Chapter 8-2

Chapter 8-2

A Chapter by Shep

Chapter 8-2

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They all went back to their rooms for a long hot shower and change of clothes before going out on a night on the town.  Kate made sure she wore the ring she was given or in her case rings in four in total and a hair comb, a brooch and one broken necklace that she placed into a hidden money purse. She doubted like Derrick they see anything within city walls being well guarded as they were, but they wanted to get used to wearing them.

Derrick himself wore four rings, a tie clip, and diamond cup links, he seldom wore a tie but the jewelry piece required one even though he looked good in one… more so in his navy blue button-down shirt and tight jeans that hugged his body well as she licks her lips knowing he was all hers to devour any time she wanted to. She wanted to dip him in a vat of chocolate sauces top with whip cream, just thinking about made her lick her lips again. 

They all met in large two stair cloture hall, it was twice the size of their grandparent's castle. Then again it saw or would see lots of traffic in the years to come. The castle had 24 bedrooms in the two-story balcony. The servant quarters housed next to the castle on the left side of the barracks that watched over the castle estate. There are four in total that watch over the entire town and that patrolled the streets keeping order and when needed a stiff hand from time to time.

It was nice to get out again for a change of pace as the streets filled with life and music and the smells of different kinds of foods cooked on cook fires being served to their patrons. Lenard’s Midnight Lounge wasn’t far as it was the biggest pub along the streets, the only one with a huge line just to get a table. Being the King and Queen had its advantages watching the line swing open to the front of the line with a simple snap of their fingers a clap of a hand you were guided to the best table in the house with waiter waiting for your order.

They each placed their order as Lenard soon join them wearing a white jacket with gold buttons and a fresh rose in his lapel, black pants and black high buffed shoes they shined like mirrors. He bowed slightly said. “Good evening my majesties and humble guests how may I serve you on this glorious night?”

Sly said. “Dad cut it out, we only came out to have a little fun, not have you give us a hard time. You have no idea what those Elders did or what they want in return for little information on those Night Walkers.”

Lenard said pulling over a chair. “That’s the point… I don’t, you didn’t include me in and I just your good old Dad, not your grandfather. Well can you tell me about what took place or is it a big secret?”

Sly thought about it said. “ No… not a big secret… they decide they would help with our Night Walker problem…but.”

Lenard eyes lit up and cracked a smile, “ That’s good… thought you said these guys like to play hardball?”

Sly said. “I did, and that’s, where the “but” comes in.”

Lenard frowned. “What do mean but? I thought you just said they are willing to help us with our problem?”

Sly said. “Yes and no. Meaning they want us to solve the problem ourselves, yes they’ll help “guide” us to the “knowledge” we need to do it.” Sly takes his two fingers and bends them the air as says the word “guide” and “knowledge.”

Kate takes a sip of her water and places the glass back on the table in front of her spilling droplets on the white linen tablecloth, said. “Plus the fact they have asked Sly and Lorna to teach them what we know regarding rune and spells that might be useful to get them started. The Elders each gave them a book to study and will be tested on before they will give them any more help. Like we said their help always comes with a cost, but the rewards are far greater.” She said that taking Derricks hand as they both looked into each other's eyes.

Their food soon arrived with a bottle of wine from house best inventory they quickly filled their bellies and danced for a while before leaving. The night was young as they walked the streets unhurried, the city walls seemed to glow greenish hue or was it the moon shining upon them. Once outside the city gates Kate and Derrick looked into the darkness but couldn’t see anything but they knew something lurked there seeing dark shapes moving within the darkness.  Lorana and Sly confirmed it as they moved back inside the castle walls and had them shut the gates hearing large gears and loud booms tumblers and cogs sealed them in.

It proved one thing that castle was the safest place to be where the Night Walkers could not get in and they knew it that’s why they were camped outside the castle hoping they let their guard down. That also meant Lorana was a prisoner of her own castle. They retired early so they could rise early to get crack at those books. Mostly they wanted to be lone together in their large apartment rooms that were bigger than own house. Not to mention the bathroom big enough for five people or more. Kate wanted to die and go to heaven in a bubble bath before trying out that huge king size bed with so many pillows. What more could she ask for as Derrick brought in strawberries and champagne glass wearing nothing but a bathrobe around the waist? Then slipping it off as he enters the bubble bath and handed her a glass.

