most of them except the anvil. So decide where you want the smithy and I’ll break the ore in half and start hollowing it out.

“Well need clay, lots of hay and straw to build bricks and coal and a flat stone to keep the fires burning. Coal deposits are not far from here. Wood neither I’d prefer not ruffing it but that is the task to use our talents first before giving up. So far we have done good and I have learned more then I hoped. Ok, Hologram shows Lenard and me how to do this with what we got. And create list what we don’t got.”

Just like that, the Hologram said as Sly and him jumped into action coming into human form causing Lenard to jump back, a little and poke his hand through him. The hologram walked around the entire camp making a list showing up on the board in front of them. Then list all of Lenard talents which wasn’t much compared to Sly background. Sly said. “Lenard smarter then he looks. Trust me he knows more stuff than any other dragon his age.”

The hologram said. “I see, can you fly yet on your own?” Sly nodded. “Have you eaten like a real Dragon?” Sly nodded. “Can you transform into a human and a dragon on your in less than ten minutes without the ground shaking?” Sly nodded and Lenard cringed stating they haven’t timed it.

Causing some else to butt in, hearing Ruby’s voice. “What you mean Lenard you haven’t timed it?” Where are boys located I sent you back to the old nesting grounds where you and the boy can’t hurt anything. Yet when I looked in that direction on the live globe me and Oracle hearing strange rumblings as if some is tearing the planet apart, we find the old nesting grounds missing and the rivers flowing into them like they were over nine Melina ago.

“You two camping out on the brim like two hobos, that’s fine and dandy compared to Rollin and his teacher don’t get me started with those two. Don’t dare tell me they will be just will be just fine. I want a full report Lenard on his studies. What kind of things you two have been doing and the kind of talents this boy is discovering other than water and growing plants in his bare feet those shoes I packed should help with that. I linked my hologram with yours and I'll be talking more regular. By the way, we missed that last post about Sly’s speed. Did you say mock 1 in and ½ and not two or was just under mock one. There was too much wind blowing, next time land then gives us the speed. Because it sounds like three or trees, if it was three. Then must I have been too drunk because no Dragon has even come close to that speed. Not even you Lenard when were in your prime.”

“Oh no that kid doing it again he’s trying to beat Sly’s record he is blazing comet one two and ½. Look there he goes see what you have done Sly. Sly where that boy go?” Lenard pointed up and Ruby said. “Point your link up Lenard so we can all see.” Sly went all out as he shot up like a bat out of hell with a cloud of fire and steaming jets. Breaking the atmosphere with sonic boom one, two, then three rings of blue as he came right back down doing it again I ring boom, 2 ring boom, 3 ring boom.

Then coasted far above making his way back down like a butterfly from and transform as he walked on pillows of air. Lenard said. “I believe that was mock 3 Ruby going up and mock 3 almost four coming down and less than ten seconds to transform into a dragon and back into human form. “So no I did not stutter three when I said three, eat those words my boy can fly faster than any dragon alive. Mark my words I would put money on him in the races, if we still had them today with riders to boot.”

She sniffed. “Really, well we have four brand new dragons being trained at the moment two on this planet and two more on the other. I think we can put on a good showing what do you think Oracle it’s been a very long time since we had a race of speed through the ski hoops Sly and Rollin Against the other two Dragons. To see how much they have learned in a season.” If they could have shaken hands they would have as their images went blank.

Sly said. “Do you still want the other guy as your student? Just think what happens when he runs out of reinstating you might find your belongings hanging from the stars. At least I can’t go any further then atmosphere or I would float and run out of the air.

Lenard said. “Actually there is a way for you to do that one trick you showed me with invisibility, but I need to work through it a bit. Now let's get to work you will be hungry again if you use your dragon to fly. Right now you need it for fire too hollow out that ore. So we can melt metal in. so I’ll cast to build our anvil at least the first layers of it. You saved my beacon today even though it was very foolish. I should have stood up for you but I didn’t instead I stood there letting them back me into a corner.

