Chapter 6-2

Chapter 6-2

A Chapter by Shep

Chapter 6-2

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His Grandparents were grateful and were cautioned to only to give out this gift to their children and those that they found worthy of such a gift. For the gift to work at all must be given freely of one's heart. And because of that gift, they would need several large banquet tables. As Pogo Grandfather stands with arms wide and welcomes the dance, crew, and actors join him in celebrating their 490th birthday.

Everyone turns watching the holograms vanish seeing large wooden tables laid out with fine white tablecloths with mounds of food of every kind wines bottles and warm and cold punches waiting to be tasted. They could hear their stomach rumble for they have not eaten for several hours as they quickly make their way to the tables with their family and friends waiting for the toast or prayer to be given once with the final words. They dive in trying not to eat their fingers as they lick them clean from the tasty juices off the delectable meats.

Soon the conversation began as people started to notice the crew taking down the set after they have done eating. Like they say no rest for the wicked, but ask you how else do you move a crowd of over 450 people yet get them to stay for the final hour and needing only 3 quarters of the stage?

Everyone was so busy eating that hadn’t even noticed the tables have been organized into a giant square right in the middle nor have they realized that not far from where they are sitting are hologram stones outlining the square confines. It was until Pogo and his Wife Lily pulled in with their wagon and felt a warm hot breeze at their backs and turned their eyes. Seeing blue and green mountaintops some with high snows at its peaks.

Not far they hear rivers and waterfall at their backs, but most of all the sound of the large village as children play in the streets and farms work in the fields. They could see large wood brick homes with smoking chimneys with the scent of hickory. I sent of fresh apple pies being cooked. They turned seeing someone clearing the table placing pies and cakes on the table as if they had room for them.

Pogo said. Grandfather my smiths and wine merchants have been very busy with your money over the last few centuries. I have dug deep into the mountains and crafted such finery the likes you have never seen. For behold your bounty so may give as you wish to people as you have instructed me upon… your last days among us as you are taken up to be among our ancestors.” Pogo chocked back the last words, but he knew that day was coming, he had known 5 summers ago.

He stood upon the wagon as it creaked and threw back the covering showing large chests and full plates of mail armor made of hardened steel and easy to wear. The best weapons made Pioton metal nothing could withstand it nor dull its blades. There were several types of shields as they glistened in the sun. On the end were several casts of wine grown from Pogo’s own fields. It said his wines come from the gods themselves.

Rand and his men placed each chest on the ground and open them as it blinds them, using rich jewel, fires and necklaces and all manner of finery from gold crested cups and silver platters. Several bolts of silks and lace, all manors of colorful knitted painted rugs and pillows fit for a king. Paintings of the likes they have never seen before.  His Grandfather smiled picking out a large cloth bag and emptied one onto some fabric, as shimmering diamonds and sapphires fell tumbling out as big as acorns.

He said turning towards his grandson Pogo. “You have indeed pleased me with a fine gift. Using your skills and your lands I have given you. You have done much as High Chief of your own village. Many still walk old paths can see that new path is still the same as the old path. For we keep it in our hearts and our minds. These trinkets mean more to them than it does to those, who have truly walked the true path. It honors me, my first grandson, that you still walk the path and thrive in this new world. You will honor us by performing a crossover ceremony in two days hence. But first, we must pay our debtors to give the rest of this away to those that find these trinkets useful.”

Ruby read:

“His Grandfather sat among his treasure like a king as he gave away everything away leaving nothing so much as a few gold coins in his hands giving them away to a young boy in the audience They ate his food, they drank his best wine, as he gave away his lands to his friends and his family. Everything they owned was gone by the second day as they left the jungle village in the middle of the night as if they had been cast away having what remains of their family join them to help them on their journey, where they find Pogo and Lily waited just outside jungle village. Pogo and Lily hugged them both asking if they were ready as family members transformed into dragons waiting for Pogo and Lily.

“It wasn’t the first time his grandfather and his grandmother have ridden upon the backs of Pogo or Lily or even their grandchildren when visiting them high up in the mountains; or traveled long distances, which would take weeks of traveling on foot instead of an hour of breathtaking views, as you spend time with their Grandchildren. Tonight though was special because this would be their last ride thru the skies among the stars with all their children and grandchildren.”

