Chapter 8

Chapter 8

A Chapter by Shep

Chapter 8

It was the very next morning as the birds began to sing.  Today was the day Lorna and Sly were to be married. They still didn’t have a proper home other than their borrowed one. They had everything they needed to build a brand new cabin; they were just waiting for King Salsern to return with last of the ingredients only to be found in the sea, which was clear crystal coral for the windows. The Duchess and her husband kept the book guarded for over 15 centuries until now, this very day the book of old magic, the very magic that was used in the creation of Lorna tomb as she waited for her true love to find her. The magic she herself will weld very soon in a matter of few months when she becomes the next Oracle. 

Yet Kate still worried about the darkness and most of all the “Night Walkers,” those that were able to walk through solid objects as if it was nothing but air, even though her own magical wards as if they were paper. If it wasn’t for Derrick advice about them to stay in their dragon form during the time they slept at night, Lorna would have been lost to them already. More so after finding foul play that they were able to slip through but died for their efforts. Yet all that was left was bones and clothing rags the next morning where Sly and Lorna slept. 

Today, however, is not the day for dark thoughts. Today was a joyous day, day of new beginnings. Kate felt dizzy as the air was light as spring day knowing in a matter of couple hours she would be married to Derrick. She twirled around the room in her white wedding gown, she and Lorna glowed with happiness as they waited to be called to step out into the sunlight and enter the rose garden in which she and Sly rebuilt.

Yes, it was a glorious day for them all, well except for those that were jealous of her or those that wanted to capture her, but could do very little with so many people watching, more so in the bright sunlight that cursed the sunlight that blinds their eyes and burns their skin. No indeed wasn't a happy day for them.

The entire town was there as they flocked to get a good seat. Sly built 15 log benches as part of his final test according to the high elders he was the chosen no further testing needed to be done. Yet there still they need be a recorded book.  Sly didn’t mind trees were easy, he can grow them fast as he can cut them down.  He only needed 2. But instead, he did 15 and split them to fit 7 on each side. He told the Duchess they be used in the new church so they wouldn’t be wasted, which was true.

The roses were all in bloom and brightened a little more when Sly and company drew near. King Salsern stood at the top of the wedding tree in which Sly himself grew. If you look closely at the tree you could still see reemits of Sly's body structure in the limbs of its branches. On the left side was a short table covered with a dark green tablecloth and several small empty jars with names of each person who is about to be married.

Sly took his place at the top with the other nervous groomsmen. How unlike them he wasn’t nervous. For him, this wedding was just for the folks here to recognize and accept that Sly was indeed married to Lorna.  Soon it will be the same thing in her home town as they travel together setting trade routes and help them recover after what Hess and Morgan have done. And that’s when truly when the work begins. Yet every wedding is magical not only for the bride but for the groom as he watches his bride walk down the aisle. 

The music started with old wedding march as Lorna and her grandfather walked down the aisle Lorna in a gown of pure white with long veil, including the crown and the same veil he had made her. His heartbeat set by each step she took, his breath quickened to the point he thought he would pass out. He took a deep breath finding she was standing next to him asking him if he was ok as he took his hand and squeezed it. He nodded he was with a smile as looked into her beat beautiful green eyes in which he could spend a lifetime looking into or more given the chance.

Sly and Lorna turn as the music stop as they are told too kneel facing each other. King Salsern places a small glass jar in front asking Sly to put his right hand over the jar repeat the words. (Dar- game �"gragoon- faifit- cast- set. ) The moment he said those words a strange energy went through his body and went through his hand into the jar shining brightly then dimmed to a green color spark of light.

King Salsern passed the same jar over to Lorna and had to repeat the same word. (Dar- gome �"gragoon- faifit- cast- set ) the moment she said those words a strange energy went through her body and went through her hand into the jar shining brightly then dimmed to a blue color spark of light.

King Salsern had them both place their right hands on the jar said “(Dasm-hato -fresna)” the watched the two sparks circle in the jar and slowly become one color a bright purple color, they watched and felt the vibration as spark split in half and climbed up the jar and exploded in pure  energy back into their bodies leaving afterglow.  Both their eyes shined with the energy, as people watched not understanding what was going on,

King Salsern remained calmed but even he was a slight unhinged as he went over the wedding ceremony. Nothing like this was supposed to happen the spark was to remain in the jar. He coughed taking the jar placing it back on the table Derrick handed him the rings that Sly had made for Lorna and him noting this would be the first time Lorna has seen the ring.

