Chapter 5

Chapter 5

A Chapter by Shep

Chapter 5

Sly said with a snort, “I thought you said you didn’t like my flowers and waterfalls or my lake for that matter? In fact, you said I was ruining your perfect desolate scenery?”

“Oh, I did Sly, because it was beautiful for about five seconds. The very moment your feet touched the ground showing me no dragon like you could stand a moment of it. That’s why they left including my dear wife. So let’s go knock down s’more trees and see how fast you can make them grow. And do it again for we need lots of them…… and the bigger they are the better. And we need lots of river bed rocks to make our concrete so we clear one side and plant it. Then clear the next and plant it and on the back side. We will eat a hearty meal of salmon then I will build the first wood swing using the steel netting I brought. If that doesn’t work I have a couple more ideas, but it requires all the waterways pouring into our lake. Then we need lots of hay not only for our cattle, but for bricks and our concrete basement floor and walls.

“Now let's see if our anvil is ready for the second set of layering before we go I’ll know the moment we pull it up. While you hologram on growing trees. Let me know when you covered all types of trees. More so the pine and the fir trees as well as the maple and the birch trees that can grow thick and tall, and compare five types using smell, longevity and looks and what will hold sealants the bests. Then I want you to learn woodworking for beginners all the way to the masters. By the end of tonight before we turn in for have very busy day tomorrow being as you should be ready pass off the first of your test to Derrick and the Oracle as well as if we are lucky as you say your bride to be at 2 pm sharp in the square by the fountain; while we wait for everything else down here to catch up.

“But Sly, you must live with the one fact that you may never control the flowers or the trees responding by the touch of your skin. I am doing you no good by letting you hide it either. What we should do is find a way to tone it down when you want too or turn it off and on when you want to just like your other skills. But for now, let’s start slowly by taking off your gloves when the flowers stop growing in wild spurts and got that much in control we know we are making progress.

“You never need the gloves anyway, your dragon skin protects you, in fact, it’s amazing that you lasted this long after gathering those ores and not one single flower when you lay on your elbows in the dirt. That means you must have some control already. Now scoop up some of that dirt and think of a bouquet of red or white roses, while I pull up the cast.”

Sly did what he was told trying to as hard as he could. He calmly pictured them in his mind closing his eyes slowly breathing like he did when learning something new, then opened them his eyes seeing 12 stem white roses. Then just like that poppies, and sunflowers and daisies, the entire list continued. He dropped the flowers in his lap and looked southwards where his dream girl is taunting him. Her eyes of green gems and milks soft face, he could barely catch a scent of her hair of sandalwood and it heavenly sweet of her that smelled of cinnamon and wildflowers.

He jumped into the air so quickly heading towards that direction only to be pulled back hearing Lenard call him back with the sound of break trees all by himself. Where did he think he was going? He didn’t even have a home to live in. Not even nice fur coat made by him, not even fulfilled the riddle to enter that part of the forest. So what he could fly like the wind and eat like a dragon and transform back into human form without thinking about it. He still had lots to learn and only two and half days to do it or she’d be gone from him forever.

Yet each night they stayed together in the dream world talking and studying as they help each other to complete their list together in hopes to build that bond between them.  He knew he loved her the moment he saw her, but more so now as they have danced in each other's arms or more like trip and fall in each other arm laughing because they both had to left feet. They laughed that special little laugh he could never forget. As she explained the rules to him than not even she knew the order she would be placed until they arrived, other than her wicked governess.

So he turned around and headed back soaring high into the air just above where she might see him and created a triple heart and did three sonic booms right through each of her hearts making them bursts. Then head back with supper speed going low and clearing the tops of the trees first and going back and forth as Lenard worked the bottom swishing his tale from left to the right until Sly came up with a better idea. Picking up a big tree and taking one and Lenard taking the other and they mowed them down like weeds.

It took them two hours to clear that side of the mountain as they made several sleds and pushed them down them the river, having Lenard take the back and Sly took the front. Once the logs made it to the large log pile they went back and pulled all the stumps out and created a pile out of them.