Pogo and Lily transformed having them each climb onto their backs with a little help from their children. With one single leap into the air, his Grandfather drew a quick breath as he watched the fields bellow come alive as the air began to fill with dragons of all shapes and sizes and colors. It warmed his and wife heart seeing this, this was far better than any box of gems or any earthly treasure that they were surrounded by family, their family, 400 summers since given the gift of immortality on their 90th birthday. What greater gift can could they be given then this? It not goodbye it is only walking through the looking glass to see what’s on the other side.

The hologram made it seem everyone was flying through the night sky with the dragons showing the moonlight and the mountains. When they looked down towards the ground they saw fields and trees sweeping by them. The more they followed the flight of the dragons they had returned to the main stage, where it had been reset with Pogo village on the outskirts. The morning had arrived with rooster call and wagons noise as shopkeepers opened their windows, watching people mill the streets with good tidings and well-wishers.

Pogo and Lily were in the garden kneeling together as man and woman dressed all in white were kneeling with them with books in their hands teaching them as well as the strange looking cat that was sitting on the strangers man's lap. Lily motion towards the stars and the moon and woman nodded and took her hand and waved it in a circle creating a ball of light as it became a copy of a planet above it a ring of stars and several small planets. With several suns and moons she waves her hand again they disappeared but in its place was another planet and another grouping of stars and another. They each bowed to these people as they gave them each the other the books to read, and to study watching them step into a bright light and were gone.

Night came quickly as Pogo and Lily set up long benches and torches around the mirage tree. Everyone watched as Pogo’s Grandparents came out of one of the houses dressed in white, and crowned with flowers. Each was given a long white walking stick with white crystal embedded at the top. They each wore a pair of sturdy but comfortable walking boots. His grandfather breastplate silver made of Piden and so did his Grandmother. They both wore a robe of white over their shoulders and white silver shirt for his Grandfather and long silver-white dress for his Grandmother.

Pogo Grandmother had chosen her first daughter to walk her into the garden. His Grandfather had chosen Pogo being the leader of and Chief and his first grandson. The drums beat 6 standard beats and stop. As the trump calls forth their names, then stops. The drum beats 6 standard beats, as someone states hail each of their achievements, 6 beats standard per.

They walked the long the line as everyone on stage bows and tears are shed as they listing is read following to the drums beats of the glory days, which have been many. Yet they were not alone as the doors opened and the trumpet calls their as 30 more couples are called to the crossing, some of them mortal. Lily stands calls out 150 names. As people turn towards the graveyard watching the spirits rise from their grave and walk down the line as the 6 standard drum beats on then stops as the last name is read and their earthly achievements of been noted.

Pogo stood next to Lily both dressed in shimmering white gowns with gold long fabric around each of their necks. He and she had age some, but not much seeing a slight gray in their hair. Pogo placed a large book in front of him as he begins to speak. “My dear friends and family we gathered this night not in sweet sorrow that our loved ones are passing on that we may never see them again. For they have they not been with us long past mortal years. It is their time to cross over like our ancestors have done, for they have learned all they can learn on this earthly plane as they prepare to journey on into the next realm beyond the stars. Tonight they will shed their mortal body and gain a perfect one the moment they step into the light. For those that no longer live among us will gain a new one as well. Tonight is the first crossing in our village square it let us rejoice as we say journey on, may your feet be light and may find shade and cool water, but save the wine and the feasting for us.”

Hearing laughter sounded hollow in many ways as they each took a glass and toasted to each of them. Pogo and Lily as Sly and Lorna knew what came next, for now at least it was all smoke and mirrors. It worried both of them what happens when it was no longer a hologram and it was the real deal. How would people really react to knowing that people weren’t coming back?

He tapped his earpiece for his next line as it came up on the screen. “Lorna whispered if he was alright he squeezed her hand in her hand. Pogo grab his staff of white that was an exact copy of the others. However the moment he touched it lit up, he waved the staff in the air watching large portal of light open and within moments a man and woman stepped through the portal of light. Pogo said. “Be welcomed this night for these travelers are ready to receive you, as you have instructed me and my wife Lily to prepare them.”  Pogo and Lily bowed as stood out of the way as line progress, hearing sobs of sadness and joy as their love of cross over into the light.

The last soul through a portal the curtain closed and reopened as members and crew took their bows. Knowing the garden and the marriage tree would never mean the same to them. Instead, it would be more than a special place in their hearts.

© 2019 Shep

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