Sly takes her hand and says “ My dearest Lorna, I love you with all my heart nothing in this world or beyond it could compare to love I feel for you or your beauty. I would be most humble if accept me as your husband and your champion as well as accept this token of my love for you.”  Sly took the ring and placed it on her finger watching the purple spark make it glow as if the little angels and butterflies come to life in full color.

Lorna looked down seeing the ring she gasped how beautiful it truly was. She did n’t deserve such things, yet Sly is insisted on it, by giving her the best... more so after seeing how she was raised when her true guardians weren’t around to say anything about it. It was her words against hers; until Grandfather Elder caught them by surprise by coming home early.

Things changed and that was the day she met Kodarel ever since then she had someone to back her up and to talk to. Now she has Sly and she loved him very much. She looks into brown eyes... the same eyes that make her want to fall deep into his arms and never let go, she says taking his hand. “Sly I love you more than words can say. You broke me out of endless sleep, you rescued me from a life of ridicule of slavery, you became my champion, you make me laugh when I am sad, what more could I ask for a husband?”

She placed the ring of gold and silver on his finger and waited as they were told to stand. Sly turned to lift the veil and kissed his bride under the wedding tree and made their way around to take a seat as the two became part of the audience.

Derrick and Kate were next in line, however, there were no problems as they watched jar combine the spark and placed a lid on it and hand it back to them. It was the same with the other couples being married. No one could explain why their combined spark returned back to their bodies, unlike the other couples. However, they felt relieved because they only had one wedding to do known as the big one. It also meant they would be less guarded so they thought as four more guards took their place around them.

However, it didn’t matter as Sly petted Kodarel in his lap while they watched last of brides and grooms getting married. At last Lorna had Sly all to herself, well mostly if you count the 6 guards standing by if there were trouble about to happen; which would be nice considering they have n’t had any real action in months ever since the prison meltdown. Sorry to say it been kind of laid back according to Sly the other people she has talked to. Nothing but work since they arrived here.

Granted they had homes to build food to grow and so on just to survive, but what about their other needs like sports game sure theater was nice and all, but where can people challenge on another with battle and skills.  Where the crowd goes wild letting out that pent out energy. Now then the wedding was behind them it was time to get back on track starting with building them a home.

Lorna and Sly quickly snuck out of the wedding dance and were about retrieve their packs finding their grandparents and King Salsern holding them he said. “Oh, these must belong to you, I figured you two wanted to get an early start to Lorna hometown, but you won't be going alone. Instead, we are all going along so we can teach you both how to use a sword and battle magic.  As well as 8 hand-picked guards 2 cooks with 3 wagons for all our supplies. The trip will take three weeks, we have much to do in that amount time so let's get started.”

Sly and Lorna gave a heavy sigh and accepted their fate realizing they were right they really did need to learn those two things. But why were they going the long way, and when all they had to do was use jump through the gate and be there within moments? That question was soon answered when they left protected outskirts Sly’s hometown. Everything was dry, plant life was dead or dying no springs, no rivers ran through it. Not far was a small village it too was empty and decaying. Everywhere they looked the land looked as if had given up. 

They waited for King Salarn to do something knowing he couldn’t stay long without a water source nearby and there wasn’t one within 200 miles. Instead, King Salarn looked to Sly to solve the problem he reached inside his marble bag and plucked out a blue spare and walked a hundred paces said. “Well make camp here.”

He then walked another hundred paces finding a dry river bed placed the blue spare into the soil watching it fall deep into the ground, within moments the banks of the riverbeds begun to flourish with new life. Sly leaped into the air and flew into the air and into the mountains as the ground shook water raced down the streams filling the once dried riverbed. King Salsern raced over a jumped right into river filing up as he fell backward with his arms crossed over his chest.

Within moment’s valley flourished full of life. New trees started to grow as well as wild grass and flowers. It was just as beautiful or more as Sly hometown.  By nightfall,  the trees were fully grown and Lorna had the railroad staked out. Already they could hear them in the distance pounding rails and metal steaks into the ground.

Each day they would travel 200 to 300 miles a day, or until they reached berain ground or dead zone, the routine was the same. Create water source, plant trees and I mean lots of them, stake out railroad; Swordplay. Battle magic and somewhere fit in three meals and eight hours of sleep. 

The first week flew by quickly so did the second week as they seemed to grasp hold the knowledge in what they were being taught. Each day became easier and easier as they soon arrived at Lorna estates and hometown. It seemed more crowded and smaller compared to when Sly visited it in his Dream State and way more fragrant in a bad way. It was also very dingy and dirty.