Lenard asked. “So that’s your signature 3 hearts and three love taps for your lady. Now if you could add some stars fire with that. That would really melt her heart.  I will teach that if you are a good boy tonight. By the why speaking of hearts you gave up too soon on yours. You did what I asked growing by hand no seeds 12 dozen white roses. It was the others I didn’t ask for. I call that in my book a good first try.  Plus you used your anger in the right way by showing your love to your girl by surprising her with three love taps of your heart. Not many human or dragons would have done that.

“So now then which trees are you going to plant this time around? Stumps are easy for two dragons. So I’ll pull and you plant. I have enough seed for 400 acres of most popular building trees I have named. We will need those roots to plant more until you can do it on your own like the roses. Which is part of my section of the list I am supposed to help you be able to do? Plus a magnificent house you could be proud of, built by scratch with our two hands? Using our skills, and talents and little magic and I mean little magic as possible. Ruby has given you the other portion of the list.

“The Garden Bridle list”

The bare of the bride who enters thy garden must bring these gifts made by his hand. Roses of each kind must be grown to smell petal soft touch thy lips and too use as part of the bridal gown. Freshly pine bows he has grown to sweep her off her feet; Birch and Cider all aglow for hands man and ladies to sit along its row. Tierces of white strung with natures candies. All shall be gathered by songs of spring and wed by last full moon.”

“That sound like a bride made only for one person doesn’t it? If only if tried to work at controlling his gifts a little more instead of pouting about because he can’t do it right the first time. It took you several times to learn to transform on your own to become a dragon.

“Then if I remember right it took me several times to learn how to fly and several times to learn how to transom back and forth. Now you can do it without thought as if you had been doing all your life. So don’t give up so easily when having a setback. We learn it until we can do it without thought. Now then which trees Sly? Trees take more time to grow more than flowers?”

Sly thought about it… he had already decided, but he questioned if he could grow all five and spilt them into section. But it was his decision, he said. “How about we grow 1 section of each tree and see what happens. Like you said flowers are easy and we cleared already 4oo acres which going to need to be skinned and dried and put into place as floorboards before we can lay concrete on top of them not to mention we will need start on the tunnel system first before we can plant part of the section because I am going to have to create a walking trail somehow though the trees that lead to the waterfall and over the ridge for a wagon.

“Then another wagon trail that leads back to town so supplies can get through and expand this territory. That was the idea wasn’t Rollin takes one side and I take this side and we meet in the middle. If not were building a big empty house for nothing. I can make it as it beautiful as I like, but why if there is nobody but you me and my bride to share it?

“You speak of large dinner parties and large families, but without roads and transportation how they are going get here. No Lenard you can’t lie to me, don’t get me wrong I do like your plan, so let's do it right; with the right tools to start with. If this is my house I am not making clay bricks or home made of concrete with grass and clay like they did in the old days except for the smithy because I can’t deny that bricks made of clay work far better.

“So let’s plant Birch, Maple, Cider, and Oak, over on both sides and see what happens. Then I will open the other two waterfalls and start the overfill of our lake into the valley below then we swoop down the valley below and check to see if the waterways are clear before we head back to town have Rollin and his trainer meet us for a drink of Ruby’s Berry Wine and steak dinner at the Sticky Pot. Where you can sing to your wife a song either by fiddle or by string guitar, I noticed both in your gear. I asked and records state you played both back in the day, in fact, they say that’s how you made your living.

“Now I play a mean violin and a harmonica and pretty good guitar but I haven’t played in a while. But Rollin now can tickle the ivories so sweet it melts any woman’s heart and has a voice of an angel. What I am saying if all goes well tomorrow perhaps we should consider the long term plan like really thinking big to get those numbers we could be expecting if we all pitch in Derrick says he found some builders dying for a chance to really go big if we take more of the responsibility. By creating a whole new town completely according to Rollin and my bride agrees who lives over those mountains far in the distance.

“That they are too scared to spread out due to what Morgan and Hess have done; which means Lenard we are talking big shops and manufacturing companies looking to sell their wares. Derrick is giving us a very large piece of this land to spread out including game ring is all ours all we have to do is build it. You have seen my resume too I reckon after you see what Rollin can do with a piano we can pack that joint every day of the week.

