Chapter 5-3

Chapter 5-3

A Chapter by Shep

Chapter 5-3

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Dale took it from there calling Derrick and King Salsern since they were just close by getting ready for the show practicing their songs at Derrick’s house. Once they heard what was going on they came running as they each read Sly’s letter. They compared the paper to the handwriting they had on file. But Sly and his Dad said it wasn’t because Sly’s and his bride’s weer cat Kodarel said Sly was right. King Salsern blinked, “Kodarel was here? He supposed be protecting her. By the way, Sly when did you gain the trust of Kodarel; he is a very particular cat, trust me what that cat knows and does shocks the hell right out of me sometimes, by the way, Sly where did you get those clothes. The last time I saw them was when…. it can’t be?”

Lenard nodded said. “Kodarel said you might recognize them since they belonged to the man that must not be named, at one time according to Kodarel. Anyway, it’s a far better outfit he first gave him because Kodarel forced him to do it or he would have killed the one he was protecting at the time, but instead, he tricked him by giving him only the clothes and no advice or how to use them. So they were useless to him so he ended up throwing them away, causing the spell to break as he realized what he just had done, that all magic such as all magical gifts must be given freely without cost and then tailor-made to users gifts he has learned and will learn as he keeps them or gives them freely to another.

“Kodarel tried to tell him, that if he gives him what he wants of not of his heart the gift will backfire on the wearer, but he kept demanding that he must have those clothes, regardless, that rules were nothing but made up lies from old men sitting in the clouds from non existent fairy-tales. So what choice did he have and as we all know how that turned out? Cause and effect took over and another young man lost his way searching for that certain gift he could have had…. For all time and eternity… and still could have had it still if only he stopped picked out that missing ingredient he had shoved way back in his ingredient box and said. ‘Let’s see what you taste like again.’ Watching the world and his heart change as the clothes he truly wanted them to return to him as if they never left him.”

After Lenard finished retelling Kodarel little tale he said with point he had made with his son Sly and making again for Rollin’s sake and all the boys and ladies as the men stand around in shorts, towels and sitting waiting to be attended to hearing all that’s going on around them captive, and wondering what is going to happen next. Lenard says. “I tell you, Less, you never guess what those two have been doing while the rest of us are sleeping. But I took pictures for the family album… I did yes sir. That cat though I never have seen the likes of before’ thinking he was stray at first of one of the kids around here ….

“Then all of sudden in a blink of an eye; that little black cat change into a hug Bongo Tiger. Wearing black and orange stripes covered in white fur the biggest cat I have ever seen in my life. With huge paws that could crush a human being if he had a mind to. Watching every dog close by ran for the hills in a matter of seconds including me, almost leaped into a full-size dragon; watching Dale and the boys turn into bears and all his friends here jumping out in all different direction to protect our selves and my son.

Because at first, we thought he was going eat my son alive then they were on the ground wrestling together with Sly only in his boxers shorts talking to each as they wrestled on the ground in front of us as if we never here. For us, it was one-way conversation mostly.

“I never saw the boy laugh so much in my life when those two are together he and his bride to be. Well, I hoped that was who he was talking to because for a while I thought he had lost his mind. Yet as the days went on him and her and this strange communication I saw spurts changes within the boy as he stopped mopping around we really got to work thinking we were warming up to each other.

“We stared share each other lives being really open about the thing where we can really talk with no one but us could hear us or see us cry or laugh at stupid jokes. He became the son I always wanted. Then one night out of the blue as he finished talking to his girl and some people I couldn’t see as if they were all in a circle. Sly sitting at the table of air drinking and eating make-believe food. He leaned over and kissed his girl and these invisible people and stood what I could tell was a great big person because Sly had to stand on his bare toes as he was raised in the air by some magical force as placed his arms around his neck held each other for some time. then was lowered gently to the ground as he kissed someone which must have been his girl again then left opening a door seeing a soft light seeing strange figures from it as the waved as if he was leaving someone’s house.

“Anyway, that night he came over and said to me he was talking to L and her caretakers as well as her parents and the three of the Elders that night. That they suggested that they would like me and my wife to be his and Rollins parents for all time and eternity and if was all right if he could start by calling me Dad since he and Rollin never had a father or a mother, thinking it would be really nice if his and his bride and children had grandparents. I was stunned of course asking how he came to this decision after nearly week and he said that something special about too happens and he and L which is the name he calls her, but not her real name… but anyway they discussed with these Elders… of time. I can’t disclose more on it that subject. I took a vow and can not break it.

