Chapter 8-1

Chapter 8-1

A Chapter by Shep

Chapter 8-1

At last the main event arrived, ballroom dancing. He only had to dance one dance, but he danced three other times, he was being polite as they talked politics which he had no clue or ear for. Wanting to bathe after they grope him to death, so he limited dancing to those that it was necessary. It was nearly 3 am in the morning and the party was still going strong. It was almost daylight when people started to leave. The place was a wreak of dirty plates half eaten food hungover, people still in their cups. The gift room was packed full of presents to sort through whenever they get the chance.

It was nearly 9 am before the household awakened  Sly and Lorana rode the banister rail down in their work clothes only to be told to go back upstairs and change into their nice royalty clothes and leave the mess to the staff.  It was their job to listen to and receive the guest, regardless if they wanted too or not for at least a portion of the day. Lorana and Sly frowned at the idea but understood the need. Besides they would be rude if they didn’t let the villagers come to the castle. Plus the fact as of that morning they sent out a massive to all the villagers in town that they would be given away free land to build new homes. All they had to do was come to the castle and claim it.  Which explained the long lines of people bring wedding gifts and their entire families…

Derrick knew that these people were half starved which was why he was pushing so hard on his railroad. Sure his town was eating good, that’s because they had good land and magic to grow it, but the rest of the world or worlds that Hess and Morgan tried to destroy didn’t.

The Duchess laid out the schedule: Visit the villages, eat with the villagers, put on the same show for the villagers. Until no more villagers are left.  Each villager leaves with a bag of gold, bread and a claim of land if they wanted one. No wonder Sly and Lorana were exhausted after three days of their duties, Yet all good things always come to an end as the last guest made it through the door.  All they wanted to do was fall down, but there was too much to do.

Sly and Lorena needed to be seen out helping the people and be seen building a new kingdom working side by side. People from Sly’s home town came to help with workmen and more food and supplies fresh cut lumber, frame windows, and roofing materials... they had 50 men building a house and another 50 working on the railroad. Another 50 running the railroad itself. Once it was loaded it on its way to drop points on the map where possible townships would be created.

Each township would have a train station,  a food depot a lumber mill with 200 people population min.   Springfield township had over 553 population.  Lorana township Crest Heaven had over 5000  population. Nether townships had enough food to support both which is why both territories are coming together for the same reason. They were both lands locked do to what Hess and Morgan had done to the land. With both of them gone they can now fix what they did thanks to oracle’s magic in restoring the dragons that have been wiped out except by Ruby and her husband Jake and their two boys.

Sly watched as men framed a complete house in less than hour and moved on to the next one as other men stepped in and wired and plumbed the same houses while other men worked big machinery putting water and sewer lines and power lines that stretched as far as the eye could see along the railroad that ran both ways. There was no doubt that those power lines were controlled in large white building in Springfield the same as the water lines.

Within moment lights were being turned on in the newly built houses as men were putting in drywall. In 8 hours 30 homes had built a family of 3 was moving in. it was like watching a steady stream of ants moving from one place to another.  Every night Sly fell into bed he felt like one of those ants, but instead, he was being crushed by someone shoe having to abide by someone schedule.

Once they built 100 homes they moved on to the next would be a township. It was nearly 4 months before they made back it to Springfield and lot had changed since then and everyone had moved into nice comfortable houses and nice neighborhoods, A school house was built and so was a chapel.  Even the roads themselves had changed to cobblestone leading two a large fountain in the middle of the square. A small group at the train station waited for them consisted of Derrick, Kate, Leonard, and his wife and Rolen and family. Everyone that mattered to welcome them home.

Derrick offered his house for the night, but they declined it wanting very much to get started on their own home or see the land where they planned to build. Derrick and Kate wished them well realizing there was no way they could talk them out of staying and had delayed the couple enough.

It was time to them spread their wings, well guarded of course. Derrick and King Salsern insisted that 12 guards carried dragon the line. Not an exact copy, but enough that gave them bloodline of a dragon. These 12 would always be their honor guard, that would never leave their side when traveling. Or stand guard when they are housed. In total, once the barracks are built they will have 150 to 200 guards plus servants. No… being alone will never be the same again.