“I and my friend Rollin would run it of course, but I reckon we could use a couple more partners if they were interested. I throw in a couple eternity pass, for all the help have given me and as payback for all that you should have gotten for keeping a secret that shall never cross my lips. All I ask is you build a second home just as big just like mine because you will be considered part of my family Lenard. My own children will call you Grandpa Lenard from the moment they are hatched. I talked it over with the Oracle she left the decision up to me. So are you ready to give it another go before giving up the ghost?”

Lenard sniffled a couple of times and blew real hard. And walked away and muttered to himself looking up at the mountains said. “Dang nabit kid. Why did you go ahead and do that for, you hit hard in the heartstrings you did. You better not be lying or I am kicking your butt back to town. You say two first class tickets too paradise for me and my wife. Plus you guys will help me win her back, all I have to do is make sure you win the race honestly and build two amazing homes and send the people this direction by convincing Oracle and Ruby that all you want to do is do the job done right; that you and Rollin should work together?”

Sly nodded. “Well then considering what I get in return and what I have now is a whole lot of nothing but knowledge being wasted. I’ll take those two tickets of paradises.”

Sly had Lenard stand before him in human form having placed his right hand on his dragon heart as Sly placed both hands on Lenard’s head said the words. “With this, I give a copy of my gifts freely to this man breed of dragon name Lenard who shown me nothing but compassion, Love and become the father I have never had as who call a friend and now the first of my generation and my seed to bear my gifts as well as immortality.”

Lenard said. “I Lenard accept these gifts freely of my own power.” As he starts tears form in his eyes and said. I Lenard call you the son I never had. Will treasure you with love and compassion as a father, and teach you and guide you and kick your butt gladly whenever I feel like because my son is too hard on himself for only being a Dragon for less than two weeks, the Oracle blessing.”

Sly said trying to keep his voice steady as tears of love flowed down his cheeks sealing the gift. “I Lenard am now honor bound to give this gift to another in hopes they will do the most good as long my seed shall live as they too are and will be honor bound in the same way. As they will be teachers to others to use them for good and not for evil purposes; I Lenard am honor bound to use them for acts of good as I study in the same works to gain knowledge and wisdom of the light. Yet if my family, friends are harmed I Lenard may use my gifts in the act of war. I Lenard swear this oath my gifts shall be taken as well as my immortality until the angels above calling my immortal name. May I be worthy as I walk in the light and bound in the light forever. In the all that is holy, I so swear an oath to the granter Sly that I will always keep my word regarding these gifts.”

The moment Lenard gave the oath he glowed white as if the Oracle herself was blessing him. Sly asked. “So how do you feel Lenard?”

He said. “Like light as air, what do you think? do I look younger?” He didn’t wait for an answer as he fished out a shaving mirror. But he was still glowing to tell. So he asked another question that only got a shrug because nobody knew for certain what would happen to a dragon giving gifts to another breed of dragon especially a new breed like Rollin and Sly.

The moment Lenard transformed into a dragon was the first of the big changes, instead of old black and gray dragon. Lenard was more of bright green with bluish and purple undertones with one black stripe through his tail. He was as tall and as big Sly with a big wingspan in yellow-red undertones. He couldn’t wait to touch the skies as he soared into the heavens trying to get used to his new wings. He quickly came down and landed harder then he wanted. And it took him a few tries until he said forget it wanting to try so many things causing him and Sly to laugh themselves silly.

When Sly said, “Just think Lenard you only have an entity to figure it all out? And you haven’t hit the tip the iceberg yet. It took nearly a full day before the other stuff started to happen to me. You already knew how to transform into a dragon and you knew how to fly, and transform back to human and you taught me that neat stepping stone trick which you could better use a little showmanship with little help from my friends. Here’s what’s were going to do…..?”

“You think that would work?”

“Yea with bath and little help from Dale and Clara,” now then we better get a move on it so get there in plenty of time. I call my staff in for tonight dinner services to help to smooth over with Oracle and your wife. We put on a show they will never forget, now pack up what you need and we will go have a quick run through and a quick bite to fill both our dragon bellies.”