“Instead you fought for both of us by showing them that you have been listening and taking chance using everything you have learned by yourself so far. I couldn’t have been prouder when I saw you break the third bier not only once but twice on your way back down as if it was try that on for size. I told you didn’t have enough run for that kind of speed so you created one that was right in front of all going up then down. No one has ever tried that trick before. You caused no damage either, proving that you can be responsible for your actions. You even beat me at my own game by causing a rainstorm to clean up the campsite. Now that’s using your head. I was just mad because bested me at my own joke. No Sly I have the best of the two sides. Now, look you going to make old Dragon cry.

“Now then we have clay this entire land is full of clay all we have to do is dig it up two large dragons could dig a large hole in about thirty minutes. I was thinking we could build one about half a mile from here because we will need lots bricks not only for smithy but for a foundation of the house and the chimney so we will dig out the foundation so it’s at least 20 or so feet so you can have a library of books and large study. Plus it will give us temporary housing while building the upper house and the rest of the lower house. Like this.

“Hologram can you show us a quick diagram of the house for Sly and his Girl, starting with the bottom; we would like a large library about 20 foot deep and 40 forty foot square with three for rooms on the side and one large family room in the middle with a chimney starting from that far point here. Make sure two of the basement rooms are master bedrooms with walk-in closets and full and half baths for guest or family. Trust me on this Sly when comes to comforts of home and your entirety you want the best of everything and your guest expect the best out of you...

“When comes too money Dragons and money means nothing. That ball of silver and gold you and you’re going to make tools out of would pay for this entire house many times over, which is why we don’t spend our gold and silver to thieves calling at our door. Instead, we leak small depots in banks and make earldoms like necklace and bracelets or fine clothing with fine gems and sell them off. We invest into the market on several worlds moving money from one bank to another bank then hide it away for safe keeping. Spend the rest on those that truly need it. Finding people that can do it and track it to see if they were honest, give them more when they are and take way when their not.

“I have lived a very long time and traveled the many planets mostly running to be truthfully honest which is why many despise me, but I live to tell the story that running saved my life and my families life. For it, I found the clue that everyone missed to kill the wizard king that refused to die. Was a mirror of his making? You see when I was a boy I forced to serve as his chambermaid so always rose yearly to change it and bring him a fresh one. I caught his eye looking in this strange mirror without a reflection. It cracked as he laughed as he drew his finger crossed it. Drawing first blood as it held itself and. I ducked away picking up the pot that swashed onto the floor as he cursed and kicked me several times.

“He slipped in his own mess and saw his face. I mean his real face its hand was moving around like a withered old snake changing brown then white, He yelled for me to get out and I did leave him and that behind. I was scrubbing the hallway when he finally came out of the room he smiled at me as if I was some plaything and nothing happened in the room. But his face had changed completely to a much younger face as he looked at himself in the same mirror and slipped back into his pocket.

“He wrote not and hand it to the manservant in charge as he called me straight away and my family. Father took us in our arms as woman hand us a basket with some food and envelope to meet up with King Salsern. We traveled underground for weeks and months then boarded a ship to Quartz. Mother got sick and she laid them on her on death bed. begging us to go without her. There was knock on the door as Pa opened as a man said. I was told you be here. I hope I am not too late. My father died during the night and I can only take you back with me if make Dragon born said to say it for eternity, but I can keep you safe. I am still learning my powers as we speak from a book they handed me, and its old one at that.”

They both agreed and we became dragons and we lived under the sea for quite some time. I think my parents still do. Unfortunately for me and my sister, that eternity thing was never offered to children our age, but I can’t complain I will be nine hundred in two months and one year. Anyway... King Salarn nursed us back to health, but I couldn’t get over the nightmare of what I saw in that chamber room. I knew it was real because King Salsern tested my dreams every night. To the point, we would walk in using dream walker spell and have us walk through step by step.

“The moment he saw the mirror and what it can do he was dancing around laughing, waking both of us up in the dead of night as we raced down into his private library. He called it grave of the living pearls.. anyway. It allows a person to bond a person soul to his own body making that person impossible to be killed. But must be done by the rays of the morning sun or he can change his face anew.