It was decided that they would enter the city in groups of four and make their way to the castle to prevent anyone from being noticed.  It was going fine until it was Sly and Lorna turn when a mob with pitchforks shouted get them, but before they began to move Sly instantly began to laugh watching as his clothes changed colors. In his hands, he was juggling balls of fire.

He said.” Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls step right up and see my magical wonders I have brought you from distant lands.” Sly stopped them dead in their tracks as he juggled his ball of fire. Sly tossed one ball into the air as exploded into fireworks and the same with other 2 listening to their awes and yews. He took a bowed telling them they were on their way to see the Duchess.

Whatever he did the mob broke up wondering the streets aimlessly allowing them to get through without further trouble,  whatever stirred them up was gone, so they thought to see wanted posters on every wall and door with a price on their heads if captured dead or alive. They knew the shock would wear off quickly as they quickly got off the streets and head towards the newly built castle the old one had been torn down and in place was road and large wooden gate a checkpoint that travelers such as themselves could grant permission to see the Duchess.

Giving her their worries like the lack of food or the lack of space or materials to build more housing; driving her crazy, but now she about burst with good news, more so give over the responsibility to someone else. Yes, good news indeed. As she smiles at Sly and Lorna and all that dried up countryside they came across and now waiting for them. No, she was glad to do it.

It wasn’t long before they arrived at the main gate, what they saw made their eyes tear up with many emotions, some not so happy. The castle was huge compared to last time they saw it sitting brightly on the hilltop it still needs some work, all and all it was nearly finished. However, the landscape was less desirable just dried up dirt where the workman have been working their equipment.

To think they were to hold a wedding here within a weeks time seemed nothing short of a miracle. It was a good thing they believed in them and plus it helped that two of them had the ability becoming dragons. Not to mention they had King Salsern on their side as well which was a bonus. 

Within one hour they had the landscaping planned out. King Salsern was in charge of the water feature which was the large pond in the middle. Lorna was in charge of all the roses hedges, Sly was in charge of all the trees, and all the greenery. The Duchess and her husband were in charge of kicking the builders into high gear.

Three days later they were finally moving into the castle. It was like directing traffic people running this way and that way. They died each night in their sleep with weary bones and muscles. The invitations had been sent out weeks ago in regards to the royal wedding to be held in two days hence. The castle was ready the cooks were working around the clock. Sly and Lorna working their routine and their dance moves. The Duchess and her husband requested they put on a show using some of the same tricks Sly did for them. To prove them he is the one sought after. 

For many have tried and many have failed to win her hand. Sly knew he had no choice, everywhere he went he would be proving all the time that he was the one she sought after. Yet he loved her and if he had to keep proving it he would. This was for all the marbles this time, and he knew what he was doing and was sure of himself. He could grow roses of any color; he grows trees of any kind. Flowers without thought. He was in love with a princess one of 12 oracles.

Sly knocked on the library door as requested after receiving a message that his grandfather and grandmother wanted to see him. The door opened without so much as squeak being a new castle and all. Lorna was in a chair near the fireplace reading a book that looked old and tattered. Apparently, she too was summoned. Grandfather stood slightly indicating a chair he would Sly to sit in.

The Duchess said out of nowhere. “150 Rsvp is due to arrive first thing in the morning not only that dear I just got word the 4 of the High Elders are planning to attend as well. I can only hope you guys can impress them just as have you have impressed us. But that’s not why we called you two down here. You made me promise that I could have children, which I want, and which we built this huge castle for. Plus the fact we now have a little time to ourselves before the big event, not too mention I would like to see my girlish figure again before I put on that dress. We are ready as we will ever be.”

Sly nodded having his grandmother go first placing one hand on her heart and said the words from his heart exactly as he has done so with his two new parents. And his wife feeling his life force leaving his body going into his grandmother's body as it glowed each time she accepted his gift. He did the same to his grandfather giving him an exact copy of himself as well feeling his life force draining him further as he clasped into a chair to rest.

Already his newly grandparents were already feeling the effects as they watched their wrinkles disappear. Sly smiled closing his eyes and fell asleep in the chair until he was rudely awakened by a loud scream finding  Kodarel tumbling out of his lap onto the floor; again another loud scream catching the words Dragon or Dragons meaning plural. Sly looked out the window and saw his wife the big yellow dragon and two other dragons a blue and green dragon circling the air.