The did quick knuckle bump collected their gear they were off as the notice the trees were almost 20 foot tall and ten inches round they be ready to harvest in two days time or sooner. So they stayed and planted the other side which took less time because they were both the same size dragon working as they pulled a log together with two tails and planted by poking the dirt with pointed stick dropped the bulb the moment it glowed into their hands, hearing a loud pop not far behind them. It took them only three hours to plant that mountain field and by the time left for the town it was already reaching 6 feet tall and growing.

They had the hologram take several pictures of the landscape from the floor and from above and where the new restaurant would be and two of the homes would be built to the extract built and size. They wanted a before and after picture to show them. They were in the air by 7 am when Ruby and The Oracle called them asking them how long they would be before they hit a town or if they remembered that today was the big day. Like if they were both out of their minds. More so when Lenard stated they were about an hour away if that. Watching them both go bug-eyed.

Ruby said. “Come again?” Asking to speak to Lenard as the Hologram informed them that were speaking to Lenard as the Hologram gave a full-scale picture of them flying at mock four. Ruby nearly fainted seeing Lenard new Dragon form.

The Oracle calmly said to Sly and Lenard. “Looks like it worked better then they expected.”

Causing the Ruby to sputter. “You mean you knew about this? She nodded. Ruby said. “You mind telling me how that happened, more importantly, what were the effects. Never mind you, boys, I thought Rollin was bad enough. He’s still trying to beat that last stunt Sly did without crashing into the earth.  Not mention three hearts so close together bursting apart using sonic booms 3 times right through the hearts.

“It broke my heart strings it did how we are punishing them by separating them like this, bring them together and to learn their strengths when they should be learning them together, enough. They both need to learn what they can do, more so for one, but can’t explain it until they are wed. So when is your estimate time we can expect you in…….what mean that can’t be right? Less than two hours that can’t be. that must mean you are both traveling at mock 4… A new record, bravo Lenard not in even our best days you could pull that off at nine hundred ninety-one.”

Lenard said. “Yes, and may I live nine hundred ninety- 1 thrice over my good Ruby since I do now look forward to spending eternity learning how to be a good husband and a good friend as well as father and grandfather and teacher to my new grandchild or that Sly and his bride will bless me as his new father; including my own.”

Ruby asked. “May I ask who gave that gift, far as I knew the Oracle did not bestow that gift on you dear last I checked you still needed to earn it. Nothing in our records state you have.”

The Oracle said. “That’s right Ruby they do say that for a very good reason, but they're only 5 people alive that know differently. I gave Sly my permission as well as Rollin to give their gifts to another person, creature including yes dragons by swearing the sacred oaths that would bind them for all eternity and they will be passed down by their seed forever making them immortal. He asked me last night. It was up to him to include what he wanted in that blessing and that gift. I fully stand by their decisions and I am sure Lenard wife will as well since they have never had children because Lenard couldn’t and now he can thank Sly and the gift of immortality. Just like you and Ray can as I have blessed you.

“He should have gotten that gift when he turned thirty when he was in his prime, but he turned it down then, for music career and didn’t have wife yet to share it with, so he like me traveled stars and we lost track of him, then about seven hundred years ago he took a job at the prison teaching music to young adults. I sent Derrick to see if he was ready to come home. He said maybe he was thinking about putting the band back together.

“Derrick he played for the next hundred or so years.  By then Sally left him and he followed her, but the rest you know. So yes it was me I wanted him to get his second chances now that he finally earned it. Sly doesn’t anyone including we girls let the cat out of the bag? So he can surprise her when he shows up and woos her like he should have done years ago using tonight as excuses. We and old gang that is still left thought was a grand idea perfect for the opening of amp-theater. Now then you boys hurry and I’ll keep everyone on track Lenard. Until you get here far as I Know Sly your bride is coming right at 2 pm plenty of time to make last minute preparations.” 

They landed right outside of Dale’s home as Lenard and Sly both did pillow step routine together. Clara and Dale was all gasp seeing it for the first time seeing two great big size dragons land and disappear in a matter of seconds while climbing down an invisible flight of stairs. They had to take a look up for the dragons as the two left. Dale said. “That was amazing, how you guys did that?” Getting no answer as Clara quickly shoved towels, soap, and shampoo and pointed to a lake that reserved for them.