They did their best trying to sleep, but the books and jewelry kept waking them up with nightmares and pacing did not seem to help looking out the window knowing what’s out there only made things worst so they got up and went down to the library finding Sly and Lorana all ready up at work pouring over old books and making notes as they quizzed each other drawing runes of light in the air then jumped hearing the door open then sigh with relief that was just Kate and Derrick. Derrick said. “We couldn’t sleep so we thought we get a head start, but seems we are not the only ones.”

Sly smiled placing a book marker in his large than life book known as a tomb and closed it softly, then moved his hand in a gestor to have them sit. Lorana placed a book in front of each of them telling them to read the page draw or write the spell or incantation, or direction down on their workbooks she is about to give them said. “These workbooks must not be shared unless given permission by the Elders since these books belong in their library and you are just borrowing them until you have gained all the information out of them, you will have your workbooks to assist you when you need too.” She each gave them three, three-inch blank page notebooks with a spiral bond so they could turn the thick pages easily and several hard pencils. They both opened the first of many pages and began. The silence was nearly deafening except for the scribbling pencils and turning pages.

After three hours of book learning Lorana called a time out as breakfast was being served on the library balcony, it was nice seeing the sun coming over the mountain. Kate asked. “Is it all right to discuss what we read with each other or is that information private too?”

Sly said. “Of courses it all right, in fact, we both encourage it. And when you have children old enough to learn these things teach them. We just meant to keep it out of the hands that are unwise which is why the books are so guarded. You will learn a rune to guard your work that helps keep your work safe after today. Now let's eat and relax while we can, we have much to cover today.” He said lifting up his dome and waving smell of food to his noses.

After a good hearty breakfast they hit the books again while Kate and Sly setup the next lesson which was more of a question and answer period on the books they are reading now. Finding both were the same questions as they compared notes. Having to back up a little bit on the history lesson on the beginning of runes and how they were made and why.  They each took turns in drawing them until they could do it without looking at their notes using a small wand. When they each got them right the rune glowed in the air then dissipated.

It was another day’s end before as they ended lessons went back to the Midnight Lounge for dinner and some dancing. They were sat at the same table as Lenard stop by to join in the conversation this time bring his wife Carol along making plenty of room for all of them by preset the table ahead of time. They talked about how their studies were coming along telling them nothing except slow and steady. They talked about life in the other towns anything to keep the conversation going, but it all they wanted was to return to the castle grab good night sleep as they thanked Lenard and his wife for a pleasant evening.

It wasn’t long before they reached the castle they received massive tied to a spear it said. ‘You have 2 days to surrender the Moon Goddess or you and your people will die.’  Lorana wasn’t sure if she should laugh or cry or both considering circumstances. They have yet to breach the well-guarded walls. So she took the massive and ripped it up and wrote one of her own. “Come get me you cowards these walls will be stain with your blood before you take me.” She then orders the tree line pushed back 5 miles from the castle walls. Took the spear and transformed into a dragon as she tossed the spear back into the darkness spearing one of Night Walkers as he died a slow painful death.

She returned to the castle, her prison of sorts for now at least. Relishing the sense of freedom her dragon side gives her as she transforms once more into her frail human form. Still, in the back of her mind, she questioned is she truly safe behind these walls? At last one way or another, they were about to find out. She hated the waiting game.

They returned to their rooms for the night, Derrick checked in with their own town putting them on high alert just in case the trouble here escalated.  They have yet to build walls as they have here, but right now he wishes they had them. Kate snuggled into bed next to him as he turned out the lights. It wasn’t long before he to had fallen asleep only to woken up with a loud yell of guardsmen on the walls, Derrick and Kate ran to the window seeing dozens of dragons in the skies circling then diving down the north wall towards the gate shooting fire out of their mouth. It was nearly dawn when fighting stop and the sky gave way to a perfect sun over the mountains causing the shadows to retreat.

It was if nothing happened as Sly and Lorana met Derrick and Kate in the library ready to begin their lesson. It was killing them to ask, but every time they tried they pointed down to their books. Finally, breakfast arrived as they were allowed to ask questions. Sly stated. “It was nothing more than a fire drill. The Night Walker were testing the walls and our defense finding we can and will fight for what is ours. Right now the guards are pushing back the boundaries so they won’t be able to hide so easily as before. I thought today we would polish and repair some of that jewelry the Elders gave you and take it for a spin.”

At last they each finished book 1 of 12. It only took two and half days to translate it and put into memory as they open book 2 as they slightly groaned feeling the cramp in their hands noting is full of incantations and spells as well as different types of ingredients some they never heard of. Just like before they wrote each item down then gave the list to Sly and Lorana who just smiled as she returns with servants carrying two creates and two small caldrons. Sly started a small fire in the fireplace and placed both caldrons on spooning rack.