It seemed like they were transgressing through history as they flew across the sky remembering moments. While down below wagons traveled the hard dirt road and people pointed upwards towards the sky above them seeing them and their honor guard flying in a “V” formation.  Sly swooped down so the people could see him doing a backstroke in the air and puff a smoke using a cloud of smoke faking bubble bath that they just caught him taking a bath as the cloud around him dissolved. Then sored into the air like a rocket. Sly loved putting on a show for children whenever he can. 

Over the horizons you could see huge moutans a large lake and miles of endless trees, however, below them the land was barren. He wanted to push on, but he made promises that he wouldn’t. so he swooped down with flair. Locating all the water sources, again just like before he found them physically blocked off. The moment he pulled the plug the water was free flow down the channel. Lorana worked the land while others planted trees and crops so Sly wouldn’t have to do it all on his own,

The next day they were on their way again, noting the trip that took them two days last time took them 6 weeks, then again it could of have taken longer if they were building buildings. Instead, everyone they brought with them wanted start township with them

It felt so good to be home as Sly touched down near the lake.  The place was a wreck just the way they left the place with tree limbs piled and junk piled in another pile marking of a home that would have been or could be their home, home he still had no idea about. Other watching their honor guard lowers their tiny little shack to the ground. Sly was faced with all sorts problems since he was the man in charge, he didn’t ask to be the man in charge it fell on his shoulders the moment he married a princess moon goddess and Oracle.

Lucky for him everyone knew the plan. Tents up, see workmen work orders. It was the same old routine sawmill, granary, food storage building train loading dock. Then at last vote on a plan for town look and name. 237 people, nearly half of Springfield came with them to settle, most with large families with the promise of room to spreading out and larger houses.

You could tell right away how fast the tents went up how eager they were to get started as many of their wives sent their husbands on ahead to the foreman to get their work orders as they stayed behind to finish up.  Within 2 hours lumber mill was in full swing as large trees were being chopped down. Lorna was in full swing up tree trunks while her honor guard planted corn …on west side wheat on the side of the field. 

The next day they were working on the East side of lake taking out the rest of the tress that Sly had planted that were so thick and so tall a normal person with an ax would give up after one swing. They needed a dragons touch. Sly swung around so fast his body charged with strange static purple energy as his tail touched the trees. All you could hear was this enormous crack and puff of air with a loud rattling thump as trees fell 20 at a time and yet Sly stood still gasping at this strength of power. He wasn’t alone as everyone behind him looked amazed as he did, but the thought wasn’t as strange for a dragon to chop down trees without touching them. They chopped it up to dragons luck, however, it only happened that one time.

They voted on a name the following night Lake-town. It was the name given by the ancestors. That night the sky was filled with shooting stars as if all the stars were falling as the night sky turned black not even a moon. Loran's eyes glowed and body shook as if she was in a fevered dreamed Kodarel looked worried, but insisted she was all right even when she rose above the bed and hair turned color from blond to bluish gray. And spoke strange words of prophesy that about too come true before she returns to bed. Life as he knew it was about to get interesting.

Building went up slowly since many were larger homes Sly stood back looking towards the mountains where his home was to be built it would take many months if not years build it to the magnificent glory that could be, but for now there were other things to worry about which was the comfort of others, as well as the darkness that is still upon the land and still trying to gain a foothold once more. Every night Lorana has woken from a nightmare where the nightwalkers were busy harming her people while they lay helpless to protect themselves.

Each of those nights she rose into the air surrounded in the strange purple energy field around her. Even Kodarel seemed worried or puts on a calm face, but his eyes say a different thing when he looks into the shadows. Sly did his best to ignore the fact nightwalkers were an immediate problem but didn’t stop him from his daily studies as he grabbed a hologram chip and continued on with practical magical skills and headed out to the stone quarry. He may not have been born a wizard, but his dragon blood makes up for that according to King Salsern.

Sly liked smashing things with his big tail. It was nice having 15 dragons or so high up in the mountains as the men more like bears pushed large stones into the pit as the dragons smashed them into dust while the kids took the dust sifted on a long conveyor belt. This fine powder was then used for cement, some of the larger rocks were used for buildings and for the large walls that would protect the town itself, even though they didn’t have very many enemies, who to say in 100 years that could change? Lorana discovered in her book some strange symbols, that unlike their smaller home that prevents the nightwalkers and other such begins to enter that might be possible to use the same symbols on the wall and each of the homes built. King Salsern agreed to state it couldn’t hurt.