“Anyway he brought me his Dream Book and I asked where he got it knowing all the items that were in his and my pack. He said the Elders gave it to them after they had passed three tests to prove they could use dream magic in the dream world and the waking world. As well as the land of the dead; that walk searching for their lost mates because they have been missed placed. Lost in time because of all dead wizards like Morgan and Hess and the man that has no name in this world or the next, because they have each Have killed all the Oracles like ours that have destroyed magic on this side of the looking glass as they used them to climb their way into to the seat of power. Yet the time will come that all will be restored when Sly and L pass the last of their tests together which only the elders know that watch over us.

“Know this Dream Book is very important, which holds more secrets then any book I have ever seen, which why only Sly and his girl are the only ones that can work the book. But because of this letter the urgency we may be facing. Sly and L have agreed to share only a small portion so you can verify his and her correspondence and handwriting. I taught Sly to right one letter that only he and his bride would know it was them writing to each other. Because one touch by them the book can be read.”

King Salarn said. “I see, I haven’t seen one these books in ages, I read about them never actually seen them. So Sly, would you mind if I read couple pages and show me the code you two have created so I can compare it this letter you have brought us?”

Sly did what he asked as he opened the book right in the middle letting his fingers remain on the page watching the ink reform King Salsern said. “I see. You two really have fallen for each other as it should be. May I read these two pages out loud so other here can hear how you two correspond? Nothing too personal I promise or a secret that you both must keep, ” Sly nodded, Giving whispering the code to him and her name because only he and the Oracle know it.

King Salsern read as Sly held the page open as he pulled two chairs together and a table. He read. ‘L please tells me I didn’t wake you, too early after the long night we had together last night with the Elders passing that last series of tests. I would not know what I would have done without you and Kodarel as we study the ways of the wind and atoms and the make up each and every little planet including water, in the dream world. Plus the others we can not even speak of even in our book here. So how about we blow off some steam… say ten minutes? I could really use a good laugh after walking the boundary of the lost souls. Sly?” He gave him his code he nodded with a smile continued on.

“The line appeared. “Sly you silly, you know you can never wake me too early. I have been up for hours; trying to learn those dance steps for the ball with Kodarel and he’s more stubborn then over dried milk… yuck. Twice I have to stop him from marching out the door to fetch you just so you could make him that special recipe he likes of cinnamon spice milk.

“I tried to make it just as you said the right to the smallest ingredients, but he smells it and then tastes it once then spits it right out and yells at me that I must have missed something. It’s your fault really. I had him perfectly trained, but now all he wants to do is bother me… asking me… ‘Let’s go see Sly, and help him. The old buzzards will never know?’ I hate it when his right and the Elders since it is clear we are meant for each other.

“Even my caretakers and my parents have lifted the restrictions because there is no longer a doubt you are the one the Elders spoke of long ago. The remaining tests are just formality now, but they are still important to those that must be recorded for them for all time before we can be wed. Already the invitations are being sent out, and that I have chosen my mate. We have been busy secretly planning our wedding here which will be a huge ball that last will for days; just thinking about gives me butterflies, because I don’t have the dances down and you're not here to help me.

“I can not wait until I arrive in your land, where we stop this none sense of waiting to have to live in two separate worlds to be together so the others won’t find out we have been meeting secretly courting and learning behind closed doors with private teachers like Elder B and Elder S and his wife.

“But Sly, those buzzards they are so mean to me. Today they were grooming the other girls like they are the ones to be your bride, while I stay in my room with the door locked. Yet as you know there isn’t a single room in this dreadful place of theirs that I can’t get out of. Grandfather Elder has seen to that; you met him last night, the great big guy that nearly knocked his head on the kitchen light during dinner last night. He was named after my bother that was killed during my long sleep….

“Ten minutes, banister ride they just waxed the floors in the main part. Nan, Nan said she’ll keep the buzzards off me and you so we can have an entire night so your body can rest. L” PS… Cook packed the cooler with Ice cream again for dessert and 4 jumbo sizes steak and all the trimmings for later so don’t keep us waiting 8 minutes and counting.”