It took several tries to get it right before they finally succeed in doing so before dumping it out and starting over again. The room smelled of faint odor of burnt herbs and spices having to open the windows to air out the room. They spent nearly half a day of studying until they got called away due to a disturbance outside the city gates finding 5 citizens dead and tied to stakes. There was no doubt in their minds who did it even with the note tied around their neck stating it was the Night Walkers. Yet so far there was very little they could do in regards to fighting back since they stay and live in the shadows. So far they have no way of locating there whereabouts or encampment nor village.

The only ones that can see them clearly are Sly and Lorana and the only protection so far against them is their castle estate with high walls and magical runes which are built upon. Every house outside the city gates has the same protection. Making their people safe in their homes at night, but the question is what happens when they step out of their homes at night as these five did? They become no longer safe. There was nothing more they could do but give a proper burial and heed the warning. They sent a warning to all villagers outside the castle and invited them to stay inside the castle walls.

Once again they returned to the library this time with tools to fix their jewelry pieces in hopes of using them tonight to learn more about the Night Walkers, at least enough to find them or discover there whereabouts.  The jewelry seemed to glow the moment it was repaired just for a mere second then faded with a pulsing light before returning back to normal, indicating they had done it right and was now ready for use. Yet was still unclear how useful it would be or what it did considering there were no instructions. In any case, The Elders help was marginal at best looking a large pile of books and feeling the cramps of the writing of long day of learning catching up with them.

No what they need was a day putting what they learned to good use. Sly and Lorana disagreed with them that they haven’t learned enough to strike out on their own, but agreed they need to do something regarding the Night Walkers camped outside their castle estate waiting for someone to come out along its borders in hopes of that they will make a mistake.

Once more they prepared themselves putting on the jewelry and headed down to the Midnight Lounge for dinner as they waited for the sky to darken. It had been days since they seen Sly’s and Lorena cat Kodarel but even he was interested in tonight for goings as he settled himself at the table where he was greeted with plated of freshly steamed trout as if he was a regular customer. It's true it took some getting use to when came to Kodarel Sly’s cat. Considering he was rare breed when comes to talking and shape-shifting as well as magical. No one knows for sure how many of his kind exist, but it used to be the same as dragons and other magical creatures... 

The moment it was dark enough and they finished dinner they slip out after paying their bill. It wasn’t a far walk to the city gates as they opened the side door and walked out into the open air waiting for something to happen, but nothing did. So they walked a good mile away from the castle wall and Derrick looked backed noted the walls turned hue blue instead of a white stone marble in which they are made of.

He figured it must be the magical runes protecting the place.  He looked down and noticed his tie clip and ring starting to glow then swiveled his head to the north seeing a large army of Night Walkers not more than two hundred yards. Sly and Lorana had already transformed into dragons and casting protecting spells as their cat had transformed into a giant tiger.

Yet so far none of the Night Walkers had noticed them being as they were two hundred yards away and all wearing protection elements that hid them from their prying eyes. In any case being that close made them nervous and scared at the same time. After the small fright wore off everyone calmed down and regained their composer. This gave them an opportunity they wanted providing they could pull it off. Yet if they got caught let just say bad things could happen. The hard question was how to sneak in without being caught; the shadows are not their friends neither are dark places.

Derrick and Kate were eager to try out what they learned and find out what their jewelry can do they have been studying for two whole days.  Not to mention they were worried about their own town. Not having the protection unlike here even though they have been close contact implementing fornication the best they can, but everything like everything else takes time.

One thing they were learning besides protection spells and ruins is transformation were they bend light around them and become objects around them. The question is how well it works at night with no light other then darkness will spell work the same? Kate cast the spell first it took four tries before she got it right as her body became like a shimmer of the background. Derrick went next repeating the same spell getting it on the second try watching him shimmer into the background Sly and Lorana followed suit with no trouble. Their cat Kodarel simply remained as a cat didn’t see the need after all a cat is cat their common in these parts so one sneaking about would mean looking for mice leftover food thrown out.

Derrick and Kate were unsure how long the spell would last so they hurried along the two hundred yards to the nearest bush finding several small campfires with groups of Night Walkers sitting around it. Not far was larger fire with 6 stakes in the ground, and on those stakes were 6 prisoners that looked to be an entire family. Near them was 2 Night Walkers looking over a map of some sort under a canopy tent. Sly and company pulled back to a safe distance to gather everyone's thoughts and see if they could come up with a plan to rescue the family and get hold of that map.