Within two months things progress was being made and the wall was one third built. Most of the bigger homes were starting to take shape as well. Within 4 months the wall was completed and nearly all the larger homes were built and Sly had a good start on the castle its self, but it would not be finished before winter. Everyone was working hard making sure when winter hit, that there would be plenty of food, plenty of warm clothing and plenty of everything not knowing what winter will bring on this planet. The locals say that winters are very cold down to freezing temperature. They even say the snow is deep in and near the mountains.

Sly wasn’t worried about that, he had other things on his mind like being a father for the very first time. Ruby and her husband being experts in regards to dragons childbirths kept him updated as he tends to his civic duties as king of the southern valley. He did his job by providing his wife a nice home or dragon cave filled with comforts of home, well with everything Ruby said he needed which was plenty of space from everyone including him sometimes. That’s ok there was plenty of things that needed his attention anyway, hearing the train way off in the distance.

It was so good to see Derrick after many months apart as well as his wife Kate seeing their astonished faces as look at a huge white wall that surrounded the entire town and the man-made waterfall that filled into the lake the sight was breathtaking. Derrick embraced Sly as they spoke of the new things being built around the city.

The place was amazing as they walked through the market and the tinny little shops within. They made their way to the castle passing the inner wall that protects the castle and the barracks the outside was nearly complete. Derrick and Kate seemed impressed by the size of the town and the castle. Even more so once inside making the remark that walls themselves seemed to glow with some sort strange energy.

Sly explained that each brick, each stone, each window was infused with Lorana symbols from her book that they used to protect her while under a sleeping spell. That included the entire town and its wall. That once it was completed she and he has never slept so good or his people. Plus it helped to have guards on the walls 24 hours as well. In any case, the great wall was the best thing since slice hot bread. The castle was basically empty considering it was still under construction and the furniture was either on the train or still on order. 

Kate and Derrick were impressed by all the work they have done in such a short time, more so the magical ruins throughout the castle and the homes, questioning if they would work to keep his own city safe. Kate to was more then interested, asking if they could compare notes or take a good look at that book of hers, getting the answer they would have to ask the Elders first, since it would be unreadable by anyone without gaining the knowledge first. Not the answer they wanted to hear, but least they could work out a trade deal in the meantime now that the train was up and running.

There was much more than they needed to talk about and one of the main reason why Derrick and Kate were here visiting the King and Queen, not only to see how they were doing but finding recruits for their new games and most of all where to hold them. The people have worked hard for months on end without a break. Winter would be here in a matter of months then be cooped up inside. Apparently King Sly and Queen Lorana had the answer seeing a large arena built in the middle of their town nearly finished as they watched men move stone into place. Apparently, Leonard has kept the boy on track as he smiles with a wave for them to come on down.

Leonard greeted them at the front gate which stood open to a large stadium with several large rings being well placed in the air. Several men were busy painting the platforms and benches as well as hanging flags. Leonard stated the stadium would be ready within a few weeks and training has already had began which was a big surprise and welcome news if not a challenge. Derrick was overwhelmed at the size and the possibilities the types of games that could be held here. For one thing, all he was fighting soldiers no dragons at least not yet so far all the dragons lived here where there was lots of space, where the large homes were being built.

The one thing Derrick and Kate were here visiting was to find out how to gain the knowledge needed to fight the nightwalkers that can walk through walls and through all their strongest wards. They needed the Elders help. Kate and Derrick pleaded with Sly and Loran and their grandparents if would they both agreed on their behalf they would ask if they would meet with Elders.  It was two months before they agreed they would hear their case. Not they had enough to worry about the nightwalkers have been busy searching for a way in to breach the wall, stating the wall of the city is working.