She told Dale to go with them and take the boys so the girls can get ready using the house. He complained all the while as he and the boys stripped down as the rest of the men that were bears soon joined them complain how much room they have. Lenard and Sly quickly shook hands a divided the pond letting the sun beam down on their bare shoulders.

They talked about their paradise just waiting for new development. Big houses they said. “Fourteen rooms big man cave in the basement. 6 ½ baths in each master bedroom two dining rooms one just for large parties the other for family. Great big ceilings and windows each room made for dragons and bears to rough house with no worry of breaking things. A great big ring outdoors for tossing the ball around; plus new sport they might like or maybe not for the weak of heart riding a full dragon and tossing the ball through sky and ground hoops, A game of speed and skill. Did they mention prize money the winner gets 100 grand and chance to go to the finals on Quartz for 600 grand and brand new houses including all the furnishings?

“We need farmers and we need shopkeepers, but most of all we need big business as well, which means bigger homes, for the right people. It’s going to take years to build this entire valley, but our families could do better here if we had some more help, they need supplies on the other planet to get them started. I am good for making sure that happens. We just need too get in there and do it instead of talking about it.

“Sly and I cleared 800 acres of pine trees in one day and replanted it yesterday afternoon in three hours when we left this morning before dawn they were 6 feet tall, 15 inches round. We will harvest them in 2 days, and replant them until we have enough for two complete houses and brand new smithy and lumber yard. Then we got to other plant but Derrick says they their town mostly built for the prison. That he sending them down to here into new territories; that Springfield needs almost met, but they lots of manufacturers willing to sell their goods but nowhere to put them. 

“So we bought a very large parcel of land to start a brand new town for those ready to build big that connects the other towns so Springvale can be left to grow on it own as is.  However, the Oracle agrees that all gifts including immortality are as standing and. They remain so forever until the angels call your immortal names. For questions speak with the elders and the Oracle before leaving so she can bless you with her protection. Until a new leader is chosen for each town we redevelop. You find a brochure with pictures of the land as it is so far and what was not more than a week ago at each of the tables.

“Come on down bring your tool belts. We need to get a supply road open. Don’t forget your beachwear or your bait and tackle, the salmon are biting.” They both gave each other a nodded got out dried off.

Lenard noticed his feet were glowing leaving a trail of flowers; he laughed putting his arms around his new son, said, “Now then son art of fireworks is this… two parts powder and mixed at a very high temperature and using gun powder for the rest. We have neither so I brought some of my own. I say you put on your dragon and give your miss a real kiss for me using your new logo signature so she can see it in the sky as she comes in.  While I see too few things if you get my meaning?”

“I’ll meet you right back here. Say an hour. So you don’t give us away too completely you, I and Rollin will do the opening act as we practiced gliding down the golden air staircase sing taking off the top hats. Then smooth as ice New York, New York introducing Rollin and his wife. Then we will change while the ladies sing bugle boys and King Salarn two daughters with Derrick will sing darling I miss you. Then if they still like us will do a solo each and close the show with Chapel bells just like we talked about I need to see Derrick about couple more acts for you and your bride, but I don’t want let you down until we win the right ones heart you and I and Oracle are only one know more about her.

“I just want the best for you because I love you so darn much. So I want you to spend the rest of the time practicing those roses. Because you need 7 of them for each girl and has to be their choice of color, not yours and no other flowers with it. We practice a thousand and one times. I know you got in you because surprise me with something new each day using your dragon gifts in ways I never even thought of. Like you said its just a simple recipe you have done while cooking.

“The ingredients never change, its how you use the ingredients that make the dish different I said. Dragon magic, life and love and even basic tricks like stepping through the air is following that recipe all you need everything right here.” He touches his heart with his fingers and kiss him on the head and says and right up here. He turns him on around and gives him a good swat on his bottom as his Wife stood right behind listening with tears streaming down her face. Watching the boy turn and smiles says. “Yes, Dad and thanks.” Throwing his arms around him and picks up his shoulder bag like little kid then turns to transform into a dragon soaring into the air just like his Dad told him too.