The plan was simple, knock out the guards, steal the map, and free the prisoners all without getting caught. Like we said simply. Kate dug into herb bag and quickly made several poisoned darts Sly and Lorana would take care of the escape plan by flying the prisoner out once they were released. Kodarel Sly and Lorana cat would release the prisoners since he can get in unnoticed.

Derrick went in first as he made sure his spell was still in place blending in with his environment placing the dart in the tub and took aim watching his target swat at the spot he hit at then walked off only to fall over and hit the ground into the brush undetected. Derrick hit 8 more targets watching hit the dirt roughly all at the same time as Sly cat Kodarel wandered in right behind the prisoners. Kate made her way over to the map and quickly rolled up found several other maps as well and took them all. Lorana was busy escorting the prisoners out of the camp.

Within moments, the alarm went off that they have been noticed, but it was too late as Sly and Lorana had already transformed and prisoners were upon their back. Derrick and Kate watched as they leaped into the air and soared toward the safety of walls while they had a mere cat and their wits to protect them. They watched as the Night Walkers grew closer and all they could do was run as they watched dragons from the castle come to the rescue, but they knew they would be too late as the Night Walkers grew even closer.

Kate and Derrick were captured within minutes and there was nothing they could do as they tried their best to escape, but they were rendered useless as they tied some sort rope that drained their magical gifts useless. They weren’t taken to a normal campsite like the others; instead, they were taken to a large underground cave that went on for miles as they kept moving through many layers of rock walls as if it was a web. It seemed like they had been running for days in the shadows.

It seemed they’d been running for days in total darkness as they finally came to a stop into a large underground cave with metal bars on the doors and the walls. Their wrists were shackled with strange metal that glowed every time they tried to use any spells or their magical gifts. At least they were together, but neither of them knew where they were, however all maps they discovered at the campsite were safely back at Sly’s castle.

It seemed like hours as Derrick study his and Kate cell and how well it was constructed. Normally busting out wouldn’t be such a problem, but the shackles on their wrist make it very difficult plus not knowing where they were held or the fact moving through rock would make it very difficult. So the one thing they must do is sit and wait and learn what to do next. They didn’t have to wait long as one of the bruits came down to see what they knew.

The bruit took a stool from a corner and took a seat in front of the cell in his hand he had devices and said. “You will tell me how to get beyond the gates of stone or die!” He then pushed the button on the device. The wrists bracelets clang together and produced an electrical charge causing pain as Derrick and Kate screamed out in pain for imageable moments then pain stopped as the brute released the button. He asked again. “Tell me how to get beyond the gates of stone!”

Derrick stood still and looked at Kate then turned too face the brute and said. “You can’t! It's impossible! And we would never tell you if we could!”

The bruit pressed the button and growled angrily. “Tell me how to get beyond the gate of stone!”

Derrick and Kate screamed. “Never!” Before passing out due to the pain. The brute left unhappy with no answers to give his commander.  His life as it is meant everything to him. How was he going to explain that he didn’t have the answers that his commander wanted? He turned around and closed the door and this time he would start with the female and let the male watch his female being tortured. He chained them both to the wall easily side by side and set several knives on a wooden table as he waited for them to wake up. Many have commented how good he was about getting information out of prisoners. He knew his knife work was the best in all the land. He could skin a cat and still keep it alive and retrieve the information.

The brute was about to start when he was interrupted by a noise outside the hallway door. He growled angrily as he got up check what was going on. He opened the door seeing two of his fellow guards down on the ground, seeing nothing but small kitten licking his paws. The brute checked further down the hall finding nothing that would explain the mishap of the two guards. He turned around to go back to work; he didn’t dare leave his post not until he had the answers his commander wanted. He felt something soft and warm rubbing against his right leg. He looked down and discovered the small silver and black kitten as it purred loudly.  He reached down to pick it up to remove it, but instead, it moved away from his hands entered the cell doors hallway.

The brute chased after the kitten only to find not a kitten but giant tiger as roared up on its hind legs and flew at the brute as landed on top of him with knock out blow to the head. Once the brute was knocked out Sly’s cat Kodarel mounted an escape by finding the brutes keys and unlocking the shackles. However, the ones around their wrist required a bit of magic that was unknown to Derrick and Kate. They found the device that controlled them, but it didn’t have a button that release magical wrist bracelets. They had no choice but to leave with them on with very little time before being discovered.

Derrick and Kate still had no idea where they were, but Derrick never turned down a rescue from a longtime friend.

© 2019 Shep

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