At last, the time came as Derrick and Kate would meet with the Elders. They decided to meet in Sly new castle library, you could still smell the wet paint and fresh wood varnish as books were placed on their new shelves. Inside was several large high back chairs sitting around a large wooden table where 12 people sitting including Sly grandfather. Sly, Lorana, Derrick, Kate and the Grand duchess fill the rest of the chairs watching thing the doors closed. Kate notices right away how they seemed to cast off warm glow or was just the sunlight coming off the enchanted windows.

After introductions were made Kate said. “Lets me set the first question, night walkers, how do we defeat their magical wards? Second question how come they can see us but we can’t see them? Third question …….”Kate was cut off before she could ask another question.

Elder Victor stood his face showing very if any emotion. His bulldog faces steel blue eyes and tight lips. The sun has shown brightly on his bald head. He said. “Kate we are quite aware what your problems are or we would not come at all. However, you should be asking us why we should help you when have n’t you even study the problem. There are several books we could recommend. Plus Sly and Lorana could teach what they know in ruins that they have placed with inside these walls.  Then come back we will visit and see how well you have learned.  Now then I say we conclude this meeting and see confines of Sly’s and Lorena castles and grounds perhaps some sparing events.”

Kate looked very miffed to say the least, however she was warned that Elders would not help her unless they chose to, or less they felt they deserved their help. Yet she was granted help from Sly and Lorana which was better than nothing. Kate held back a little as caught the attention of another Elder named Brenda. Brenda was a soft-spoken woman and older then rest of the rest the elders it seemed blond hair that was graying throughout. Brown eyes strong chin dressed in a nice flower print dress.

She softly waved her over Kate pointed to her self and Brenda nodded Kate's face blushed a bit as she made her way over. Brenda said “I just wanted to talk with you moment alone,  just between us girls. I know how hard it is when it seems everyone has the answers you need right now. And not knowing where to look to get you started, or if you have the strength for what you need to do it.

“You are not the only oracle who has felt this way, and you are not only the only oracle left alive dealing with this problem or should I say problems. However, you and Lorana are the first to find the answers that may find a chink in their armor so to speak. Perhaps I can point you in the right direction with this small gift… it's not much, but it has served me well.”

Brenda reached into her bag pulled a small wrapped package in the shape of a book, then took off a large bluish ring off her right hand and handed both to her. She then explained the ring helps the wearer see things in the darkness the book is a book of ruins, spells, and knowledge crafted of ancient symbols that she might find interesting. In any case, it was a step in the right direction.

Kate thanked the woman getting “Don’t thank me yet dear the ring takes a bit getting used to and may not work like you want until you master it, the same goes for the book… it is not browsing material. You must master each of the spells, ruins and the knowledge within it before I give you more. Remember it was you that asked for our help and help is given to those that are ready for it. I am assuming Sly and Lorana told you this before you decided to contact us.” Kate nodded and still thanked the woman even though it seemed it was a thankless task.

Kate hurried up to catch up with the rest of the group only to be pulled back by another member o the Elders this time it was Elder Tomas the youngest of the group. Black hair blue eyes face chiseled out of stone as if never aged. He said. “So you're ready to get your hands dirty. Well, I got just thing to get you started. She may not be much to look at, but I have no more use for her anymore.” He reached into his pocket and pulled out the old gold chain that had seen better days at the end of the chain was a dark gem of some sort covered in dusted old mud. The chain itself was broken in several pieces. He also handed her another book, this one old, dust and very thick. She didn’t dare ask but was implied she was to learn everything from that book and the necklace as well.

Once again she started on her way to catch up every time she got close another Elder to step her aside handing her another book to learn and or another piece of discarded jewelry. By the time she did catch up with the group, she had 12 books and a full jewelry box. Derrick too had his share of books as well and like him, they were piled right next to him as he seems more tired then he did when they started out of the library.

It was very hard to concentrate on the matches with pile books wanting to be open and jewelry wanting to be worn to see what they could do. Kates mind wanders constantly only to be pulled back to the conversation as the Elders were about to leave to their versus homes. Derrick was busy shaking hands that were all the was needed to bring her to her feet. It wasn’t long before they were all off they were alone again. Now they could breathe now they could get down to brass tacks and learn about everyone’s day, but most of all most all anything useful to help with the current problem.