“A vanity mirror that can kill, No would expect a young boy of 8 with no skills to help out take out one of the badest wizards ever. But I did and proud of it. I got to smash that mirror personally and watch that wizard get sucked way into a very big jar. Because his body was so old it turned to dust and we sent that part into the beyond never to speak his name again. It has been nearly nine-hundred far as I know he hasn’t come back. I plan to keep that way by being the last dragon to die with his secret.

“Ok back to work my young dragon. I never leave my guard down or unprotected. You mentioned that and elemental dragon blocked that river you unblocked yesterday. So what direction would choose if you were running family to safety? Think wisely because you have the time be smart?”

Sly thought for a moment his mind was saying towards the salmon. But the trees would make good cover. Sly said. “Back towards the highest waterfall and trees.”

“And why would choose that way, besides going in the opposite direction?”

“Because the trees would give me cover and I can knock a hole right under that mountain and come out the other side and fly like bat out of hell. Before anyone of them could catch us using not only my skills but few tricks I have learned by pissing you off. Sir.”

“Well Sly that’s just the way I was seeing it. Too, I see learning is up to snuff. Now then hologram my boy would like hide hole right about here in the library to head out this way. Which will be marked classified beyond your paygrade. Now then the house itself must have sixteen large bedrooms for large teenage sons and daughters and guest’s one closed off dining room for a family room the second room for 500 or so guest and kitchen for cooks and staff for these said functions.

“The main family room spacious with very nice royal staircase the place will be heated properly, of course, using solar panels and indoor plumbing. And lighting I want you to spare no expense Hologram Boy has plenty in his account to buy several of these homes on the planet Earth where placed the money into his account first thing this morning under the name The invisible trickster at the Zion bank in New York New York in the amount of 500 Million Dollars.”

Sly Coughed. “We will need in week’s time enough leather to make a saddle and all the due dads like gems in my family vault there. And several weather balloons and bails of rope like 30 thirty and thirty-five rings about 25 inches should do nicely and a large tank of gas to fill them. We have a race to prepare for. Now then run along and send me these plans and the receipt. So I know it on its way. Oh, I forgot I need several patterns of white silk and lace and wedding veils for my Dear Sly Bride. And 500 white chairs and the best tux you can find for me, Sly and Rollin his best man and five others and several cards which I will be making out upon his Journey. Oh, my boy, we do have a lot to do, don’t we? And the day only half over. Ok, let's dig so we can have the room to work.”

They marked the space, the hologram marked out then then transformed into dragons and dug up the dirt and pushed it back with their feet in mater of minutes the first layer then second layer then third and the fifth until it was almost dragon and half tall all around the first room then the next room until all the basement rooms were all dugout including the hide way hole as they used the trees to brace it until poked out the other direction. All that was left was to melt the first bit it of ore and little gold and silver into a pot and melt it down and pour into the caster Lenard built.

Sly broke down one piece at a time using his hot breath and his dragon fingers until they had some, to begin with, and put the pot into the hole then blew really hot from the ground up as Lenard stirred it with large big metal spoon telling him needs to be a little bit hotter as he broke them off more of the metal into the pot until was just right.. Sly transformed back into his human form and grabbed the pot with his hands and poured it into the two casters then breathed cold breath on them using his dragon side not sure it would work, but it did just enough that it surprised the both of them.

Lenard quickly binds both parts together and wound metal straps around them tightly and then added rope to the braces and tossed them into the water, not trusting dragon fire to cool them is how fragile they are at this stage. They still need lots of wood so Lenard suggests a small cottage known as a good place to raise elk and deer. Bring the salmon the salmon right down here as Sly suggested as well as opening the other waterfall and finish what he has started. Since they are going to need the rocks to make a concrete for the basement, by making a log wash as the falls into the basin below to the rivers and streams and back to the seas once more. He said. “Son lets turn it green once more, and turn it into a dragon’s paradise.”

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