He hands the book back to him as Sly slips it back into his pack. King Salsern said. “Well then appears we have no choice but to end this now and reschedules. Unless Sly feels he can pass his test, but I feel much better if we had another day to practice….” He growled so angrily the wind grew cold all around the white puffy clouds instantly darkened as he pounded the table hard with his fist making it and everyone jump as he said with such anger. “Yes that’s what we should do call it off and reschedules…. the wedding is off.

“The whole thing is off….the rules of engagement have been broken. Perhaps in another thousand years, we will try again, by then Morgan and Hess will no longer be but a figment of someone’s imagination. Come on Sly I will find you a bride that we can trust. Not only this world, but in all of the worlds and let the Elders be dammed.” He picked up Sly’s pack stuffing clothes into not caring how he packed them or if they were his; showing how angry he was of the whole deal.

Sly looked far, far away as he looked back seeing his life about change and everything they have worked for destroyed because those buzzards getting in their way, he whispered into the wind knowing Lorna could hear him. “L… I need you, they are going take me away from you right now, King Salsern is packing my bags we are about to step into a place where I can't reach you my love, L I need you.”

Just like that Kodarel appears in front of King Salsern as saber tooth lion white as snow; standing on two legs in full battle armor folding his large paw arms purrs angrily. “Stop you an overgrown wet sock of a two-headed pork rind, potato. That has set in the sun roasting as you have rolled in it and ate it. Thinking it was a leftover of two hundred week peanut butter with flies and maggot meat sandwich.” Kodarel and Less used to play this game when was his caretaker when he was trying to fill his grandfather's shoes as King of all living water. They would spend hours trying to use as many words to insult each other not tear each other down. Because it made them laugh and relieved the stress he was under and made it easier to learn his studies.

Causing King Salsern to laugh; watching Kodarel transform back into a weer cat as he walks on four legs over to Sly as he jumps into his arms like a spoiled house cat and muzzles him softly and licks Sly’s ears causing Sly to laugh then sets him down as Kodarel stands by his left leg

Kodarel says looking around who’s here waves to kids then says in a stern voice. “Sly and L have worked day and night to please the Elders… that Sly is the right mate for L. He has even passed my smell test and you know how particular I am when it comes to choosing who I spend my life spans with. Now there have been 5 suitors from across every realm Less. The high Elder’s have judged each one equally including Sly, and have found Sly worthy of the of the gifts he has earned as they have bestowed on him the highest gifts that allow him to use dream magic, not only in the dream world but in the land of between worlds and beyond.

“No other person or creature, or dragon has received that gift in over 3 thousand millennia Less and you know it…. well accept me and few of my kind of course. So you just turn yourself around and let Sly do his thing. You can worry about those nasty guardians that tried to put little old me into a cage and steal my little L away from me and my caretaker Sly… ”

He breaks down and cries using Sly leg as a crying post; looking as pathetic as magical talking cat can look. Sobbing as real water spraying outside to side soaking the ground with large puddle then chokes up with quick cat purr howl says. “Who I both love dearly;” still sobbing as he stands up with one paw on Sly’s leg using the other to help wipe his tears says. “Knowing if Sly does fail any of his tests, and they don’t wed by the last moonlight which is in two weeks time. My little L the love of my life will simply become one of those lost ghosts forever because those wicked people took the most precious thing in the world and destroyed it;” he stops by freezing time for a mere second to prepare his captive audience by looking around the area, then says starting time again.

“Starting in motion an outcome of ultimate doom: For all mankind that not even Morgan and Hess can stop because they have wiped us all out of existence…” He stops crying seeing has everyone one's attention, which when comes to a weer cat that is one quality he makes sure he does, more so when there is a point to be made or a lesson in it or sometimes a clue. Weercat’s like Kodarel speak to the mind of every creature, more so young children so they too can understand the lesson through storytelling he teaching them. But works best among those that are immortal and their hearts are in the light such as Springvale; which is why he has no fear of sharing openly some secrets that most mortals can’t or won’t want to hear.

He quietly and quickly slips himself smoothly in between the dream world and the waking world as is says having Sly sit on the ground so he can be petted and scratched watching his former student King Salsern pick up the fallen chair as he watches the boy take over his new duty’s as spoiling Kodarel like he did when he the weer cat was his responsibilities. Remembering all the things they did, nearly tearing down the castle. Thick as thieves they were.