Derrick closed the library door the moment the last servant put down last of snack foods down on the table. They all loved the new library for it had the comforts of home large overstuffed chairs and big bean bag chairs, a large fireplace for cold winter nights. A large brown and white fur rug, everything was made comforts book reading and studying.

First thing first was the jewelry as Kate passed each piece around the room carefully explaining which piece did what. They then made a list of each of the books counting 24 books in total frowning as Kate and Derrick each browsed the content noting, there was a lot to learn. Sly and Lorana tried too feel sorry for them, but it was only the tip of a very large iceberg in which they themselves had to learn it was now their turn.

Derrick opened the first book finding it blank then remember the ring he was given and the incantation watching the words appear on the page as well as a rune beneath it. He ruffled the pages finding them all blank. He then opened the middle of the book finding it completely blank.  Proving the information given to him was correct. He opened the other books finding the same thing pages blank only the first few only willing to show words or spells at all. It did no good to skip ahead to the meat of each subject quickly which frustrated him to no end.

It was the same for Kate as she browsed her own books or tried to brows Derricks books, either way, they were at a standstill in regarding gaining the knowledge quickly or quick enough at their current state and they need Sly and Lorana help to understand just the basic just to get started. Kate was just as frustrated as Derrick was as both set their books aside and grab a bite to eat while Sly and Lorana taught them basic on runes and spell casting 101.

Most of the information was old news, but a lot was new considering the sources where came from.  These two knew their stuff as they tag team showing different parts and how it is cast. Again showing they both learned to together like husband and wife teamed up for a very long time, meaning they really have spent every waking moment together.  It also meant Derrick and her were going to spend a lot of time doing the same thing not they weren’t already running a township as it is. Which already taking a toll on them if it wasn’t for the fact the people they put in place to keep running. If wasn’t for the hologram devices the town would be falling apart by now.

This was supposed to be a fact-finding trip and a vacation away from the norm grind of thing as Kate grinds her teeth shoving the plate of food in front of her after losing the taste of it long ago. She bits her lip and pouts bit as she half listens Sly on the different styles of rune magic and where they come from as if they were going to be on some test. Then blinked finding their strange cat jumping in her lap saying with purr “don’t forget Sly the last two Haden Vav Naz we can’t afford these two flunking their first exam without giving a full account now can we? Little to the left dear I been trying to scratch that spot all day.” 

Kate blinked and seemed stunned a little then mentally shook her self and did what she was asked paying attention to Sly and Loran while she petted their cat that seemed to enjoy butting in from time to time with a little nudge in the right direction. It was almost mid-afternoon as the sun was about to disappear over the mountains before they stopped much-needed break as Derrick and Kate both yawned and stretched. They still had yet touched a book but they both had taken a ton of notes on today's lessons, enough to cramp one's hand. Kate said asking. “So you guys really learned all that stuff from books or from the Elders themselves?”

Sly said. “Both, each Elder had a test of their own and a lesson to give before they give us more information. It was frustrating at first because we wanted to jump ahead to the good stuff but paid the price because of the little stuff matter just as much as the big stuff did. It was like cutting off your hands and trying to carry a heavy load. It set us back several times until we learned to pace our selves.

“I know right now what we are facing and we need to deal with it. But can’t do anything until we have the information needed. So we wait. We have what we need right here to keep Lorana safe and according to the Elders. This is all they will give me until Lorna becomes an oracle, already her body is going through the changes.” Sly let out a heavy sigh as his shoulders sagged a bit.

Derrick opened the windows for some fresh air as the servants came in taking away the dirty dishes replacing them with clean ones and more food to whet their appetites. It was nice to walk out on the library deck looking over the town below seeing the lights come on and people milling about in the street to and from their houses. He turned around finding Kate behind him looking over his shoulder looking at same view she asked Sly. “So did Leonard get his night club built?

Sly nodded pointing in the general direction Kate turn her head back towards the library and the big stack of books calling her name. she gave heavy sigh said. “ Two more hours it will be dark out and I want to see what this jewelry can do then I think we have earned a bit of fun.” Everyone agreed as they head back in, but the moment they started to get settled they were needed elsewhere to solve one crisis after another. Kate pulled Derrick aside as they handle one together then return to the table and called it quits for one night decided they would pick it up in the morning when their minds are fresh.

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