His wife said. “Wiping her eyes, you know dear. It’s pretty hard to keep a secret around here. Yet for just for a minute I thought I heard my husbands Lenard voice if you could kindly tell me where he went I have boned to pick with him.” She moved closer to him as she played with his hair and dusted off his broad shoulders of a man in his thirty with a very nice well-built body for working out in the hot sun in the middle of nowhere. She looks down to where all the magic happens he nods and she smiles. “So it’s true. My old Lenard died and came back from the grave as it were. May I ask about the kid becomes he looked as if was yours, would have been if we had kids like we wanted to?”

He said. “Oh he’s mine all right genes and all, he has your eyes and your brains, to tell you the truth dear.”

She slapped him hard across the face and turned as she began crying her eyes out. “All this time you been sleeping around when you promised me no matter what if couldn’t have children you never do that to me. I blamed myself when I found out that I couldn’t after what that monster did to me, but still said you loved me, Lenard, all this time we never really separated then this kid comes around and I found he’s yours.”

Lenard softly takes her by the hand says. He's mine Cora and will be your son to if you give me a chance to explain things. Sly has no parents they died a long time ago, just like so many orphans Derrick and Less have been watching them for some time now two weeks ago on the other planet they brought the two together finding out they were brothers dropped at the same orphanage, but neither of them knew at the time. But there something magical about to happen to both of them, but wouldn’t happen for a very long time even now this very day Sly our son is about to pick out his new bride, three times in several 100s generations a young boy like Sly trained and breed, and given these gifts. The same goes for Rollin his brother. But Sly’s generation or seed has yet to find his true bride or past the test given to him.

“At two clock today he and I as his trainer and now as his father. Must meet his bride and see if he can pick her out of a line up of 7 girls only using the vision he and she been sending each other for two weeks time, but that doesn’t explain my looks nor why he is my son now does it? Two nights ago on his own, he surprised me as I was trying to help with a practical hard problem which was his gift of growing. Don’t get me, wrong dear, he can grow flowers just by walking barefoot.”

He laughed looking down at his feet. “Like father like son,” showing her his batch of flowers. “It’s the roses all by themselves he has the most difficult with. Because he must grow a banquet of roses for his bride and only the banquet. He must do so only using his own two hands no seeds of any kind. Trust me harder then it looks. Like this.” He takes her hands between his ask name a color any color. “I will try to see if I can do it. I only have had days practice so forgive if I not perfect at just yet.”

She chose red, he closes his eyes and in visions them and starts from the bottom as the steam begins to sprout from the bottom then to the top adding more to it he loose count at 7 as the colors change to yellow and pink. He sighs. “These are for you. Not an easy task for such a very beautiful woman.”

She put them to her nose and breathes deeply as her eyes pop open, and says. “Lenard dear they are still roses, and far better gift you have given me in years because came from your heart and not from a store. I will cherish these, now then our son.”

He nodded and smiled with a soft giggle. “Did you just say our son?”

She nodded “So far I can tell you’re not lying to me so yes, for now, our son.” So he continues on about how Sly got this idea about bestowing an exact copy of his gift on to him, plus added he wanted him to be his father, because he never really had one and he has no children as of yet of his own and when he and his bride did he wanted grandparents because all he talks about is her, and so he worded the immortally gift to include him as his father all eternity and when woos his wife he makes her his mother so his children can have a loving grandmother. Already she was crying into his shoulder again sobbing how she already loved him and said she would do anything to have that gift.

Then she kissed him and looked at the time said. “Lenard you better not leave without me our son should always meet the bride before everyone else. I need time to change, have Clara work magic to make me younger even if its spell until you are son can make permanently now get changed as much as I prefer this way since I haven’t seen you look this good in over 900 hundred years ago we can’t get a start on those children the Oracle and Derrick promised me, plus it takes two of us to make that happen and we certainly don’t have the time. After all, we have our first son married off already with two fine boys and a second son already about to meet his bride for the first time. I refuse to miss another second of it. Now shoo.”

© 2019 Shep

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