Sly raced outside the door trying to calm the staff but they were long gone. Sly leaped into the air congratulating them, but they might need to hire new staff not afraid of dragons and there was no time to be flying when they had tons of work to do. The landing and shape-shifting 101 was difficult enough. More so when planning the royal wedding it took several tries before they could master it even as if the wedding takes place in the grand ballroom which would seat 3 to 400 guest.

Like all weddings, the weddings are all about the bride, not the groom. The bride would be wearing the most elegant wedding gown money could buy. The Duchess chose a white silver teardrop lined with white lace add with gold thread patterns. The veil was the veil and crown Sly made for her. Sly would be wearing navy blue pants a white jacket with gold buttons and sword and hilt at the side, shirt long-sleeved white silk, and black boots perfectly spit-shined. His hair perfectly combed. Luckily for him, his clothing will never change.

It wasn’t long as the first of many of the guest started to arrive most by gateway or portal. Some by the town gate everyone was invited to see Sly and Lorna married and many were not happy about it. Some were quite angry about it and prove that he was the one. For any wizard could do things he claims he can do with tricks or sleight of hand. Magic was a thing of the past taking a lot of good people with it.

Once the place was filled including the main hallway Lorna looked stunning in her new dress, as she met Sly at the bottom of the stairs. Everyone stood gasping as the trumpets flared their names. “May I present…..: Princess Lorna of Westvin 2nd Oracle and daughter of the Moon Goddess  and Prince Sly from the western world, lord, and ruler of the four kings.” Sly had forgotten they would list all those titles wondering if that was such a good idea but it was too late now as everyone turned heads and saw them together wondering they really cut the mustard.  

It didn’t matter all that mattered was they had to walk down the aisle one last time, as they walked they walked in a shielded bubble so no one could reach out and grab them as many of the tried but got a nasty shock in return. When they reached the top of the platform they were told to kneel. This all they had to do was say yes and I  do. Nothing fancy as the town bishop married them and then grandparents placed crowns on their heads. Introducing them as the new King and Queens of the north, south and the west. Causing heads to turn including Sly and Lorna's having them take the middle seats.

Sly spent the next hour arguing with his grandfather about it while both their wives changed into their next dress the royal dinner. What a feast it was if you could get in you counted yourself lucky to sit on the floor in the corner with a napkin in your hand. Oh, how they boasted and gloated about oneself and each other. They would rob or sell their own grandmother if they could just to get in or be one not better than the next person next to them. Everyone there felt Sly was nothing special, as they looked at him sizing him up. He looked average to them, but that’s about to change.

Derrick and Lenard gave them a nod having Derrick take the mic as Lenard and his boys moved the large platform in the middle of the ballroom, Derrick said. “Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls… My name is Derrick I have been asked by the Duchess and her husband to put on a show for you. Many of you have a question or rumors regarding your newly appointed King and Queen. As promised in the massive he will demonstrate some those gifts right before your eyes. In fact, when you arrived here the castle grounds was his and his wife doing as well as 900 miles of the country towards the west of here all the down towards our town.

“In fact, you will find a railroad not more than 100 miles from here on its way carrying food and supplies you may need. Your town is crowded and it's falling apart. We have land waiting to be redeveloped. We are head south then east until we make a complete circle. Take a chance explores beyond your city walls. Magic may be dying, but not dead yet I have proof of that ladies and gentleman King Sly.”

Sly took off his white jacket and walked on stage. The moment lights shined on him people booed, hissed, others cheered. Sly grabbed the mic called out into the audience. “Each lady was given a number and stub Derrick will call twelve numbers out of the bin in random order. “I will ask these ladies pick a color of their favorite rose or flower of choice. I will then attempt to grow it for her.” Growing roses by hand were child’s play now, but it wasn’t good enough as some felt he was cheating.

Six men came up to check to find nothing, no seed. Sly had the men check his pile of dirt for the next trick growing a tree. The six men scattered the dirt all over the table finding no roots or seeds then Sly had them place dirt back into the bucket. They checked the water everything he was going to use for tricks. He grew a tree for them taking a stick from the tree and played the song “addle vice” creating butterflies, but whatever he did wasn’t enough. He created a crystal glass crown out of the water and out of tree leaves. That blew their mind away. 

The king's jeweler went crazy when his eyes went over with fine hand then said it was worth more than the crown its self. He passed it to others to admire it, then it vanished into thin air. Sly could careless to him it was nothing more than water.

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