Kodarel said. “Granted it will take several generations for it to happen, but even you Less and you Kate and Derrick. Those with immortally will feel it as your magic starts to wane and you age little more each day losing your immortality. Even the birthrate across all the realms will simply stop as the seasons start being more sporadic. The night will turn into day. Then “Day” again quicker and quicker to the point they will simply freeze. Seeing both skylines as horizons as the planets shift out of orbit slowly one, at a time into the great beyond where everything is lost. Marking the end of days and the end of magical dreams, creatures and fairy-tales that once was real and not real in between the realms are lost to those that do not dream no more…”

He stretches out his arms everyone looks at the worlds he has created in each of their minds slipping away one at a time then pauses hanging on those words in their minds… then says, as he moves way to stand in the middle of his little group. Hanging on his words then jolts them all back into this realty rudely and unkindly because time is wasting he can only hold time back for so long even with his friend’s diversions.

So he jolted him so they could listen to him and get their heads out of the clouds and said. Marching wearing the funniest pirate hat of white three sizes too big with a purple feather in the back and a sword around his left waist, and little white cat jacket; open enough to see his silver spots against his white fur; standing on two legs wearing rainbow slippers, with white gloves on his front paws. Waving his little sword around pouncing each insulting word to his old best friend as everyone else was except for Sly and Less were wondering… wherein the heck he got the outfit? When did he change? Thirdly why is a cat dressed like pirate ready to storm down a castle?

If they simply forget just for a mere second they smack themselves. Kodarel is a weer cat he, not a typical house cat, not to worry everyone makes that mistake, and Kodarel uses that to his advantage, not yours.

Kodarel says in loud booming voice that no cat his size could ever manage and sounds more human more the minute as the words come out in vulgar like fashion as he looks up at his old best friend now grown and wise beyond his years, but still young in comparison about maybe 4000, years old yet looks more like 45 in human years says “But this buffoon, carrot stripper, stifling water works spilling out of my oafs-us, wearing seaweed for brains because he forgot to change his moldy old diaper of a man standing before you is telling us that we should just forget the whole thing. I say we lads and I storm the place take the girls and the Duchess and drown the rats as we storm the castle, bust open vault and steal the riches for ourselves mates.

“We will leave this tired useless old cowered to play with his toy houses and trains. Swim in his little tub browning himself with his little tiny sailboats going toot, toot out his butt blowing bubbles like 3 years old in a bathtub of bubble bath as his nanny says;” changing his voice into his old nannies voice. “Oh, Lesley… you know that’s not polite not to pass gas in front of a young ladies.” Watching Kodarel bat his long cat eyelashes as his hat disappeared on the ground beside him and his hair and face transform into an old lady, using his tail to create the woman’s hairdo watching the top of his hair portion of his head turned silver white. His eyes changed to a more human look instead of cat eyes as become light blue with whites around them. On his noses, he had a pair of silver wire rime glass with hummingbirds on the temples. Instead of a pirate outfit, he wore a little light blue cotton bathrobe and his feet he wore white fussy slippers three sizes too big.

He continues on keeping his audience on him using his hands at his side looks down at the ground only hearing Nan, Nan’s voice as King Salsern pulls it from memory. “Do you need to go to the potty so Nan, Nan can dry you off and wipe your little bottom when you're done. Then I will put your sea horsey on… ok… so you can go nite, nite, then I will ready your…” He took his two paws placing them together swing his shoulders side to side and batting his big eyelashes and eyes around the room and says raising his voice sweetly up the scale a little “Your …favorite story… about the …little... Blue. bunny… now brush your teeth like a good little boy and your Nan, Nan will be right back as she turns down your bed… and turns on fester your little night light.”

Again he pauses as everyone laughs at King Salsern expense as he cracks a smile and says “Kodarel… Come here you silly old cat and give me hug. It’s been a long time you mop head. Bless the heavens I have missed you. You always could make me laugh. Nanny hated you because you could do her better then she could her own self, you old rascal. So everything is in order then, knowing you and things we used to do when we escaped our keepers. I say let's go see what’s, what. I have a nice new prison for that sort, but knowing how you get around you probably knew that, that’s why you bring them to me to spring the trap like in the old days.”

© 2020 Shep

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